45 Best Wavy Bob Hairstyles to Try This Year

Well maintained wavy bob hairstyle can save you from the daily stress of giving an attractive look to the hair. That’s why the style is now trending globally. But will the cut suit your personality?

Well, the specialty of the wavy bob is, it suits women of all ages.  Regardless of the face shape and the skin tone, it can make someone attractive. All it takes to get perfection is choosing the appropriate variation. In this article, we have shared the top 45 unique versions of this specific haircut.

Check out each style and its details, and you will know which one to pick. Here we have only added the styles that are easy to do and need the lowest maintenance. 

Top 45 Trending Wavy Bob Hairstyles

We have gone through different Wavy Bob hairstyles and finally picked the top 45. We have picked these hairstyles because they are easy to do at home.

1. Short Wavy Bob

short wavy bob

When hair is thinning, the forehead looks bigger and odd. But with a short wavy bob, it is easy to manage to look better. Instead of just a regular bob, keep the hairs short and the front like curtain bang. Then cover the forehead with bangs and let the rest of the hairs remain disoriented.

2. Layered Wavy Bob

 layered wavy bob
Source:@kim_stam via Instagram

Adding extra volume to hair is difficult without a wig. But layered bob can at least make the situation better. Like the style shown in the image, get a layered bob that has a length up to the neck height. To bring style, use any hair dye you wish.

3. Wavy Bob With Bangs

 wavy bob with bangs
Source:@laurajanelewis1982 via Instagram

Getting older and want to look still like a young woman? Go for this hairstyle. With the combo of bang and bob, it is easy to bring a drastic change in the look. Even if the person needs to wear prescription glasses, the style syncs seamlessly.

4. Long Wavy Bob Hairstyle

 long wavy bob
Source:@hair_by_marinakaloper via Instagram

We do recommend this hairstyle mostly for young professionals and women who are in their 40s. It is a kind of long version of bob cut and suits best for longish faces. Keep the length up to shoulder or a bit longer and then get a wavy look.

5. Natural Wavy Bob

natural wavy bob
Source:@jason_morkos via Instagram

The specialty of this haircut is, it doesn’t require any particular things. Just get the proper length in the natural hair and then use an iron to bring the wavy look. Want to apply hair dye? No problem! Follow the balayage style for hair to look stunning in all outfits.

6. Shoulder Length Wavy Bob

shoulder length wavy bob
Source:@thebrooks_hairatelier via Instagram

If the face shape is rounded and small, a wavy bob hairstyle is the best way to go. The shoulder-length well-maintained hair makes the woman attractive. Especially in the winter, try out this style so that it becomes easy to take proper care of.

7. Chin Length Wavy Bob

chin length wavy bob
Source:@michaela_neu via Instagram

Asian skinny women can have this style to look perfect at all events. There are no special things to do for the cut. Just ask the hairdresser to make the hair length up to the chin. Next, highlight some hair with your favorite hair color.

8. Wavy French Bob Haircut

wavy french bob haircut
Source:@4th_generation_parrucchieri via Instagram

As the name suggests, this hairstyle originated in France. However, it perfectly suits any woman with a long-shaped face. It is the easiest bob cut to get. Just get the hair length up to the neck and then bring a wavy look on the backside. Side part the hair and look classy and gorgeous.

9. Bob For Thick Wavy Hair

bob for thick wavy hair
Source:@h2dhaircare via Instagram

Got thick blonde hair and looking for a low-maintenance haircut? Then go for this one. As shown in the image, the hair length should be up to the shoulders and the wave should go all over the hair. Then, either side part of the hair or back brush.

10. Wavy Asymmetrical Bob

wavy asymmetrical bob
Source:@janeadamshair via Instagram

We highly recommend this style for women over 50 who want to look younger. The asymmetrical bob with a wavy look has a magic that makes anyone look younger than the original age. Let one side of the hair fall on the cheek and get ready to rock anywhere.

11. Blunt Wavy Bob Haircut

blunt wavy bob
Source:@annleivsgard via Instagram

The blunt bob is the ideal option to go when looking for a low-maintenance haircut. Though it suits all face shapes, we mostly recommend it for rounded-shaped faces. Also, the hair should have a natural volume to get a perfect match with blunt. Whether side parting the hair or back brushing, it looks perfect.

12. Layered Bob For Wavy Hair

 layered bob for wavy hair
Source:@salonvnyc via Instagram

Layered haircut in any length looks great and that’s why most women prefer to have any version of it. With layered wavy bob hairstyle, there are two benefits – it is easy to maintain and adds extra volume to hair. While doing this hairstyle, highlight the hair in the balayage style.

13. Wavy Inverted Bob

 wavy inverted bob
Source:@esteticamagazine via Instagram

Inverted bob is not like the conventional one. Here, the backside will be with shorter hair compared to the front. The long hairs in the front can be styled by side parting. Though this haircut will be in the wavy look but don’t try in curly hairs. Regardless of the age, it suits any woman.

