40 Top-Tier Short Hairstyles For Asian Women (2022)

Short hairstyles for Asian women define a new way of the cultural mix-up. You can play with straight, curly, and even fine hair types. To make your Asian short hair selection easier, we are here with some unique hairstyle choices.  

The versatile styles will have options like the pixie, bob, and shoulder-length finishes. The feminine style can be curved from different textures and bangs considerations. We will just show you the right path but the choice will always be yours.

Our Asian short hairstyles for women exhibition will make you a hair specialist in no time. Check for your face shape and match the perfect hairdo for you. Good hair fashion always makes you look more suited and well-balanced.

The hairstyle does affect your social status so take your time and pick the right hairdo for your pose. You also have the freedom to customize the haircut as you prefer. Now, you can just hover underneath and know more about the term.

High Standard Asian Short Hair

Short hairstyles always look cute on Asian girls. Try out the different lengths and popular changes up for the best match. For some ideas and inspiration, you can check out the pictures and descriptions that are presented below.

1. Short Pixie For Asian Women

short pixie for asian women
Source:@instadajang via Instagram

The short-style pixie does a fine side-swept in the left direction. The upper silver shadow keeps the dark natural root ahead. You can add on any other highlights on the hairdo.

2. Tomboy Cut

Tomboy cut
Source:@jittyshairandmakeup via Instagram

The tomboy cut layer the short hairstyles for Asian women above the ear line. The right sweep allows you to keep the dark pitch shading. The hairdo looks mesmerizing for a power-glass girl. 

3. Bob With Long Bangs

Bob with long bangs

The bob-angled cut dries out on the chin length. The smooth finish of the hair leaves some bangs on the front. The hairstyle gives you a rush-free hair pose.  

4. Wispy Bangs

wispy bangs
Source:@koeijei via Instagram

The dark shade Asian short hair length maintains a wispy bang at the fore. The smooth brushing layers slightly touch above the shoulder. The hairdo makes you a cute chic on the walk.

5. Short Hair For Round Face Asian

short hair for round face asian
Source:@salonnews.asia via Instagram

The long bangs pull off well with the round-face Asian girls. The dark shade keeps the edge on a blunt finish. You can mark the hairdo to look elegant. 

6. Asian Blonde Balayage for Short Hair

asian blonde balayage short hair
Source:@agence_salon via Instagram

Balayage maneuver double shade highlights on the shoulder-length finish. The natural shade pop in blonde highlights at the front and edges. The hairdo is powerful enough to change your overall personality.

7. Asian Short Hair With Bangs

 asian short hair with bangs
Source:@raficheng via Instagram

The incredible Korean style bangs make sure of smooth patterns. The gradual brown hue on the fall leaves some curve edges too. The hair framing looks well suited for Asian faces.

8. Blonde Short Hair For Asian Women

blonde short hair asian
Source:@raficheng via Instagram

The bleach of blonde is often associated with European fashion. But the Asian girls also look elegant in the blunt short-cut blonde shade. The messy open end looks breathtaking for any given day.

9. Short Curly Asian Hair

short curly asian hair
Source:@nyonyacurls via Instagram

The fancy short hair for Asian girls takes off the center partition. The curly effect comes into view on the edge line. The hairdo looks glamorous even for the choppy faces.

10. Side Swept Bangs

 side swept bangs
Source:@toniandguyhk.official via Instgarm

The side-swept short bangs combine with the light shade texture. The hair swept angle out the left eye from the view. The hairstyle is meant for V-shaped faces.

11. With Blunt Bangs

with blunt bangs
Source:@elevatehair via Instagram

The fine hair textured a pixie cut on the chin length. The blunt bangs also keep the edges in the same manner. The spunky vibe of the hairdo looks easy to maintain on regular basis. 

12. Asymmetrical Bob

asymmetrical bob
Source:@picasso_jeslyteoh via Instagram

The asymmetrical bob takes on two-level finish lengths. The hair creation amazes on a slightly messy combo. The hairstyle can be considered for low maintenance lasses.

13. With Accessories

with accessories
Source:@dannielle_robeson via Instagram

The short hairstyles for Asian women keep one side on a wavy texture. The other end stays on a clean brush and looks incredible with some white accessories. Don’t forget to wear a smile with the hairdo.

14. Stylish Short Shag

Stylish short shag
Source:@hair_by_nicole0 via Instagram

The Korean type of short hair takes in longer sideburns. The hair shaping stays short and creates a wavy pattern. The hairdo on brown hue results in an amazing look.

15. Short Hair For Big Face Asian

short hair for big face asian
Source:@saggi_bobo via Instagram

Very short Asian hair looks better with a vibrant tone. The pinkish covering gets swept in one direction. Girls with big faces can consider the hairdo as a pleasant option.

16. Short Layered Hair

asian short layered hair
Source:@picasso_jeslyteoh via Instagram

The layered hair perfection falls in wave on the sideline. The textured ending grasps some brown hue on the way. The hairdo does quite well with Asian faces.

17. Short Wavy Hair for Asian

short wavy hair
Source:@cutbyleslie via Instagram

The complete dark pitch Asian short hairstyles for women give an impression of the regular pose. The wave falls flat on the tail and stays fluffy too. The hairdo keeps your beauty intact for any special occasion.

18. Short Straight Hair

short straight hair
Source:@visualinspirations via Instagram

The unique hairstyle combine side swept with straight hair making. The sharp edges mirror an image of dark brightness. Young Asian girls should go for the cut. 

19. Asian Short Hair With Highlights

 Asian short hair with highlights
Source:@dycurls via Instagramn

The Asian women’s short hair tricked in some twisted patterns. The natural hair takes some blonde highlights on the flow. The hairdo looks stylish for girls at a young age.

