50 Stunning Layered Bob Haircut Trends For 2022

Layered bobs are every woman’s delight for a number for reasons. They are easy to make, affordable and have lots of styling options. You can also choose to make the length either short, medium or long, depending on your preferences. No matter your hair’s texture, there’s always a layered bob for you!

Top Bob Haircut With Layers

There is no excuse for not getting one of these stunning styles today! Make a choice now, you won’t regret it.

1. Long Layered Bob

This deep-brown long layered bob is a dashing yet cool look. It features highlights, which are the same color as the side bangs, creating a neat contrast.

Source: studiovolut

If you are looking for a sleek black long layered, this style should be your first pick. It beautifully frames both sides of the face.

2. Short Bob With Layered

A short layered is especially beautiful when infused with a side bang. The bangs cover the eye slightly for a cute peek-a-boo feel.

If you are searching for a stunning short-layered style for your next look, you should try this. It comes in a deep brown hue.

3. Bob With Bangs

These layered bangs are simply stunning and magnificent. It has extra layers, which add lots of texture and fullness to your bob hairstyle.

4. Medium Layered Bob

Source: 5000hair

A medium-length bob is a good style for the summer. The brown hue is cool, while the highlights pop under the sun.

This hairstyle features a golden house with side bangs. The layers give it texture, with wavy tresses for a chic finish.

5. Layered Bob For Fine Hair Over 50

Style your beautiful gold hair with this bob for fine hair over 50. It is perfect for middle aged women who want to spice up their looks.

Being old should not be an excuse for having ugly hair. So, choose this layered Haircut for fine hair over 50 to give you a youthful edge.

6. Short Layered Haircut With Bangs

Source: crishairr

Layers are the perfect choice for adding texture to your hairstyle. This is a short bob with layered and bangs, which comes in a smooth black hue.

Source: fashionisers

Who doesn’t love a short layered bob with bangs? This style features dark roots with golden highlights that make it pop. The bangs add a cute twist.

7. Layered Inverted Bob

Source: rambutseries

There’s something really unique about layered Inverted bobs. You should try out this amazing look with its deep brown hue and lighter brown highlights.

Colors make any style more vibrant. So, why not go for this pink beauty? It is a layered inverted bob with beautiful, wavy tresses.

8. Choppy Bob

Choppy hairstyles have a rough finesse to them. This style comes in a black hue with curly locks that frame the face all around.

Source: virtual.salao

Trimming the lower edges of your hair gives it a choppy look. They fall on both sides of the face, highlighting your cute facial features.

9. For Thick Hair

Source: julieisalone

If you have thick hair, a layered bob would be a good idea. For thick hair, hairstyles are eccentric and give off a sweet just-out-of-bed look.

Source: zoeehair

This is another cool style for women with thick hair. They have light brown locks with darker roots for a contrasting yet stylish finish.

10. Black Layered Hairstyles

A black bob is a perfect option, no matter your hair type. The layer accentuates the texture, while the black hue gives it a dramatic edge.

Source: noirdecru

Why not get a black bob hairstyle? It is a cute and creative way to add a dynamic spice to your overall look.

11. Layered A Line Bob

This is one golden bundle of goodness! This spectacular layered A Line Bob has a well-defined A-line, which creates beautiful angles for an eccentric finish.

Source: meredithcorp

Here is a short bob with lots and lots of extra layers! The A-line adds flair, while its contrasting hues blend in an effortless manner.

12. Layered Curly Bob

Source: harley

Curls are a special way to bring your hair back to life. This lovely layered short curly bob comes in a beautiful brown hue with highlights.

Source: myviralcurls

Bangs are always a welcome addition to any curly hairstyle. Here is a layered curly bob with wavy tresses falling and covering one eye.

13. Shaggy Bob Iwth Layered

Source: soraverly

Shaggy hairstyles would always be loved by many because of their simplicity. This features deep brown locks that transition into a golden brown color at the tips.

Source: timm.morrison

This is another roughly cut, shaggy bob layered for you to try out.

