60 Popular Hairstyles For Teenage Girls (2022)

Hairstyles for teenage girls need to be on an extraordinary page. Being a teenage girl the sense of best hairstyle call keeps on changing. This is the best phase of life to try various forms of haircuts and experiment with different shades.

Early age hairstyles express the desire to shine on every term. The freedom of the hairdo choice can also end in jeopardy if you get along with the wrong combination. We have exhibited a few simple yet gorgeous teenage haircuts.

The new generation of youth is lucky as they have easy access to almost any info with just a click. Things were not the same for the communication module of previous generations. The procedure to create trendy and classy hairdos gets easier.  

If you are in mess picking the right hairstyle then the inspiring list of haircuts for teenage girls will assist you a lot to make the right decision. We have gathered 60 different haircut combinations for you. Get through the hairdo selection and pick the perfect one. 

Happening Haircuts For Teenage Girls

Teenage girls need the best low-maintenance hairdo maneuver. The following hairstyles need to make them feel and look stylish even on messy periods. Embrace the hairstyles that we have showcased for you and adjust with your own creative ideas. 

1. Short Hairstyles For Teenage Girls

Neck-length short hair creates a carefree vibe on the blunt cut. The brown variation of the shade makes way for the glamorous pose. The hairdo seems simple and easy to try on. 

2. Braid Hairstyles For Teenage Girl

Double side-parted braids have some small silver accessories on view. The loose end at the back stays long and both edge on the dark pitch. Half braided style is getting popular among younger generations. 

3. Medium Length Hairstyles

Medium flirty hair textured along in a blonde shade. The partition dance in extra weave in both portions. The hairdo can be your choice for special events.

4. Back To School Hairstyles For Black Teenage Girl

Hairstyles for teenage girls wear on with the school days blue ribbon. The braided front grows curly at the other half. The appearance of the hairdo has a bulk creation on the back.  

5. Long Hairstyles For Teenage Girl

Longer examples of haircuts for teenage girls strike on for smooth embracement. The dark brown shade waves in a retro vibe. The hairdo looks cute and sweet for any season. 

6. Round Face Teenage Girl

Round face haircuts demand a short-length color variation. The colorful pink on ash bases a youthful charm. You will feel special and stylish wherever you go with the hairstyle.

7. Sew In Hairstyles For Teenage Girls

Sew-in hairstyles pulled off partition from the right side. The brown classic hue has a gradient remark on the hair movement. The hairdo looks simple and yet party-ready for any time.

8. Teenage Girl Hairstyles For Weddings

Weeding special low bun sum out an elegant finish. The massive ponytail adds on lots of texture from all directions. Not so bulky but good enough to impress your bride.

9. Natural Hairstyles For Teen

Natural curl on the hair stays fluffy on a black shade. The great work of texture fence off the shoulder. The hairdo technique pulls together a carefree choice.

10. Updo Hairstyles

Updo hairstyles tricks on for two braids line on the mid. The weave of texture is positioned on the side edges. The blonde shade will definitely take the flattering look to the next level.

11. Braided Headband With Color

The versatile blonde braided headband will catch the eye of everyone. The twin section has a twisted pattern on the edges. The elevated layer of the hairdo provides a pretty pose.  

12. Ponytail With Blonde Highlights

Considerable low ground ponytail knot on a messy curve. The hairstyles for teenage girls have craving for a casual lookover. The easy-done haircut leaves some open end at the sideburn sections too. 

13. Low Curly Ponytails

The glued front shows off a smooth flow on the scalp. The low ponytail goes on a voluminous curly finish. The hairstyle can be a perfect integration for sleek style. 

14. Wavy Bangs

The glued front shows off a smooth flow on the scalp. The low ponytail goes on a voluminous curly finish. The hairstyle can be a perfect integration for sleek style. 

15. Dutch Braid For Teen Girl

Dutch braid heads from the back and creates two ponytails on the peak. The dark root fishtail went more to the blonde color bands at the verdict. The hairstyle is perfect to wear on with glasses. 

