50 Hottest Short Hair With Bangs Ideas Trending For 2022

One of the best go-to hairstyles for both men and women is the short hair with bangs combo. Short hair has always been popular due to their low maintenance, while bangs often became the youthful marker for many different hairstyles.

Even if you consider yourself middle-aged or old, you might be surprised by how having bangs can instantly make you look younger! Bangs are also a very popular option for girls in Asian countries, partly due to their straight, jet-black hair texture.

50 Ways to Style Short Hair with Bangs

Many may think that short hair would mean less options and styles that they can go with, but they cannot be farther away from wrong! In this article, we will show you all the different ways that you can style your short hair with bangs to make it look unique. Let’s start!

1. Short Curly Hair With Bangs

With curls framing your face, your bangs might not even look much like bangs at all! This simple yet cute hairstyle will bring all the attention to your curls’ texture.

Source: jocelynimanii

Black curls? Now that’s a beautiful hair color and texture combination! Wild loose curls or carefully styled tight curls, you’ll be sure to rock this hairstyle.

2. Short Hair With Side Bangs

A hairstyle more popular in the early 2000’s thanks to the scene culture, many girls wore their short hair with a side-swept bangs with thick eyeliners and smoky eye makeup.

Source: luanalumertz

Want your hair even shorter? That’s fine too! This ultra-short hairstyle will still be a-rockin’ look to go for! Girls with black hair will often show their bright red lipstick extremely well too.

3. Layered Short Hair And Bangs

Looks like a layered hairdo will never go out of style! Depending on the way you layer your hair, you may end up with an extremely puffed-up look or one that is just loose enough to be worn casually.

4. Amazing Black Hair With Bangs

Having short hair does not mean that you need to have short hair all around! You can also have your bangs a bit longer so that you can style it to frame your face however you want.

Source: msstylengrace

If there’s anything that we can agree on, it’s that black hair can just look as beautiful as any other hair color. The side-swept curls on her bangs are amazing too!

5. Short Blonde Bangs

Black hair is beautiful, but so is blonde! In fact, hair color knows no discrimination. Short blonde hair with some dark roots will be the natural highlight you need in your latest style.

Need a more unique hair color? You can’t go wrong with platinum blonde. This silvery, almost white hair color will go well with so many different hairstyles!

6. Curtain Bangs For Short Hair

Source: beautydufva

Think curtain bangs are out of style? Think again! The two-colored hair that she’s wearing can also be applied to other similar hairstyles involving your bangs.

Source: demidooova

With curtain bangs, you won’t need to worry too much about hair covering your forehead or poking into your eyes. Be patient while ironing your hair to style them just right!

7. For Round Face

Source: rossiparkhair

Many girls would go for the short hair and bang combo simply because this hairstyle is so flexible and can cover fit round faces very well! No more feeling like the plump-faced girl.

The main idea around short hair framing your face is to make the hair ends curl slightly towards your face. Too much and your hair could look puffy instead!

8. Shoulder Length Short Hair With Bangs

How about styling your medium-length hair with some curls? Surely this is a hairstyle that can instantly turn a daily look into one fit for special events.

For most cases, you will not even need to put too much work into styling your bangs. Some natural looks as they look just as beautiful too!

9. Pixie Bangs

Many celebrities that we know have tried the pixie bob cut at least once. We can’t blame them either, it looks so good! Short bangs already look good with this style.

Pixie cuts can go down the spiky hair road too! We can all appreciate a lady who can go bold with their shaved sides hairstyle.

10. Short Bangs For Thin Hair

The beauty of short hair is that even with thin hair you can still create an illusion of a thick head of hair. The trick is always just the smallest bit of layering!

Source: sqazasqaza

If layered short hair is not fully your preference, that’s fine too! You can still go for a similar look just by using a curling iron. The slightest curls can create the illusion of thicker hair!

11. Short Red Hair With Bangs

Source: kaierang

Wondering how you can style a head of read hair? This photo here just goes to show that a super short style can look amazing too! This lady has some short fringe to match as well.

If you’ve ever doubted that short red hair can look cool, then this photo is sure to clear any remnants of doubt that you have. She’s absolutely gorgeous with this simple low-maintenance look!

12. Korean Short Haircut With Bangs

So, we have already established that many Asian ladies love the short hair with bangs look. This is how yoiu can typically expect your style to look if you have some Asian heritage.

Asian bangs are usually lighter, airier to give a gentle and casual let elegant look. The shoulder-length hair would also be styled to curve towards the face just under the chin as well.

