30 Best Pixie Cut Black Hair Ideas For 2022

Pixie cuts are a perfect fit for your black hair. They offer you a wide array of options for styling and are suited for most face shapes and complexions. Try any of the Pixie cut for black hairstyles below to add sass and class to your everyday look.

Latest Black Pixie Cut Ideas

Black hair is the ying to the yang of pixies. You can rock any of these styles for any season.

1. Black Pixie Cut

Source: celiehair

This Black pixie hairstyle is simply pleasing to the eyes. It has thick, side-swept bangs that totally hide her right eye, adding an interesting twist to the look. You must try this with your black hair.

Source: samkanehair

With clean undercut sides and a spiky top, this pixie cut instantly brings your black hair to life. It is layered to add extra texture and is a great fit for a party setting.

Source: taneahbanks

This pixie cut black hairstyle sweetly shapes your face, accentuating your features. The sides are closely cropped and the top cut short, for a modern take on this classy pixie cut. It is well suited for oval-shaped faces.

2. Short Pixie Cut For Black Hair

Here is another cute pixie cut to add to the stock of classy black women hairstyles. This curly style is neat with beautiful side burns for a chic look. It oozes good taste and sophistication.

Source: pinterest

There is something about short pixies that radiates confidence and part of it is the sleekness of the cut. It features a tousled top and sideburns with a glittering black hue that makes it pop.

Source: pixie-cut

Don’t you love Halle Berry on this black pixie? This style shapes your oval face beautifully and sports spiky top hair that gives it an extra dimension. You want an edgy yet mature look, try this.

3. Pixie Cut On Natural Black Hair

This stunning natural black hair is nothing short of breathtaking! You can style it straight or wavy. The sideburns add an extra finesse and this style would fit in any setting, casual or formal.

Count this pixie black hairstyle in if you’re looking for a change that is both fun and stylish. This curly cut is ready to party but sophisticated enough for an office day. You should definitely try this.

Source: stylesbycasi

Crisp edges and a fade are not just a guy’s thing. Ladies, you can try these tapered cuts too! The side part gives this style more direction while the curly side-swept hair makes you stand out.

4. Sassy Pixie Cut Black Hair

Show off your assertive side with this sassy cut that trumps all other short black hairstyles. The pixie side bangs hide the eye for a peek-a-boo feel. This style is sure to give you a confidence boost.

Source: styleme.scato

Short pixie hairstyles for black hair can vary in texture and styling. This cut boasts soft, controlled curls that are obtained through a hair relaxer followed by hot roller. The side burns add extra sass.

Source: theundercut

Spice your bangs with layers to give it a full look. The gorgeous swoop brings movement to the side-swept hairstyle. If you are searching for a timeless yet sassy pixie for black hair, this is a perfect choice.

5. Tapered Pixie Cut Black Hair

Add more texture with curls on top of curls! The beautiful spirals give pixie black hairstyles so much body and volume. It maintains its sheen and sleekness despite the fullness of the coif.

Black hair styles can be cliché at times so, we could go for something more sophisticated and chic. This pixie cut has full, curly top hair that tapers into sideburns. Perfect for any face shapes.

Source: joyvieiraa

This is a really simple yet classy pixie cut for your sweet black hair. The infused brown highlights bring depth and dynamism to this tapered hairstyle. It is a fantastic option for any setting.

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6. Long Pixie Cut Black Hair

Looking for drama, but still want a relaxed look? This combover pixie with bangs and a slick back could be your next style. It comes in an exciting jet-black color and definitely feels modern and alluring.

Source: jbreezii

It’s hard to imagine a cut more flattering than this pixie. The sweeping side bangs and the expertly cropped sides together, frame this model’s face perfectly. Going for that movie date? Try this out!

You can show off your natural curls while still rocking this sleek and polished pixie style. The glossy curls on top add amazing texture to this cut and the gelled sides create a beautifully crafted finish.

7. Curly Pixie Cut Black Hair

These tightly coiled curls are incredibly pretty to behold. You should cut your hair into this spiral pixie black style as it gracefully shapes your face, bringing your facial features to prominence. Do not get left behind!

This is a black pixie cut perfectly suited for warm weather. It has a faux hawk curly top with interesting lines infused into the undercut for added finesse. This style gives off a laid back summer vibe.

Do you want to shake up your hair game? This pixie cut black style is for you! The loose, spiraling curls are evidence of just how feminine short hair can look while the undercut adds a much-needed contrast.

8. Pixie Cut Black Hair Round Face

Source: biggdberry

This is a beautiful pixie style for women with round shaped faces. It frames the face effortlessly and is a sure way to get rid of your long locks. It is perfect for thick, natural Afro hair.

What’s a pixie hairstyle without a clean undercut? This style has a boyish feel to it but still holds the ultimate feminine appeal. It draws attention to your beautiful eyes and blemish-free dark skin.

Your natural afro texture is perfect for creating a shapely, textured pixie cut. The curls add height to this extra short crop, and a side part for more angles. This is a chic and lovable cut.

9. Styling Pixie Cut Black Hair

Styling options are a must irrespective of the style. This pixie black haircut has a pretty low cut top with front to back lines cut into it. It highlights her beautiful facial features, especially the cute dimples.

Make the most of your thick natural texture by playing around with this pixie. It has a neat undercut and curly top hair, pushed forward into a sexy quiff. Add glitters for that wow effect!

Source: nubiaaldn

Short pixie hairstyles are the perfect opportunity to put intricate styling techniques on display. This cut features spiral curls with a brilliant side part that gives it a dramatic edge. Perfect for all face shapes.

10. Low Maintenance Pixie Cut Black Hair

This is one pixie cut for black hair that is not only lovely but convenient. It has closely cropped sides, with brown highlights imbued in its quiff and a glossy finish that makes this a stand out style.

This low maintenance pixie is a wonderful addition to your black hairstyle options. The very low top hair and shaved sides bring a touch of boyish charm to this style, but it is still chic and cute.

Source: nubiaaldn

Black hair is the new gold and there is no better way to rock it than this alluring black pixie cut. This style is perfect for a casual event and requires little daily maintenance.

Your black hair deserves to be treated to any pixie cut of choice. These Black pixie cuts are simply breathtaking and would make any hairstyle collection. They are a seamless fit for both casual and formal settings. Jazz up your looks by trying any of the above, for a youthful appearance.

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