16. Highlighted Bangs

Highlighted bangs pass the eyebrow in a see-through fashion. The side pattern involves in weave section with a golden blonde touch. The easy-going hairdo looks perfect for a date night. 

17. Long Blonde With Layers

Exceptional layered blonde hair piece together an angled cut. The black partition hangs on the sides with the blonde splash. Young ladies will get an urban vibe from the haircut.

18. Asymmetrical Bob With Highlights

Hairstyles for teenage girls stand for the asymmetrical bob blonde hue. The long highlights on one side lace together a shorter pattern on the other end. The hairdo has the spark to boost your confidence.

19. Pixie Cut With Bangs For Teen

Basic pixie cut hairstyle side swept for right long sharp corners. The delicate look gets elevation by the natural tone choice. The hairdo seems overwhelming for those who are in search of low-maintenance classic choices.

20. Braided Sides With Bun

Beautiful side braided style adds some butterfly accessories to the teenage girl look. The ponytail top pleats stay in a natural shade and crown smoothly on the tip. Together the style has the feel of an angel on land. 

21. Bob With Shaved Side

Bob’s best practice variation simply fades out on one side. The other section stays long and establishes an angled piece. The classic hairdo looks mesmerizing for young lasses.

22. Bubble Ponytail

Knotted bubble ponytail hairstyles for teenage girls pull out two strings at the front. The hairdo is ranked as one of the best choices for girls with long hair. The look of the haircut deserves some appreciation for the youthful vibe.

23. Pixie-Bob With Bangs

Fancy pixie collaborates with bob angled cut in a white shade. The combination leaves a long sharp fringe at the right front side. The hairdo seems charming at any age as you like. 

24. Half-Up Messy Bun

Long hair messy bun is a casual choice with a natural tone on-board. The weaving side falls proudly leaves a high pony at the peak. The hairdo looks conquering for teenage models.

25. Side Part Blonde Hair With Balayage

Haircuts for teenage girls seem lovely with balayage natural weaves. The thick hairpins a lovely highlight on each section. Don’t forget to attach a smile to the hairdo.

26. Curly Pixie With Bangs

Effortless curl stays bouncy on a dark shade. The shortcut looks pretty mostly with the V-shaped faces. The hairdo seems cool for your weekend style.

27. Curls On Brown Hair

The flat top side is on for the curly rebel pose. The brown hair inspired for additional texture on the bottom line. The traditional girls are going to look fascinating with their unique hairstyle.

28. Textured Shaggy Bob For Teenage Girls

Shaggy bob hairstyles for teenage girls get a cute short double-layer blonde finish. The back section remains blunt and wavy while the front populates a sharp end. The hairstyle’s youthful look is meant for pop culture lovers.  

29. Layered Bob With Highlights

Side-swept layers cover the left with the highlighted texture of the hair. The hairdo angled for a twisty pinch on the middle. A princess will never miss a chance to try the hairstyle on any day. 

30. Ponytail With Braid

Classical low ponytail follows on with side braided call from both sides. The textured back fall generates a bouncy vibe. The natural brown maneuver of the hairdo is meant for true beauties.

31. Pixie Cut For Thick Hair

The pixie cut locks splash in the blonde shade. The top section parted in a careless manner and keeps a natural tone. Young ladies are going to enjoy wearing the hairstyle.

32. Triangle Box Braids For Teens

Triangle-type box braids elaborate tiny braids at the back. The twisted knot at the edge adds much more variation to the style. The hairdo looks perfect for a prom date.

33. Feathered Layers With Bang

Hairstyles for teenage girls head-on for the feathered shape with side bangs. The open end of the extra weave flies best with the black girl’s choice. Nothing much needed to shine with the haircut.  

34. Twist Braid Hairstyles For Teenage Girls

The amazing braids get the diversion of the middle. The twisted braid fall in a long pattern. The amazing shine of the hairdo is romantic.

