50 Raw Hot Red Hair With Blonde Highlights

You might not be a natural redhead but still love the red hair with blonde highlights. But why aren’t you backing your choice? Are you in some sort of trouble finding the right tune? Well, if that is the case then you are going to get plenty of inspiration from our red and blonde highlights.

Red shades are versatile enough to shine on their own. But pairing of the blonde base on the highlights will bring a new charm to the haircut. We have endless combinations for any special occasion you like. The hairdo will update you to a new dimension of glamorous look.

The coloring process specifies a hurdle that you need to take when you call for red hair with blonde highlights. The ideas of your hairstyle only exhibit well when taken care of by experts. The tricky process will no longer be a problem and you will always end up with a better hairdo.

The red hair highlights are customized to be low maintenance and always start on a darker note. We are presenting you with some good options that you can consider for your next salon time or home cut. Hover underneath and get introduced to some colorful hairstyles.     

Finely Speckled Red And Blonde Highlights

Red hair blonde highlights have always been a showstopper for the girls. The hairdo declares to be a perfect option throughout the year. You can course for the cut anytime and here we have some good red and blonde mix hair highlights for you.   

1. Brown Hair With Red And Blonde Highlights

brown hair with red and blonde highlights
Source:@meghansbeautyworld via Instagram

Red hair melts its way in the brown shade highlights. The smooth shoulder length also sparks some blonde shades on the score. The harmonious weave of the hairdo is sweet and suitable for any lass.

2. Natural Red Hair With Blonde Highlights

natural red hair with blonde highlights
Source:@ruccisalonspa via Instagram

A lovely redhead hairdo put forward a natural spectrum of red shade. The bright texture of the graceful waves slightly applies golden blonde on the edges. The beautiful hairdo makes you a lady of style.  

3. Blonde Hair With Bright Red Highlights

blonde hair with bright red highlights
Source:@allcutupsalon via Instagram

Natural brown change-up seems to enter with the red and blonde highlights. The traditional textured finish stays in the side weave. Don’t blame me if people start to flirt with you. 

4. Fire Red Red hair With Blonde Highlights

fire red red hair with blonde highlights
Source:@hairnorge via Instagram

The dark base of red hair with blonde highlights frames a lighter shine on the edges. The twist locks get messier onto the fall. Consider a quick party-ready haircut.

5. Dark Red Hair With Blonde Highlights

dark red hair with blonde highlights
Source:@tayshairdos via Instagram

The layers of the hairdo follow a systematic elevation in two shades. The dark red kissed the blonde hue after each appearance. The overall hairdo looks to brighten up your mood immensely.

6. Short Red Hair With Blonde Highlights

short red hair with blonde highlights
Source:@hair_art_by_tiffani_angelia via Instagram

The bob-angled cut strike red hair with blonde highlights. The staggering statement of colors makes the hairdo a desirable option. There is no doubt that the hairdo has a rich aura of its own. 

7. Chunky Short Red Hair

chunky short red hair with blonde highlights
Source:@thatstylistmindy via Instagram

Short hair perfectly blends with the red hair blonde wish. The A-line edge line allows the perfect classic finish for any age. Remove sophistication from your life with the best short hair hairstyle. 

8. Blond Hair With Red Highlights

blond hair with red highlights
Source:@thehairbyjess via Instagram

Various layers light up with red and blonde highlights. The voluminous finish show off a lighter note. The hairdo is good enough to impress your near ones.

9. Red Hair With Blonde Highlights In Front

red hair with blonde highlights in front
Source:@kaytlynntessie via Instagram

The extra flattering highlights eye for the mid-section partition. The smooth match at the top gradually complements with a well-textured end. The dose of the hairdo is good enough even for prom. 

10. Bright Red Hair + Blonde Highlights

 bright red hair with blonde highlights
Source:@melissaamycohen via Instagram

Bright red hair documents a lighter blonde shade highlights. The angled weaves give a retro vibe to the look. The stylish hair completion works well for carefree girls.

