31 Stunning Updos For Curly Hair That’ll Rule in 2022

Updos for curly hair has to be one of the most versatile hairdressing styles that have ever been existed. There are so many ways to rock an updo and the style isn’t subservient to a particular hair texture, color, and these days, even length. This piece is highlighting some of the many approaches to curly hair updos.

Different Types of Curly Hair Updos

From ponytail to half-up/half-down and so much more, here are some of the different ways to style your curly hair into an updo.

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1. Curly Hair Updos For Short Hair

Source: hairby_ansku

Achieved with a little more than hairspray and bobby pins, here’s a curly updo that fuses class with edge. The hair is swept into a mohawk, secured with pins, and the curls are picked.

A curly hair updo with a softer approach. Here is a look that features a great clor transition, soft curls and light twists all terminating at the back. The loose strands at the front gives the look character.

There’s a lot going on with this look. The loose, thin strands at the front and the thin curls at the back just makes this style aesthetically pleasing. It just proves that length isn’t a criteria for curly hair updos.

2. Curly Updos For Long Hair

There’s something alluring about the long length and the soft curls in this hairstyle. Featuring a french braid, loose curly strands at the front and layers of curls, this is a look that embodies elegance.

Now, here’s a hairstyle that’s absolutely stunning. This hairstyle is the half-up/half-down kind but it’s elegance is boundless. The bouncy curls, long length and twist makes this style Grammy-worthy.

Source: m1ssl1samar1e

The beautiful locks of curly hair in this half-up/half-down approach are swept to the side and secured at the back. The volume, bouncy curls, length and color transition makes this look perfect for many occasions.

3. Updos For Natural Curly Hair

Source: curltyme

Natural hair is so beautiful and this updo accentuates its versatility. Featuring an updo with loose curly strands taking a fringe-like form, this style can go from casual to corporate in a snap.

Source: facial_print

want to give you blonde curls an outstanding look that’ll hypnotize your admirers? Here’s an updo style that’s created for elegance. The updo here is put into a curly bun while the hair is swept to the side. It’s undoubtedly stunning and perfect for your big day.

Source: mirmichelle_

Featuring thick natural hair of an advanced texture, this curly hair updo comes equipped with bangs and a puffy bun making it ideal for a range of events, both of the casual and corporate kind.

4. Curly Updos For Black Hair

The color black will always be in style. Here’s how one can style one’s black curly hair into an updo. Featuring simplicity, some pins and curly bangs, it’s a great style that’ll take you little time.

Source: braidmeuprd

Here’s an updo that’s styled into a low bun. This style is side-parted, low maintenance and possesses a lot of beauty. The curly black hair takes the whole cake.

Source: curlstoryuk

Here’s an approach that features a fusion of hair colors. This curly updo is of the messy kind. Although elegant, it’s very low maintenance and can work for different events.

5. Half Updos For Curly Hair

Source: kyla

The half-up/half-down curly hairstyle can never go out of style and here’s an approach to it that features french braids securing the updo part. This gives it a sophisticated appearance.

Source: marina

Securing this half updo is a flat twist. The length, volume, and color of this style accumulated with its curls are all the reasons why it’s a very popular choice.

Similar to the previous style with a flat twist securing the updo, this approach features a side part and a different bounce pattern. However, it’s still a very alluring style.

6. Wedding Updos For Curly Hair

Source: _xmystyles

Weddings are very special days. This means that everything has to be perfect, especially the bride’s hair. This updos for curly hair is one with a braid, loose strands and a whole lot of curls at the back. The more, the merrier.

An embodiment of elegance is what this style portrays. The updo is loosely secured and the rest of the hair forms curly waterfalls all the way down. The curl pattern, length, color and style of this look are all a bride’s dream.

With this updo for curly hairstyle, all eyes will be on the bride. The loose braids wrapped around the hair and securing the updo, the strands circling the face, the length and curl pattern will make all the guests in awe.

7. Casual Updos For Curly Hair

Here is a simple curly updo that’s low maintenance and can be done in very little time. Secured at the back with a scarf, this is a casual approach that can work for different events.

This approach might not be typically casual, neither does it seem simple, but it’s definitely gorgeous. Featuring bouncy curls on long hair, a tied updo and a beautiful color transition, it’s a head-turner.

A casual look for all seasons. This honey brown curly hair updo is not just casual but simple and low maintenance. The curl patterns make it very easy to maintain and it works for different reasons.

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8. Messy Updos For Curly

Source: d_beaumont

There’s something effortlessly classy about messy updos and although, this one features a lot of knots, twits and braids, it still has that pizzazz. Here’s a messy updo approach with a lot of loose strands and curls.

This messy updo for curly hairstyle features braids and a low bun. Although, this look is very low-maintenance, there’s a lot of loose strands which gives it that ‘messy’ appearance and pizzazz.

Source: looks_by_syd

Talk about messy! Here’s an approach to the style that comes with loose strands of all lengths. The curls here are obvious and bouncy while the hair is secured into a low but still messy bun.

9. Loose Updos

The definition in this hairstyle is obvious. While some curly strands frame the face, others are tucked in nicely at the back. However, this look features a low bun secured with loose curly strands with a lot of bounce.

The color transition, thick voluminous curls, long length and loose strands are all the things first noticed in this hairstyle. While the updo is secured with braids, The remaining hair is allowed to roam free.

A loose updo that’s wedding appropriate. Featuring a lot of loose curly strands secured loosely in an infinity updo, this look is definitely one to go for as onlookers might lose their minds looking at it.

10. Curly Updos With Braids

It’s apparent that this look possesses a lot of character and beauty. From the flat french braids which secure the updo to the color transition and curl pattern, it’s definitely one to consider.

Source: honor_beauty

The length and curl pattern of this hairstyle makes it absolutely alluring while the braids keep the updo secured. There’s an underlying simplicity to this look and it’s undoubtedly stunning.

Source: stylistaprilb

For this approach, the hair is braided into the updo while its ends remain curly and styled almost like a mohawk. This style is simple, low-maintenance and guaranteed to last for a while.

11. Curly Hair Updos For Work

Here is a seemingly work-appropriate updo for curly hair which is very simple. This loose ponytail style has a color transition, bouncy curls and long length. it’s simple and perfect for the office space.

Looking to style your curly hair into an updo but don’t know which way to go? Well, curly hair is so versatile and can be styled in a number of ways. However, by highlighting some of the many approaches to the style, you can now decipher which one would be most suitable.

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