35. Black Hair With Crown Braid

The crown braid haircuts for teenage girls tuck the pleats above the sideline. The partition fence to the back and end on a smooth visible flow. Consistent care is not required for the hairdo consideration.    

36. Messy Braid

The black show-off gets lighter on the edge. Lots of texture balance on the tail with the intervention of pleats. Messy braids style is always known to be special for cuties.  

37. Double Braids

The cool double braids decide to hover down on the two sidelines and position to the shoulder. The natural base color has a cool shape on the side part of the hairstyle. You can consider the fishtail hairstyle for any occasion you like.   

38. Burgundy Color On Teen Girls

The breathtaking burgundy simply takes the twist to next level. Off the center, diversion attracts lots of fluffiness on every part. You are going to look gorgeous with the haircut and there is no doubt about it.    

39. Layered Haircut For Teenager

The blunt movement of the hairdo chat for the gradient touch. The smooth pairing is major for the classy look. The hairdo additional volume will secure a beautiful pose.     

40. Curly Ponytail For Teen

The sweet high pony moves to the back and curls the flow. The hairstyles for teenage girls also follow through for a back-side partition. Ariana Grande fans are going to go crazy for the hairstyle.  

41. Purple Colorful Hairstyle

The purple color is inspired by the badge of royal. The ear back style comes off the shoulder and forms a blunt line. The hairdo will make you look nothing less than Miss Violet.   

42. Brown Soft Curl Hairstyle

The simple move of the hairdo state for brown shade limelight. The soft curl stays low in margin and mostly gets along on the edge. The hairdo is meant for girls under 30.  

43. Blond Ombre Teenage Haircut

The effect of ombre shade is visible on the hairstyle. The top gets lighter onto the bottom with some texture. The hairstyle simply looks stunning for any season.    

44. Christmas Girls Hairstyle

The haircut for teenage girls parted and swept to the sideline in shoulder touch. The blonde shade gets brighter and wavy at the verdict. The hairstyle has always been an adorable option for Christmas.  

45. First Blonde Hairstyle With Highlights

The stylish blonde shade can be your first major upgrade on hairstyle pick. The classic fluffiness completes the haircut with some twists on the tail. Young girls should try the style.  

46. Blonde Hairstyle for Baby Girl

The blonde hairstyles for teenage girls states for lots of weave in the fall. The voluminous back match to side portion on a consistent twist. The fluffy hairdo will definitely spice up your young age.  

47. Double Bun Teenage Haircut


The teen girl loves the cute look of a double mess bun. The hang-on portion charm the way with highlights. No other hairstyle can commit a cuter look than the double bun.  

48. Pigeon Hairstyle with Bangs

One part of the layer takes on the natural dark pitch while the other lock in a white blonde shade. The bangs add on an additional layer to the cut. I swear you are going to be recognized as a bird lover on the haircut.   

49. Long Teenage Girl Haircut

The fresh look of the hairdo bounces on with some blonde shade at the edges. The parted middle slightly pushes at the front and later turns to interweave. Get ready to get some compliments on the way.

50. Light Blue Short Hairstyle


The hair breaks in two sides slightly from the left direction. The blue hue stays in chin-length and curves outward at the edge. The hairstyle is going to look trendy with a glass.

51. Short Black Layered Haircut For Teen Girls


52. Teenage Girls Wavy Haircut

53. Frozen Beautiful Hairstyle

54. Incredible Sunset Hairstyle

55. Twisted Christmas Haircut

56. Loose-end Comfortable Braids

57. Lovely Braids For Teen

58. Colorful Teenage Hairstyle


59. Fluffy And Curly Hairdo


60. Two Braids Hairstyle For Teenage Girls    

Hairstyles for teenage girls band together with a fresh look with some voluminous and colorful collaboration. The style needs to stay cute and yet trendy enough to impress a young lady. We have a great selection of haircuts for teenage girls and it is up to you to pick the right one.

The shade and highlights need to be your first priority. The occasion of the hairstyle also needs to be on the checklist. Find something refreshing according to your taste and stay lovely the whole day long. Have fun in style!   

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