40 Latest Side Part Bob Ideas To Try This Season

If there’s ever been a timeless hairstyle, it’s the side part bob. From Marilyn Monroe to Claudette Colbert and even today’s megastars, the bob hairstyle is one that’s been appreciated by every generation. With so many types and approaches to this timeless hairstyle, this piece is highlighting and eyecatching.

Types of Side parted bob

Here are some of the most popular kinds of the side parted bob hairstyle.

1. Short Side-Parted Bob

Source: _palomaabessa

This side part bob hairstyle is chin-short. However, there’s a lot of femininity to unpack from this style. The cupped curls, side part and tint are all the elements that make this style incredibly sexy.

Source: lucasdias1

There’s something effortless about loose density hair and this short bob style depicts just that. The choppy ends, color blend and side part messy appearance of this short bob look makes it practical for casual occasions.

2. Side Part Bob With Long Hair

It’s possible to still rock a side parted bob with shoulder-length hair. This image proves just that with the soft curls, choppy ends and beautiful color transition it portrays.

Here’s a side-parted bob approach on shoulder length hair that is quite the stunner. The color, texture and loose curls on this hairstyle are all the reasons why it should be considered for your next salon appointment.

Source: rubyraehair

You can never go wrong when you’re blonde. This shoulder length straight bob weave has all the elements that’ll conveniently take you from day-time glam to night-time classy.

3. Side Part With Curly Bob

Source: denisdervisi

This side parted style is one with a lot of character. The soft wavy curl pattern, the neck length and not to mention the color are all the elements of pizzazz that this blonde bob style gives.

Here’s a kinky curly hair approach to the side part style. The afro curls, laid edges and little curls make this style very chic. The best part is it’s low maintenance as the curls are water-activated.

Here’s a braided approach with lots of curls and a lot of length. This just shows that you can rock the side parted bob even when your hair is braided.

4. Side Part Bob Styles On Black Girls

Source: dazzlebydanah

Featuring side swept bangs, chin length straight hair and a side part, this bob style is simple by all definition but undeniably classy. This is a style that’s very low maintenance but still stunning.

Source: voiceofhair

This side bob style has one side longer than the other, hence it’s asymmetrical but still very classy. This style is low-maintenance, stunning, well-textured and can work for various occasions.

Here’s a style that’s much similar to the previous. Although the length of this one is even on both sides, the general aesthetic is similar. This side bob draws attention to the face and highlight’s one’s best features.

5. Shoulder Length Side-Parted Bobs

Source: 830ave

Bobs can be curly too. Here’s one of shoulder-length and a whole lot of edge. There are several ways to rock a bob, but this approach channels that inner diva.

Here’s a shoulder length side parted bob style which has that ‘fresh outta the shower’ look. This can be achieved with thin, straight hair and although it’s low-maintenance it can work for certain occasions.

Here’s an approach with much fuller hair with a unique curl pattern. This style features a side part which drapes down and frames the side of the face. Very stunning and perfect for casual to corporate.

6. Styles With Bangs

Source: hairshaft_rey

Bangs and bobs do go together and this style portrays how one can achieve this concept with much longer hair and side bangs to highlight the side part of the bob.

Source: iam.shorthair

Short hair doesn’t limit one’s ability to get bangs and here’s an approach that justifies this claim. The beauty in this side part style is apparent as the Short bob bangs are side swept and cover a little part of the face.

Here’s a style with long hair, side-swept and distinct color transitions. Both styles have lots of similarities as both are simple, low-maintenance and can work for different scenarios from work to play.

7. Side-Parted Bob Weaves

Weaves are very convenient hairpieces and here’s a side-parted bob weave that will get you ready in no time. Featuring neck length hair and layers, it’s a style to consider.

Layers layers and even more layers. This side part bob weave comes well equipped with layered that could pass for feathers. There’s so much edge and uniqueness in this look and it’s equally a timeless style.

Here’s an asymmetrical bob that’s the very definition of simplicity. This weave just has a side part and slicked hair. It’s straight all the way down and neatly styled too. It’s a keeper.

