30 Trendsetting Bob Haircuts For Thick Hair For 2022

A bob haircut for thick hair is easy to maintain and style and appealing and irresistible. This chic, stylish haircut is also on par with the ongoing trend of short hairstyles.

Be it in movies or books, thick hair has always been described as a fascinating feature of a woman. It’s a blessing that comes with endless styling opportunities. Women around the world would kill to have hair like that!

However, only women with thick hair know the tormenting pain of maintaining it. On top of that, the heaviness causes you constant suffering. It takes an enormous amount of time and effort to style. So the question is, how do you even take the best advantage of such lush hair and still make it effortless? One word. Bob cuts.

Trendy Bob Haircuts to Play with Your Gorgeous Thick Hair

Wanna let your thick hair reach its full potential, showing off its gorgeous voluminous locks? A classy bob haircut in your hair is the best thing you could go for.

So dump those pointless long hair locks and embrace style and comfort with our list of the most engaging and trendsetting bob haircuts for thick hair.

1. Short Bob Haircuts For Thick Hair

Rock your short hair look with a short bob haircut for thick hair. For this look, keep the front strands of your hair longer than the back to highlight the volume of your thick flattering hair. This snazzy cut looks the best in ombres.

Suitable for:

If you have a diamond or heart-shaped face, a short bob will look exquisite in you. It will draw attention to your high cheekbones.

Your beautiful black lush hair has always been waiting for something fun and spiffy. A short bob will satisfy that desire. Flaunt the fullness of your thick dark hair through a tasteful short bob haircut.

Suitable for:

Oval face shapes can conquer any haircut. Short bob for thick hair is no different from that. It will appear invincible.

A short bob with a middle part will surely bring out the elegance of your blonde beauty. This look has a confident vibe to it. Make sure that your bob cut has a sharp edge to display its boldness properly.

Suitable for:

Your heart-shaped face has been waiting for a haircut like a short bob. The chin-length bob with soft angles will appear fabulous.

2. Long Bob Haircuts For Thick Hair

First, note that a bob hairdo doesn’t mean that it’s gotta be short. A long bob is an extraordinary captivating look that you can easily pull off. The subtle waves, along with a blond ombre in a long bob, are spot-on look.

Suitable for:

Flaunt the high cheekbones of your diamond-shaped face through this cut. It is an unparallel look!

First, note that a bob hairdo doesn’t mean that it’s gotta be short. A long bob is an extraordinary captivating look that you can easily pull off. The subtle waves, along with a blond ombre in a long bob, are a spot-on look.

Suitable for:

Flaunt the high cheekbones of your diamond-shaped face through this cut. It is an unparallel look!

Wanting to look exceptional is every woman’s wish. A long bob in your thick hair will fulfill that wish. Color your brown hair ends in a maroon-ish hue to make your curvy thick hair stand out.

Suitable for:

A long bob in your round face will lengthen your face. Adding voluminous waves to this cut is a great choice. You can opt to look discerning.

3. Medium Bob Haircuts For Thick Hair

Play the hair game safe yet striking with a medium bob haircut for thick hair. The luxurious medium bob haircut exhibits an extravagant feel and promises to stand out if it is done excellently.

Suitable for:

Oblong faces in this haircut can stun the world effortlessly. Allow your striking personality to materialize through this haircut. 

Appear exotic and classy in a medium layered bob with a middle part. Sweep your front hair to the back a little to look striking. This look is a trendy appearance that every woman would want to have.

Suitable for:

A diamond-shaped face works really well with this cut. It accentuates your eyes and cheekbones.

A polished long bob will allow you to look sleek and shiny. The angled cut from front to back has a sharp edge. The long bob in your thick hair will seem effortless yet glamorous.

Suitable for:

Give your round face the chance to shine through this haircut. The longer locks at the front appear seamless.

4. Stacked Bob Haircuts For Thick Hair

A stacked bob haircut in thick hair is the perfect way you can show off your full-blown hair. The shuffled stacks are extremely appealing and sensuous alongside the long locks of hair at the front.

Suitable for:

Oval faces are considered the most ideal and gorgeous face shape. So there is no way this haircut won’t appear majestic in an oval-shaped face.

Stand out from the average crowd with a shiny bob haircut. It is a desirable sophisticated look that everyone looks up to. This smart and stunning haircut will undoubtedly set you apart from others.

Suitable for:

A round-shaped face always seeks to elongate their face. The long hair locks in this haircut help with that, making you look phenomenal. 

If you want to demonstrate your unique lush hair, the side part bob can do that simply. The stacked layers on the crown of your head will appear flawless. Furthermore, a balayage blonde will accentuate your alluring hair. 

Suitable for:

Women with oblong faces look elegant in this haircut. The sharp jawlines definitely get highlighted.

5. Bob Haircuts For Thick Hair With Bangs

Expose your understated hair through a bob haircut for thick hair with bangs. The bangs in this cut will bring out your playful and exciting personality. Tone your hair in a vibrant blue to appear more vigorous.

Suitable for:

Long face shapes give fulfillment to this haircut. The bangs definitely elevate the beauty of this style.

You can’t name a single hairstyle that bangs can’t make far more superior. Cut your bob hair in a side-swept bang to look stylish. This looks sassy on you and it’s also up to the minute.

Suitable for:

Your oval-shaped face will obviously look fine in this haircut. The shoulder-length bob has an angelic feel to it.

Look fresh and refined with a bob haircut with bangs. Part your hair in a middle section and try out a classic curtain bang in your bob haircut. The elegance of this haircut has the ability never to falter.

