50 Splendid Middle Part Bob Hairstyles For 2022

Middle part bob hairstyles create a classical center partition alongside angled blunt edges. The fashionable hairstyle changes you into a sleek and stylish woman. You can choose your bob to be asymmetrical or symmetrical as per your taste.

Diversity in style makes it more convenient for almost all events. The fame of mid-part hairdo has started to raises in the last few decades. The craze is still growing to date. Flattering angles and edges seem to be appealing even for the new generation.

The edges follow with a perfect blunt cut that ordinates an ideal shape for you. The hair texture looks healthier and also does not require much maintenance work. Most often straight hairs are associated with bob hairstyle consideration.

But there are a few exceptions too. You can try out a few other combinations and appeal for the best one for you. We have several middle part bob hairdo styles that you can work with. Pick the rightly polished hairstyle according to your hair type.   

How to Style Middle Part Bob – Step By Step 

Middle part bob hairstyles are really a dramatic option for most of you. But cutting the hairstyle in the right fashion is not that simple. So, we have framed together with a few steps that can make the middle part bob cut easier for you.

Step – 1: Length and volume of the hair

The length of bob cut is supposed to be above shoulder length. Air volume also needs to be displaced in an equal margin on both sides. Talk to your hairdresser about these things specifically.    

Step – 2: Get rid of the knots

There are always some knots even on the best-maintained hairstyles. You can even blame the toxic air around you. Take a round comb and brush through knots. Make sure that you have straight, knot-free hair to work on.

Step – 3: Creating the partition

Point to the center of your hair and place a brush on it. Drag it across the head and create mid-part diversion. Do some readjustment and make sure that hair volumes are evenly distributed in both sections.  

Step – 4: Shine the hair

Bob edges look better with shine on the hairdo. Choose a good quality hairspray and spray it on your hair. You are almost done with your haircut. Don’t forget to do some finishing touches for a better look on the hairstyles for an extended period.  

Notable Middle Part Bob Ideas

Center-parted bob styles get strong support from the feminine side. The hairdo allows staying with fluffy and dramatic hairstyle choices. Mimic one from our presentation or use your own creativity.   

1. Middle Part Bob With Sew In

middle part bob sew in

The hairstyle sews in from the center and leaves some small loose hair burns. Angled bob installs on the shoulder length and gradually gets shorter on nape. Process of hairstyle looks pleasant for young lasses. 

middle part bob sew in
Source:@swisslacewigsforyou via Instagram

Work of bob cuts is often associated with blunt straight edges. The equal volume hairdo is direct for dark pitch with some splash of blue shadow at one side. Middle precise line doubles the charm of the hairstyle.

2. Middle Part Quick Weave Bob

middle part quick weave bob
Source:@pristinehairemporium via Instagram

Flat middle part bob hairstyles chose to create some weave pattern at the tail. Hair-dressing stays sleek in natural shade. The hairdo seems romantic enough for a date night.

middle part quick weave bob

A little tweak of weave is visible from the center. The weave texture balance seems equal in both directions. The hairstyle closes sides on slightly angled edges.

3. Blunt Cut Middle Part Bob

blunt cut middle part bob
Source:@imkrownedbykay via Instagram

Bob cut wearing creates a sleek blunt finish. Straight shaping put forward a dark hue pose. The hairstyle avoids going for complex angles and makes a perfect option for home cuts.

blunt cut middle part bob
Source:@sha_b_stylin via Instagram

Middle part bob stun through the center in a perfectly balanced manner. Sexy ease-down end on a blunt-cut finish. The lovely hairstyle root you back into a rich culture. 

4. Middle Part Closure Bob

middle part closure bob
Source:@stylesbydowles via Instagram

Silky closure part on the bob features an angled cut shaping. Center partition went straight to the back and held a dark covering. The hairstyle is an ideal choice for a gorgeous lightweight pose.

middle part closure bob
Source:@allurebeautebar_ky via Instagram

The closure bob canvas together an inward curl show off. The middle part bob paired with natural shade on shoulder length. The hair dimension has the ability to enhance your overall pose.

5. Long Middle Part Bob

long middle part bob
Source:@d.johnae via Instagram

The long hair extension maintains a center leveling. Moisturized hair keeps a textured fall. The hair locks create a way for a better look-over.

 long middle part bob
Source:@nicolenoirehair via Instagram

Long blunt-cut bob stun with a brown light shade. Trendy mid partition tames down the messy layers. You can roll in for the bob middle part hairstyle on any given day.  

