40 Best Half Up Half Down Braids to Try Out This Year

Keeping the hair braiding is a good way to achieve a decent look. But it is kind of out of style and doesn’t go with the current trend. Alternatively, try the half up half down braids hairstyle. Regardless of the age and face shape, try out the style on the hair.

There are tons of variations for this hairstyle. So, getting confused is common when trying to choose the best one. In this post, we have shared the most trending half up half down braids. Also, we have shared a step-by-step guide to getting it done.

How to Get Half Up Half Down Braids Hairstyle?

Simply do the style by following a few steps. Here are the steps to follow –

Step 1: Wash the Hair

The first step for any kind of hairstyle is washing your hair. Hair can get dirty with dust, debris, and some other particles. The greasy condition of the hair is not suitable to try. So, wash the hair with a good shampoo that makes the hair silky. After washing the hairs with a good shampoo, apply a hair conditioner to soften up to them.

Keep the hair conditioner on hair only. Don’t reach the scalp, which can cause dandruff. Wash the conditioner and towel dry the hair as much as possible.

Step 2: Dry Out the Hair

Just after coming from the shower, the wet hair looks messy and frizzed. You can’t try any hairstyle in such a condition. So, start using a good hairdryer in the cool air setting to dry the hair completely. Use a hairdryer that releases negative ions to get rid of frizzed hair. Once it is done, move to the next step.

Step 3: Divide Hair for Braids

Now that the hair is ready to style, start making the sections for the braids. Choose a ton of variation for this style. So, while dividing the hair and making sections, be aware of the particular hairstyle trying to achieve. Here we are considering two braids styles.

So, take the hair and make two sections from them to make the braids. Make sure there are enough hairs to create a thick braid.

Step 4: Weave the Hair

In this step, start weaving the hair for the braids. Keep continuing the weaving until reach the hair ends. At the ending of the braid, secure it with a clear hairband or rubber band.

Step 5: Get the Final Look

Finally, it is time to get the ultimate look. Tie the braids and get them ready for half up half down style. Try either the ponytail or tie it with the bun style. Apply a setting spray all over the hair to keep it stable.

Top 40 Braided Half Up Half Down Hairstyles to Try Out

We have gone through more than a thousand haircuts for these particular hairstyles. After considering the best look and ease of doing, we finally picked the top half up half down braids for you.

1. Half Up Half Down Feed In Braids

Got volume in of hair? Try the half up half down feed in braids. So, all it needs is adding an extension like natural hair. The extension will make an illusion like the hair volume is natural. While tying the ponytail, orient the braids in a style.

Suitable for: Heavy faces

Love the classic braid? Try out this version. Remember that hairs should be longer to get this done. Once the braids are ready all over the scalp, tie a ponytail with half of the braids and let the rest of the braids remain free.

Suitable for: Longer Hair

2. Tribal Half Up Half Down Braids

Tribal braids are a great way to look unique. Instead of getting only a simple one, create buns on the scalp. While trying this style keep some here in the front area. Let them remain free on the forehead.

Suitable for: Big faces

Just check the image. What do you see?  terms of braids in the scalp, right? Well, achieving this hairstyle requires longer hair. So, get tons of braids and tie a very small ponytail in the half up half down style. Combine with the right kind of outfit to look better.

Suitable for: Longer face shape

3. Half Up Half Down Braids For Black Hair

This one is the perfect hairstyle for Young women and teenagers because they tend to have more natural black hair.  So, choose whether you want thicker braids or small braids and then get half and half down hairstyle. Secured the Barn with a tight black hairband.

Suitable for: Less volume hair

In the previous hairstyle, the bun was small. But this one requires a big bun. Either keep the island medium or long; it’s all up to you. Also, remember to keep the forehead clean to get a sharp look. This one Is suitable for all ages.

Suitable for: Curly Hair

4. Half Up Half Down Box Braids

Do you think box braids are super cool? Then must try this hairstyle with the half up half down braids. While trying this hairstyle, make sure that the ponytail is not too big. Keep it small and sharp. Get the box braids in the classic old fashion style.

Suitable for: Young women with a small face

This box-style braid is popular because of its uniqueness. It used to be a braided hairstyle for long hair. But also looks great on medium hair length as well. The style looks better with feed in braids as it gives extra volume to the hair.

Suitable for: Thin hair

5. Feed In Braids With Weave

Getting weaved in braided hair is common. But why not experiment with something different? For this, it needs to add the extension with natural braids. Yes, it requires doing a feed-in a braid for this particular hairstyle. Or, try a different color of extension instead of black.

