25 Classy Pixie Bob Haircut To Make You Look Special

Every woman would have a stage of their lives when they would go for a pixie bob haircut. While pixie bobs can be a wild choice which could go wrong easily, many women have also shown that this hairstyle can absolutely rock! Many would go for either blonde or platinum blonde for this particular cut, but there are other popular options as well.

Bold Pixie Bob Haircuts for a Stylish Look

Just as it is with many different hairstyles, hair color, texture and thickness rarely affect the final appearance of a pixie bob. Take a look at some of the pretty hairstyles below to see the possibilities!

1. Short Pixie Bob Haircuts

Source: jejojejo87

One of the most popular options for a pixie bob today is the platinum bob! The white, silvery color is always a good color to go for.

Source: santi.rubiano

With some layering around the back of your head, your bob will look thicker than it may have looked naturally. Layers can easily enhance your appearance if you have thin hair.

2. Long Pixie Bob Haircut

Some long side-swept fringe will easily make your bob look fit for most occasions. It’s certainly a more glamorous look than anything else!

A long pixie bob haircut is always a beautiful option even for the more mature ladies. Consider it a graceful color and style that you can go for, a timeless look!

3. Pixie Haircut With Bangs

Source: chopitoff

The main point of a pixie bob is to keep your hairstyle short. Ladies who want to preserve this component of a pixie bob can opt for short bangs!

Source: samkanehair

Here’s a simple reminder that short bob bangs can be matched with some long fringe on the side. All these, matched with a layered back can result in this hairstyle.

4. With Undercut

Source: chopitoff

Not everyone wants a girlish hairstyle when it comes to this particular hairstyle. Make yours a little edgier by giving yourself an undercut and some spikes!

Source: jejojejo87

Parting your hair will be the easiest thing with this hairdo! Even with short hair, dyeing your hair with some roots showing will still be perfect.

5. Asymmetrical Pixie Bob Haircut

As with most asymmetrical hairstyles, you can expect some long bangs on the side. Hair highlights are also a popular choice with this hairdo.

Source: vurvesalon

Jet black hair with an asymmetrical cut can look just as good! You don’t have to stick with blonde or dye your hair any colors for this cut.

6. For Fine Hair

When you have fine hair strands, your hair can look thin overall. You can negate this effect by cutting some layers, especially if your hair is short.

Source: styleeasily

You may not need to layer your hair towards the back either – you can also layer over the top or near to the front to keep your hair looking thick. Amazing choice for people with round faces.

7. Pixie Bob Haircut For Thick Hair

Source: cindyhstyles

A pixie cut with thick hair may make your hair look overall… spiky. You can cut your hair short to make it look a little neater!

Source: bob-hairstyle

Thick hair and some layers may not match very well. You could end up with the deeply-loathed Karen haircut, or look like your head is a little long.

8. Chubby Face With Pixie

Source: tunsorilamoda

A chubby face will still be a good fit for a pixie bob. All you need is to find the right parting and some fringe.

Layering is highly encouraged to pair chubby faces with a pixie cut! The layered cut will frame the face well.

9. Little Girl Pixie Cropped Bob Haircut

This hairstyle can also be worn by little girls! However, stricter schools may not approve of the fringes covering the little girl’s eyes.

With the right cut for the fringe, this haircut could also be a neat, short and manageable hairstyle for girls in school.

10. Curly Pixie Bob Haircut

Hairstyles do not discriminate when it comes to hair textures! The bouncy short curls bob are going to look just as good.

Source: sassmystyle

If your curls are a little more loose, your pixie bob can have a more lively and youthful twist.

11. Haircut For Black Hair

Source: create

Loose curls, asymmetrical cut, and some long fringe would bring you this hairstyle instantly. Even with jet-black hair, you can show your loose curls and haircut!

When your hair is short and paired with some short bangs, your hairstyle can make you look neat and professional.

12. Jaw Length Bob Haircut

Source: amy

In some cases, your bob can be a slightly longer length. In this case, just long enough that it reaches your jaws.

Source: linzeybeck

While jaw-length hair is good, it would be hard to maintain this exact length for long. You’ll need to maintain it quite frequently!

Do you think you would like to try this pixie bob hairstyle? If so, which style would you prefer to go for? Let us know about your preferred style or browse other articles that we have available for you!

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