20. Low Maintenance Short Hairstyle For Asian Women

low maintenance short hairstyle for  asian women
Source:@kaishif via Instagram

The blunt cut on short hair always seems to match well. The shiny hair smooth fall stay neat on the natural hue. You don’t need to spend much time on maintenance with the new hairstyle. 

21. Asian Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair

asian wedding hairstyles for short hair
Source:@chiiru10 via Instagram

The wedding-style hairdo mostly looks for a flat top. The dark shade cut an outward curve at the end zone. The best hairdo will make you look like a princess without any hassle.

22. Short Hairstyle For Square Face Asian Female

short hairstyle for square face asian female
Source:@adriennelucina via Instagram

Short hairstyles for Asian women choose a soft shade with bangs on the front. The inward curve orders here a fashionable pose. The hairdo can change up well for square face ladies.

23. Short Hairstyles For Thin Asian Hair

short hairstyles for thin asian hair
Source:@asianshorthairinspiration via Instagram

Thin hair spot a clean finish on blunt trimmed edges. The mid-partition follows with a smooth fall on both side sections. You can mark for the hairdo even for big events.

24. Short Bob Hairstyles

short bob hairstyles for asian women
Source:@picasso_jeslyteoh via Instagram

The messy bob style looks perfect for the Asian short hair choice. The light brown texture leaves some bangs and combs to the nape. True beauties will look rocking on the hairstyle.  

25. Short Hair With Ombre

short hair with ombre
Source:@cassooscar via Instagram

The ombre integration on short Asian hair appreciates a lighter color combination. The fringe transforms to layer finish at the side zone. The double highlighted part seems lovely for any special day.

26. Asian Short Hair With Highlights

 asian short hair with highlights
Source:@raficheng via Instagram

The great Asian short hairstyle shapes diversion from the center. The blonde highlights shoulder above the dark shade on the sideline. You can put the style on your top list of hairstyles for big events.

27. Creative Vibrant Asian Short Hair

creative Vibrant Asian Women Short Hair
Source:@raficheng via Instagram

The short hairstyles for Asian women find out the best match on the vibrant shade. The splash of dark-spotted only on the partition. The smooth length of the style looks surprisingly charming for all face types.

28. Mullet Short Asian Hairstyle

Source:@raficheng via Instagram

The mullet hairstyle makes some sharp edge bangs on the front row. The nape hair stays on the larger shape and the tail gets the purple touch. The contrast of the hairstyle looks pleasant to the eye.  

29. Colorful Short Hair

Colorful Short Hair for Asian Women
Source:@ethair.artonomy via Instagram

You are going to see different shade clusters on the style. The side-parted section took on a bright shade a lot. Rock star girls can head for the hairstyle choice.  

30. Messy Asian Hairdo

Source:@instadajang via Instagram

The great messy style gives the impression of Mohawk at the front. The side is visible to take on the dark pitch while the top place some silver covering. The weave texture never seems dull on party night.

31. Black Short Hair With Blue Highlights

Black Short Hair With Blue Highlights
Source:@newfashionhairsalon via Instagram

The hair layers are brushed to the left side and keep a sharp edge. The black volume also takes on some blue highlights. Such hairstyle allows you to shine among your friends.

32. A-Line Asian Short Haircut

Source:@hairportbyjaimie via Instagram

The wonderful hairstyle takes on an angled cut and keeps a shorter volume at the nape. The long bangs do a good job to create a fashionable pose. Asian women with fine hair can go for hair creation.   

33. Its All Pink

Source:@thejewelstateofmind via Instagram

The short hairstyles for Asian women were highlighted in the pink color experiment. The bangs cover with a weave pattern on the side fall. The soft shades give the modern vibe of nostalgia.  

34. Trimmed Short Asian Hairdo

Trimmed Short Asian Hairdo
Source:@sandy.linnnn via Instagram

The short trimmed style requires very little time to acquire. The blonde pitch looks special on every corner. The hairdo is low maintenance and stylish at the same time.

35. Swag Short Hair For Asian Women

Swag Short Hair For Asian Women
Source:@aronthedreamer via Instagram

The stylish Asian short hairstyles for women curve a swag angled line on the bottom. The smooth strands eye for the natural shade. The back part of the hairdo is unique compared to any other listing.  

36. Graduated Bob On Asian Short Hair

Graduated Bob On Asian Short Hair
Source:@raficheng via Instagram

The graduated bob style state for blunt tail standing. The dark shade and classical look of the hairdo should not pass the chin length. The hairdo results in a mesmerizing look.  

37. Short Lob Style

Short Lob Style for Asian Women
Source:@thesalonnu via Instagram

The side variation keeps a longer extension on one end for the lob style. The fine fall takes partition right from the center. The hairstyle indicates an easily going choice for regular life.  

38. K-Pop Asian Style

Source:@stylenabbie via Instagram

Young girl’s K-Pop hairstyle went fluffy on the black tone. The whole frame of the hair gets together on the nape zone. You will look nothing less than miss universe on the style.

39. Bob Long Edge

Source:@picasso_jeslyteoh via Instagram

The hairstyle takes on an angled cut and keeps a larger edge line on one end. The left swept end right above the eye. The hairstyle is unique and provides an urban vibe.

40. Summer Ready Short Hair

short hairstyles for Asian women
Source:@keikogotohair via Instagram

The summer season style needs something light on the hairdo. Short hair is always better for the cause on black hue. The hairdo can be a head-turner for teenagers.

Asian short hair always dominates the modern style sense. The short hairstyles for Asian women are likely to look great on any amazing blending. You can consider one of the hairstyles from our presentation or mix your creation.

There are many other combinations that you can follow according to your preference. Don’t be shy to share them with us. Take your time and find the best match Asian short hairstyles for women.