35 Timeless Yet Stylish Pageboy Haircut For Women

Classic and timeless- a pageboy haircut is just the right hairstyle to channel some old-world charm and chicness in your hair. Featuring round-cut straight hair, this hairstyle has carved its way into the modern era too, because of the comfort and glamour it brings to your overall look.

Be it long, short, or even shorty short tresses, this amazing retro haircut would never fail to add some vintage glamour to your manes with a very modern twist.

What Is A Pageboy Haircut?

A pageboy or page boy is an interesting women’s hairstyle that is believed to be inspired by the haircut of an English page boy. With hair reaching the shoulder and rolled under the ends, this “do” was extremely popular in the mid-1970s and 1980s and even today. You can add a fringe or not; make this style even more expressive and adaptive to your face shape.

35 Timeless Yet Stylish Pageboy Haircut For Women

If you are not up for an authentic and traditional page boy hairstyle, you always have the opportunity to try a retro-inspired contemporary haircut and be your stylish best. Here are the top 35 pageboy hairstyles for women that you can try in your manes. Talk to your stylist to find just the right one for you.

1. Layered Pageboy Haircut

layered pageboy haircut
Source:@lakoetsalon via Instagram

This is a very modern version of the classic pageboy haircut. While the length is kept above the ears, its layers give texture and movement for a carefree outlook. Style this “do” with a blow-dry for additional volume and body in your manes.

2. Pixie Pageboy Hairstyle

pixie pageboy hairstyle
Source:@ceremonyportland via Instagram

The page boy pixie is effortlessly chic and versatile. This haircut blends comfort and style seamlessly, featuring shorter sides and back with a bit longer top and bangs. Interestingly, this haircut for women can be adapted to suit various hair textures for a more customized outlook.

3. Short Haircut

short haircut
Source:@ceremonyportland via Instagram

A short pageboy haircut is relaxed and comfortable. Cut the tresses in a round shape from over the nape of the neck and around to create some volume and bounce in the hair. Pair it with equally shorter bangs to create symmetry in the tresses.

4. Pageboy Haircut The 1970s

pageboy haircut 1970s
Source:@chellemodelnyc via Instagram

A 70’s retro hairdo would shed all the spotlight on you; NO DOUBT in that! The inverted ends in your long pageboy haircut create a “mushroom” like shape that is unlike the others. This could be just the right hairstyle to flaunt for an “old-world charm” in the modern era!

5. Curly Pageboy Haircut

curly pageboy haircut
Source:@andy_doesyourhair via Instagram

A pageboy cut flatters women with curly hair perfectly. It not only shapes the face adorably but also takes down a lot of hair weight for a comfortable look. If you want to flaunt your lustrous curls in a chic way, try this “do” NOW!

6. Long Haircut

long haircut
Source:@casistauffer via Instagram

If you have straight hair, a long A-line page boy haircut will look phenomenal on you. While the short tresses at the back would create a bit of volume, the longer angled strands in the front will give you an edgy appearance. Cut the fringes over the eyes to create an exciting contrast.

7. 40s Pageboy Haircut

40s pageboy haircut
Source:@catekettner via Instagram

This 40’s page boy hairstyle oozes glamour and elegance. The perfect pin-rolled ends and waved bangs bring the “old world” charm and make you look like a true diva. Wear it with a lovely dress or ball gown, the crowd will never stop looking at you!

8. Blonde Pageboy Hairstyle

Blonde Pageboy Hairstyle
Source:@littlebuddhahair via Instagram

A retro page boy haircut can be an exciting way to show off your sexy blonde tresses. You can start with the most classical cut with short strands and eyebrow-covering bangs and see how it goes. With time experiment with the cut for even risque choices.

9. 70s Pageboy Hairstyles

70s pageboy hairstyles

The flipped-under hair and bangs are the prominent features of a ’70s page boy look. As this cut is slightly longer than the classic, it is very feminine and soft. Try it on any hair type and texture; the appeal would be as charming as ever.

10. Messy Pageboy Haircut

messy pageboy haircut
Source:@saloncheska via Instagram

A page boy hairstyle doesn’t always have to be sleek and perfect. Please give it a messy, carefree vibe with a few twists here and there. You can also style it with a sea salt spray for more texture and edge in the manes.

11. Pageboy Haircut Without Bangs

pageboy haircut without bangs
Source:@short_haircuts via Instagram

Avoid the bangs altogether if you want more drama and edge in your pageboy haircut! Cut all the tresses into the same length for a powerful and modern outlook. Style this “do” with a center part to create an undeniable edge.