11. Dark Hair With Red And Blonde Highlights

dark hair with red and blonde highlights
Source:@mane_muse_hairstudio via Instagram

The natural dark creation of red hair with blonde highlights gives a glimpse of glamorous shag. The mix leads to a true urban finish and end in should support. The Effortless hairstyle for home and work is here.

12. Light Red Hair With Blonde Highlights

light red hair with blonde highlights
Source:@hairbysofies via Instagram

Light red showcases a seamless combination of pink splash on blonde mix. The entire formation goes straight out for texture on both sides. The base of the hairdo can be a complementary option.

13. Red Hair With Strawberry

 red hair with strawberry blonde highlights
Source:@meganghairstylist via Instagram

Strawberry shade adjusts point forward with red and blonde highlights. The add-on twist on the follow-up looks stunning. Low-tone lovers can consider the hairstyle as a candidate.

14. Rose Gold Blonde Hair With Red Highlights

 rose gold blonde hair with red highlights
Source:@salontomai via Instagram

Visible rose pigment stretch for red highlight with blonde contrast. The double-layered appointed for a brilliant low-maintenance call. You can completely change your overall look with the haircut.

15. Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights And Red Lowlights

brown hair with blonde highlights and red lowlights
Source:@hairbykelcey via Instagram

Gradual waves prove to be suited well with the light red and blonde shade. The lowlights look shift for a more casual pose. You will notice a change in your shine with the new hairstyle.  

16. Medium Length Red Hair With Blonde Highlights

 medium length red hair with blonde highlights
Source:@thegoodhairwitch via Instagram

The medium-length hairdo makes way at the back and is diverted from the middle. The twisted pattern places a soft blonde shade above the red hue. The flickering end will make the hair maneuver better.  

17. Dark Red Blonde Hair

dark blonde hair with red highlights
Source:@hair.by.emme.anne via Instagram

Regular angled cut went for shoulder-length transformation. The A-line fall layer on dark blonde-red highlights. Bang on any event with the vibrant highlighted hairstyle.  

18. Long Red Hair With Blonde

long red hair with blonde highlights
Source:@hair2bedifferent via Instagram

Long and dark hair root to the romantic red hair with just a splash of blonde at the front section. The soft washes light up the hairstyle in a different manner. The hairdo has a lovey-dovey vibe.  

19. Copper Red Hair With Blonde Highlights

copper red hair with blonde highlights
Source:@rx_hair via Instagram

A bit of copper-red highlighted the front side thin part on blonde touch. The hairdo pieces together a well-mannered highlighted structure. The electrifying glance of the hairstyle is hard to deny.

20. Long Black Hair With Red And Blonde Highlights

long black hair with red and blonde highlights
Source:@bella_b_studio via Instagram

Tousled waves parted beautifully on a twisted brush. The beautiful warm tone of red hair with blonde highlights put forward a long end. The haircut is good enough to keep you in the focus of any group.  

21. Red Hair With Chunky Blonde Highlights

red hair with chunky blonde highlights

The layered pairing of the hairstyle takes the red tone with a chunky blonde charm. The front layer stays shorter in size compared to the back portion. The ironic hairstyle can be taken into consideration for any big occasion.  

22. Brunette Hair With Red And Blonde

brunette hair with red and blonde highlights
Source:@habit_studios via Instagram

Brunette accent red hair let go of the waves in their own fashion. The middle partition follows with a dark root and lights up the overall highlights. The feathered view might be in your favorite list for some of you.  

23. Curly Red Hair With Blonde Highlights

 curly red hair with blonde highlights
Source:@vicky.fatu via Instagram

Lively red curly hair rang a shock of various textures. The variation on the highlights keeps the hairdo a fluffy attraction. Get in for jazz vibe.  