14. Blonde Wavy Bob

blonde wavy bob
Source:@declanandmae via Instagram

Blondies with rounded-shaped faces should try this haircut without any doubt. The good thing is, it looks great for all ages and syncs with all outfits. The image shows a version of a wavy bob that is combined with bangs. The front hairs help to cover the forehead if it is too large.

15. Wavy Angled Bob

wavy angled bob
Source:@friseur.neon via Instagram

Angled bob is now trending and it is most common in young women. Whether going for work or a casual meeting, one can easily dress the hair with this hairstyle. Giving a wavy look to this cut make it more attractive.

16. Wavy Bob With Sew In

wavy bob sew in
Source:@virgohairartistry via Instagram

Don’t know how to get a perfect look with a large forehead? No problem at all! Just get the hair length shorter up to the shoulder and they dress it like sew-in style. Now side part the hair so that you can cover half of the forehead. Now wear the right outfit and rock yourself.

17. Wavy Pixie Bob

wavy pixie bob
Source:@laineylike via Instagram

What about always looking younger? Yes, that is possible with the pixie cut. The haircut looks so cute that it instantly gives a younger look to anyone. However, one must consider the face shape for it as it best suits longish faces. If needed, go for highlighting the hairs.

18. Inverted Bob Wavy Hair

 inverted bob wavy hair
Source:@brianna.w.hair via Instagram

This inverted bob hairstyle is the ideal thing option when one can’t cover the large forehead. Especially in women with long faces, the too-large forehead is common. Having some long wavy hair in the front area makes it easy to cover both sides of the forehead and look stunning.

19. Wavy A Line Bob

wavy a line bob
Source:@kloemartinhair via Instagram

Unlike the conventional version of the wavy bob, here the person doesn’t need to give wavy look to the entire hair. Simply get the hair length according to need and then a wavy look only to a particular area just like drawing a line. Though anyone can do this, it best matches with blonde hair.

20. Wavy Bob for Black Girl

wavy bob black girl
Source:@iam_nosizo via Instagram

What about getting an aesthetic look this winter? This classic wavy bob hairstyle is a great option to achieve a seamless look. Whether the hair has a natural curvy vibe or needs to do it manually, it is okay. Just make sure to wear the right kind of outfit to grab attention.

21. Wavy Bob With Side Bangs

wavy bob with side bangs

Side bangs with shorter hair are always a perfect combo to grab attention. Whether doing a corporate job or handling your own business, having this haircut will save time on dressing the hair. The wavy look adds classiness and it goes with all events.

22. Wavy Stacked Bob

wavy stacked bob
Source:@the_wildheartsalon via Instagram

As the name suggests, the style looks like hairs are stacked together. In this style, hair from the backside will be shorter and the front will be longer. The cut is similar to layered bob but looks thicker. Once the cut is done, apply hair color to highlight it.

23. Wavy Curly Bob

 wavy curly bob
Source:@aoki_hair via Instagram

In wavy bob, it used to need a simple wavy vibe in the hair. But the style mentioned here needs to give wavy look too small sections of the hair. To do this, simply prepare small sections and then use a good quality iron to get a wavy look.

24. Wavy Shaggy Bob

 wavy shaggy bob

Crossed your early 50 and now looking for a way to bring changes in the look? No problem! Just get the hairs shorter and then give a wavy look to it. Ask the hairdresser to cut front hair like a curtain bang. See yourself in the mirror and get surprised with the look.

25. Choppy Wavy Bob Hairstyle

choppy wavy bob
Source:@coiffeurteamloewen via Instagram

Wondering why the name has the term ‘choppy’? Well, closely look at the image and see if the hairs look chopped. Yes, while cutting the hair, ask the hair specialist to give it a choppy look. Then get the wavy look with a hair iron and look stunning.

26. Layered Natural Wavy Bob

layered natural wavy bob
Source:@matthewjames.hair via Instagram

No matter if the hair has extra volume or it looks thin. Getting a layered bob with a wavy style is suitable for all. Even if the face is small, it is going to look great. Here the trick is, keep the hair as natural as possible. The hair endings don’t need to look straight. Let them remain in an angle and always side part hair from one side rather than the mid-scalp.

27. Middle Part Wavy Bob

middle part wavy bob
Source:@ellie_fixxsalons via Instagram

Love to get makeup with smoky eyes? Then getting this hairstyle will add more attraction to you. Everyone is going to notice you when you have this bob cut with a longish face. Here the hair length can exceed the shoulder length. Also, if needed, highlight a small portion of the hair.

28. Wavy Bob Hairstyles For Black Hair

wavy bob hairstyles for black hair
Source:@afsisterwig via Instagram

Having classy black hair is a blessing. However, the hair needs to be maintained well to look better. The style shown in this image is a bit difficult to get but it is worth it. It is a longer version of bob cut and the wave should be in different areas of the scalp. Must side part hair from the right side and cover a small portion of the forehead.

29. Side Part Wavy Bob

 side part wavy bob
Source:@janthomasstudiofrogner via Instagram

Can someone get a bob cut with wavy hair if the face looks fatty? The straight answer is yes. Just make sure to get the shorter version of bob and give it a wavy look. Also, maintain a symmetrical angle for the endings and that’s all.