12. Shaggy Pageboy Haircut

shaggy pageboy haircut
Source:@thathairyoulike via Instagram

This texturized pageboy haircut provides volume and bounce in your hair and makes it look thicker and fuller. Its choppy layers and texture create a deliberately messy appearance and your tresses look as bodylicious as ever.

13. Shoulder Length Pageboy Haircut

shoulder length pageboy haircut
Source:@salon.cookie via Instagram

This haircut is just the right one if you have got pin-straight hair. The “just above the shoulder” hair along with the half-moon bangs make for a very versatile cut and helps to flaunt your manes uniquely. So if you are up for some fun in your manes, try it, girls!

14. Pageboy Haircut For Over 50

pageboy haircut for over 50
Source:@shanihairgoddess via Instagram

This vintage hairstyle with lightly feathered bangs is perfect for older women, especially those over 50. It takes away a lot of hair weight yet maintains a very stylish, modern look. Also, as it is low-maintenance, you wouldn’t have to worry about caring for it as often.

15. Short Blunt Pageboy Bob

Short Blunt Pageboy Bob
Source:@izadoratardim via Instagram

This is an effortless cut for women who love to keep it simple yet stylish. The slightly angled strands at the front with effortlessly chic fringes flatter almost all face shapes and would definitely look good on you. Try it if you are looking for a low-maintenance yet chich page boy haircut for women!

16. Pageboy For Wavy Hair

Pageboy for wavy hair
Source:@loveandpolkadots via Instagram

Wavy hair is flattering. It looks even more beautiful when you pair your wavy tresses with a classic pageboy hairdo. The “just over the nape” waves with bangs are a modern retro cut approach and perfectly highlight your features. Also, as the waves fall around the face, your overall look looks significantly softer.

17. 80s Pageboy

80s pageboy
Source:@hair_slayerz via Instagram

This 80’s haircut is an interesting one. This hairstyle creates amazing body and volume in your tresses, featuring high-low choppy layers all over the bob and bangs. Style it with high and low lights to bring in some extra edge and dimension to your overall outlook.

18. Pageboy Cut With Highlights

Pageboy Cut With Highlights
Source:@john_thewhitebox via Instagram

Even though pageboy hair for women is striking enough, adding subtle highlights won’t harm it. Perfectly done, high and low lights give the tresses a style lift and provide movement and dimension to them. Try to work with your undertones to get just the right shade of your highlights.

19. Mushroom Pageboy Haircut

Mushroom Pageboy Haircut
Source:@enjoyco.collective via Instagram

You may find it weird, but the mushroom hairstyle is a real thing! Cut short and evenly all around the head, this haircut features an undercut at the nape to create a mushroom-like shape. If you have a round or oval-shaped face, this attractive haircut is for you!

20. With Curtain Bangs

 with Curtain Bangs
Source:@olivethehairapist via Instagram

Curtain bangs are “Hot.” However, when you wear them in a center part style, the curved shape of the fringes softens down the look effectively for a more delicate vibe. Wear it with shorter or longer Pageboy’s hair, its appeal will never dim!

21. Ombre Pageboy Haircut

Ombre Pageboy Haircut
Source:@hinechi_pageboy via Instagram

Getting an ombre in your page boy hair is a great way to give a modern twist to your old-fashioned cut. The perfect blending of darker roots and lighter ends creates enough interest in your already striking tresses and grabs all eyeballs towards you. Try out different colors to find the perfect combination for you.

22. Retro Pageboy Haircut

Retro Pageboy Haircut
Source:@bettys_aesthetics via Instagram

This retro hairstyle is timeless and classic. The old Hollywood glamour waves in your long pageboy hair bring the old world charm even in the modern-day. Wear this “do” with a bold red lip and flick of eyeliner to look nothing less than a silver screen siren!

23. Modern Pageboy Haircut With Bangs

Modern Pageboy Haircut with Bangs
Source:@alternahaircare_de via Instagram

Take a modern approach to the classic pageboy haircut for women and create something very chic and edgy in your hair. Cut all your hair, including the bangs, in the same length to transform your simple manes into a “do” that will turn heads. Wear this style with any face shape or hair type; it will definitely match your personality, no doubt about that!

24. Sleek Silver Haircut

Sleek Silver Haircut
Source:@aviarylanedublin via Instagram

The shiny silver of this page boy cut is to die for. It attracts all the attention to your beautiful hair and makes you the ONE in the crowd. If you are not afraid to make some bold choices, this hairdo is definitely a must-try for you.

