45 Must-Try Ombre Bob Hairstyles to Try Out This Year

Ombre is the best hairstyle to go when your hair length is short. The style looks classy and easy to maintain. That’s the reason Ombre bob hairstyle is now trending.

So, what is the basic difference between ombre bob and regular bob? Well, in a regular bob, the hair length could be anything, and needs to apply the hair color for a large portion. With ombre bob, there are no such things.

If you have a hairbrush and foil paper, you can do it at home. Just get the bob cut for your hair and then apply your favorite hair color. The shade will get darker from the ending to the hair root.

Ombre Bob Hairstyles That Are Easy To Get At Home

We did a deep research before recommending the top 45 hairstyles in ombre bob. We have picked the top 35 that have versatility and suits most women regardless of the type of hair.

1. Blonde Ombre Bob

blonde ombre bob
Source:@baba1023 via Instagram

It is a style with golden-touched hair color that looks similar to blonde. It is the best ombre bob for women with a longish face shape. After getting the bob cut, straighten the hair and then start applying the color. Get angled cut for the ending so that it brings a unique vibe.

blonde ombre bob
Source:@justinedeal via Instagram

No matter if you have got a rounded face. The blonde ombre bob suits everyone. Like the image here, once the ombre is done for hair, give the lower part of the hair a wavy look. Though it is a bob haircut, keep the length at least up to the shoulders.

2. Short Bob With Ombre

short bob ombre
Source:@margaret.mastercolorist via Instagram

Thin and longish faces can get the perfect look with an ombre bob. The coloring part can be done at home, but get the haircut from someone professional. Ask your hairdresser to give an angled cut for the ending. Now apply light grey hair dye as an ombre.

 short bob ombre
Source:@prissyhippiebeautyshop via Instagram

This one is ideal for thick and higher volume hair. It is actually a balayage hairstyle that is a kind of ombre. Instead of coloring the entire hair, keep gaps between the sections. However, the shade for each small section of hair should be the same.

3. Long Bob

long bob ombre
Source:@un.rooted via Instagram

Bob is meant to be short, but it is okay to get a bit longer hair. While doing this hairstyle, keep a bit extra length for the hair. Now pick a light brown color for the ombre style. Once the color is applied in ombre, give a wavy look to the entire hair and style them on both cheeks.

long bob ombre
Source:@abellabcosmetics via Instagram

If you don’t like the wavy look of hair and have a long and thin face, go for this variation. Just check the image. It looks attractive, isn’t it? Getting the same style won’t take time. Just get a long bob haircut before getting the style. Then start applying the hair color from a bit above the hair roots.

4. Ombre Blonde With Blunt Cut Bob

ombre blonde blunt cut bob
Source:@yochigershon_ via Instagram

Blunt hairstyles are now trending and are common in women from all age ranges. Combine the blunt style with an ombre bob to look unique as well as classy. We highly recommend the style for women with brown skin. The style perfectly matches with modern outfits.

ombre blonde blunt cut bob
Source:@abefametame via Instagram

Corporate women or college students can adopt this hairstyle. Unlike the conventional ombre, here you need to apply two hair colors. Also, the bob should have a bit extra length in the frontal area. First, side part hair from mid and apply dark color in the center. Now choose the secondary and get a cool ombre.

5. Ombre Bob Weave

ombre bob weave
Source:@legacybeautyllc via Instagram

Black women with round faces can get the style in summer to feel comfortable. It takes minimum effort to maintain the style. The hair length shouldn’t exceed the neck area. Now choose a deep hair color for the ombre and finally give it a weave look.

ombre bob weave
Source:@royalmecom via Instagram

If medium length is your preference, try out this style. Regardless of the skin color, it suits all. However, we do recommend it mostly for black women. Young black women can get the attention of all with the style. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different colors.

6. Blonde Ombre Bob For Black Girl

blonde ombre bob black girl
Source:@_touchofnu via Instagram

Do you find it difficult to get the right hairstyle just because of a heavy face? No worries! You can look super cool with this version of ombre bob. While getting the bob, get a straight cut for the ending. Now apply a unique hair color as the ombre.

 blonde ombre bob black girl
Source:@pickyourhair via Instagram

This variation is almost the same as the previous one. But the style best suits women with thin and longish faces. Whether you are a mom, corporate woman, or fashion icon, go for it. The only thing to remember is, keep the color shade the same for the entire hair.

7. Dark Ombre Bob

dark ombre bob
Source:@besthairsupply via Instagram

Like to get a darker color on hair? Then this time gets something unique. Get the ombre bob with dark brown hair color. It is a trending hairstyle in black teenagers. If you are looking for a way to look younger, this style might help.

dark ombre bob
Source:@evatattooing.ttt via Instagram

Like to get a darker color on hair? Then this time gets something unique. Get the ombre bob with dark brown hair color. It is a trending hairstyle in black teenagers. If you are looking for a way to look younger, this style might help.