30. Wavy Bob With Curtain Bangs

wavy bob with curtain bangs
Source:@privesalon_orlando via Instagram

Some women look older because of their large foreheads. It also creates an illusion like the hair is thinning. But the fact is, the curtain bang can solve all these issues. However, the hair should go in the classic wavy bob. Also, the side part of the curtain bang in a classic way.

31. Thick Wavy Bob in Black Hair

Source:@hairandbeautycanada via Instagram

Have classic black hairs with natural volume? Want to give it a trendy look? Then go for the wavy bob hairstyle. It looks great on thick hair. Whether the wavy look is for the hair ending or the top, it perfectly matches all faces. After getting the cut, simply side part the hair.

32. Orange Wavy Bob

Source:@saks_uk via Instagram

Looking for a bob cut hairstyle that looks good with hair dye? Then try out this one. It doesn’t need too much effort to achieve. Just getting a regular bob with a shorter length and angled cut would be enough. Then apply orange hair color and look unique.

33. Blonde Chopped Wavy Bob

Source:@skareje via Instagram

Can blondies look good with a wavy bob? Yes, it is not a big deal. Just get the wavy version of the bob. But for the hair endings, make sure to give it a chopped look. The hairdresser usually uses the sizer’s top to give the choppy look.

34. Wavy Bob with Purple Hair Dye

Did you see Nicky Minaj’s hairstyle in different songs? She used to get hair dye for all over the hair. What about getting a similar cut with purpose hair dye? Yes, it is simple to do. For the front, choose the swept bangs and then give a wavy look.

35. Ombre Bob with Wavy Look

Source:@created_by_cath via Instagram

Ombre bob is a great style to go with when the woman is brave enough. What about trying out something new and applying green hair dye? Though it may sound a bit odd. But once the style is done, it looks unique and attractive.

36. Multi-Layered Wavy Bob

Source:@ghd_southafrica via Instagram

If hair is losing the natural volume, getting a multi-layered bob is the solution. Though it is a kind of bob, the hair length should go up to the shoulders. Then apply brown hair color in the ombre style and match it with the top of the scalp.

37. Unique Ombre Wavy Bob

Source:@the_tressnomancer via Instagram

Living in your early 50 and looking for a stylish haircut with short wavy hair? Then we recommend going for this. This is a version of ombre bob but the hair color would be unique. Instead of going from dark to light, here the person needs to small sections with the hair and apply different colors for each section.

38. Messy Wavy Bob

Source:@hairbynadiah via Instagram

Sometimes it is better to keep the natural messy look of the hair. Especially at a young age, everything looks good. If you don’t like to spend too much time hairdressing, go for this messy wavy bob. Once the cut is done, go for hair dye in the balayage style.

39. Thin Hair Wavy Bob

Source:@kayla_schnierle via Instagram

With thin hair, it is difficult to make a big bun or a classy ponytail. But getting the hair length short is easy. So, get the wavy bob haircut with the thin hairs and then style them like stacking hairs. The style looks good mostly for long-shaped faces.

40. Blonde Ombre Wavy Bob

Source:@hairdesignbysonya via Instagram

Blondies can try out a variety of variations of wavy bob and each one would look great. But the style shown in the image could bring a magical change in the entire look. It needs two things to adopt the style – small bob cut hair and proper ombre hair coloring.

41. Wavy Bob for Thinning Hair

Source:@bizzoco_hmua via Instagram

Did hair start thinning and getting worried about how to give it a better look? Not a big issue at all! Lots of women are struggling with the same issue and they are getting the bob cut. Short hairs always look great on the scalp.

42. Balayage Wavy Bob

Source:@laurabergaminihair via Instagram

On hot summery days, everyone likes to get a hairstyle that is easy to maintain and feels cool. Getting the wavy bob is such a kind of hairstyle. It looks great with balayage hair highlighting. Choose a dark brown hair dye and apply it with the help of a professional hairdresser.

43. Wavy Bob for Elder People

Source:@blonde_hairandmakeup via Instagram

Round face with lots of wrinkles? Trying to look younger? Then simply convert your regular hairs into the wavy bob. Regardless of age, it can bring happiness in life with an attractive style. If the hair has natural black color, apply hair dye in the ombre style.

44. Teenagers’ Wavy Bob

Source:@spellbound_manes via Instagram

Teens like hairstyles that are easy to get and don’t need much effort to style. That’s why a wavy bob for teenagers is recommended. Try any version of the classic wavy bob. However, the classic curtain bangs with neck-length hair could be a good way to go.

45. Curly Wavy Bob for Black Hair

Source:@eshkhair via Instagram

Usually, the wavy bob hairstyle needs to bring a natural-looking wave in the hair. But what about if the hair has natural curliness? Well, it is so easy to convert the curly hairs into a wavy bob. Hire a professional hairdresser to adopt the style. though the image is showing natural black hairs, it looks good on anyone.

After deep research, we have arranged this list of the best wavy bob hairstyles. So, go for any that you feel like. If it feels difficult to adopt any of the hairstyles listed here, just take help from a professional hairdresser. Also, match the face shape before getting the style.