53 Cute Ponytail With Bangs to Try In 2021

Appearing good, in every physical sense, speaks volumes about our personalities. The hair is a very important part of our look, and because we have got our preferences, it is important to look at your choice. Whichever way you desire to appear, styling your hair in ponytail with bangs, from the pixie cut to the medium length or long bob, usually offers you a simple, yet fresh and dashing look any day, anytime.

No matter the length or color, exotic or simple, your hair is an expression of your inner self, and our brand is right there to aid your expression to the fullest!

1. Ponytail With Side Bangs

Source: fulldose

This wavy mid-ponytail is very comfortable for a simple yet stylish look. It comes with center-parted bangs with strands of hair loosely flanked on both sides of the face. With a heart-shaped face, you sure are bound to create a stylish sensation.

Source: styleinterest

2. High Ponytail With Bangs

Source: styleinterest

Brown hair usually portrays simplicity. It’s more outstanding with different shades of brown all in one hair. This hairdo is a high ponytail styled with long bangs falling sideways. A slightly protruding bouffant stands out more with a diamond face.

Source: Hollander

Ever tried wearing your layered brown hair in several shades, fairly messy, but held in a high ponytail? If your hair is shoulder-length, adding a one sided short bang gives you a fresh look. It fits most face types.

Source: aliexpress

This ponytail with bangs hairstyle explores 3 dimensions that are pretty captivating. With the black hair worn straight down, the high ponytail is rolled into a bun. The bangs are straight, and they cover the forehead and the eyes briefly. It gives you a pretty and chic look. Suitable for all face shapes.

3. Weave Ponytail With Bangs

Source: hairtheme

It is also known as ‘rubber band’ styled ponytail held together at specific points. The bangs are parted to the side, and the weave attached to the ponytail. If you desire fuller ponytails, this is useful. It works for all face types.

Source: sheideas

Sewn-in weaves are basically designed to protect the natural hair, specifically short hair. The short bobbed bangs are cut-out straight from the center of your hair with stylish sharp edges. The weave is pulled into a high ponytail, which splits onto two at the nape of the neck. You would love your look, which satisfy all face types.

Source: shopnz

If layered hair is your thing, then you can fix this up for any time. Attach a nicely curled layered weave to your black Ponytail. Raise bangs that completely cover your forehead. Short or long hair is just perfect. Goes well with round-shaped and oval-shaped faces.

4. Ponytail With Bangs Black Hair

Source: careforhair

Black and brown blends just fine and is famous for an appealing outlook. For any type of face shape, both colors styled into ponytail is exquisite. Worn with a bang on brow level and tiny strands by the sides, thus the hairdo sparks a glow.

Source: hairstyles

Ponytail with bangs for black hair exists in elegant styles. The hair is pulled into a high ponytail with separated bangs that cover your forehead, just below your eyebrows. With a bright color at the holding point it gives you a dazzling appearance. Perfect for all face shapes.

Source: prettydesigns.

Black hair is widely known for its silky outstanding look. Try a new look with yours in a ponytail with perfectly bobbed bangs, settled just above your eyelids. It’s a super easy style for long or short hair. Suitable for all face types.

5. Genie Ponytail With Bangs

Source: nicolenoirehair

An oblong face shape with long black hair styled into a ponytail is just perfect for that alluring look. With or without bangs, stay classic yet simple!

Source: sticatedmom

This variety of ponytail with bangs is fantastic for all with short hair. Fix up with a rolled tip and leave to hang in mid-air. A pixie-cut like bang just over the eyebrows of an oval face leaves you jaw-dropping.

6. Long Ponytail With Bangs

Source: Livingly

This ponytail is tied into a mid-ponytail and allowed to fall to your shoulder blade. The bangs are patted to the sides.  It gives a chic and tidy look. Suitable for a round face.

Source: wwee.org

You cannot go wrong with a long ponytail dangling down your back. The hair pulled into a high ponytail, and braided to the side. With a blonde color you cannot resist, it is best for simple ponytail styles. Suitable for all face types.

7. Short Hair Ponytail With Bangs

Source: belloblog

Ponytails look great with short hair. The hair is tied into a mid-ponytail, and it falls at the nape of your neck, just above the shoulder. Less risk of having it fly around. Perfect for all face types.

Source: loveambie

This version is a mid-ponytail that sits at the nape of your neck. The blonde color gives it a classy, yet simple look. Suitable for most face shapes especially the diamond-shaped face.

Source: byrdie

The hair is pulled into a mid-ponytail, and styled perfectly in a chic and concise manner. The bangs are parted to one side of the face. This ponytail style with its bangs fits better on the diamond-shaped face.

