26 Prettiest Blunt Bob With Bangs You Must Try In 2022

If you are thinking of bringing a drastic change to your look, the simplest way is to get a new haircut. Blunt Bob with Bangs could be the best choice if short hair is your preference if you are brave enough. It flawlessly syncs regardless of the face shape as well as the age range. We have picked the top styles for the cut that you can show to your hairdresser.

Top 26 Types of Blunt Cut Bob with Bangs

You can go for a wide range of styles when getting a bob cut. Check the most popular and unique styles that we shared here and pick the most suitable one for you.

1. Short Blunt Bob With Bangs

For a bit of a longish face, it is the ideal option to go. Requires less maintenance and you are always ready for any event. The style hides the side cheek to give the face a narrow look.

Don’t hesitate to try different styles in the same haircut. Spread your hair on one side of the face to look cute. Besides covering the face, it also covers the age of the person.

2. Blunt Cut Bob With Side Bangs

Want to grab the attention of everyone when walking outside? Go for the side bangs with a blunt bob. Combine smoky eye shadow and light lip liner and achieve an entirely new look.

To have a more formal type look in the office, keep it simple and just let the hair fall from one side. Must use thick eyebrow liner for a bold look that nobody can refuse.

3. Eyecatching Curtain Bangs

When the hairline is thinning in the forehead area, nothing to be worried about. Dress your hair with Blunt cut bangs and cover the forehead. It seamlessly blends with anyone and gives an appealing look. Spread the short hair in the front line and look classy.

If you prefer a casual look, give the hair endings a straight-cut finishing. Keep the curtain area a bit long so that it comes up to eye level. Try to pick a dark color with this blunt bob haircut to look stunning.

4. Blunt Bob With Fringe

If you have got a big face and want to show it smaller, go for a blunt bob with a fringe. Regardless of face shape, it suits anyone. And the most exciting thing is, it will give you a younger look. Wearing glasses with the cut is preferable.

For a thin hairline in the front, start dressing hair from the mid of the scalp. Keep this part a bit extra long so that it can cover the forehead. Go for light hair dye and dark lipstick with the cut.

5. Fascinating Blunt Cut

It’s difficult to decide if you want to go from long hair to a short bob. In such a case, a long bob with bangs is the solution. Especially, for black hair, this blunt bob with bangs gives a unique look that boosts confidence.

For a longish face, split the long hairs from one side. Cover one of the cheeks and use some eye shadow. This cut looks better if you use the same color of eyeshadow as the hair color. Wear big earrings for uniqueness.

6. Blunt Cut Bob With Chinese Bang

Oval and round-shaped faces are best suitable for a blunt bob with a Chinese bang. The cut can virtually give an appearance like a longish face. As a result, it would be easier to look attractive in any dress.

Like the image, go for hair dye and keep the side hairs a bit longer. A heavy face will look slimmer and attractive. No need to be worried when getting your makeup. The haircut will do most of the job to look attractive.

7. Astonished Bangs Weave

For a small face, giving it an appearance like a big face is tough, blunt bob with bang weave will make it possible. Whether your hair is thick or thin, it suits and gives an instantly stunning look.

Though it is perfect if you choose a short bob, for blunt cut bangs, you can rock anytime. Keep the overall length of the hair in mid-range and get an exceptional look. Especially for thick hair, the cut is ideal.

8. Shoulder Length Blunt Bob With Bangs

Going long hair to bob feels uncomfortable for many women. To get something in between long and short, a shoulder length blunt bob with bangs is a great option. The specialty of the cut is; it goes with all events.

Straightening the hair for this cut can make you more attractive. Whether doing a party, attending a casual meeting, or formal, you can rock in this cut. Make sure you are using dark lipstick if you have got black hair and got this cut.

9. Blunt Layered Bob With Bangs

The best way to add volume to hair is by getting a layered cut. A layered bob with bangs will give an appearance of more hair on the head. If you are aging and fine hair is thinning, go for the cut and give a voluminous appearance to hair.

If there is already much hair and you would like to get the cut, keep the hair ending in a rounded shape. Once you get the blunt cut, it will instantly give a younger look. You can try some hair dyes for uniqueness.

10. Blonde Blunt Bob With Bangs

Want to be the cool blonde like any blonde celebrity? Then go for blunt bobs with bangs. The cut does a great job to boost your confidence. Especially, if you wear glasses and want to look intelligent, this cut is a must.

Blondies with thin hair should try this blunt bob haircut idea. Give the hair a wavy look and cover the forehead. Nobody will notice the big forehead anymore. The cut reduces the age by changing the regular look. Enhance the beauty by combining light lipstick with the cut.

11. Blunt Wavy Bob With Bangs

Looking fancy in all weather is difficult but possible with a wavy bob with bangs. This haircut helps you to stand out from everyone in a gathering. If combined with the right kind of dress, you will be at the center of attraction.

Did you find Nicky Minaj’s hairstyle cool? Go for the same hair dye and get the wavy bob cut. Though it may feel thrilling to dye hair with such color, you won’t regret it for sure.

12. Asymmetrical Bob With Blunt Bangs

Young women must try the Asymmetrical Bob with Blunt Bangs. The specialty of the cut is; it can give a celebrity-like look to anyone. The exciting thing is, it also suits older people. You will look at least 5 years younger with the cut.

It is totally ok to avoid hair dye with the asymmetrical bob. Keep the natural color of the hair and straighten them. Want to try something unique? Keep one side longer than another.

13. Red Blunt Cut Bob With Bangs

Thinking of coloring your hair red? Then you must try the red blunt cut bob with a bang. It takes enough guts to get the cut. But there won’t be any regret if the cut is accurate.

Getting total red hair might seem odd for some women. In such a case go for the reddish hair dye and get the blunt bob with a bang. Anyone with mid-short hair looks stunning with the cut.

Try any of the blunt bobs with bangs based on your face shape and age range. Don’t be afraid to try something entirely new if you are brave enough.

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