50 Flattering Short Bob with Bangs To Look Fresh

When it comes to short hairstyles, short bob with bangs is unbeatable. This edgy haircut needs no maintenance or styling and offers infinite options for the desired one-of-a-kind look. If you think there is only one way to wear blunts with bangs, we have sorted some very inspiring and hot short hairstyles for a flattering look.

How to Flaunt a Stunning Bob Hairstyle with Bangs?

1. Short Bob Haircuts With Bangs

Razor-Cut Bob with Bangs

Source: ca_belos

To enjoy such lightweight, brunette style, go for an uneven razor-cut bob with fringes that covers your forehead. If your hairs are thin, this style will add volume and gives a very balanced feel.

Short Bob with Comb-Over Bangs

Source: cm_camilamarques

When you are not sure about the look, let the hair length fall just above the neck. Comb-over your bangs for ultimate bounce and volume. This blunt cut style is good for thin hair and perfectly frames your cheekbones.

Pixie Cut with Side Bangs

Source: namastecabeleireiros

If you have thin hair, a pixie cut with side bangs like this is a great choice. This asymmetrical pixie bob will give let you enjoy the short hair with its edginess while the side-swept bangs will frame your face perfectly.

2. Short Layered Bob With Bangs

Part Bob Part Pixie with Chopped Bangs

Source: carniebrat94

This hybrid short haircut has all the edginess of a chopped hairstyle with a balanced amount of softness to it. In case, you have naturally wavy hair, this is a look to opt now. You can also use a styling wand to give that wavy effect and highlight the strands with your favorite color.

Razor Cut Stacked Bob with Bangs


Do you want instant volume without much effort? This is the perfect short hair cut to try now. The razor cut layered strands are well-groomed to make the bob voluminous and the straight bangs finely complete the look.

Super Short Layered Pixie Bob with Side Bangs

Source: hairxcatherine

Now you can enjoy a shorter hair cut without worrying about the very short hair in front. Ask your stylist to cut your hair in layered pixie bob like this one and set your bangs in a puffed up side-swept style. The asymmetrical layers will add more length in front.

3. Short Curly Bob With Bangs

Layered Curly Bob with Long Bangs

Source: angelica36

If you have natural curls, it’s an advantage. You can rock a classic short bob with bangs and the style will surely get noticed. Use a good quality mousse to keep your waves in shape and to avoid frizz. A few highlights here and there will make it a standout style.

Spiraled Bob with Bangs

Source: curlyhair_cuties

For girls with coiled hair, this super-edgy bob with curled up bangs is a must to try. Ask your stylist for a layered cut bob. Keep your locks dry to immediately see the actual length and overall shape. This is a super-sexy hairstyle with the least maintenance.

Layered Wavy Bob with Side Bangs


Make way for the waves! This is a versatile style that needs the least effort to maintain. If you have naturally wavy hair, it’s a bonus. Otherwise, you can use an iron rod to instantly create the wavy curls. Go for a blonde highlight for ultimate appeal.

4. Short Bob With Side Bangs

Super-Short Bob with Side Bangs

Source: amaneii

It is not hard to maintain a short bob like this cute pixie cut with bangs. Just a good hairbrush and a high-quality hairbrush will keep your layered cut locks well in place. With side-swept bangs, you can create a face-forming look instantly.

Classic Bob with Side Bangs

Source: hairshaftrey

If you have straight hair and you want a classic look that’s good for an instant day to night transition, this two-layer bob with long side-swept bangs is just for you. Just make sure you get regular trims to maintain the shape. If you can’t follow a healthy hair routine, choose for a more textured look like this that will grow out nicely.

Salt and Pepper Bob with Side Bangs

Source: stayglam

With its sharp lines, this haircut is perfect for someone who refuses to be ordinary. Chop off your hair in a short bob with soft black at the back that gradually fades away into smoky grey in front with white layered bangs. This is an on-trend silver hairstyle that looks incredibly youthful.