Source: staticflickr

The black hair is tied into, a ponytail, and hangs just above the neck. The ponytail is styled to the side, with bangs parted to one side. It suits oblong and square faces well.

Source: belloblog1

Ponytails look great with short hair. The hair is tied into a mid-ponytail, and it falls at the nape of your neck, just above the shoulder. Less risk of having it fly around. Perfect for all face types.

8. Curly Ponytail With Bangs

Source: dhgate

Short curls can also great as ponytails. They are tied upwards into a mid-ponytail, and bangs styled to fall forward. Your curls stand out when put together in that manner. Rock and roll with the confidence of having your short curls up in a ponytail. It suits all face types.

Source: DHgate

When you know not what to do with your long curls, tying it into a high ponytail answers it all. It is easy, simple, and trendy. Nice and neat bangs that stand out from beneath the ponytail. It is your best bet for oblong and squared faces.

Source: hairstylestars

Curly hairs are not exempted from the ponytail trends. Either short or long curls, they can be tied into a ponytail. Your curls are tied in an upward or downward ponytail style. While your curly bangs are patted to one or both sides or left disgruntled down on your face. It is suitable for all face types.

9. Ponytail With Straight Bangs

Source: beautyofnewyork
Source: Hairspray

10. Sleek Ponytail With Bangs

Source: sheideas

Style your ponytail to be as sleek as possible. When pulled into a mid-ponytail, it falls just beyond the nape of the neck to the shoulders. The bangs are sleek and patted to the sides, forming an angled edge. Enjoy a neat and tidy look that makes you shine brightly.

Source: therighthairstyles

When you go for the sleek style, it is everything you can ask for and more. The long hair is tied into a ponytail at the center back of the head, which leaves it dangling. It gives you a bright, edgy, and sharp look. It suits all types of face shapes.

11. Invisible Ponytail With Bangs

Source: urbangracemagazine

Your long straight hair is combed out and spread at an angle downwards that gives a unique look. With the bangs tied upwards atop the head, the ponytail looks exquisite and chic. It is classic and suitable for all face shapes.

Source: ytimg

When a ponytail is disguised as just a normal hair styled backward, it becomes invisible. The hair is pulled into a mid-ponytail, and curved over one shoulder. The bangs are parted to one side in a sweeping position over one eye. It is unique and chic and suitable on all types of faces.

12. Ponytail With Swoop Bang

Source: Styles

Ponytail with swoop bangs should be considered a fashion statement. It is just something you must rock as swooped bangs are one of a kind. The ponytail is also split at the nape of the neck, giving you the ultimate celebrity look you desire. It fits all face types.

Source: glamourtress

The hair is pulled into a high ponytail, and bangs swooped to one side. The ponytail is styled and placed over the shoulder, giving you a fashionable look. It is perfect for heart-shaped and oval-shaped faces.

13. Braided Ponytail With Bangs

Source: scstylecaster

Braiding a blonde ponytail is iconic! With the hair pulled into a mid-ponytail, it is braided to keep it tidy, neat, and chic. The bangs are patted to the side, making you ‘blonde and cool.’ It suits all face types.

Source: spotlighthair

This is a fashionable braided ponytail that is styled to the side. The bangs are patted in an arch position, giving you snippets of the forehead. It is the ultimate ‘red carpet ponytail with bangs’ look. Anyone can rock it.

Source: stylesatlife

Braids are cool, especially when done on a ponytail. The black hair is braided at the side, and tied into a side ponytail. The bangs are patted to the side, giving you the best ‘girl-next-door’ look. Innocently looking, yet classic. It works best for all face types.

14. Messy Ponytail With Bangs

Source: Love-Ambie

The look is all in the art, which is why a messy ponytail with bangs is pure art. It looks best in a high ponytail with center-parted bangs on the sides. The hair looks messy when styled to shoot out different branches. It is great for all face types.

Source: reviewtiful

A blonde hair can never be messy, rather it is styled to look messy. With the hair tied in a low ponytail and bangs patted to the sides, it is a charming look. It fits all face types.

Source: styleoholic

The hair is tied into a mid-ponytail, and bangs patted to cover the forehead. The look isn’t complete without the hair purposely styled to look messy. For black hair, it is a go-to-style that never goes wrong. It suits all face shapes.

15. Crochet Ponytail With Bangs

Source: TheKeyisME

Ever wonder if crochet will look good in a ponytail? Yes, they will, when styled properly. When pulled into a high-ponytail, they are rolled into a bun. The bangs are patted sideways, and the curls of the crochet make them look fabulous. Anyone that rocks crochet, can make it their style.

