60 Trendy Tomboy Haircuts For Girls To Try In 2022

Girls are often wrongly associated with long-length haircuts only. Don’t get me wrong but time has changed a lot. Short tomboy haircuts are pretty common among lasses nowadays. History has altered and girls have gained more freedom to choose what they like.

The elegant tomboy-style hairdo seems perfect for a busy women’s fashion. The long haircuts require lots of effort on maintenance work. Besides, the short fascinating hairdo keeps in a good look without much effort. The modern world ladies are taking this opportunity with an open hand and turning the trend.

Even if you go back a little more than a decade or two, the tomboy hairstyle trends are pretty rare for attractive women. The complication-free promise of the hairstyle attracts a lot of young ladies to wear the hairdo on regular basis. 

However, finding the best tomboy haircuts combination with perfect highlights is still a work of hassle. So, we have prepared a hairstyle exhibition for you based on short-style hairdo representation. You can now just hover down and get to know more about them.

Delicately Modified Tomboy Hairstyles For Girls

Long locks hairstyle is pretty time-consuming for a daily fashionable look. The light tomboy hairstyles indeed grow in popularity based on the term. The maintenance costs are way lower in comparison to any other hairdo. So, take yourself down below for some more ideas.

1. Short Tomboy Haircuts

short tomboy haircuts
Source:@tomboyhaircuts via Instagram

The V-shaped faces naturally look stunning with tomboy haircuts. The ash extreme dye on swept-swept stays very short on length. The hairstyle will make other’s job hard to identify you!

 short tomboy haircuts
Source:@my_tomboy_world via Instagram

Long fringe with tomboy hairstyles is noticed here. The sides are faded with an original dark hue as the top gives a glance of blonde mess. The triangular face shape girl should try the hairstyle.

2. Tomboy Short Fluffy Haircuts

 tomboy short fluffy haircuts

The tomboy haircut gets slightly larger in length up to the shoulder. The smooth maneuver on the back also left some fringe on the fore. The hairdo will be a fashionable choice for busy young ladies.

 tomboy short fluffy haircuts
Source:@lorelixz via Instagram

The easy maintenance hairstyle attracts with a fluffy texture. The twisted front fall stay above the eyebrow on light shade. The flawless hairstyle will look cool with sunglasses.

3. Korean Tomboy Haircut

korean tomboy haircut
Source:@butch.guy via Instagram

Korean short tomboy dares to style with the white shade mark. The side brush head for a shorter texture at the edge. The light tone girls should try out the style. 

korean tomboy haircut
Source:@tomboymodel via Instagram

Dark Korean tomboy haircuts round on the left side combination. Above ear chopping, shine on a shorter side length. The nice asian hairstyle looks elegant by all means.   

4. Low Maintenance Tomboy Haircuts For Round Faces

low maintenance tomboy haircuts for round faces

Every time you will see a tomboy cut, you will see a textured fall on the nape. The hairstyle presentation keeps a mid-diversion on view. The excellent hairstyle gives you a masculine touch on a feminine haircut. 

low maintenance tomboy haircuts for round faces

The faded side section likely creates a side-swept on the right. The front combing touches the front eyelashes and marks for a dark hue. The hairstyle will affect your mood and look. 

5. Thick Hair Tomboy Haircuts

thick hair tomboy haircuts
Source:@sarahfruehling via Instagram

The tomboy’s funky cuts desire a shaved sideline. The top mess crawls to the front and finishes on a light brown hue. I personally love the hairdo for vacation.  

thick hair tomboy haircuts
Source:@perks_of_being_skylar via Instagram

Thick hair tomboy hairstyles collect the top on one direction swept. The clean edge collection bid for a clean finish. The extra thick hair should mark for the cut.