13. Short Layered Hair With Side Bangs

Short layered bob hair, silver color and some side bangs? This combo is bound to turn anyone into a photoshoot-worthy model!

When in doubt, a simple shoulder-length hair, some layering and side swept bangs will do the trick. Simple but efficient!

14. Short Pink Hair With Bangs

A relatively new trend, many girls are also starting to dye their hair a light pink color! This hair color alone is enough to make your look much more striking than any other normal looks.

A darker shade of pink will capture attention just fine too! This color is much more achievable without too much bleaching needed, so that you can still preserve your hair’s health.

15. Short Hairstyles For Fine Hair

One of the easiest tricks in the book for thin hair is to spread it all out and spike it up so that it looks like it has more volume.

Source: mxirox

Puff it up, layer it up, but whatever you do, just make sure that it adds on to the volume of your hair! Little tricks go a long way for women with thin hair.

16. Short Curly Hair With Bangs And Layers

Some women may also try to style their curly bangs to avoid irritation on their faces or around their eyes. Curling it upwards surely does the job though, huh?

Tight curls? No problem! Use the right curls conditioner to keep your short curls maintained well, and you’ll never have to worry about how to style it further.

17. Haircut For Black Woman

Source: ron

If you don’t want to cut short bangs and risk getting a bad haircut, you can also consider creating makeshift bangs, which is basically just styling your hair at the parting to create a fringe!

Source: thecutlife

Whatever your ethnicity, you’ll still find a style featuring short hair that suits your face shape. The orange-colored hair definitely is a nice touch, that’s for sure!

18. Short Thick Hair With Bangs

Source: latesthair

Short, thick hair itself can be a style without the need for more styling. However, curling big segments of your hair can also make your hair look much more stylized if you want a small something to do to it.

Ladies with thick hair on the top and shaved sides all around elsewhere can consider curling their hair to create this look or a similar one. No need for long hair everywhere!

19. Short Bangs Blue Hair

Source: lkaj27

If you can gel up your hair enough to fix your bangs almost horizontal across your forehead, do it! The bright blue color will make any shadows a texture-enhancing feature for your hairdo.

Source: pravanauae

Relax, you don’t need to dye all your hair the same shade of blue! This lady here dyed hers in a mix of dark blue, light blue and silvery grey. A gorgeous combination!

20. Short Hair With Bangs And Glasses

Source: jessicajquirk

Create a natural, cute geeky look with just some short hair, loose bangs and some thick-rimmed glasses!

Source: katcaliboss

Loose curls will enhance pretty much all hairstyles, especially with these curls being the trendier options as of late. Short, medium-length or long hair will all do well with these beautiful curls!

21. Updos With Bangs

Source: alliedoeshair

An updo can be done in more ways than just one when you have short hair. It can be as simple as layering some loose curls towards the back of your head too!

You can also create a small bun at the top of your head even with short hair. That’s a simple updo featuring short hair and bangs, don’t you think?

22. Short And Bangs For Oval Face

Shoulder-length loose curls with bangs can be very suitable for girls with oval faces. The length should just barely surpass their chin, or just touch the top of their shoulders.

Curl your hair inwards and leave the front slightly longer to get this look! The placement of the hair parting also plays a big role in this.

23. Purple Hair With Bangs

Purple – yet another rising color popularity for many ladies around the world! This particular lavender-like shadre gives girls a witchy, cottage-core look.

Source: gloomybright

With the help of a professional hairstylist, several hours of hair bleaching and plenty of after-care maintenance, you too can have a bright shade of purple like this.

24. Braid And Bangs For Short Hair

Plain short hair too boring? Well, now you can also style your hair with some braids to give it something extra!

Source: tanarosehair

No need to go overboard with the braids either, just one big braid will usually be enough. The hair strands that fall naturally around the face is a nice touch too!

25. Short Bob Hair Cuts With Bangs

Source: bangs-bene

A short bob will feel much lighter and easier to manage than many other hair lengths and styles. Adding just plain bangs can be a good touch as well, sometimes simple is good!

A short bob with loose curls and some highlights can look very professional! This lady here looks ready to own her upcoming client project, don’t you think?

26. Short Messy Hair With Bangs

Natural is good in so many ways! There’s no need to make sure that you hair is fully combed through and slicked back when some natural messy strands can make your overall style look amazing.

Have some natural curls? You’ll be happy to find out that your hair will looks just as good with some natural mess! If anything, the natural look made this girl look absolutely adorable!

So, with this many different colors, styles and hair textures, which way do you think you would style your own short hair and bangs? Our website is full of various other hairstyles depending on your preferred hair length, style and colors, so be sure to check it out!

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