34 Best Layered Curly Hair Ideas to Try In 2022

Layered Curly hair is incredibly beautiful as it displays amazing texture, fullness, and dimension, which is great for women with curly hair. It can be cut short or long and are a perfect fit for women with any face shape or complexion. Get ready for some serious hair inspiration below.

Best Layered Hairstyles For Curly Hair

A curly hairstyle is nothing without extra layers to give a full-bodied appearance. You can try any of these below.

1. Layered Curly Hair Long

Long naturally curly layered hairstyles can sometimes look overly voluminous but not this one! This trunk-length layered cut is cool, calm and neat. It has an alluring and not too over-the-top balayage finish with outstanding highlights.

This long, layered cut is one of the most standout hairstyles for curly hair. It has oodles of textured copper bronze curls that cascade on the shoulders and soar around the face like a soft cloud.

This is one jaw-dropping curly hair cut and the beauty is accentuated by the matching brown eyes. Natural curly hair is so beautiful as it is, all it needs is a layered cut and fringe.

2. Layered Curly Hair Short

Source: beautybycinta

When you are in the in-between stages of growing your hair out from a shorter cut, try this shaggy, tomboyish style. It has distinct highlights and the ease of styling makes it perfect for naturally curly hair.

Look at this deep brown layered cut curly with its magical highlights! Adding layers gives your hair a gradient of thickness from the roots to the ends, so attention is drawn to your facial features.

You can’t but love naturally curly haircuts that show off your eyes and frame the face. This style is easy to maintain and if you like your curls to appear tousled and effortless, you’ll appreciate this.

3. Medium Layered for Curly Hair

Source: rizosmexico

If you’re running out of unique styles for your curly locks, look no further! The layered, medium length tresses float around the cheeks and eyes in the sea of tender waves, beautifully framing your face.

Source: simona.urn

This blonde curly layered hairstyle is incredible on mid-length hair. It looks windswept and beachy like you’ve just spent a good week in the sunshine. It’s chic, effortless and fits any age and face shape.

Source: wavyaussie

If you’ve decided to make your long curly hair into medium length, try this layered curly cut. It has a side-part comb-over that lands on the shoulders but can also be worn straight with a center-part.

4. Choppy Layered for Curly Hair

A choppy, layered cut is one of the best ways to wear your naturally curly hair. This style boasts splendid wavy locks with a side part, beautifully framing your face. Perfect for any face shape.

This curly layered hairstyle looks great if you have long, loose waves. The hazelnut color with highlights proudly shows off your hair’s natural shimmer and shine while the darker roots add contrast. Try this amazing look today!

Source: mayara.maral

Layers can be used on medium length natural, curly hair to generate volume at the roots. Here, the roots smoothly transition from black to brown and it has chopped, uneven sides for an edgy finish.

5. Curly Layered Hair With Bangs

Bangs add an extra spice to any hairstyle and curly hair is not left out. This style comes in a jet black hue with the extra layers and bangs giving it a full and voluminous look.

What other haircuts should you try for your super-curly mid-length hair? The tousled locks and long wispy curly bangs set off the eyes and taper down to emphasize the lips. If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

Source: kaseyducloux

You can show off all the best aspects of your medium curly hair with a full set of thick and luscious bangs. The brown base-color with dark blonde highlights gives it a well-nourished and healthy look.

6. Curly Layered Hair Black Girl

If you are a black queen who has been blessed with a full head of super-curly hair, show off with this voluminous layered hairstyle. The dark color of this style makes it look dense yet lightweight.

Source: ronja__amanda

The fun and frolicking layered curly hairstyle is a beauty to behold. The dark colored loop-de-loop curls with babylights trickle around the forehead, sides and nape of the neck in a flirty, careless way.

7. Layered Curly Hair With Side Bangs

Source: hairshaftrey

If you have long and wavy hair, this cut that will suit you brilliantly. Pastel pink is a great color choice and you can add layers to further define your waves, giving them that extra bounce.

Source: shreya_sdor

This layered curly haircut has cute side bangs that slightly cover the eye and beautifully frame your face. The layers accentuate the curls, affording them space to bounce around uninhibited. This is a must do!

8. Heavily Layered Curly Hair

Source: jesss_tresses

Nothing beats a style with layers and unbelievable texture! Boasting fizzling black and messy curls with extra layers, this cut guarantees you an effortlessly beautiful and timeless look. It is suited for all face shapes.

Going for that dinner date? This amazing cut provides you with a sleek, side-part that allows the sides to drop below the clavicle while its alluring curls have a natural way of slimming down your face.

9. Curly Layered Hair For Bob

Source: jara_model

When picking a style for your curly hair, it is best to keep things simple. Nothing speaks simplicity than a classic layered bob. Pick the right length and you will definitely look as stunning as this supermodel.

Recommended: Short Curly Bob Hairstyle

Source: kawaicurls

This voluminous yet sassy curly hairstyle is an amazing option to consider. The subtly highlighted coffee-brown tone is neutral and low-key while having more curly locks on one side brings more attention to your facial features.

10. Layered Curly Hairstyle for Round Face

Source: farrahelbanna

A round face can look rather unflattering with the wrong style. However, this cut has a brilliant slimming effect and adding shoulder length layers would help unfurl your curls beautifully, creating this stunning hair look.

A common fear among curly haired girls is finding the perfect cut. Well, here is a no-brainer. This style has thick layered curls with an ombre finish and center-part, all culminating in this chic look.

Source: naylalima.s

This layered curly hairstyle is sure to make any hairstyle catalogue! The low curls blossom in this color and the central parting gives it a dramatic edge. It is perfect for women with round and heart-shaped faces.

11. Updos For Layered Curly Hair

This is surely one for the bridal season. The gorgeous wavy tresses are allowed to flow below your shoulders with a french braid holding them in place. You can adorn your hair with beautiful accessories.

Source: sarak.beauty

Updos are a great way to add finesse and glam to your curly haircut. This layered style is a beautiful blend of an updo and a balayage finish with cream-colored locks imbued within the deep-brown ones.

12. Messy Layered Curly

Source: 55beauty_

Mid-length messy curly haircuts are ideal for natural hair because they’re so easy to wear and style. This combed over style transitions from darker roots to brown locks and will have you looking spectacular, everyday.

Source: luizacollett

You can’t help admiring this golden-blonde layered curly spectacle. It has a side part and is combed over for a chic and urban finish. If you are looking to stand out any party, this is for you.

13. Layered Curly Hair For Over 50

Source: fourkiddingme

Being 50 is not an excuse to not try this elegant hairstyle. It has dark roots and pastel-silver wavy locks that fall gracefully on your shoulders. This curly layered cut is sure to give you an ageless look.

Source: lace.beauty

Layered curly hairstyles have no age restrictions. What matters most is picking a style that suits you. This style has a combed over top and low curls, that deftly frame your face for a youthful look.

14. Curly Layered Hair With Weave

Source: anny_gaby11

Weaves are a really easy and cool way to increase your hair length. Here, a black hue was preferred and the side-part shapes the forehead. It is perfect for women with oval or round-shaped faces.

Source: curlybabe_112

Black weaves are trending and this layered curly hairstyle grants them the perfect representation. The messy curls are a work-of-art and increasing the volume on one side seals the deal. Layers are added to enhance the texture.

Layered curly hair and hairstyles provides you with an array of chic looks to pick from. It has a full and voluminous appeal with a variety of styling options be it in length or color. If you intend to change up your look, why not try one of the styles above today?

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