8. Bob Black Girl

ombre bob black girl
Source:@trax_hair via Instagram

Like to get a darker color on hair? Then this time gets something unique. Get the ombre bob with dark brown hair color. It is a trending hairstyle in black teenagers. If you are looking for a way to look younger, this style might help.

ombre bob black girl
Source:@ashlynyorel via Instagram

Black women in the mid-’40s can have a perfect look with the variation. At this age, hair starts thinning and you may get less time for maintenance. The shorter length of the bob will make it easier. Don’t apply any deep hair color. Instead, get something light that highlights the hairs.

9. Rose Gold

rose gold ombre bob
Source:@newesthairtrends via Instagram

For an ombre hairstyle, most people consider only the brown hair color. but what about using rose gold as the ombre. Yes, you can do that. It is the best ombre bob style for Asian women. Regardless of the face shape, it suits everyone. After applying the color, give a bit of a curly look to the endings.

rose gold ombre bob
Source:@hairsalonresults via Instagram

For heavy and fatty faces, we recommend this version. Here the front hair will be in the bang. The front hairline should come up to the end of the forehead. Now apply a bit darker color in the front and lighter for the rest of the hair.

10. Ombre Bob With Bangs

ombre bob with bangs
Source:@wowcoolwow via Instagram

Want to keep the hair length a bit longer? Then try ombre bob with bangs. However, for this, front bangs look better than side bangs. Anyone can go for the style from young girls to old women. Keep the natural hair color on the top and the rest of the hair in a shade of light brown. 

ombre bob with bangs
Source:@hairandheart via Instagram

As you are seeing in the image, that style best suits heavy and fat faces. Especially women who wear prescription glasses should go for this hairstyle. Here the benefit of the bangs is they can cover the large forehead. Choose the brown color for the ombre and must get a curly look for the hair endings.

11. Ombre Bob On Black Girl

ombre bob on black girl
Source:@candyshairdiary via Instagram

Just see the image. Did you find any difference between the regular ombre and this one? Yes, here the top of the scalp will be in the natural color. Apply a golden-touch hair color only to the sides. The bob should be shorter if the face is a bit heavy.

12. Ombre Bob With Side Fringe

Ombre Bob With Side Fringe
Source:@ladybhairandmakeup via Instagram

The side fringe is a common hairstyle for young women. It is also an ideal haircut for women who want to look younger. Combine the style with an ombre. when applying the hair color, for the balayage style. It means you will keep some gaps between the small sections while coloring them.

13. Ombre Curly Bob

ombre curly bob
Source:@hayqueencrowns via Instagram

Curly hair is indeed a bit difficult to maintain. But with the bob cut, it becomes easy. To bring uniqueness to the bob, get the ombre style by applying light brown hair color. However, we recommend the style only for young women.

14. Black To Brown

 black to brown ombre bob
Source:@nataliasbeautyroom via Instagram

Asian women mostly have dark black hair. In such a case try the black to brown ombre. It is ideal for rounded faces and straight hair only. The color will be almost the same as highlighting hair. Choose a shade from brown that goes with the personality.

15. Dark Blonde Ombre Bob

dark blonde ombre bob
Source:@ellenandmischa via Instagram

White women with black hair can try the blonde ombre while keeping the hair shorter. While getting the bob, must keep the ending in an angled cut. Choose a light shade of blonde color and then start applying from at least 3 inches above the hair root. Finally, the side part of the hair looks amazing.

16. Ombre Angled Bob

ombre angled bob
Source:@albertfieldsgoring via Instagram

Don’t you like the traditional ombre? Then try out the angled bob with ombre and look stunning. The style suits all kinds of hair including dark black. As shown in the image, there is no need to color the entire hair. Here the style would look like highlighting but with a light shade.

17. Red Bob

ombre red bob
Source:@miss.dideypie via Instagram

Want to try something different that attracts attention? Then you must go for this ombre red bob. Get the bob cut at first and then start coloring in the ombre style. Try bangs for the frontal area. Use a dark shade of red for the entire area and look stunning in all outfits.

18. Short Ombre Bob With Bangs

short ombre bob with bangs
Source:@wigs_and_sass via Instagram

It is the best version of ombre bob that suits long and thin faces. Because of the big face, sometimes the forehead looks too big. But this style would help to cover the frontal area. Also, get an angled cut for the lower end. Choose light grey or similar color for the ombre.

19. Straight Ombre Bob

straight ombre bob
Source:@courtneytreyvaud_hairartist via Instagram

Got straight hair naturally and looking for a short hairstyle? No more waiting! Just get the bob cut for hair and keep the length up to the shoulder. Choose light brown hair color and apply it in ombre style. The side part of the hair and cover one side of the face with hair.

