45 Trendiest Bob Hairstyles For Black Women (2022)

The dynamic bob hairstyles for black women parade for a single-length angled cut. The haircut is meant to add on extra volume and help you to crown an intense beauty look. The imperfection of your changing hairdo choices gets an option for an elegant turnover.

The structure of black bob hairstyles gives attention to special technique trimming and smooth fall of the hair with a partition mostly on the mid-section. The bob for women hairstyles has been a commanding style for so many years.

You can count on for mid and short-length bob styles but often do not finish in a long fall. The modern-looking bob cuts for black women enhance the shine of your overall look and light up a better hair pose for your interest.

We have some haircut variables for you to approach. Give attention to the details and where they are going to suit best. Take our suggestion and customize the hairdo idea according to your taste and desire for the bob-cut style.     

Flawless Black Bob Hairstyles Model 

Bob for black women has a flattering look promise for all facial features. We have some mind-blowing collections of bob-cut hairstyles. Drawdown to the presentation and pick the perfect fit for your need.

1. Short Bobs For Black Women

short bobs for black women
Source:@fashionbombhair via Instagram

The sleek short bob hairstyles for black women smartly create an inward curl at the edge. The neat ends are covered in black shade and get parted from the middle. The hairdo can do a good job on your desire for short hair better look.

short bobs for black women
Source:@jco_hair via Instagram

The shiny black bob hairstyles stay in black shade and give a sight of short wonder. The highlighted short angled bob shape leaves some tiny hair ends at the front. The hairdo tale starts back in time and still stays on-trend.

2. Long Bob Black Women

long bob black women
Source:@eutiagolimaa via Instagram

The black bob hairstyles sum a shoulder need finish and bang on the blunt cut tail. The sassy partition gets introduced in off the center position. The natural tone dimension gives the hairdo a mighty highlight of glamour and casual look.

long bob black women
Source:@slimdoesmyhairr via Instagram

The longer bob for black women takes the feathered version and creates a weave on the fall. The trimmed appears to be messy and still takes the black shade into consideration. The simple-looking hairstyles can be your choice for a home look and further. 

3. Asymmetrical Bob

asymmetrical bob black women
Source:@cloud9studio1 via Instagram

Asymmetrical bob set for the sharp front end and angled the back layer upward. The side-swept brings one side in front of the eye and gives a flattering view. Your wish for a glamorous appearance can be fulfilled right here.  

asymmetrical bob black women
Source:@beauty_forever_hair via Instagram

Double-length bob cuts for black women cover one end on large extension and another one on short keeping. The black shade shines with a small partition on the deep right. The hairdo looks charming enough even for a party night.

4. Curly Bob Black

curly bob black

The mid-portion of the bob cut takes on the dark shade and promises a smooth finish. The side falls tap in a curly weave and extends for the brown hue. Only a true princess of glamour will dare to try the style. 

curly bob black

The black shade hair bob cut initial diversion gets the curly update. The neck length fall sew-in more texture and stays fluffy. You can consider the hairdo even for your date.

5. Black Bob Hairstyles With Weave

black bob hairstyles with weave
Source:@yada.hair via Instagram

The partition of the bob hairstyle for black women gets injected from the right direction. One end bob angled cut stays behind the ear while the other gets angled forward. Nothing more needed to shine with a hairdo like a bob cut. 

black bob hairstyles with weave
Source:@hairbyjazmeen via Instagram

More of a straight dimension is visible on the edges. The natural color adds on another level of comfort with a regular shape partition. Get ready to be blasted with lots of compliments.

6. Layered Bob

 layered bob black women
Source:@chasstidyrose via Instagram

Layered bob hairstyles for black women create a timeless wavy texture at the front swept. The stunning variation on each span looks stunning on the dark pitch. The hairdo has a special connection with old-time glory.

layered bob black women
Source:@kgolden.ng via Instagram

The layer of black bob hairstyles smoothly gets diversion from the right. One shape of the texture gets inward curl while the tail holds a new variation. The hairdo has a promise of a dramatic pose.

7. Short Bob With Bangs For Black Women

short bob with bangs black women
Source:@thequaprint via Instagram

Black shade ends on neck length and leaves a long fringe at the front view. The blunt bottom provides the necessary intimation to the hairstyle. You can play around with the hairdo any day as you like. 

short bob with bangs black women
Source:@luvmehair via Instagram

The bangs alignments with the bob cuts for black women define a fabulous cover. The additional volume gets to piece together at the end line and leaves a nice texture on view. The hairdo looks exceptionally well on most lasses.  

