32 Best Ombre For Curly Hair to Look Absolutely Unique and Attractive

Applying a flat color all over the hair is an old trend. Ombre for curly hair is the new trend that allows bringing uniqueness in the hairstyle. In simple words, the hair color will be darker on top and light on the ending.

Regardless of the age and face shape, there are some things to try. But how about getting an ombre for curly hair? Don’t you think it is possible? Let us clear the facts. You can actually get the style on curly hair.

There is a wide range of variations for ombre hairstyles and each one won’t be suitable for curly hair. That’s why we have picked the top 25 from a bunch of styles.

Top 32 Ombre Curly Hairstyles to Try In this Year

After checking and analyzing different ombre curly hairstyles, finally, we have made a list of the trending and unique styles. Check each of the hairstyles we have shared here and get the right one that matches your face shape.

1. Ombre Silver Curly Hair

ombre silver curly hair
Source:@studioctribe via Instagram

As shown in the picture, here the hair color will be silver. However, the style is not for naturally curly hair. Instead, this one is suitable for women who like to bring a curly vibe in naturally straight hair. So, get the light silver color ombre and then give a wavy look to the hairs.

ombre silver curly hair
Source:@augustpearljodi via Instagram

We suggest this variation for black women with naturally curly hair. Especially, for short curly hair, the silver-toned ombre looks totally unique and attractive. Though the style suits most women we highly recommend getting it with a longer face shape. Also,  avoid the style with a too-thin face.

2. Ombre On Naturally Curly Hair

ombre on naturally curly hair
Source:@beeanca_curls_beauty via Instagram

Have a heavy face with extra fat and have naturally curly hair?  Then this ombre bob style is highly suitable for you. Whether the hair length is medium or short, this style looks great. Use golden-toned hair dye to have the style as shown in the image. If uniqueness is required, let some hair remain in the natural black color.

 ombre on naturally curly hair
Source:@prinscessa_curls via Instagram

Getting extra deep golden-toned hair color is also now trending. Black women with naturally curly hair should go for it. Make sure to keep the hair length at least up to shoulder height. No matter how curly the hair is, this ombre looks attractive with grey-toned skin.

3. Blonde Ombre For Curly Hair

blonde ombre curly hair

Blondies often feel bored after styling hair with the natural color of hair. But it is easy to get rid of the typical hair tone. Just go for the ombre style. It best suits women with rounded and heavy faces. Regardless of the hair volume, the curly ombre looks perfect.

blonde ombre curly hair

Young girls who have longish faces and have a natural curly look in hair should grab this variation. Instead of changing the entire hair color, give the ombre tone only from the top. Apply some dark tone finishing for the top and let the ending remain in a natural blonde look.

4. Ombre On Short Curly Hair

ombre on short curly hair

Struggling with thinning hairline and don’t know what would look best? Then go for curly short hair and then apply dark brown hair color in the ombre style. Keep the hair length like the bob and carefully give the finishing with light brown on the ending.

ombre on short curly hair

Teenagers always like to style their hair in some unique styles that keep them stand out from the crowd. This natural ombre short hair could be the best option for that. However, hair length shouldn’t be too short like the previous one. Keep it at least up to the shoulder.

6. Ombre Curly Crochet Hair

ombre curly crochet hair
Source:@itzanyhairstudio via Instagram

Black women with chubby faces should try this style of ombre hair. Medium hair length is okay to start. If the forehead is too big, while side parting the hair for crochet, try to cover one side of the forehead. It will visually reduce the size of the forehead. Combine the natural black and brown color for the style.

 ombre curly crochet hair
Source:@becrochetcreation via Instagram

White women with long-shaped but heavy faces can look very cute with this style. So, where to start? Well, start by parting the hair from any of the sides and keep the natural hair length. Apply a very light brown color with natural black for the ombre style.

7. Ombre Highlights Curly Hair

ombre highlights curly hair

Winter is the perfect time to get the vintage look and trying ombre on curly hair can bring a different vibe. So, whether the hair length is medium or short, get the light brown finish in the ending and keep the top in natural black.

 ombre highlights curly hair
Source:@natanaeltavaresoficial via Instagram

If there is enough natural hair volume and has good length of hair, try out this version. As shown in the image, the style best suits longish faces. Don’t go for the regular ombre with just a dark top and a light ending. Instead, try to highlight some part of the top and then let the rest of the hair remain in natural black.

8. Red Ombre For Curly Hair

red ombre curly hair

Love to try red hair colors all the time? Then why not the ombre? Yes, an ombre with red color can bring a unique and intelligent vibe to any woman. It doesn’t take much time to adopt the style. Simply start by applying light brown color on top and gradually get deeper finishing on the hair ends.

red ombre curly hair
Source:@seangodard via Instagram

Does the hair have a natural curly look and have enough volume? Then try this variation with a lighter brown color finishing. However, the style best suits heavy and chubby faces. For long and thin faces, go for something else.

9. Brown Ombre Curly Hair

brown ombre curly hair
Source:@goldenoreoe via Instagram

Does the face have a long shape and the forehead is bigger than the average size? Then we highly recommend the brown ombre curly hairstyle. Basically, you need to side part the hair from the top to cover the big forehead and then apply light brown hair color for ombre.

brown ombre curly hair

Young girls and women can try this version with long faces. The style looks pretty cute on anyone. Regardless of the skin tone, just grab the style. Let the top remain in natural black color and get brownish finishing on the hair endings.