5. Short Inverted Bob With Bangs

Face Defining Inverted Bob with Short Bangs


This inverted short bob is very unique to flaunt and easy to handle. You can individualize it with a razor cut sharp fringe at the side, cut it asymmetrical, change the length on the sides, or change the partings. To style your inverted bob, use a thin toothed comb with a spray to keep the hair in place and avoid frizz.

Voluminous Inverted Short Bob and Side Bangs


Who needs length when you have a sassy haircut that also saves a lot of styling time! This look is perfect for voluminous hair. Cut the bob very short at the back and keep your hair long enough to tuck behind the ears from the front. Get some sizzling gold highlights and a quality spray for a shiny look.

Silver Blonde Inverted Straight Bob with Bangs


A unique haircut is always unconventional like this salt and pepper hairstyle. This inverted bob is of the same length at the back and dramatically takes an angle in the front. You can choose to keep the locks longer on one side with side-swept bangs or chop them equally on both sides.

6. Short Wavy Bob With Bangs

Short Layered Wavy Bob with Straight Bangs

Source: alissathesauce

For a hairstyle that looks perfect even when you just jump out of the bed, you need some waves. If you have natural curls then just chop them off in layers with straight bangs. If you want this look, use a good hairstyling iron and carefully choose the hair color. The grey highlights will add oomph to the look.

Short Wavy Bob with Side Swept Razor Cut Bangs

Source: chayasprecuts

Who doesn’t want this cute hairstyle? Cut your waves in layers with the front carefully razor chopped and set using a mousse. That’s a perfect way to enjoy frizz-free short bob with bangs.

Shaggy Layered Bob with Long Side-swept Bangs

Source: hairweavon_com

If you have thick hair or you like a bossy look, try this voluminous grey-toned bob. The messy layers and two-color shades together elevate the standard A-line haircut. It is a perfect look for a 9 to 6 office and an after-party with friends.

7. Choppy Short Bob With Bangs

Short Blonde Bob with Long Bangs

If the long forehead is bothering you, choose a short bob like this with long bangs that cover half until the eyes. The ends are razor cut for a sharpened look. The cut shows a lot of volume at the crown and the chick blonde highlights make it very trendy.

Spiked Bob with Bangs

Source: kylekaine123

These options of super-short bobs are a must-try for oval-shaped faces. Lots of layers look great when straightened. You can choose any hair color from brown to burgundy and grey. Highlighting the bangs is another good idea for a stylish short bob hairdo.

Short Blunt Bob with Chopped Bangs

Source: therighthairstyles

Convenience meets style in this haircut. You can choose to add more layers for texture and volume. The blonde color with the uneven bangs makes this chopped off bob even more conjuring.

8. Edgy Short Bob With Bangs

Inverted Short Bob with Graduated Side Bangs


This style is an attention-seeker and must have taken good efforts to be like this one. To get a look like this, ask your stylist to cut your hair in an inverted bob style at the back with long layered hair in the front. Dark highlighted hair at the back with overall golden-hued locks will surely stun the onlookers.

Face Framing Wavy Bob with Bangs

Source: jess_graysalon

This is an effortlessly chic and versatile look that can easily take you from work to play and back again. Keep your hair straight until half the length from the roots and choose for soft spiral touch at the length to achieve this look.

Choppy Rounded Bob with Bangs

Source: mooselondon

This is one of the edgiest hairstyles you could relate with the 80s’ and 90s’ fashion. You can ask your stylist for a similar ultra-short bob that is referred to as a rounded bob that reaches to ear length or even higher. Now, combine it with bangs that reach the middle of your forehead. Roll in the locks for a baby look.

9. Short Bob With Long Bangs

Short Angled Bob with Long Bangs

Source: glaminati

If you want a sexy and versatile look that is also easy to manage, try this classy hairstyle. Choose for short hair at the back that gradually gets longer in the front. With long bangs that can be tucked behind the ears, the blonde layers create a stunning face-framing style.