20. Dark To Light Ombre

dark to light ombre bob
Source:@haircolorgirl13 via Instagram

Dark to light ombre is the best way to go for women with natural black hair. It is too easy to get that one can complete the whole thing at home. However, for the bob cut, take expert help. Keep the hair on the backside a bit longer. Then give a dark to light finish with brown color.

21. Ombre Bob for Long Faces

Source:@prissyhippiebeautyshop via Instagram

Some women naturally get longish faces and struggle to find the right hairstyle. If you are one of them, just go for this hairstyle. It perfectly matches with the extra length of the face. While getting the bob, keep the hair a bit long for the frontal area. Choose the color and get an ombre.

22. Bob for Fatty Faces

Source:@jessy_sewing via Instagram

No matter whether your face got too much fat or looks fatty, get this hairstyle and look amazing. The bob cut should have a bit extra length to spread them on the shoulder. Then highlight only the endings for the hair.

23. Undercut Ombre Bob

Source:@passionnhustle via Instagram

Undercut hairstyles are now trending. Especially if the cut is, it has tons of variations. Getting an ombre bob with an undercut is one of them. While getting a new haircut, just show this image to the hairdresser. Use light grey to have dark to light ombre style.

24. Messy Ombre Bob

Source:@prissyhippiebeautyshop via Instagram

Do you hate straight hair? Well, it is common for some women as straight hair needs proper care and brushing. But with this messy ombre bob, it will be easy to style the hair. While coloring the hair, follow the balayage style and then get a messy look in the hair.

25. Layered and Short Bob

Source:@josefine_le via Instagram

When the hair length is short, it is difficult to create an illusion of extra volume. But layered ombre bob makes it possible. Ask the hairdresser to make the hair shorter but in a layered bob style. Highlight small sections of the hair-like ombre and that’s all it needs.

26. Ombre Bob for Thin Hair

Source:@salonjadewi via Instagram

If hair is thinning from the mid-scalp, try out this ombre bob hairstyle. Instead of getting the same length for each hair, get the cut from large to small. The backside hairs need to be small. The frontal long hair creates the illusion of more volume. Use dark brown for the ombre.

27. Classy Ombre Bob for Black Women

Source:@rpghairwig via Instagram

Working as a corporate woman and looking for a dazzling hairstyle? Try out this style shown in the image. Whether going for a casual meeting or at the office, the style perfectly matches. To bring uniqueness, try with long hair on one side and the other with short hair.

28. Long Rose Gold Ombre

Source:@moringaplex via Instagram

Sometimes bob could be a bit longer. The style shown in the image is one such. Keep the hair length long enough so that it crosses the shoulders. Now side part the hair and get ready for ombre. Apply golden rose hair color to highlight small sections of hair.

29. Balayage Ombre Bob

Source:@theladyofhair via Instagram

Want to try balayage ombre bob? Well, it is easier than the conventional ombre hairstyles. Just prepare small sections with hair. While preparing the sections, keep gaps between the sections and color some particular areas. Let the color dry and then check out the style. It should look excellent.

30. Purple for Young Women

Source:@hairstylistswork via Instagram

For ombre bob hairstyles, women try a wide range of hair colors. But what about getting a purple ombre on short hair? Well, if everything goes well, this style will attract anyone. After the coloring part, style the hair in a bit of a messy way.

31. With Prescription Glasses

Source:@newesthairtrends via Instagram

Women who wear prescription glasses used to struggle to find the right hairstyles. But what about getting something unique and attractive? Yes, we are talking about this style. Once the ombre part is done, side p[part the hair and cover one side with a small portion of hairs.

32. Side Parted Ombre Bob

Source:@girlhairpics via Instagram

What about getting a mysterious look? Young women used to like getting such hairstyles. First, get the ombre with darker purple. For this style, side part the hair in the beginning and then bring the hairs in front. Now cover both of the cheeks.

33. Barbie Ombre Bob

Source:@colored.hair.rocks via Instagram

Want to look like a barbie doll? Then check out the following image. What do you see? The hairstyle is like a barbie doll, right? Do the same with straight hair. Use a white touch finishing color and then side part the hair and spread the hairs on shoulders.

34. Curly Ombre Bob for Round Faces

Source:@beautify.your.hair via Instagram

Ombre could get different formations. The style shown in the image is something special. It best suits rounded and heavy faces. Must pick a purple color for the ombre. It is relatively uncommon, and that’s why people are liking it more. After getting the ombre, style the hairs messily.

35. Under Shaved Ombre Bob

Getting an under-shave hairstyle is something unique that only young women try out. Ask the hairdresser to cut the hairs in the right way and should keep the frontal hairs a bit longer. Now apply brown hair dye for some small sections of the hair, and it will look amazing.

Whichever ombre bob did you like most, try it out and get feedback from friends. We do recommend always asking a hair expert before getting the ombre. Here we have shared different variations. You have to find the best one from this list.

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