6. Short Middle Part Bob

Short middle part bob

A short chin-length hairstyle put forward blunt cut edges. The straight pieces shine on hair spray and are part of the mid-section. You will look like a pretty royal on the hairdo.

Short middle part bob
Source:@chic_glam_inches via Instagram

Bob weave style brings in back swept at the sideline. The brown shade takes on some highlights of the blonde hue. The two-shade combination provides an urban vibe.  

7. Middle Part Curly Bob

middle part curly bob
Source:@urbanbloomcurls via Instagram

Middle part bob hairstyles look cute on curly waves. The messy combination pulls together a fluffy twisted ending. The shoulder fall bounce looks better with a smile on her face.

middle part curly bob
Source:@nicolenoirehair via Instagram

Flat-top part of the hairdo from center. Curly layers extended in a twisted pattern. The hairstyle prefers a selection of dark shades. 

8. Black Bob Hairstyles With Middle Part

black bob hairstyles with middle part
Source:@ashly.ling via Instagram

Black bob styles simply put forward a flat topping. The glossy fall maintains a slight curve cut on bob edges. The hairdo seals you to an evergreen look.

black bob hairstyles with middle part

Black bob hairstyle move with a thin mid partition. The shoulder touch hairdo slightly curves inward. The hair dimensions look fab for a date night.

9. Blonde Middle Part Bob

blonde middle part bob

The front gives a swing movement on both sides. The light blonde shades tease with some dark pitch in center. The hairdo sets you to a better texture and volume for a day.

blonde middle part bob
Source:@gracehill_hair via Instagram

The ash-blonde bob cut has a weaving movement on the go. The mid partition shares equal volume on both sides and utilize an angled chopping. The charm of the hairstyle is hard to ignore. 

10. Middle Part Crimped Bob

middle part crimped bob
Source:@changinglooksct via Instagram

The straight long hair root for a weave line fall. The partition follows from center and touches up to the side fall. The exclusive hairstyle looks well-toned for big events.

middle part crimped bob
Source:@beauteparjay via Instagram

Crimped bob composes a weave texture on the sidelines. The dark toning skillfully creates a clean mid partition. The blunt edge hairstyle choices seem to favor black ladies the most.

11. Middle Part Bob For Red Hair

red middle part bob
Source:@_kslayed via Instagram

Middle part hairstyle states for a high contrast red shading. The edges strike with a regular dull finish. The hairstyle looks bright and sexy at the same time.   

12. Middle Part Bob With Curls

middle part bob with curls
Source:@lorenethehairartist via Instagram

The mid-length bob style part from center and went for a curly twist. The textured bouncy creation frames an asymmetrical ending. Upgrade to a better look with the hairstyle.

13. Middle Part Wavy Bob

middle part wavy bob
Source:@sunnirose_hair via Instagram

Middle part bob hairstyles naturally went off the shoulder on the blonde shade. The weave fall layers rest on the shoulder zone. The wavy bob hairdo provides you with a classic detailed look. 

14. Feathered Middle Part Bob

feathered middle part bob
Source:@touchedbythania via Instagram

Feathered bob option crowns the top on the dark pitch. The feather swing in the fall teases a large area with a brown hue. The layering of the hairstyle is totally different from any other option.

15. Frontal Bob

frontal bob middle part
Source:@ardencyhair via Instagram

Frontal bob uses an equal share of hair volume on both sections following mid diversion. The ash hairstyle back up the angled cut bob combination. The hairstyle looks sophisticated enough for a road trip.

16. Deep Wave Bob

middle part deep wave bob
Source:@emenz.hairapy via Instagram

The soft and light weave on the bob cut perfectly blends with the mid partition.  The light blue highlights deserve praise for dark covering combo. This gorgeous hairstyle rocks you with a candid look. 

17. Middle Part Loose Wave Bob

middle part loose wave bob
Source:@mua_ky via Instagram

This loose weave bob structure flatters the blonde hue in the first section. The nape zone takes on brown shading and twists to the shoulder. A simple and flawless hairstyle gives a weave texture on view. 

18. Middle Part Messy Bob

middle part messy bob
Source:@ashsalon_ via Instagram

The slightly messy middle part bob retains blonde shading. A slight pinch of a dark hue is visible in the center. The hair work offers you a low-maintenance casual choice.