Inverted Short Bob with Long Bangs

Source: styleoholic

Sassy meets chic in this super short statement haircut. For an iconic look that is quick to style and experiment with color on, get this curled in a short bob with long bangs that you can side part for a clean and professional look.

Messy Bob with Long Bangs

Source: wetellyouhow

You always don’t need a stylist to create a stunning look. For example, when you have a short bob with long bangs, use your fingers or a blower to mess up the hairdo a little bit for an effortless look like this. It’s an ideal style of night outs, casual events, and even for the romantic dates.

10. Short Angled Bob With Bangs

Undercut Angled Bob with Wispy Bangs

Source: corteschanel

How would you rate this sassy undercut bob with slight layering? You can enjoy this versatile cut in various styles. For example, you can wear the bangs as wispy bangs or hide them with longer hair as side-swept hairs. If you have thin locks, this angled bob with zig-zag parting would give a fluffy look.

Short Angled Bob with Baby Bangs and Blue Highlights

Source: corteschanel-1

Try this stunning straight sew-in bob with angled fringes and baby bangs for a fabulous look. The blue highlighted locks with long side fringes adding layers say nothing but chic.

A-Line Bob with Long Side-Swept Bangs

Source: shearsandthreads

Such a classy A-line bob is perfect to frame oval faces. It is also a nice cut for straight hair that needs no maintenance. Keep your bangs long so you can style differently at times. You can cover the forehead or brush the bangs back and pin them in a puff or just comb them with a side parting for a fluffy look.

11. Short Bob With Bangs Black Woman

Glossy Short Bob with Thick Bangs for Black Women

Source: circletrest

Are you a fan of hairstyles that ooze out sophistication? Then this ultra-glamorous haircut of Raihana is ideal for you. Her short angled bob has razor-sharp ends. The uneven bangs touch the eyelashes for an edgy appearance. We love the dark black glossy tone but you can play with color and highlights like grey, brown, or burgundy.

Long Side Parted Bangs and Curled-up Bob for Black Women

Source: crazyforus

This hairstyle is a modern take over the vintage curled-up bobs. It reflects confidence and power. When you have thick black hair and prominent facial features, then choose a side-parting hairstyle with out-curled layered-cut locks with faux bangs covering half of the forehead and can be tucked behind the ears.

Brunette Straight Bob with Side Flowing Bangs

Source: thestylenewsnetwork

Here is a practical hairstyle that needs the least handling! With straight hair, the length is ideal for busy ladies. Black is the color for hair that adds gloss, volume, and superfine texture. And those long bangs covering the face instantly take years off your face.

12. Short Bob With Side Swept Bangs

Razor-Chopped Inverted Bob with Long Side-Swept Bangs

Source: TheHairStyler

Here is an elite hairstyle to turn heads. From work to party and back again, this style is perfect to compliment any dress and fashion. Even if you have thin hair, the uneven fringes with razor-cut layered ends will add volume to your look. Make sure you keep the bangs long for a face-framing look and confident styling.

Ideal Short Bob with Side Swept Bangs

Source: vanessapalstylist

If you want a short bob hairstyle with bangs that is versatile, remains in style, and needs least efforts to manage then just blow dry your hair using a thin comb or a nice brush after you get a blunt cut short bob with side bangs.

13. Short Blonde Bob With Bangs

Angled Bob with Long Bangs and Blonde Highlights

short blonde bob with bangs
Source: skareje

This monochromatic hairstyle is a showstopper! Choose high-quality hair color with hair softener to achieve the texture. Cut hair in at an angle and keep the bangs long for versatile styling. The blonde highlights will create the perfect salt and pepper look.