6. Tomboy Haircuts For Curly Hair

tomboy haircuts for curly hair

Curly hair shortly clipped on the dark shade. The sides are fully shaved as the spiral temple on the frontline. The low-maintenance hairdo looks perfect for girls at a young age.

 tomboy haircuts for curly hair
Source:@itstheofficial_lea via Instagram

Slightly shorter twists are combed at the forward zone. The dark tomboy mess experiment with a short chopping finish. Overall, the hairdo is good enough to give you an urban vibe.

7. Tomboy Haircuts For Straight Hair

tomboy haircuts for straight hair
Source:@all_tomboycommunity via Instagram

Straight hair freely waves in all directions. The smooth pattern in fact looks fabulous on the white hue. The color-free hairstyles are on-trend as crowd demand.

tomboy haircuts for straight hair
Source:@koshevaya_elena_ via Instagram

The intensity of straight hair increases with tomboy haircuts. The clean sideburns follow around on chocolate shading. One edge of the style stays longer than the other one.

8. Tomboy Short Natural Haircuts For Black Females

tomboy short natural haircuts for black females
Source:@tomboymodel via Instagram

Black females lock both sides on a clean finish. The thin top allows natural shade with a twisted pattern. The closest comparison of the hairdo can be the Mohawk-style

tomboy short natural haircuts for black females
Source:@tomboymodel via Instagram

Tomboy hairstyles always narrow down the edges. The center natural shade creates a textured pattern with a regular round-up. Black women at an early age can call for hairstyle. 

9. Tomboy Bob Haircut

tomboy bob haircut
Source:@butch.guy via Instagram

The short side and back combine a smooth dark shade on the flow. The shoulder-length A-line finish perfectly keeps the hairdo on a versatile creation. Try out the new look for the next big event.

tomboy bob haircut
Source:@tomboyhaircuts via Instagram

The bob-cut bends together on layered edges. The center diversion does great adjustment with the masculine tomboy look. The hairdo can be an option for girls with glasses.

10. Medium Shoulder Length Tomboy Haircuts

medium shoulder length tomboy haircuts
Source:@tomboystyleblack via Instagram

Tomboy cuts stay voluminous on the shoulder fall with brown texture. The thick identity of the hairstyle allows a mid-diversion. You will look even better with the hairdo by wearing sunglasses. 

medium shoulder length tomboy haircuts
Source:@tomboyhaircuts via Instagram

The ideal tomboy haircuts should be shoulder length. Surprisingly, the dark peak and blonde edges match well. The hairstyle looks daring and playful at the same time. 

11. Tomboy Pixie Haircut

tomboy  pixie haircut
Source:@tomboy.guy via Instagram

The sleek pixie cut reserve a thin layer on the nape. The blonde hue put together the tomboy on the back brush. The recommended hairstyle is preferable enough even for the models.

12. African American Black Tomboy Haircuts

african american black tomboy haircuts
Source:@tomboymodel via Instagram

The African-American culture mix together to create a new style of tomboy hairdo. The side partition swept a flat top on the right side. The amazing hairstyle will be appreciated by black lasses.

13. Shaved Sides Pixie Cut

Shaved Sides Pixie Cut
Source:@itstheofficial_lea via Instagram

The pixie cut takes deep shaving on the edges. The tomboy-style tip strike in the backward direction. The hairstyle can be a mess-free choice for you. 

14. Curly Pixie Cut

Curly Pixie Cut
Source:@beat_cut via Instagram

The tomboy and pixie cut typically round up clean shave sidelines. The curly update leaves a short bang at the front. The hairdo requires zero effort to maintain.

15. Messy Undercut

Messy Undercut
Source:@tomboypage_official via Instagram

The messy undercut stays both wavy and short like a tomboy. The light shade is chopped together on the shorter side and slightly larger on the center. The hairstyle looks attractive choice even for a date night.

16. Tomboy Haircut With Bangs

tomboy haircut with bangs
Source:@tomboy_guys via Instagram

The tomboy hairstyle washes a splash of ash on the mid while the rest take the golden hue. The above ear cut gets side bangs in a fluffy manner. BTS fans are going to love the hairstyle.

