31 Top Layered Bob With Bangs Hairstyle For Women

Layered bob with bangs has come to stay. Not only is this hairstyle incredibly versatile, but it also works with several outfit choices. It has remained a very common, go-to look for different fashion designers during fashion week; this is why it’s an absolute favorite for many people.

Trendsetter Layered Bob With Bangs Hairstyle

In this post, we will show you 31 great hairstyles that you can emulate.

1. Short Layered Bob With Bangs

You cannot go wrong with this short layered bob with bangs style. The layered bangs give off a flirty and laid-back vibe. The split ends also make it look very natural. It is easy to style and very stunning.

This colored layered bob style is an absolute favorite for many people. The bright auburn color adds a bit of spice to the look and the side bangs make it even edgier.

2. Layered Lob With Bangs

If you have long hair, the is an easy style to achieve and manage. The bob at the ends is not so serious while the bangs is perfect. This gives it a ‘chill at the back and party in the front’ vibe which we love.

The shoulder length of this long layered bob is stunning on any neckline. The side-parted bang also works for office or casual scenarios as it is versatile and easy to manage.

Source: kimd_stylist

Another stunning long bob with bangs. This color looks great on all skin tones and the wavy texture makes it even more stunning. If you have a round face, this will suit you perfectly.

3. Medium Layered Bob With Bangs

Oh, don’t we love a short, serious bob with the perfect bangs to complement it? The bangs rest right above the eyebrows which accentuate the face perfectly. The color is also a perfect fit for this style.

This blonde tip with dark root color is perfect with any bob style. The scanty bangs makes this look more casual than serious even though it could work both ways. This style would look perfect on an oval face shape.

4. With Side Bangs

Source: andijune

who doesn’t love good side bangs? This style looks even better with a layered side part bob as seen in the picture above. We particularly love the black color as it gives a sort of gothic vibe.

Another short layered bob with side swept bang and we are in awe of how good this looks. The bob is not intense and this puts more attention on the beautiful short bangs.

5. Chin Length

You don’t see chin-length bobs very often and this is because it is sort of risque and not many people like to try it. This is a very bold look, but the full bangs soften it up a bit.

6. Inverted Bob With Bangs And Layers

Source: allywaad

If you love the traditional bobs, then maybe you will appreciate the inverted bobs even more. This layered bob style is quite unconventional but very stunning and we particularly love this silver color.

As a blonde, you will have even more fun with this inverted bob look. This style is very layered, with the full, eyelash-length bangs that just make it even edgier.

7. Layered Bob With Side Swept Bangs

If you love a bit of drama in your hair then you will appreciate this layered bob with side-swept bangs. This look is fun, romantic, and works for all face shapes. It is the perfect look for a date.

we absolutely love the subtle side-swept bangs in this layered bob look. The wavy nature of the hair and its length makes it look more voluminous than it is. Perfect choice if you love full hair looks.

Source: jessatjls

If you want to look fun without trying so hard, you should try this layered bob look. Here, the bangs are swept into the hair so it isn’t so defined. It is a subtle, yet gorgeous way to style your hair.

8. Layered Curly Bob With Bangs

Source: dianasar

Curly bobs aren’t so common but they are an absolute favorite among so many women. The hair is cut right above the chin, revealing that gorgeous neck line.

This is a more rustled-up curly layered bob look. It makes you look like you just rolled out of bed and still remained stunning. The effortless look is what makes this style so unique.

Source: voltagesalon

If you love vintage hair-styles, then you will appreciate this short, curly layered bob style. The length stops right on the neck and the full bangs are cut right above the eyebrows revealing that beautiful face.

9. Shaggy Layered

You can spice up your shaggy cut by adding cute bangs to it. This look is perfect if you love short hair and don’t want volume. We also love the color on this look.

This is another layered angled bob look that we absolutely love. The length is short, right above the neck line and the bangs sit right above the eyelid. The auburn color gives it a more natural look.

Short, pitch black bangs will never go out of style. This is evident in this layered bob look with a neck-length bob and short, crisp bangs. Be the most stylish nerd there is with this look.

10. Choppy Bob With Bangs

The chop layered bob look is one of our favorite looks of 2020. Adding the chopped bangs give this look a whole new edge that we love. It is also a perfect look for all seasons.

This black choppy layered bob look works for different kinds of occasions. The bangs go directly over the eye and give the look a very easy and comfortable vibe all around.

11. Layered Bob For Fine Hair

Source: hair-hair

If you have fine, straight hair, you can achieve the layered bob look too. In this look, the bangs stop right above the eye and the length of the bob is right at the base of her skull.

Source: marinapett

Blunt chopped bangs will always be in style regardless of the time we are in. This look with the very short layered bob is incredibly edgy, fun and super comfortable to manage.

12. Layered Bob With Curtain Bangs

Source: demidooova

Not many people like curtain bangs but one thing that cannot be denied is its beauty. A very short layered bob with curtain bangs gives the right amount of versatility needed in a hairstyle.

Curtain bangs surely works with long hair as well and this is even more common than its short hair counterpart. This look is very comfortable and can easily be switched up as desired.

13. Layered Bob With Bangs Over 60

No one said 60 year olds can’t rock the layered bob look. We love a nice grey cut bob and this look ticks all the right boxes. This look is comfortable and perfect for all face shapes.

We love an oldie with a great style. The bangs stop above the eyes and the bob is cut right at the base of her skull for added comfort. This look is very easy to manage and perfect for this age group.

14. Blunt Bangs With Layered Cut

Source: kelsyosterman

We don’t know what’s more exciting about this look. Is it the blunt cut bob or the overall color? nevertheless, this is one look that never gets old. The bangs sit right above her eyelids, making this look extra comfortable as well.

Source: twisted_mua

The side bangs, blunt cut, and platinum silver color give us all the joy with this look and we are 100% obsessed. The side-parted layered bob is also very unique and looks amazing on a round face.

With the uniqueness of each of these looks, one can see how stunning layered bob with bangs are. It suits every occasion and is very easy to style. So, which look is your favorite? do share with us!