23 Perfect Bun With Bangs Ideas For 2022

You can’t help but think finesse when considering bun with bangs. Buns are a great way of adding dimension and extra spice to any hairstyle, but bangs bring you into a new world of glam. Join us in the quest for cutting-edge ways to style your hair with extraordinary buns.

Trendy Bun With Bangs Style Ideas

Bangs give bun hairstyles a one-in-a-million appeal and you can’t go wrong donning any of these styles. Try anyone today!

1. Bun With Bangs for Messy Hair

Source: makeup.by

Messy buns are an effortless beauty. Add bangs and you create an amazing and timeless look. This hairstyle has a low messy bun with coffee-brown babylights that make it pop.

Source: nici_lynx

Just look at this silver-haired beauty. Colors are a sweet way to glam up your hairstyle. Therefore, this messy low bun with dark roots and sassy bangs is a no-brainer.

2. Top Knot Bun & Bangs

Source: demicawleyx

Top-knot buns are simply gorgeous. The bun creates an angle that shapes your face while the bangs add extra dynamism and youthfulness to this look. It is perfect for any occasion.

This is a highly rated top knot bun. It features an easy-to-make donut bun with chin-length bangs that beautifully frame the face. This style is perfect for round and heart-shaped faces.

3. Ninja Bun

Source: jelisa

This is a lovely style with the hair tied up in a fashionable top ninja bun. The spiral-curled bangs run down the sides of the face, giving off sassy vibes.

This intricately designed ninja bun is a sight to behold. It comes in a jet-black hue with a cute evenly cut fringe and wispy bangs for an overall refreshing look.

4. Space Buns with Bangs

Source: elainasbeauty

Space buns are fabulous with short hair. This hairdo is a fun blend of blonde and black hair with two tousled space buns. It is perfect for all face shapes.

Source: rexico.us

Ginger colored hairstyles are always a spectacle. This dazzling style boasts a neat fringe with side burns and two space buns, all perfectly framing your face and enhancing your facial features.

5. High Bun And Bangs

Source: hairbychloejx

This high bun with bangs makes use of the conventional bun, stylishly placed at the top. The unconventional curly bangs however, fall across the face creating a more elegant look.

Source: milenapui

This perfect high bun with bangs is a dream come true for many. It has classy side bangs with creamy highlights and oozes a boundless amount of class and sophistication.

6. Bun With Side Bangs

Source: hair

Side bangs are always in style, and you can easily pull this off with long and thick hair. The light brown hue and donut bun make this a must have.

7. Black Hair Buns With Bangs

Source: deethastylist

Buns are irresistible for black hair and this style is a great way to switch up your look. It sports a twisted top knot bun with a fringe for a smooth finish.

Source: shakengo_hair

This style is beautiful for short black hair. It has a neat updo with side bangs that draw attention to the eyes. You can rock this look to any casual event.

8. For Curly Hair

Source: jewejewebee

Curly buns are a welcome variation from the norm and this wine-colored bun adds spice to your look. The hanging curly locks on both sides give this a dramatic edge.

Curls, curls and more curls! This style boasts outrageous curly buns with equally tousled side bangs for a classy straight out-of-bed look. It is well suited for heart and round-shaped faces.

9. Bun With Swoop Bang

This bun with swoop bangs is an absolute rare gem! The sweet bun sits elegantly at the top with the swoop bang wrapping the forehead and beautifully shaping the face.

10. Half Up Half Down

Source: keziapovey

This is a really cool hairstyle if you have long hair. The top half is woven into a bun with the other half let down, for a Disney princess-like finish.

Half-up half-down hairstyles are simply ageless. This style has a cute fringe with side burns, which draws attention to your facial features. The flowing half gives it a dreamy appeal.

11. Weave Bun With Bangs

Weaves are a great addition to any hairdo. This style has a magnificent weave bun with a sleek fringe to frame your face. It is well suited for all face shapes.

12. Bangs With Low Bun

Source: zolocomakeup

Low buns add a refreshing edge to any look and this hairstyle is no different. The bun adds finesse to this simple look, which is perfect for any occasion.

13. Two Buns With Bangs

Source: _chyn

Two good buns are definitely better than one! This is a really versatile and low maintenance hairstyle that suits about anyone. Style as desired and you are green to go.

14. For Black Woman

This is a perfect braided bun hairstyle for black women. Its top bun is firmly supported by a braid with a ravishing fringe for a sauve finish. Suited for all face shapes.

15. Messy Bun With Bangs Black Girl

Wondering how to do a messy bun that looks totally unique? The side bangs give this look an extra flair and you can rock it to that girls’ night out.

Bun with bangs is a great fit for any woman irrespective of her complexion or face shape. These styles are sure to boost your day-to-day look with loads of styling options to choose from. Wear them proudly at any length, because you can never go wrong sporting any of these.

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