17. Bowl Cut Hairstyle

 Bowl Cut Hairstyle
Source:@tomboyhaircuts via Instagram

The bowl is cut to play with a round shape tomboy finish. The sides are on zero-length while the top stays on shiny texture. The hairdo looks mesmerizing on any type of face.

18. Tomboy Mohawk

tomboy Mohawk

The Mohawk-style tomboy appears with a smaller center crown. The left and right style gets fully faded. The spike in style changes your overall personality with the light ash shade mix.

19. Tomboy Pompadour

 tomboy Pompadour
Source:@nyaskory via Instagram

The pompadour styles on tomboy make ways on the right side. The fluffy movement also introduces a clean edge line. The hairdo looks cool and fresh to wear on any occasion.

20. Slick Back Tomboy Hairstyle

Slick Back Tomboy Hairstyle
Source:@butch.guy via Instagram

The faded sides strike with back slick tomboy haircuts. You will notice light dye all over the hair maneuver. The hairdo is cool for girls who can shatter boundaries. 

21. Spiky Tomboy Haircut

Spiky Tomboy Haircut
Source:@tom_boy_jenny via Instagram

The Beckham-style spiky tomboy trims the sides. The tip spike in the front greatly maneuvers on the natural shade. The hairdo will suit well for slim girls.  

22. Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut
Source:@beat_cut via Instagram

The tomboy haircut went almost flat on a dark pitch. The very short appearance of the style left two buzzes on the sideline. The stylish hairdo provides you with a clean look with minimal effort.

23. Silver Tomboy Hairstyle

Silver tomboy Hairstyle
Source:@tomboyhaircuts via Instagram

The front section bowl cut tomboy creates a fringe on silver tone. The sideburns are faded out and rightly adjusted with additional texture at peak. Girls with short hair can blow away anyone with the noble pose. 

24. Blonde Tomboy

Blonde Tomboy
Source:@tomboypage_official via Instagram

The blonde highlights of the hairdo meet on the dark root view. The sharp-up strands look awesome on tomboy styles. None can ignore the glamor of the hairdo.

25. Tomboy Crew Cut

tomboy Crew Cut
Source:@myfrenchietomboy via Instagram

Try something new with your very short hair. The tomboy crew cut prepares a gradual shorter finish at the edges. The hairstyle can be considered even after the 40s.  

26. With Wavy Hair

with wavy hair
Source:@tomboy_post via Instagram

The wavy texture leaves an extreme slide up to the chin length. The outward curl moves openly in all corners. The tomboy hairdo makes you look mind-blowing with a smile

27. With Side Fringe

with side fringe
Source:@butch.guy via Instagram

The side fringe gets pinned through on the left fleet. The golden hue takes on the usual back brush on the other end. True boss lady will fall for the cut.  

28. Messy Tomboy Hairstyles

Messy Tomboy Hairstyles
Source:@zforzohal via Instagram

The mess of the tomboy gets extreme on the peak. The short-length edges depend on the natural combination. The hairdo is a classic choice even to change your mood.

29. Black Tomboy Cut

Source:@tomboystyleblack via Instagram

The dramatic tomboy left swept to make way for fluffy nape zone. The edges are trimmed neatly and dyed on a dark hue. The tomboy haircuts never come short to impress.  

30. Tomboy Colorful Style

Source:@tomboyhaircuts via Instagram

The tomboy wears a colorful vibrant mess. The tone of the cut gradually moves towards a lighter shade. The hairstyle is a suitable cut for both men and women.  

31. Shaved Sides Tomboy Style

Source:@my_tomboy_world via Instagram

The long center covers very short side edges. The back brush on the top put in an elegant texture. The hairdo is fit to dress with anything.   

