18 Perfect Sew In With Bangs Hairstyle(2022)

With so many variations to sew in with bangs, there’s no telling what style you might like the best. These styles come in different lengths, styles, textures, colors, and densities hence, the same style might seem different if any of the parameters are changed. However, this piece is highlighting a handful of the different approaches to sew in bangs.

Approaches to banged Sew Ins

With so many ways to go, here’s a portrayal of a handful of the different examples and styles associated with Sew in Bangs hairstyle.

1. Bob Sew In With Bangs

Source: a1_styles.bh

Here’s an approach to the style which features a sew in of long length, thick bouncy curls and of course side-parted bangs. This sew in with bangs style is as alluring as they come, making it coveted for special events.

You can never go wrong with a bob hairstyle and adding bangs to the mix, takes it from ‘okay’ to ‘stunning’. The bangs here are thick, long and side swept which depicts edge and class. If you have a round-shaped face, this style will suit you perfectly.

2. Full Frontal Banged Sew In

Source: mynamealexis_

Everyone enjoys the convenience of a full sew in. Here’s one with length, curl pattern, a side part and of course, bangs. This style is alluring and edgy as the bangs cover a section of the face.

There’s a lot you can do with a long, straight sew in but this style is hitting all the right spots. Featuring laid edges, melted frontal, a side part and pressed down locks, this right here is a keeper.

3. Banged Sew In Hairstyles

Source: femmeluxe

Similar to the previous styles, this Sew in bangs hairstyle has side-swept bangs that curl at the end. It’s long and has curls with a lot of definition. it’s a gorgeous style.

If one word could describe this center-parted approach, it would be captivating. The honey blonde color transition, long center-parted bangs, curl definition, and length are all the features that make this style captivating.

4. Sew In Bangs On The Side

Source: mynamealexis_

See how the bangs of this side-parted hairstyle terminate where the curls begin. Because of its apparent beauty, this style will have you looking like the most important person in the room. If your face is long, this style will look great on you.

Here are three distinct approaches to a sew in with bangs on the side. With either of these, you can sweep back the bangs, leave it resting above the eyes or leave it long.

5. Curly Sew In With Bangs

Curls, curls and more curls. Here’s a stunning approach to the hairstyle which is a hundred percent thick bouncy curls. The bangs here are curly and this makes it look both classy and laid back.

There’s no limit to the curls one can have so why not splurge? Here’s a sew in with a unique set of curls. The feathery side swept bangs and neck length makes this style very unique.

6. Weave Sew In Styles With Bangs

Source: blinklynhair

This bob weave with light choppy bangs is every bit simple and just as classy. This is an easy, low-maintenance, sew in weave which accentuates one’s best facial features.

The elegance depicted by this sew in with bangs hairstyle cannot be denied. Here’s a stunning sew in weave of long length, thick volume and a classy curl pattern. The bangs here are side swept.

7. Half Up Half Down Sew In

Sew ins can be half-up half-down too and this approach comes equipped with thick bangs, a bun and cornrows. This high ponytail style will make you look like a ninja and you’ll love it.

This half-up half-down sew in style features a black ponytail, loose curls, and loose strands which mimic bangs. Its stunning by all definitions and its slicked-back appearance makes it a very event-ready hairstyle.

8. Long Styles With Bangs

If length is what you need, this sew in is giving you about 22 inches of length. It also features thick side-swept bangs, a soft color transition, and a seamless blend with the natural hair.

Source: slaidbyshay

The bangs in this sew in commence at the center of the head. They are thick, defined and the style features straight long hair. This is a timeless sew in style that’ll always be in vogue.

9. Short Sew In Bangs

Sew ins can be short too. Here’s a mohawk-style sew that is curly and equipped with bangs. This sew in style is appropriate for different age groups and it draws attention to the face structure.

The styles just keep getting more unique. This sew in with bangs hairstyle has a lot of interesting elements. By design, this is a razor cut hairstyle with bangs. But the style of the bangs alongside its length and color makes it captivating.

As highlighted above, there are many ways to go with respect to sew in with bangs styles. You can go long, short, curly, straight, colored, or even braided. This piece has defined some pretty amazing approaches to the hairstyle, just to make your next salon appointment an instantly gratifying one.

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