24. Long Hair with Blonde And Red Highlights

long hair with blonde and red highlights
Source:@platinum.byjennaholshey via Instagram

Trendy red hair with blonde highlights dye on with fabulous motion. The long finish gets way below the shoulder mark. Only a wise lady will choose a hairdo like the presented one.

25. Medium Length Blonde Hair With Red Highlights

medium length blonde hair with red highlights
Source:@pazmi88 via Instagram

The base of the hairdo chooses a new angled drama. The red and blonde highlights come around in almost the same ratio on the tip. The doze of the hairdo is versatile enough to impress your guy.

26. Blonde Hair With Strawberry Red Highlights

blonde hair with strawberry red highlights
Source:@shanihairgoddess via Instagram

Darker strawberry red sums a well-toned blunt cut edge. The smooth locks take deeper the blonde hue. The hairdo can be an ideal choice for a regular pose.

27. Platinum Blonde And Red Highlights

platinum blonde and red highlights
Source:@hairbymiche via Instagram

The hairdo takes different turns and is held accountable for the mostly platinum blonde shade. Red strikes in little and positively keeps a brighter glance. The well-textured edges also mark a sensible verdict.  

28. Blonde And Orange

Blonde and Orange Red Highlights

More of a blunt blade angle cut take on the red and blonde highlights. The hairdo combination first layers face off on the chic-length and head for should touch. The hairdo can be worthy of your time to try on.

29. Cinnamon Red Hair With Blonde Highlights

Cinnamon red hair with blonde highlights
Source:@ginamariehairstudio via Instagram

The cinnamon red state for modern cut staggering pair of blonde highlights. The asymmetric pattern defines simple style and cut. No show off still hard to resist your presence.  

30. Ombre Red With Blonde Highlights

Ombre red with blonde highlights
Source:@danirosehair via Instagram

The management of the Ombre hue keeps a lighter tone on the loose end. The darker peak has embraced bangs on view. The hairdo has a strong feminine vibe on-demand.

31. On Layered Bob

on Layred bob
Source:@jh_saloninclusivo via Instagram

The layered bob swept in process endure the red hair with blonde highlights. The hairdo insists on a shoulder end chopping. Sky is the limit when you subscribe to the adorable hairdo option.  

32. Caramel Blond With Red

Caramel blond with red
Source:@hair.by.jessv via Instagram

The weave highlight stays in long fall caramel blonde and red shade. The bit of the undertone is heightened all over the hairdo and offer extra texture. The warmth of the hairdo is enough to bring a positive vibe to anyone’s life.

33. Crimson Red Hair With Blonde Highlights

 Crimson red hair with blonde highlights
Source:@rosegold_shears via Instagram

The trademark of red and blonde highlights pulls together a versatile maneuver. The amazing neck-length hairdo is different and only a few will dare to try it on. You can be one of them and throw back to old times.

34. With Bangs

 With bangs
Source:@lamodasalongalveston via Instagram

The red highlights transformation feels adventurous with the bangs on front. The weave highlights alter carefree style perfection. The blonde shade helps to accomplish versatility on demand.

35. Dark Auburn Hair With Blonde Highlights

Dark auburn hair with blonde highlights
Source:@kachathairian via Instagram

The auburn red highlights face a partition in the middle. The twisted effect takes out the boring regular straight patterns. Regardless of your face shape, the hairdo will look better with sunglasses.  

36. Front Row Red Hot Hairstyle

Source:@cheyshair_ via Instagram

The wavy textured hair take a drastic move mostly after the ear line. The healthy tresses look for a red hot front section and the rest change upon a blonde hue. Boost your confidence style back in your life with a bright hairstyle.

37. Side Swept Christmas Red-Blonde Highlights

Side Swept Christmas Red-Blonde Highlights
Source:@rosegold_shears via Instagram

The thin pull of the right swept hide the eyelashes and goes further to a wavy bond. The sleek creation stays fluffy with blunt edge cut highlights. The red-blonde shade hairstyles have always been marked as a perfect selection for angels.      