Suitable for: Round shaped faces

It best suits women with heavy faces. If the face looks too big compared to the rest of the body, try the style and it will look better. naturally, feed in the braid and tie a high ponytail. While tying the ponytail, style the backside as shown in the image.

Suitable for: Fatty faces

6. Weave With Braids

Thinking to try the weave hairstyle? Then don’t try the conventional one. Instead, try to combine different cuts to stand out from others. How? It’s simple. Just make sure the bun is on top and and it is small. At the same time, let half of the braids remain free.

Suitable for: Women over 40

If the face is fatty and you don’t know how to give it a thinner look, the weave hairstyle with a half up and half down braid is the choice. Instead of keeping the braids free on the front, let them stay on the back. Just keep a few hairs on the cheek if you want.

Suitable for: Chubby faces

7. Half Up Half Down Braids With Curly Hair

Braids on curly hair, is it possible? Well, it is possible but it needs the help of a professional hair expert. But don’t worry, it is worth it. Instead of braids with all the hairs, let some hairs remain in the curly look. Then straighten up the hair for braids and tie a small bun on top.

Suitable for: Thin and longer faces

Are you under 30 and thinking of getting a half up half down braids hairstyle? Then must try this particular version. It looks too cute regardless of the skin tone. However, we highly recommend the hairstyle only for long faces. Women with a round face can also try, but it won’t suit much.

Suitable for: Young women with longer hair

8. Two Braids

It is not mandatory to have braids with all the hairs for a half up half down braids haircut. You can go for it with only two braids as well. Just make sure to keep the braids equally thick. Then tie them either on the back or on top.

Suitable for: Thicker hair

In Asian faces, braids all over the scalp sometimes just don’t suit. In such a case, try to keep the number of braids only two. Keep the braids free and tie small ponytails on both sides with the rest of the hair. The ponytail should be high enough to be visible.

Suitable for: Asian faces

9. Half Up Half Down Braids With Cornrows

Cornrows braids look great if everything goes well. It is the best solution for women with less hair volume. With the cornrow braids, try the half up half down ponytail. However, if the volume is too low, try the feed in braids. Fewer braids won’t affect your look.

Suitable for: Blondie hair

If you have a lot of time to visit a hair professional and you want to look absolutely stunning, go for this hairstyle. It may take hours to dress the hair in these cornrowing braids. Tell the hairstylist to give a palm tree-like look to the braids and then tie a thicker bun.

Suitable for: Heavy and large faces

10. Half Up Half Down Crochet With Feed In Braids

Young girls can try the crochet with feed in braids and combine it with half up and half down style. First of all, make the small braids to get the half up half down braids by feeding the hair extension. Then make two thicker braids and let them stay on the shoulder.

Suitable for: Teenagers

This one is for women with a thin and long face. If everything goes well, this haircut gives a look that makes anyone attractive. So, make tons of regular braids and feed in the extension all over the scalp but keep hairs for the Crochet. Now prepare the crochet with thicker braids and tie a high ponytail.

Suitable for: Long shaped faces

11. Feeder Braids

Feeding in braids looks great with any kind of outfit. Regardless of your age and the face shape, you can try the feeder in braids and then tie them half up half down style. Make sure that you are using contrast color as the feeder.

Suitable for: Corporate women

Have enough time to try something different? Then try the box braids in the front and then prepare the braids unevenly. Use the hair extension only from the bun on top and let it remain free. Must secure the bun with a tight hairband.

Suitable for: Hair with less volume

12. Sew In With Half Up Half Down Braids

Going for a party or maybe for a casual meet? You can try the sew-in with braids and tie the braids in half up half down style. While sewing in the hair, keep it big. As shown in the image, try to give it a messy look and keep the bun big.

Suitable for: young girls with longer faces

If you find a big bun doesn’t suit you, try this version with sew-in braids. Basically, you will try the braids only in the frontal area. then secure the small braids with a hairband. Take the hair ending and brush them a bit and let them remain free.

Suitable for: Long faces with more natural volume

13. Two French Braids

Teenagers can look absolutely stunning with any kind of French braids. For blondies, it is the best daily hairstyle to meet all events. So, prepare two thicker classic French braids. Secure the hair ending and then combine with half up half down style.

Suitable for: Yong girls with blondie

Doing longer French braids take enough time. But this version won’t take much time or effort. Simply make two sections of hair for the French braids. Keep the braids shorter and up to the mid-scalp. Now secure them with band and side part of the hair from the mid-scalp.