8. Blunt Cut Bob Hairstyles For Black Women

blunt cut bob hairstyles for black women
Source:@thehairkartel via Instagram

The glossy bob for black women allures an A-line blunt cut. The inward weave seems to extend the beauty of the hair locks. No one will be able to guess your age with the new haircut.

 blunt cut bob hairstyles for black women
Source:@blackgirlbeautyinspo via Instagram

The proud fall of bob cut only works on one partition. The other half keeps a short split and wears on the dark shade. Try the hairdo for your night-out style.  

9. Bob With Bangs

bob with bangs

Beautiful bob frame highlights on off-the-shoulder length. The back pull of the hairdo expects to be a little longer than the regular choice as see-through bangs come in the combination. Any black girl will look lovely with a haircut.  

bob with bangs
Source:@mattlisahair via Instagram

The gentle edges of the bob cut to blend with sharp fringes at the front. The round earrings will be well suited to the hairstyle. The graceful hairstyle can be your evident artistic choice.  

10. Blonde Bob On Black Women

blonde bob on black women
Source:@hersadittyhair via Instagram

Bob hairstyles for black women show off a new variation of blonde shade on the tip. The fringe extends up to the eyebrow and calls for the same tone. You can reserve a special hairdo for any special occasion. 

blonde bob on black women
Source:@one_more_wig via Instagram

More of a white blonde mix creates a weaving piece at the front. The angled cut rests on the shoulder and creates a tousled effect. The haircut piece can be a romantic desire for your date. 

11. Short Curly Bob

short curly bob
Source:@boss_wigsvendor via Instagram

Thin diversion line on the left advocate for a dark tone. The curl naturally makes the hair open and vibrant. Pin to the latest trend of bob style.

12. Wavy Bob Black

wavy bob black
Source:@hairbyshervon via Instagram

Wavy bob hairstyles for black women create a sleek side-swept on the left. The partition takes the right hair slot back to the ear and takes in additional volume to the edges. The hairdo is obviously glamorous for any special event.     

13. Shoulder Length Bob For Black Women

shoulder length bob for black women
Source:@ustylehair via Instagram

The bob angled trim line shape an off-the-center partition. The right side gets extra height compared to the left fall. The hairdo is meant to make you compliment-ready.  

14. Side Part Bob Hairstyles For Black Women

side part bob hairstyles for black women
Source:@tre.baines via Instagram

Longer side-parted bob stack the layer above each other. The other portion stays light but holds the same color combination. You are going to look super cute with the hairstyle plus lipstick.

15. Round Face Bob Hairstyles For Black Women

round face bob hairstyles for black women
Source:@beautify.salon.tz via Instagram

Round face bob styles showcase a dynamic variation of black and brown blend. Regular bob structure is also followed for the angled maneuver. Enhance your daily look with better hairdo support. 

16. Bob Hairstyles For Black Women Front And Back

bob hairstyles for black women front and back
Source:@irresistible_hairr via Instagram

The shorter angled bob hairstyles for black women frame a shiny black pose. The magical front edges style the partition from the middle. You can try the hairdo any day for being an effortless beauty.

17. Messy Bob

messy bob black woman
Source:@ifancycupcakes via Instagram

Slightly left diversion stays flat on the top and offers a messy weave on the ending. The weave of the black bob hairstyles creates a trace of additional dimension. The hairdo will look picture perfect with round earrings.  

18. Asymmetrical Curly Bob For Black

asymmetrical curly bob for black
Source:@hairallyours via Instagram

Asymmetrical bob for black women gives a versatile close curl flattering look. The gradual movement of the hairdo starts to open up on the tail. Transform your hairstyle into something new and beautiful.   

19. A Line Bob Black Women

a line bob black women
Source:@favorglam via Instagram

The A-line bob states the hair creation on a dark hue. The curvy bottom stays sleek in design. Even the partition in the hairdo rounds up in a new formation.  

20. Feathered Bob

feathered bob for black women
Source:@hairstylesbynikki via Instagram

One side of the bob cuts stage cleaner look as the hair gets swept back of the ear. The feather edges stay long and graze through the right eye. The hairdo looks like an interesting option for stylish black ladies.

21. Bob Braids Hairstyles

bob braids hairstyles for black women
Source:@justbraidsinfo via Instagram

The natural bob hairstyle finds out a style window for the braids style combo. The strong protective looks of the bob hairstyles for black men gracefully curve inward. The hairdo looks productive enough even to attend a meeting.