38. Jazz Style

Jazz Style Red Hair With Blonde Highlights
Source:@luxhaircolor_bybailey via Instagram

The pair of red and blonde highlights turn around one end at the front section while the rest follow the nape placement. The truly unique layered cut seems to have an individual color combinations. Jazz lovers and people at age should try the hairstyle.   

39. Faded Short Red And Blonde Hairstyle

Source:@__beachbabyedr__ via Instagram

The side part of the head alongside the back portion gets trimmed. The light red over the blonde mark takes a pinkish look. The hairdo has a bold personality remark.

40. Fashionable Red Hair Highlights

Fashionable Red Hair Highlights
Source:@_akihiroueno_ via Instagram

The lighten-up hair gives a flattering bleach shade finish. The chili hot red round up on darker blond shades. The flattering hairdo needs no adjective to shine.

41. Bob Blonde And Red Splash

Source:@nefariousj44 via Instagram

The bob hairstyle features a short angled cut and face around mostly for the blonde highlights. The splash on red provides a warmer tone to the inward curl edges. Take a note of the hairdo for a low-maintenance call.  

42. A-Line Razor Red And Blonde Haircut

Source:@kristystylz4vr via Instagram

The A-line shape of the hairdo call-out at the neck-length. The red hair with blonde highlights intense the razor texture at the tail. The Fair skin models should mark for the haircut.  

43. Spiced Up Red And Blonde Hairdo

The texture of the hair gets spiced up in the nape direction. The stylish locks follow a little angled stunner. The color combination looks fabulous for drawing attention.

44. Red And Blonde Short Hairstyle

Source:@hollyzigga via Instagram

The hairstyle matches the bob A-line cut and keeps the edges on a blunt finish. The red and blonde shades keep both dark and light presence. The beautiful hairdo looks stunning choice for the holiday season.

45. Ponytail Blonde Highlight with Red

Ponytail Blonde Highlight with Red
Source:@lunahairsalon_chestermere via Instagram

The pleasing hairdo creates two sections of the hairstyle. The top blonde highlights get into a pony on the back. A little bit of red pops up on the section underneath.  

46. Lady In Red And Honey Blonde Highlights

Source:@the_beauty_space_az via Instagram

The short cut combination leaves a fringe pattern at the front. The well-tone charismatic tail twist holds both bases of blonde and red highlights. The honey look never fails to impress the observer.  

47. Dream Red And Blonde Hairstyle With Pink

Source:@robynbaumg via Instagram

Every individual strand on the front section is perfectly toned in pink finish. The second section is believed to be more of a combination of red air with blonde highlights. The hairdo offers versatility in every section you look at.   

48. Gradient Blonde And Red Hairstyle

Gradient Blonde And Red Hairstyle
Source:@avedainstituterochester via Instagram

The graceful hairstyle added two different color base sections. The top appeal for the total blonde while red pops up in the fall. The twisted highlights give an elegant finish to your day.

49. Goddess Red Shade With Blonde Highlights

Goddess Red Shade With Blonde Highlights
Source:@crownedbyrosellc via Instagram

The free-flowing hairdo wears light blonde shades with the slightly darker red mix. The glossy finish gives clarity to your natural beauty pose. The awesome hairdo hints at a bad bitch on town.

50. Red Fiery With Blonde Highlights

Red Fiery With Blonde Highlights
Source:@eme_hairstvdio via Instagram

The hairstyle reveals the precious enhancement of two tones. The upper delicate fiery red gradually turns for the blonde effect. You will feel complete from the inside with the hairstyle.  

The eye-catching red hair with blonde highlights set an example of a trendy and cool hairstyle. The blunt bangs to twisted edges, all seem to be suited well to the combination. The hairstyle also has the option for super long to faded side hairstyle.

You need to sum up the perfect hair solution for your need. I hope you have found something in between our presentations. Customize the red and blonde highlights as you prefer and link to the best root.