Suitable for:

Wanna highlight the glamour of your long face shape? A bob haircut with bangs is beyond compare in this kind of face shape.

6. Inverted Bob Haircuts For Thick Hair

Create a mesmerizing look with an inverted bob for thick hair. Let your natural black thick hair shine with charm and grace through this inverted bob. Your confident self will undoubtedly materialize through this haircut. 

Suitable for:

A heart-shaped face looks amazing in this haircut. It has a flattering vibe which is unbeatable.

Give your platinum blonde hair a remarkable look by slicing it in a flattering inverted bob. It is a delicate and distinguished look. The volume and fullness of your hair get especially highlighted through this haircut. 

Suitable for:

Square faces definitely appear divine in this haircut. The platinum tone adds extra charm to this haircut.

7. Shaggy Bob Haircuts For Thick Hair

A shaggy bob for thick hair can truly capture the essence of fun and adventure. It’s a popular haircut option women often choose. This short bob appears invigorating and spectacular in your classic authentic black hair.

Suitable for:

A diamond face is perfect for a shaggy bob. It exhibits an eye-catching appearance.

This haircut perfectly portrays the “Messy hair, don’t care” vibe. This chaotic bob haircut appears lively, crazy, and restless. You can also add bangs to this haircut to make it look more charismatic and special.

Suitable for:

Round faces can definitely use a shaggy bob. Add messy bangs to it to look more delightful.

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8. Pixie Bob Haircuts For Thick Hair

A pixie bob possesses an ultra-modern sophistication. Such sophistication can also be brought in your thick enchanting hair. It makes you have a contemporary and fascinating look that works well with our dynamic fashion.

Suitable for:

Oblong faces are better off with shorter hairstyles. That’s why a pixie cut looks brilliant in long face shape.

If you really want to cut down the weight of your hair, you can’t go for any better option than a pixie bob. The soft brown tone in your pixie cut is magnetic and appears subtle, delicate, and exquisite.

Suitable for:

A square face with a strong jawline pulls off pixie cuts spectacularly. It appears utterly charming.

9. Curly Bob For Thick Hair

Curly hair tends to be denser than other hair types. That’s why a curly bob can take the benefit of showing off hair’s volume to its full extent. The blonde hues in ginger-toned hair in a short curly bob is a magical look.

Suitable for:

This haircut appears admirable in oblong faces. It’s a highly impeccable and flattering haircut.

Present your soft wavy curls in a curly bob for thick hair. The flimsiness of the voluminous velvety curls of your hair appears spectacular and heavenly. This wicked haircut provides you with a sensational look.

Suitable for:

Curly bob suits oval faces fantastically. It enriches your appeal highly.

10. Blunt Bob Haircuts For Thick Hair

A blunt bob works its charisma pretty well in thick hair. The platinum ends in your natural dark-rooted hair takes a sensational form that people can’t ignore. It’s truly a low-maintenance cut that you can easily rock.

Suitable for:

Oval faces appear splendid in this haircut. The smooth thick hair appears staggering in this haircut.

Demonstrate your beautiful golden blonde hair in a bob for thick hair. It’s a magnetic look that has its own dignity and distinctiveness. The delicate, airy waves in your thick add exclusiveness to your appearance.

Suitable for:

A heart-shaped face wears this haircut with immaculate grace and elegance. The stunning view of this haircut is unmatched.

11. Asymmetrical Bob For Thick Hair

If you wish to look swish and tasteful, you should definitely go for an asymmetrical bob. The uneven asymmetrical angled cut looks refined and stylish. It also displays the density of your thick hair beautifully.

Suitable for:

This haircut suits women with heart-shaped faces splendidly. Your strong jawline can be highlighted through this haircut.

12. Chin Grazing Bob For Thick Hair

Want something new, modern and bold for your graceful auburn hair? A chin grazing bob for thick hair is just the thing. It changes your look enormously and also promises to keep up with modern times.

Suitable for:

The longer your face, the shorter your hair – it perfectly balances out the extra length of your face.

13. Symmetrical Bob For Thick Hair

Asymmetrical bob allows you to have a sharp look. It holds a professional vibe to it, which is perfect for a workplace look. Adding on to that, it looks bright and stylish, upholding your need to look keen and striking.

Suitable for:

Oval faces compliment this haircut exquisitely. The even sharp edge appears flattering on your face.

14. Bob Haircut With Curtain Bangs For Thick Hair

Curtain bangs have a sophisticated and pleasant touch to them which makes swing bob haircuts even better.  A bob haircut with curtain bangs for thick hair appears exceedingly stunning. The middle part only forms an utterly fine look. 

Suitable for:

A heart-shaped face enhances the captivating nature of a bob haircut. The narrow curtain bangs help create the illusion of less broadness on the top of your face.

15. Straight Bob For Thick Hair

A straight lob for thick hair lets you show off your astounding longer hair locks. It’s a flattering look you can opt for with your natural voluminous black hair. It exhibits an extraordinary and polished image of your thick hair.

Suitable for:

A straight lob appears seamless in square faces, and it’s a highly admirable and engaging look.

Thick hair may appear prepossessing and pristine; styling and taking care of such hair is really excruciating and demands a lot of time and work. That’s where bob haircuts come in to save the day.

Bob haircuts are magnetic and fascinating, as well as really easy to take care of. That’s why we’ve compiled the most flawless and magnificent bob haircuts for your thick hair.

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