19. Straight Middle Part Bob

straight middle part bob
Source:@thecutlife via Instagram

Bob length always layered better with straight hairs. The angled edges flirt with center partition option.  The hair finishing clips together with an amazing pose. 

20. Ombre Bob With Middle Part

 ombre bob middle part
Source:@candyshairdiary via Instagram

Ombre always keeps a double shade covering. Bob style part the top on a dark tone while the edge line takes on an orange hue. The trend of the hairstyle is hard to ignore for young girls.

21. Asymmetrical Bob Weave

 asymmetrical bob weave middle part
Source:@misahara5 via Instagram

Middle part bob allows two different asymmetrical layers attachment. The top dark shaping gradually moves to a blonde hue in the fall. This hairdo seems lovely for summer vacations.  

22. Angled Bob

middle part angled bob
Source:@qtepiee_hair via Instagram

Collaboration of middle part bob hairstyles with double highlight brown shade is always magnificent. The angled edges touch the shoulder even on nape zone. The hair texture makes you look like a boss lady.

23. Middle Part Choppy Bob

middle part choppy bob
Source:@medusasalonny via Instagram

Choppy face bob layer together with a wave on short length. The straight hair gradually shifts for a weave texture. This hairstyle looks easy and fun to wear. 

24. Black And Blonde

black and blonde middle part bob
Source:@theweaveshopbuckhead via Instagram

Middle part bob hairstyles attain the peak of natural shade. The hairdo angled shape off the shoulder and takes a blonde hue on another half. The hairstyle looks good even in 50s. 

25. Blue Bob Middle Part

blue bob middle part
Source:@shorthairfan20 via Instagram

Bright blue tone takes on a bob collaboration angled cut. The sharp edge combination ensures stylish dressing. You can trust the hairstyle for a modern vibe.

26. Burgundy Bob With Middle Part

burgundy bob middle part
Source:@rayonashair via Instagram

Center-part bob perfectly defines a straight shinny fall. The chopped angles stay in a longer extension. Burgundy shading doubles the charm of haircuts.

27. Orange Closure Bob

Source:@slaybyarsheaj via Instagram

An orange wig creates a glueless bob blunt cut ending. Center partition ultimately went for a straight downing. This hairstyle turns you into a rocking beauty.   

28. Brazilian Middle Part Lace Bob

Source:@chic_glam_inches via Instagram

Brazilian-style middle partition approves the addition of a lace wig. The brown texture adds to the blonde highlights line. The stunning hairstyle will definitely up your fashion sense.  

29. Middle Parted Icy Bob Hairstyle

Middle Parted Icy Bob Hairstyle
Source:@wildstarrcompany_ via Instagram

Icy moderation layered in a sleek bob blunt cut. The wig shaping provides you with a shiny texture. This hairstyle can be a great choice for a special occasion.

30. Custom Colored Middle Parted Bob

Custom Colored Middle Parted Bob
Source:@fleekyhaircompany via Instagram

Beautiful hairstyle excites one way on blonde covering. The other end went vibrant with tiger straps. The hairstyle looks interesting for a trendsetter.  

31. Short Precise Bob Cut

Source:@shorthairfan20 via Instagram

32. Middle Parted Bob For 50s

Middle Parted Bob For 50s
Source:@brendavan via Instagram

33. Bold Middle Part + Weave

Source:@noellie.nemoto via Instagram

34. Blunt Lob

Source:@thecutlife via Instagram

35. Brown Shade Middle Parted Bob

Brown Shade Middle Parted Bob
Source:@rilli_hair via Instagram

36. Messy Middle Part

Source:@wigdoutartist via Instagram

37. Middle Part Platinum Style

Middle Part Platinum Style
Source:@summerverrett via Instagram

38. Shaggy Middle Part Blonde Bob

Shaggy Middle Part Blonde Bob
Source:@sandova.lucie via Instagram

39. Messy Middle Part Textured Bob

Messy Middle Part Textured Bob
Source:@elrojoshair via Instagram

40. Middle Part Chic Bob Hairstyle

Middle Part Chic Bob Hairstyle
Source:@daniellouissalon via Instagram

Bob has always been a classic hairstyle choice. The Middle parted combo has put forward a sleeker pose. The highlights and textured of middle part bob hairstyles have no boundaries. Go ahead with your favorite tone or mix a few together.

We have tried to introduce you to some universally flattering middle part bob haircuts. Pull together the best hairdo according to mentioned ideas and your creative fashion sense. The bob center-parted haircut will never disappoint you for an urban look.   

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