14. Stacked Bob

If you are looking for a chic alternative to the present style, this is for you. It is a ginger-colored stacked layered bob with side bangs.

Source: rambutcolour

Layers make any bob hairstyle generally more beautiful. This stacked bob falls on both sides of the face, creating a frame that enhances your facial features.

15. Layered Angled Bob

Source: artofhair

What’s a bob without angles and moving lines? You would definitely love to try out this layered angled bob for your next hair inspiration.

Source: julieisalone

Blonde is a perfect color any day. This style features layers, with sides bangs that create angles and darker roots for a splendid finish.

16. Lob Layered With Bangs

Source: cortelongbob

Adding bangs to your hairstyle is a sure way to boost its appearance. Asides the eccentric color, the bangs slightly cover an eye and frame the face.

Source: longbobcorte

There’s no better way to flatter your beautiful facial features than to try out this lob with bangs. It is especially suited for women with round faces.

17. Layered Asymmetrical Bob

Source: ashleydubb

Making your hair asymmetrical introduces a sense of youth and vibrance to your look. The extra layers give this layered asymmetrical bob a much fuller look.

Source: beautybymadie

This is a perfect blend of purple essence! Also sporting a matching hoodie, this layered asymmetrical bob is a mix of black and purple hair, with asymmetrical waves.

18. Blunt Bob

A blunt layered bob is every girl’s best friend. It is easy to make with lots of styling options. Choose this for your next hairstyle.

Giving your blunt edges could be the difference between a’wow’ hairstyle and an ordinary one. Its neutral brown hue is a great plus.

19. Layered Bob With Side Bangs

Source: hadviser

Side bangs are a beautiful addition to any hairstyle. Bob with side bangs helps to frame the face while adding extra dimensions for a dramatic finish.

Source: regianealves

There are many reasons to choose a layered haircut with side bangs. The bangs draw attention to your eyes, with the hair matching the eye color.

20. Jaw Length Bob

It is important to choose the right length for your bob hairstyle. This jaw length layered features black hair infused with golden highlights

Source: wandacaceres

Here is another beautiful jaw-length bob layered! The blonde locks are smoothly interspersed with black hair to create a visually pleasing spectacle.

21. Layered Bob With Fringe

Source: enesdogan_de

Who doesn’t love a fringe? It carefully shapes the forehead, accentuating your face and shifting the focus to your beautiful eyes. Get your today!

This simple black bob with fringe is indeed a delight!. Although very simple to make, it has a lovely fringe that rests gently on your forehead, creating a magnificent frame.

22. Neck Length Bob

Going for a neck-length, layered is advisable if you choose the right color. This hairstyle comes in a sweet blonde hue and two side bangs for an emphatic finish.

Why not try something unique with your hair? This is a neck-length bob with layers for extra texture, while it transitions to form wavy tresses at the tips.

23. Layered Pixie Bob

A pixie cut is for anyone who loves short hair. This layered pixie cut has layers, with a beautiful blonde hue and darker roots.

Source: tunsorilamoda

Looking for a style to make your eyes pop? This layered pixie cut frames your face on both sides, bringing your eyes into focus.

24. Messy Bob with layer

Source: biebibi

Messy bobs are for fun-loving and daring women. You would totally love this because there is little or no need for styling or maintenance.

Source: cheekylocks

If you do not have time to properly look after your hair, go for this messy. It comes in a shiny black hue with lots of moving lines.

25. Round Face Lob

Source: liraguzisalon

A round face Long bob is a simple hairstyle that’s perfect for women with round faces. It shapes their faces beautifully with a cool slimming effect.

Source: loveambie

Black and wine are two really cool colors for your hair. If you would love to accentuate your pretty face, go for this round face long layered bob.

Layered bobs consist of a lot of styles that come in various hues and lengths. Irrespective of your taste, there’s certainly a layered bob hairstyle for you. So, you have no excuse for not trying out one of these amazing looks today. This might just be your long-lost lucky charm!

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