Shaggy Layered Short Bob with Side Parted Long Bangs

Source: chloenbrown

This cheeky short bob is elevated by spiked layers and finely done blonde highlights sprinkled throughout the black tone. You may choose a fabric band like this or let your hair enjoy the blow of air as you party with friends.

Blunt Blonde Bob with Bangs

Source: sharmaynecamilleri.hair

That’s the power of a ‘B’! For a fun, sassy, and classy look like this, try a blunt cut with long bangs. Choose charcoal black for root touchup and give a healthy dose of blonde shade on the length.

14. Round Face Short Bob With Bangs

Highlighted Bob with Bangs for Round Face

Source: rachelfirasek

Shorter layered bobs are great for ladies with a round face as they beautifully frame the face and highlight the features. If you have thin hair, razor cut in layers for an angled bob and uneven bangs. Choose the highlights that complement your skin and style.

Short Blonde Stacked Bob with Bangs for Round Face

Source: snygghairstudio

You can opt for a stacked blonde bob for easy styling. Keep the locks longer in front and shorter at back with eye-grazing bangs for soft detailing to shape the face.

Textured Bob with Side Part

Source: theskincareedit

Add texture and volume to thin hair by creating a deep side part and fluff at the crown. You can use any dry shampoo for more volume. If you want a more structured look, opt for a moisturizer.

15. Short A Line Bob With Bangs

Stacked A-Line Bob with Side Bangs

Source: corteschanel-1

Craving for a fresh chop that oozes sophistication and sensuality? Go for a layered A-line short stacked bob with deep side part and long side bangs to cover up the forehead. The blonde shade is just the most adorable color option to increase texture and volume.

Voluminous Layered Short A-Line Bob with Highlight and Bangs

Source: qdparksonhair

You can use a teasing brush for a full, voluminous look. Blow drying your hair and apply a moisturizer and a gloss to keep the locks in place and to enjoy shining highlights.

16. Short Inverted Bob With Bangs And Layers

Choppy Inverted Bob with Bangs and Layers

Source: corteschanel

Add choppy layers to your inverted bob for a modern boost. If you don’t want much volume, keep the layers least at the back and chop the tresses in long layers in the front. Dark roots will add more depth to the blonde locks.

Brunette Inverted Bob with Striking Edges and Side Bangs

Source: corteschanel-1

For a flattering look, straight hair with blunt edges is unmatched. Shiny black is a classy color choice for most complexions. The longer bangs offer more ways to style this haircut.

Short Inverted Bob with Fringy Edges, Long Bangs and Blonde Highlights


Fringe edges can add an extra element of understated drama to your inverted bob with long bangs. Choose a brush to finely curve your straight blonde highlighted hair.

17. Short Bob With Short Bangs

Inverted Cut with Wispy Bangs

Source: raysamonteiros

This style is fit for a business-casual look and equally stuns in your glamorous mini dress. All you need is some extra layers and the deeper side parting with short side bangs. Don’t forget to apply your favorite hair gloss for the shiny tresses.

Classic Bob with Bangs

Source: studioleninha

Try this look if you want to keep things simple, easy, versatile yet sensual. Perfect for the brunettes, this inverted super short bob has finely chopped layers at the back and side-swept bangs for a cheesier look.

Super Short Grey Bob and Bangs

Source: studioleninha-1

No maintenance needed. All it will take is a bit of layering and shaping with quality hairspray to style a classy look like this. Keep the bangs a few millimeters longer than the hair at the back to frame the face.

18. Short Pixie Bob With Bangs

Blonde Pixie Bob with Layered Bangs

Source: kassiabarbo

If you think pixie cut is not for thin oval-shaped faces, check this out. Isn’t this so adorable and feminine? You can tailor this look by adding layers according to your facial features. The blonde color is anyways a must to admire this look!

Don’t settle for any ordinary haircut when you have such a showcase of inspiring short bobs with bangs. There is no limit to imagination. So select your favorite hairstyles out of these and see which one you can try first.