8. Side Parted Bob With Blunt Cut

Source: blakelyaviva

The fusion of a side parted bob style with a blunt cut is the perfect example of ‘edge meets class’. First off this style is low maintenance but it’s also edgy with so much depth.

Here’s a colorful approach to the side bob hairstyle. This one features a unique range of colors as well as straight hair which terminates at the neck. It’s great for people that are expressive with their hair.

Talk about Sleek. This bob hairstyle is very sleek with the laid baby hairs ad gel. However, it’s the blunt cut that takes the cake. The side parted bob seems to conceal a part of the face but that’s just when you feel like going incognito.

9. Sew In Bobs That Are Side-parted

A good sew in can take you from a 10 to a 100 and this approach is stunning at first glance. Featuring luscious hair, drooping side bangs, and a lot of volume, this look will work in any scenario.

Source: lorranmozer

This sew in bob weave is styled into a pixie cut. This look is so gorgeous and there’s also a lot to unpack from it. The bob here are side-parted, long, side-swept and have feathery curls, thus giving it so much oomph.

Source: slayedbyash__

Simple but very stylish, this look is asymmetrical but styled neatly and thus it’s appropriate for a whole lot of events. This style is low maintenance and the slicked back baby hairs defines its beauty.

10. Curly Bob Weaves With Side Parts

Curls make everything better and this curly hair approach to the side parted bob is just everything. Featuring thick luscious hair of coily curl pattern, shoulder length hair and slicked back edges, this style is worth every penny.

Source: gloryxu1024

Here’s a curly hair approach that depicts that ‘Straight outta the shower’ look we all covet. Featuring shoulder-length hair with a color transition and a side part, this curly hair look is hitting all the right spots.

The smile says it all. Here is a look that’s got a little bit of everything. It’s got the shoulder length, the firm curls, the color transition and of course, the side part, all the ingredients to trigger a contagious smile.

11. On Red Hair

Source: kratkovlasky

First off, the color is just stunning. Here is a side parted bob in every sense of the word. The style itself is quite simple. No bangs or baby hairs in sight, however it’s still incredibly gorgeous.

Source: slayedbystorm

This look will make you feel like a superstar. The fiery red, flipped back ends and baby hairs are all the beautiful fragments that makes this style whole. It’s low maintenance too.

Source: vanity_plas

Talk about a long bang-ing bob. This bob style has the element of anonymity as its bangs cover a good fraction of the face. However, it all comes together especially when paired with the length and the color.

12. Asymmetrical Bobs With Side Part

Source: keepitbougee

Asymmetrical bobs are always great especially when they’re short. Here’s a style which mimics a pixie cut but is side parted and bobbed at the side. This style draws attention to the face and highlights its strongest features.

Source: makimakhair

Here’s an asymmetrical bob that’s fully equipped with bangs ad a color gradient. This style conceals a good percentage of the face and it might not be appealing to everyone. However, it’s very low maintenance.

It’s quite apparent that this is a unique side parted bob style that’s also asymmetric. However, while one side is obviously bobbed, the other rests on the ear. It’s different but it’s beautiful.

13. Curly Sew In Bobs With Side Part

Curly hair, don’t care. Here’s a side parted curly approach to the bob look and obviously it’s a gorgeous one. The hair draws attention to the face in a casual yet flirtatious way.

Source: tesser2214

This curly hair sew in is slicked back and has a beachy curl pattern. It really draws attention to facial features like the forehead and cheekbones. Apart from this, it has a really deep part which is just a bonus.

14. Side Parted Bob With a Deep Part

Here’s a look that’ll surely take your breath away. This bob style comes with a deep side part, drooping hair which conceal a portion of the face and curls that can stir a tornado. It’s just perfect.

Source: tamelalemieux

The volume here is just everything. Featuring draped bangs, a deep side part and quite the curl definition, this style can work for a whole lot of scenarios, but it is high maintenance just like the previous.

Side part bobs do have lots of approaches that aren’t defined by the hair’s length, color or even texture. These styles, however many, will make anyone not just look but also feel their best and most confident. Hence, this piece has highlighted a handful of such approaches that can serve as inspiration for one’s next salon appointment.

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