Suitable for: Small and thin faces

14. Natural Hair Braided Half Up Half Down

Going for prom night or meeting new friends? Must try this hairstyle. It is easy to do at home and won’t take much time. Medium hair length is fine. Make tons of small braids with all the hair. Once it is done, tie a thick and big bun with the braids.

Suitable for: Heavy faces and shorter hair

For longer hair, try this version. The style best suits young girls and teenagers. Though it will take much time, the style is worth it. Start with the Classic small braids. Then tie a small bun on the top and spread the braids on both shoulders.

Suitable for: Round faces with long hair

15. Ghana Braids + Cornrows

It is a trending hairstyle in Ghana and that is why the name is like that. The difference of the style with conventional braid is, here the number of braids will be fewer. Also, they need to be small as cornrows. Keep the braids on a particular side of the shoulder and get ready for all events.

Suitable for: Oval shaped faces

It is a unique hairstyle with thicker braids. It is a kind of combination of box braids and classic braids. The front needs to style with cornrows and the back with thicker braids. Then use different hair ornaments on the braids to give it a unique look.

Suitable for: Extra thick long hairs

16. Half Up Half Down Lemonade Braids

Looking for the best lemonade braids this year?  The half up and half down lemonade braids would be a good choice. Try thicker braids with side borders and tie them with a hairband on the top. Keep the bun a bit thicker. Try on long hair for the best outcome.

Suitable for: Heavy oval-shaped faces

17. Braided Half Up Half Down Ponytail

Perhaps, it is the most unique braided hairstyle to try this year. Say bye-bye to the conventional braids and try with them on colored hair. Though the picture has purple hair dye, don’t limit it. Get only three braids and tie a small ponytail. Apply ring attachments on the mid braid for exclusivity.

Suitable for: Thin hairs

18. Braided Prom Hairstyles

Is it time the prom night and don’t how to look different than others? Simply get half up half down braids but not the conventional one. Get two classic braids in the two-strand style and tie them together on top in a small ponytail. Give a curly look to the rest of the hair and rock yourself.

Suitable for: Young women with natural hair volume

19. Goddess Braids

Confused after seeing the hairstyle name? Well, it came from the metaphoric symbol. Besides getting braids with hairs, it requires some free hairs too. It could be with extension or with the natural way. Tie half of the braids as high as possible and use braid rings or similar ornaments for a better look.

Suitable for: Long shaped face

20. Little Girl Half Up Half down Braids

Little girls always like to have unique hairstyles. No matter how old is she, it is easy to give the perfect look. Either try the box braids all over the scalp or do classic braids. The braids don’t need to be thicker. Just go with the natural flow and get it done. Use a classic girls’ hairband in the front for cuteness.

Suitable for: Kids with round face

21. Braided Half Up Half Down Straight Hair

Straight here is not an issue to get a half up half down braided hairstyle. Instead of too many braids all over the scalp, stick to only two braids. But must keep them thicker and prepare them from the sides. Tie both of the braids on the backside with a hairband.

Suitable for: Natural black hair

22. Crochet Half Up Half Down Braids

Suitable for: Medium length hair

Try this hairstyle whether the hair length is short or medium. Use a good hair dye to color the hair endings. Start the crochet from the mid and gradually repeat for all hairs. Take the half portion of hair and get it done.

23. Half Up Half Down Braided bun

Aging is inevitable. But the good thing is, it is possible to keep the younger look for long with hairstyles. The braided bun is such one that suits all ages. It looks cute. But while tying the bun, start it from the forehead area to finish on the mid-scalp. Part rest of the hair on both sides and that’s all.

Suitable for: Blondie over 40

24. Jumbo Braids With Half Up Half Down

Love to keep the hair length short? No issues! It is still possible to style the hair with braids. Get the brads from different areas of the scalp and let them remain free. But the braids with mid-hair should go straight to two ponytails. For the experiment, try feed in braids.

Suitable for: Shorter hair and small round faces

25. Braided Headband

A braided headband is the best way to dress the hair for a party or a casual event. Though it is possible to get the style for any kind of hair, it best suits blondie. No need to make tons of braids here. Just make a thicker braid from one side and then wrap it around the scalp and secure the ending with a hairband.

Suitable for: Blondie and straight hair

Final Words

It’s hard to recommend a particular half up half down braids hairstyle for an individual. That’s why we kept the list a bit longer. check the styles closely to find out, which one actually may suit your face. Try it out and experiment with variations. Must consider the hair volume and length before trying any of the styles.

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