30 Perfect Braids With Bangs Ideas To Try In 2022

Braids with bangs are amazing hairstyles that are perfect for any skin complexions or occasions. You can create beautiful variations to the bangs and braids that would make you stand out from the rest. Pick any from any of these surreal styles highlighted below and you are green to go.

Trendy Braided Bangs Ideas

Braid hairstyles are simply beautiful and alluring when made with bangs. You can try any of these cute styles below.

1. French Braids With Bangs

You can always stick to cool and easygoing French braid hairstyles when attending a casual event. This style has tousled waves with a loose French braid and an ombre balayage finish, which together reflect a strong sense of natural style.

This beautiful braid with bangs is a gem of a hairstyle. The style has amazing bangs and two black French braids infused with golden highlights. Multiple French braids look wonderful in any hairstyle and you should definitely try this today!

Source: nazrana.bhagu

Add something fresh to your long and smooth hairstyle by creating French braids and bangs to complement it. This style has side and central French braids with pearls for adornment. The bangs frame the face beautifully, highlighting your facial features.

2. Box Braids

Source: bellah_moore

Style box braids just like regular hair! This style comes in a black hue with a relaxed bun in the back. The box braids are adorned with golden ornaments at the tip and form a fringe that frames your forehead.

Source: glamladybug

Braids for black women are a choice you simply can’t ignore. The twists are tied into a bun at the back while the braids in front are cut into bangs. This amazing style is perfect for oval-shaped faces.

Styling box braids offer endless creative options! This style features a spectacular donut with short box braids made into bangs that beautifully frame your face. It is great for any casual event and is sure to have you looking chic.

3. Dutch Braided Bangs

Don’t you just love it? This is a gorgeous blonde bob hairstyle with well crafted side-swept bangs and beautiful Dutch braids on the alternate side, giving you a dramatic edge. You can wear stunning jewelry to complement this timeless look.

Source: madi

Although it is more complicated to make, this style is absolutely breathtaking. It has messy waves with a large Dutch braid that runs front from to back ending in a low bun. The bangs are simply a touch of finesse.

Source: zhairclub

This is a highly creative but very uncommon hairstyle. It is made into braids for the most part but the bangs are a stroke of genius. Try this wonderful style today, if you are after a youthful and trendy look.

4. Braided Ponytail With Bangs

Braided ponytails are perfect when done with bangs. This all-black style has a very long braided ponytail with uneven bangs that slightly cover the eyes. The bangs accentuate your pretty facial features while the ponytail adds dynamism to this look.

Source: martinajagr

There are ponytails and there is this stunner! The tousled and wavy bangs are a thing of beauty but what stands out is how wonderfully the French braid on the side transitions into a nice braided ponytail at the back.

Source: nishkin_hair

Why try a single ponytail when you can have two? Braids as a style are trendsetters. They’re pretty much like pigtail French braid hairstyles that start from the top upper parts of your head and braid down from there.

5. Crochet Braids

This jet black crotchet braids hairstyle is the highlight of any catalog and is sure to have you looking extra original. With some braids forming unique side bangs, show off your uniqueness and get away from your everyday routine.

If you love crochet styles, this is for you! It has thick crotchet braids with curly side bangs that slightly cover the eye for a peek-a-boo feel. The hairstyle comes in a black hue with a touch of wine.

6. Goddess Braids With Bangs

This hairstyle gives you a traditional African look with its outstanding goddess braids. The braids are divided into two parts with some forming the bangs while the rest fall below the neck. It is made to subtly highlight your facial features.

Source: hairsquare00

Nothing makes you look like more of a goddess than this amazing style. It features braids with a curly strand of hair accompanying each braid. The hairstyle comes in a black hue that makes it a must-have.

7. Braided Bangs For Black Hair

Source: londonbraid

What are braids without beads to go with them? Part of the braids are tied in a bun, some are left to flow at back of your head while the rest are made into bangs with beads at the tips.

This is one hairstyle you would not be forgetting soon! It is adorned with metal ornaments and the braid partings create moving lines that give this style extra dynamism. Three thick braids are improvised into side bangs, completing the look.

Here, these black braids are divided into two halves. The ones in front are made short while the remaining are made longer and bound into a high bun with bangs. The shorter braids are made into bangs that frame the forehead.

8. Braided Updo With Bangs

Updos with bangs are for every one that loves a good hairdo. This style comes in a shimmering coffee-brown hue, with a sleek braided updo and side bangs that frame the side of the face, for a sassy  finish.

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Source: emmas_parlour

This giant braid is simply a wow factor! The style has splendid silver-grey colored locks with side bangs and dark undergrowths. It has a thick French braid running from front to back and around the back of the head.

Source: missysueblog

These side-braids with bangs bring romance to any story. If you want to look great on your first date, this style is perfect for you. It is so subtle and will make your inner beauty shine brighter than a diamond.

9. Bangs With Two Braids Hairtyle

Source: crazyforus

Two braids are definitely better than one and this style is proof! It has silk smooth tresses with bangs on both sides of your face and two French braids running from below the bangs to sit gently on the chest.

Source: onedio

This blonde two braids with bangs hairstyle makes your long hair dreams come true. It has two French braids framing the face on both sides for an eccentric look.  With stunning bangs for company, this is a million dollar style.

10. Braided Bun With Bangs

Source: goldynaps

Braided bun hairstyles look very elegant and are great for parties. However when combined with bangs, you get this unbelievable look. Some braids are made into a braided bun with one thick braid dropping in front of your face.

You cannot but love this look! It features double Dutch braids that transition into the braided donut bun at the back.  The silver side bangs sweetly contrast the dark undergrowths, making a case for this style as your next choice.

11. Cornrow Braids With Bangs

This style is a caramel colored beauty with infused cream highlights. It has side swept bangs with a cornrow braid lodged on the side parting. The wavy tresses sit beautifully on the shoulders, giving you genuine elegance and pizzazz.

Source: halibeautie

You want to show your sassy side? This faux hawk cornrow braids are exactly what you need to give off an edge. There are cornrow braids on both sides contrasting the high Mohawk-like braids on top for a dramatic finish.

12. Feed In Braids With Bangs

Source: h2gsalon

You would totally love to have these feed in braids that wrap around the back of the head transitioning into tousled, wavy and voluminous side bangs. It looks great from all angles and has deep-brown babylights that make it pop.

Source: voiceofhair

If you are more in love with casual styles, then you should try this. The feed-in braids run from side backward, becoming flowing braids that fall below the neck. Make the bangs with your natural hair and just express yourself.

Braids with bangs are beginning to trend once again. They provide you with great flexibility of styling. Be it crotchet or ponytail, they offer you an array of low maintenance hairstyles to choose from.  Looking to switch up your look, you cannot go wrong trying any of these styles today!

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