25. Lavender Textured

Lavender Textured
Source:@tigerlilie_salon via Instagram

A Hollywood glam hairstyle in your page boy tresses is beautiful. However, try it with amazing lavender hair for a more modern and expressive twist. This hair color is vibrant and youthful and gives your vintage hair a breath of freshness. For more dimensions, try the ombre coloring technique.

26. Colored Pageboy

Colored Pageboy
Source:@wearestaffordhair via Instagram

Draw all the attention to your hair with bold, striking hair color. If you are not afraid of some attention and spotlight, dye your page boy manes with lighter, eye-catching colors. You can also try muted shades as safer options.

27. Bright Red Pageboy Hairstyle

Bright Red pageboy hairstyle
Source:@beautybyrockagirl via Instagram

Sultry red locks and vintage glam rolls go hand in hand. The inverted rolls paired with modern curls blend the bridge between modern and retro and help you to stand out in the crowd. If you have long page boy tresses, don’t hesitate to try this style for a whole lot of Hollywood glamour.

28. Blue Medium Pageboy

Blue Medium Pageboy
Source:@autumnontuesdays via Instagram

This unique pageboy hairstyle is all about old-world glamour with a modern twist. While the electric blue hair color is striking, the retro Hollywood waves are the epitome of elegance. It makes you as charming as ever, with any outfits you wear!

29. Auburn Pageboy Haircut

Auburn Pageboy Haircut
Source:@hairbymarjoriemayfair via Instagram

Dye your hair in a deep auburn hair color and give yourself a total Sansa Stark makeover, but a bit better and more modern. The vintage page boy haircut paired with this incredible hair color shines bright like fire and makes you the star of the crowd in no time.

30. Choppy Pageboy Haircut

Choppy pageboy haircut
Source: via Instagram

31. Traditional Pageboy

Traditional Pageboy
Source:@wearestaffordhair via Instagram

Sometimes it’s better not to mess with a classic haircut. This traditional style features a sleek rounded shape that looks phenomenal even today. Try this classical shape in your sleek straight hair if you have a round or oval face. It will accentuate your shape even better.

32. Pageboy Hairstyle With Straight Bangs

pageboy hairstyle with straight bangs
Source:@tinyxeve via Instagram

Bangs and Pageboy’s hair are a match made in heaven. The thick, forehead-covering fringes create a perfect alignment with the short strands to frame your face beautifully. This hairdo gives you a very soft, feminine appearance and looks great on almost all face shapes.

33. Rounded Shape Pageboy

rounded shape pageboy
Source:@wearestaffordhair via Instagram

With its short rounded ends, this pageboy hairdo is a league of its own! Usually cut over the ears, this attractive hairstyle maintains the same length all around your head for a symmetrical look. However, you can always play with the length to match your face shape perfectly.

34. Casual Pageboy

casual pageboy
Source:@teresharwig via Instagram

Look awesomely chic and glamorous with this chin-gazing pageboy haircut. The flattering “above the shoulder” length and the forehead-covering fringes frame your face for a slimmer, sexier appearance. You can experiment with the length of the strands for versatile styling opportunities.

35. Edgy Layers And Pageboy Haircut

edgy layers and pageboy haircut
Source:@alphstudio via Instagram

Create a visually striking hairstyle featuring a pageboy haircut with edgy layers in your short tresses. The shorter layers frame the face while the micro bangs draw all the attention to your facial features. If you are not afraid to highlight your pretty face, this attractive haircut is worth a try.


What is the difference between a bob and a pageboy haircut?

Even though a bob and a pageboy haircut look quite the same, a few features draw differences between these two trendy haircuts.

For starters, a bob cut features bangs and blunt cut edges that are usually below the ears up to the nape of the neck. This haircut usually doesn’t go upwards excessively to maintain its looks.

On the other hand, a pageboy’s hair can be cut into different lengths to achieve its retro looks. The ends are usually inverted with fringes at the front to make it more traditional yet fashionable.

What type of haircut is known as the Pageboy?

A page boy is a type of haircut where the straight hair with inverted ends hangs below the ears with versatile fringes at the front.

Wrapping Up

Sporting a pageboy haircut doesn’t mean that you traveled back the time and living in the old world. This fantastic hairstyle for women can also be cut in the most stylish way to lift up your vibe greatly. Go through the “dos” we have discussed above; we are sure that you would definitely find a more suitable pageboy haircut to match your modern persona perfectly.