32. Very Short Tomboy Haircut

Very Short Tomboy Haircut
Source:@tomboy.guy via Instagram

The short sides face a takeover on the mid-portion. The dark shade combination looks cool in almost all face types. Don’t worry next time with your look.

33. Mid Diversion Tomboy Haircut

Source:@tomboypage_official via Instagram

The haircut takes in a mid-partition as the waves are swept in both directions. The hair stretches up to the ear and highlights on natural hue. Don’t miss your chance to look great on a mess-free choice.

34. Purple Side Faded Tomboy

Purple Side Faded Tomboy
Source:@tomboys_atlelier via Instagram

The tomboy haircuts create ideal clean tones of the side mark. The style of purple with a hint of dark pitch is unmatchable in the fashion world. The classic and casual makeover needs to be included in your wishlist.

35. Spring Warm Tomboy Cut

Spring Warm Tomboy Cut

The tomboy cut looks for some awesome reddish highlights. The hints of green here and there are brushed together in the front direction. The flat edges should be your priority on a beautiful spring day.  

36. Off the Shoulder Tomboy Hairstyle

Off the Shoulder Tomboy Hairstyle
Source:@clubtomboy.viet via Instagram

The extended tomboy-style experiment with twisted weaves. The whole fall takes on ash shade while the center keeps the natural dark combo. Try out the style in the name of versatility.  

37. Happy Chic Tomboy Cut

Happy Chic Tomboy Cut
Source:@tomboy_style__ via Instagram

The color tone for tomboy cut is always preferable. The side short note also leaves some dark textures. The hairdo will surely give you some happy moments.

38. Tomboy Cuts For Adults

Tomboy Cuts For Adults
Source:@tomboywithstyle via Instagram

The astonishing tomboy haircuts love the light blonde coloring. The silky hair is brushed at the back with one open string. The hairdo represents a perfect short style call for women in their 50s or more.

39. Tomboy On Blonde Highlights

Tomboy On Blonde Highlights
Source:@tomboy.guy via Instagram

The wild tomboy cut pair with some dark pitch and blonde highlights. The short sides move towards a daring center. The highly appreciated hairdo completely changes your look.  

40. Pink Shade Tomboy Hairstyle

Pink Shade Tomboy Hairstyle
Source:@my_tomboy_world via Instagram

The perfect tomboy cut bit for the colorful pink view. The edges are clean with very short top chopping. Girls who love shiny color combinations can call for the hairdo.  

41. Platinum Tomboy Cuts

Platinum Tomboy Cuts
Source:@cabelocurtofeminino via Instagram

42. Close Twist Tomboy Fashion

Close Twist Tomboy Fashion
Source:@tomboy_style__ via Instagram

43. Double Line Tomboy Cuts

Double Line Tomboy Cuts
Source:@tomboypage_official via Instagram

44. France Culture Tomboy Cuts

France Culture Tomboy Cuts
Source:@tomboymodel via Instagram

45. Bold Ladies Tomboy Hairdo

Bold Ladies Tomboy Hairdo
Source:@tomboy_guys via Instagram

46. Side Cuts On Tomboy Style

Side Cuts On Tomboy Style
Source:@giovannaa.correa via Instagram

47. Reddish Mix Tomboy Hairstyle

Reddish Mix Tomboy Hairstyle

48. Tomboy Masculine Cuts

Tomboy Masculine Cuts
Source:@tomboypage_official via Instagram

49. Side Swept And Side Shaved Tomboy

Side Swept And Side Shaved Tomboy

50. Side Bangs Ash Tomboy Hairstyle  

Ash Tomboy Hairstyle
Source:@batman_14_05_ via Instagram

The short tomboy haircuts unleash a new trend for the girls. The hairstyle has the ability to change your whole appearance in no time. Also, the maintenance work of the hairstyle is way less in comparison to any other hairdo.

The tomboy styles are getting popular even in the fashion world. You can try one style from our presentation. No matter what the occasion might be, you will have a tomboy hairstyle of that fitting at your disposal.