10. Curly Hair Ombre For White Girl

 curly hair ombre white girl
Source:@max_malyuta via Instagram

Do you wear prescription glasses and have a natural curly look in your hair? Don’t try to straighten them. Instead, go for the ombre style with curly hair and rock everywhere. Either choose the light brown for ending or golden color and then slightly side part the hair.

curly hair ombre white girl

If the face has a kind of triangle shape and doesn’t know which style would suit curly hair, go for this variation. Unlike a typical hairstyle, it will take almost zero extra hours to adopt the style. Use the natural curliness for the style and then get the brown tone for the hair ending in the ombre style.

11. Balayage Ombre For Curly Hair

balayage ombre curly hair

Balayage Ombre is a type of balayage and it is worth getting the style. Especially for corporate women, we highly recommend the style. While getting the hair color, try to pick something light as shown in the image. Ask the hairdresser to bring a balayage curly look in the hair and rock with the style.

12. Afro Kinky Curly Crochet Hair

ombre afro kinky curly crochet hair

The style is most popular in the African region. However, it is worth doing for any kind of extra curly hair. Young girls can get the style for school. While getting the crochet on top, side part the hair carefully and give it a look like natural hair volume.

13. Blonde Curly Crochet Hair

ombre blonde curly crochet hair

The skin is too white and the hair has a natural blonde look? No issues! All it takes to look stunning is a simple trick. Just cover the blonde look in the hair ending with brown hair color.

14. Black And Red

black and red ombre curly hair
Source:@fancy_gazebo via Instagram

Have a very big face with a rounded shape? Don’t try to thin your face if you want to look attractive. Instead, give attention to the hairstyle. If the curly hair length is medium and has natural black color, cover them with hot red ombre. Don’t hesitate to try other deep colors as well.

15. Black Curly Ombre Hair

black curly ombre hair

Got a very small face but has curly hair? Why don’t you go for the black curly ombre hairstyle? Yes, it will sync with any personality. Whether a corporate woman or an individual businesswoman can adopt the style by applying brown tone hair color all over the hair but in ombre style.

16. Ombre Highlights For Dark Curly Hair

ombre highlights for dark curly hair
Source:@curlmaven via Instagram

White women with long faces and long hair can easily do the style. Does it take any special care? Not at all! Simply put the hair color only in the hair endings and let the top remain in natural black. Side part the hair from the center and get a stunning look.

17. Ombre Brazilian Curly Hair

ombre brazilian curly hair
Source:@sabrinaoie via Instagram

Does the hair have a curly look like Brazilian curly hair? Don’t try anything else rather than the ombre style. Regardless of the hair volume, the style looks pretty awesome. Even with a fatty face, the style gives a cute look. Either use light brown or dark golden for the hair endings.

18. Platinum Ombre Curly Hair

platinum ombre curly hair
Source:@edsonhairdresser via Instagram

Blondies who like to keep their hair length longer should try out the style. Just do a simple trick to bring uniqueness to the natural blonde look. Put a bit of black hair color on the top and gradually give it an ombre-like finish.

19. Black To Red Ombre Curly Hair

 black to red ombre curly hair
Source:@inked_kelly via Instagram

Thin face in the longish shape? Want to try something unique with natural black hair? If yes, just go for this variation of ombre. While getting the red hair color on the endings of hair, give it a smooth finishing. Take the hairdresser’s help if needed.

20. Black To Silver Ombre Curly Hair

black to silver ombre curly hair
Source:@ccahillstyle via Instagram

White women with silky hair can do the style just by applying black hair color on top. However, instead of keeping the natural straight look, give it a wavy look. Ask the hairdresser to apply any trick to bring the natural curly look for the hair.

21. White Girl Ombre In Brown

Looking for the best hairstyle for a white woman that brings a unique vibe? Try out the brown hair color on the hair ending while keeping the top in natural black. Keep the hair length in medium-size and keep the hair a bit disoriented.

22. Red Ombre in Longish Face

Source:@jaichanellie via Instagram

Does the face look too long while doing different hairstyles? Well, it could be annoying for any woman. Try out the ombre hairstyle for curly hair that will bring some uniqueness and give a better look. Young women especially should go for the style for daily life.

23. Bright Red Ombre with Long Hair

Source:@july.mary_ via Instagram

Don’t feel like getting any regular ombre hairstyle? Want to make yourself unique compared to others? Then start applying red hair color for the ombre style. While doing it, get the darker shade of color on the top. Keep the natural hair length for extra beauty. 

24. Natural Curly Ombre with Brown Color

Source:@hairby_hc via Instagram

Naturally curly hair can be styled with brown hair color. There are two options for that. Either get the same color for all over the hair, or try out the ombre style. The second one is better in terms of uniqueness and fashion sense. So, go for it.

25. Brown Ombre in High Volume Hair

Source:@curlsempress via Instagram

Have too much hair volume naturally? But struggling to style the hair because of its curliness? Then this ombre style for curly hair is the ideal solution. Let the natural volume add extra beauty by applying light brown hair color in the endings. Style the hair in a kind of side part.

When getting an ombre for curly hair, keep in mind the face shape and outfit. For example, if you have a habit of wearing dark clothing, try light hair colors for ombre. Do the opposite while getting the ombre curly hairstyle with a light outfit. Check out each of the above styles to find out the desired one.

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