16. Faux Bangs With Ponytail

Source: Shining-Star

The faux bangs can also be patted into the ponytail, as seen in this version. They may also be styled to give snippets of the forehead or to cover the whole forehead heavily. The ponytail may be loose or rolled into a bun. Whatever style you desire, we have got you covered.

Source: Trendy-Kay

Faux bangs are fabulous and exquisite. With the hair pulled into a high ponytail, and the ponytail rolled into a bun, the faux bangs are seen to be bold and beautiful. They sit well and look radiant on an oval or heart-shaped face.

17. 2 Ponytails With Bangs

Source: Ambrosha-Lea

2 ponytails with bangs on a black hair are golden. The black hair is pulled into two low ponytails, with the bangs parted to the side. The black hair brings out the cuteness of this style and makes you look so adorable. It fits well with heart-shaped and oval faces.

Source: Paixpays

When the hair is tied into two high ponytails, it is something to fawn over. The bangs are patted to the center, and sides, at the same level as the ponytails. This look is the ultimate ‘good-girl look.’ It comes in different colors with highlights. Perfect for the heart-shaped or small round faces.

18. Low Ponytail With Bangs

Source: Belloblog

This low ponytail is tied in such a way that the hair dangles on your back. The bangs are patted and allowed to fall on both sides. It works best for medium length hair. It is equally suitable for all face types.

Source: Glamour

We all love a low ponytail. With bangs styled to one side, you can get the iconic ‘low-ponytail-swept-backward-and-sideways,’ pose. It suits long hair the best and can accommodate all color types. It also looks good on all face types.

Source: Salon-Iris

Blonde low ponytail with bangs is just amazing. The straight blonde hair is tied into a low ponytail, and the bangs patted in a falling manner on the sides. It is an exquisite blonde hairstyle, for everyone that desires a great blonde low ponytail. It is perfect for round, oval and oblong faces.

19. Blonde Ponytail With Bangs

Source: Barefoot-Blonde-by-Amber-Fillerup

You either go big or go blonde. The hair is pulled into a high, ruffled ponytail. The bangs are patted in a swift arch look while separated. This ultimate blonde ponytail cannot be any cooler and adorable. Do you want to go for it? Then consult us!

Source: myparkinsonsinfo

Just as similar to the 02 version, however, the hair is pulled into a mid-ponytail. The ponytail is less ruffled here, and the bangs are tidier. You can rock the ultimate prim-and-proper blonde look. Every face shape will benefit from it.

20. Afro Ponytail With Bangs

Source: dhresource

The Afros are not left out in this ponytail trends. The Afro is pulled into a high ponytail. The bangs are patted beneath the Afro, giving it a disgruntled yet classic look. It keeps your curls in a fixed position and not scattered around. Suitable for oval and heart-shaped faces.

Source: KRSI

The Afro is pulled into a mid-ponytail. The bangs are arranged beneath the ponytail in patterns. It gives you a tidy look and allows you to rock your Afro to the fullest. If you have an oval or heart-shaped face, it is perfect for you.

21. 50s Ponytail With Bangs

Source: Captain-Lambkin

Let’s take you back to the 50s where ponytail with bangs was one-of-a-kind. The hair is pulled into a mid-ponytail and styled as spirals over your shoulders. The bangs are patted with their edges curved inwards with an angular look. Enjoy the vintage look with the 50s classic ponytail with bangs.

22. 60s Ponytail With Bangs

Source: BT-com

Just as similar to the 02 version, the balls make the look. The hair is pulled into a mid-ponytail at the center of the ball. The bangs are styled backward into the ponytail looking elegant. It suits all face types.

Source: Women’s-Beauty-Life

The 60s ponytail style was the experimental era of ball-type-hairs. The hair is tied round like a ball, and a low ponytail pulled at the end of the ball. The bangs are combed forward and patted to the sides. This 60s ponytail can never grow old, and it is fashionable as a comeback.

23. Bob Ponytail With Bangs

Source: Ayeisha

The Bob ponytail with bangs is unique and aesthetically pleasing. The hair is tied into a bob sitting at the center of the head. The ponytail is combed straight to cover the back of the head, while the bangs are patted in a short and long-form. These bangs arch sideways at an angle. If an exquisite, classic, and chic style are what you are going for, check it out.

Ponytails come in different styles, patterns and lengths. While bangs are parted in various styles, and to different sides. The combination of ponytail with bangs can portray whatever fashion statement you want. The above-styled ponytails and bangs are suitable for several face types. Having ‘good hair’ is a part of every woman’s status. Consult us, and let us help you build the ‘good hair’ status.