17 Best Ombre Hair With Bangs To Try In 2022

Ombre with bangs hairstyles is an easy way to transform your look. Ombre hairstyles are really trendy but adding bangs can completely change the way you look by framing your pretty face and adding a different dimension to your hair. Here is a gorgeous gallery of styles to choose from.

Top Ombre Bangs Hairstyle Ideas

If you are looking for styles to bring life to your overall look, these amazing styles are definitely for you.

1. Light Brown Ombre With Side Bangs

This stunning hairstyle would steal anyone’s heart. It is made in this dark color with light-brown ombre tips and styled into beautiful ringlets from around the ear level down, that fall below her shoulders.

2. Ombre With Curly Bangs

Source: cachuscachus

This is a wonderful bundle of amazing curls. It has full-bodied appearance with a  black hue that is interspersed with golden-brown locks at the tips. The bangs frame the face beautifully for a chic finish.

3.Amber Colored Ombre With Bangs

Ladies with round faces should consider the effect this short fringe would have on their faces. Add amber-colored highlights to your gorgeous ombre hair to make it pop. This is perfect for any casual events.

4. Grey Ombre

This pastel-grey ombre hairstyle is a rare find. It starts with a darker tone transitioning into a lighter grey at the ends, creating an ombre effect. The bangs slightly cover the eye for a peek-a-boo feel.

5. With Middle Part Bangs

Choosing two similar colors for your ombre hairstyle makes it look amazingly natural. The bangs give it a subtle approach, framing the face on both sides to accentuate your facial features. Try this style today!

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6. Ombre With Long Bangs

Source: frat_gelmez

This ombre hairstyle is a good choice for your long hair. It features a side bang that slightly covers an eye and lighter-coloured ends that add sass. It is perfect for women with round-shaped faces.

7. With Short Bangs

If you need a hairstyle to make you stand out, this is for you. It has a fringe that frames the forehead with the color transitioning from a deep-brown to a light-brown at the tips.

8. Messy Waves With Ombre Bangs

Source: hair_zainab_

Don’t you just love these messy waves? This amazing ombre hairstyle features side bangs that give it a dramatic edge and match the blonde colour of its magnificent wavy and tousled locks.

9. Blonde Ombre With Bangs

There is no better ombre hairstyle for girls with straight hair. It features some dark hair at the top with most of the rest, being a stunning silver hue. It is suited for any event.

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10. Mixed Highlights Look

Source: katknepphair

Bangs are splendid with an ombre when you create highlights by dying the bottom part of the hair, the same colour as the ombre. Thin highlights look really natural depending on the colour you choose.

11. Fringe Bangs with Ombre Color

This ombre hairstyle is absolutely incredible! It is layered from top to bottom and accentuated by the light-brown highlights that gently kiss the ends. The chopped fringe across the forehead, frames the round face perfectly.

This is a long and full ombre hairstyle with beautiful sidebangs. The dark roots contrast the lighter curly tips, creating a dynamic feel. It is perfect for slimming and lengthening round and heart-shaped faces.

Source: lootypics

Ombre is one of the most natural hair techniques for combining two beautiful colours. This style blends dark brown hair with the golden-brown fringe and has gorgeous loose waves throughout the ends of the hair.

This hairstyle is a sweet blend of blonde and brown hair. It has full bangs that frame the face, bringing out the spark in your beautiful eyes. This is well suited for a dinner date.

A classic way to go style your bangs with an ombre hairstyle is to leave them the same colour, as the top part of your hair. It is a good choice for long, straight hair.

Source: rayin_hair

Who says you can’t try out eccentric colours with your ombre hairstyle? This style features black tresses with amazing wine-coloured ends that make it a one-in-a-million hairdo. You need a new look? Try this!

Source: streiferwigs

This is all shades of brown yummy goodness! This hairstyle has feather bangs that draw attention to your eyes and wavy tresses interspersed with light-brown highlights. It is a cool and chic style to rock

You should keep an open mind when checking out this ombre with bangs hairstyle. They offer a number of flexible options for styling and a vast array of styles to pick from. Spice up these amazing hairstyles with any color you desire and look like the princess that you are!

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