22. Blunt Cut Blonde Bob Black Hairstyles

blunt cut blonde bob black hairstyles
Source:@sashadonorhair via Instagram

The black bob hairstyles head for natural shade on the mid-section partition. After that, the blonde shade reveals itself and covers the whole ground. Babes are going to go crazy for the stunning haircut.

23. Neck Length Black Bob Hairstyles

neck length black bob hairstyles
Source:@marysplaceempire via Instagram

The bob for black women trimmed the finish line on the neck length. The straight hair looks fantastic on the neat hairstyle. Any woman in search of a professional look can mark for the hairdo.  

24. One Sided Bob Black Hairstyles

one sided bob black hairstyles
Source:@jean_daniel_david_ via Instagram

One side of the cut takes on faded desire. The angled bob cut stays in-ear line and adjusts only on the right side of the scalp. The hairdo has an urban vibe on offer.

25. Swing Bob Black Hairstyles

 swing bob black hairstyles
Source:@everythingflawlessbyrose via Instagram

The usual bob cuts for black women are followed with some swing at upfront. The front short hair rounds up and shows support of black shade. Don’t fear to try out a new color combination for the hairstyle.    

26. Red Bob Hairstyles For Black Girl

red bob hairstyles for black girl
Source:@seehair_beauty via Instagram

Mighty red shade curve at an excellent blend of style with bangs at the front. The cut change upon the verdict depends on your wish. A vibrant hairdo is a rocking option for any girl out there.   

27. Shaved Side Bob Black Hairstyles

shaved side bob black hairstyles
Source:@shawnalynn_j3 via Instagram

Shorter bob might need some addition of faded signature at one side. The classy hairdo stays dark and way little than the average mark. A clean haircut is meant for people who desire a low-maintenance option.

28. Black Straight Bob Hairstyles

black straight bob hairstyles
Source:@brennashair via Instagram

The bob cut just kisses the shoulder and states for a bold finish. The flat shine of the haircut stays vibrant for any day consideration. The experiment of a cool hairstyle can change your view on black bob hairstyles.

29. Half Up Half Down Bob Black Hairstyles

half up half down bob black hairstyles
Source:@gladys_hair_beaut via Instagram

The bob style creates a high pony and edges out two different dashes like the waterfall. The stylish open fringe expresses the blonde shade while the front scalp stays in a light shade. Customize the hairstyle the way you like it to.  

30. Black And Grey Bob

black and grey bob
Source:@petitdiva via Instagram

The center of the bob hairstyles parted with the black shade surprise. The blunt cut bottom locks grey touch and provide extra variation. The hair combination has an exotic feel to the look.   

31. Heavy Side Swoop Bob Cut

Source:@fashionbombhair via Instagram

The bob haircut evolve a heavy side swoop from the left. The growing back fall stays on another side of the ear and center to the dark pitch. Only the true bombshell will dear to try the hairstyle.

32. Custom Color Bob Hairstyles

Custom Color Bob Hairstyles
Source:@fashionbombhair via Instagram

The solid black ink pull together a variety of shade according to perfection. The fringe is better off to the face and layer the rest to the back. African American ladies will love the modern alignment.    

33. Wig Style Bob For Black Women

Wig Style Bob For Black Women
Source:@hailash_hair via Instagram

The curly shape of the bob create a complete wig style on regular hair tone. Some bangs light up at the fore and get way curly all over the head. The hairdo is a great choice for those who have positive thoughts on wig style.   

34. Vibrant Red Bob Hairstyle

Vibrant Red Bob Hairstyle
Source:@sashwigsandhairaccessories via Instagram

The deep red bob hairstyles for black women select the peak to stay on a natural hue. The rest flow of the hair stays vibrant and follows the bob’s short angled cut. Nothing more is needed to glow when you medium to the right hairdo.  

35. Twisted Black Bob Haircut

Source:@salonrocon via Instagram

The mess was under control only on the partition sight while the rest get under clutter radar. The twists are visible on the edge that brings out in view from different heights. Impress your near one with a lovable easy maintaining hairdo.

Bob hairstyles always embrace different combinations at ease. The bob hairstyles for black women also embrace the same transformation and prepare you for the dates. The creation will follow your lead and different style wishes.

Get through the bob hairdo presentation that we have placed for your assistance. Take your time before picking the right one and graduate to a better hairdo placement. Stay stylish on a low-maintenance call.