15 Jaw-Dropping Short Spiky Haircuts For Over 50

Spice up your style with short spiky haircuts for over 50 and be as rocking as you always were!

Hitting 50 doesn’t mean you have to become bland and boring. You can still be as fun and chic with just the right haircut in your manes. And what could be better than to try uber-stylish short spiky haircuts in your mature hair for a youthful vibe?

This comfortable yet glamorous spiky haircut has been ruling the fashion scene and won over elder women’s hearts because of the chicness and freedom they offer. It doesn’t matter if you have fine, thick, straight or curly hair, a short spiky “do” would never miss to up your style game, even when you are in your 50s.

With these amazing haircuts, you would never be the same again!

Eye-Catching Short Spiky Haircuts For Over 50 year Old

If you want to try a new hairdo in your hair and gravitate toward a short haircut, we have the right ones for you. Our top 15 short spiky haircuts for over 50 year older women would provide you the right inspiration you need to change your hairstyle for the best!

1. Short Spiky Fade Haircut for Over 50

short spiky fade haircut
Source:@minicoopchick7390 via Instagram

Try something daring in your hair with an interesting faded spiky cut. Featuring shaved sides along with a puffy top, this “do” would definitely call for a lot of attention and make you stand out even in your 50s.

2. Short Spiky Haircuts With Long Bangs

short spiky haircuts with long bangs
Source:@kratkovlasky.cz via Instagram

Add sexy bangs to your short spiky haircut and hides years from your face!

The perfectly done fringes for over 50 provide a lot of visual interest to your look and give a youthful vibe to your face. This hairstyle also makes you look a lot fresher and younger than ever before.

3. Short Spiky Shaggy Haircuts For Over 50

short spiky shaggy haircuts for over 50
Source:@pixie.cut.queen via Instagram

The shag has to be one of the most popular short spiky haircuts for over 50! The choppy layers, shorter length, and endless volume give you a stylish appearance and ensure a rock’n’roll vibe. You will definitely grab attention with this haircut.

4. Short Spiky Pixie Haircuts For Over 50 Women

short spiky pixie haircuts for ovr 50 women
Source:@chicover50 via Instagram

A short spiky pixie is just the right haircut for over 50 year old women to create a balance and complement facial symmetry perfectly. This low-maintenance “do” adds body and movement to your hair while still being super comfortable and cool. Wear it with a sassy outfit or your casual wear, this haircut would always stand out.

5. Short Spiky Haircuts For Round Faces

short spiky haircuts for round faces
Source:@loxbybrynn via Instagram

A short spiky haircut flatters round faces, especially for those over 50 like none other. Its sharp sides and the little volume on the top make your face appear slimmer and sharper and elevate your look greatly. Keep experimenting with the length of the sides and back for a more personalized outlook.

6. Fine Hair + Short Spiky Haircuts For Over 50

fine hair short spiky haircuts for over 50
Source:@pennyfair via Instagram

A short spiky haircut is perfect for fine hair because it makes the tresses look fuller and thicker. As the choppy layers all over the head create an illusion of volume on your head, this cut will make your tresses appear bouncier than ever before.

7. Short Spiky Textured Haircuts For Women Over 50

short spiky textured haircuts for women over 50
Source:@vivid_salon_hair via Instagram

The texturized layers in these short spiky haircuts for women over 50 ensure the edge and dimension in your tresses. Because it gives a deliberately undone, messy feel, it goes seamlessly with a more casual, bohemian look rather than a polished, sophisticated one.

8. Asymmetrical Haircuts

 short spiky asymmetrical haircuts
Source:@bailey_aesthetics via Instagram

If you are looking for an edgy and sexy short spiky haircut for over 50 hair, a short asymmetrical hairstyle is your thing. The “shorter on one side and longer on the other” hair strands make your face look thinner and draw all the attention to your face. Accessorize this “do” with chunky, bolder jewelry for a more dramatic finish.

9. Short Spiky Haircuts For Grey Hair

short spiky haircuts for grey hair
Source:@thesafehaven.co via Instagram

Gray hair doesn’t fear!

Rock a fearless short spiky do in your grey hair and look as fabulous and fearless as ever, even after 50! The silver hues complement the short spikes perfectly and make your hairdo as elegant and classy as ever.

10. Messy Short Spiky Haircuts For Over 50

messy short spiky haircuts for over 50
Source:@tanyalonghair via Instagram

The short messy spikes are a modern, chic yet comfortable haircut for women in their 50s. Featuring tousled, textured layers with rigid angles, this haircut is not only super glamorous but works for every occasion too. Style the top portion with styling products for a more structured and edgy finish

11. Short Layered Spiky Haircuts

short layered spiky haircuts
Source:@summerevansstudio via Instagram

The layers on your short spiky haircut create an illusion of thickness and volume in your hair, so they don’t look bland anymore. You can also play with the length of the layers to find just the right look for you.

12. Short Sides Spiky Top Haircut For Women Over 50

short sides spiky top haircut for women over 50
Source:@harcompaniet_ via Instagram

Spiky hair with short sides is a great way to show off your fun at the age of 50 and a rebellious vibe to the world. While the sharp spikes on the top catch the spotlight, the shorter sides balance out the look so that it doesn’t appear too severe or extreme.

13. Spiky Boyish Cut

Short spiky boyish cut
Source:@mthairdesign via Instagram

A boyish short spiky haircut over 50 might seem a risque move, but “boy oh boy,” it does pay off! Featuring shaved sides with a bit longer tresses on the top, this haircut is nothing less than cute, chic and comfortable. Dye it with a blonde or platinum color to make a striking statement without even trying hard!

14. Short Spiky Cut With Curly Hair For Over 50

Short spiky cut with curly hair
Source:@melmattison via Instagram

Curly hair and short spiky haircuts are a match made in heaven for over 50-year-old women. While the spiky layers take off a lot of curls and hair weight from your head, this cut still maintains the volume and movement. Because of this “do” your hair would never lack glamour and oomph again!

15. Short Spiky Cut With Glasses For Women Over 50

Short spiky cut with glasses for women over 50
Source:@tress_elegance via Instagram

Accessorize your short spiky haircut with a pair of glasses to make it even more charming and elegant. Both the glasses and the interesting haircut draw attention to your face and draw all the attention towards you. With this short spiky haircut for over 50 and the glasses, age is just a number for you!

Now that you have a whole lot of inspiration from these short spiky haircuts for over 50 women, you don’t have to be that boring old lady again. Try any of the above hairdos in your hair and look as lively and youthful as ever.

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