25 French Braid Ponytails that Accentuate Your Elegance

From kindergarten to adulthood, french braid ponytails are hairstyles that always have your braiding game on point. You can’t throw shades at those braids. What if we told that you could make your french braid look more superior?

Just attach a ponytail to it, and your french braids will look way more refined. it is bold, stylish, and elegant yet well kept. They’re suitable for any occasion, from your workplace to parties to weddings!

The versatility of this hairstyle is why it remains ageless. It can look both intricate and gorgeous or simple and fetching. To keep up with modern times, these ponytails have evolved to reflect contemporary taste and style.

What is A French Braid Ponytail?

A French braid adds dimension to an otherwise plain ponytail hairdo. French Braid Ponytail is a graceful hairstyle that combines conventional french braids with ponytails to add a fresh twist.

You can divide your braids into multiple segments and alter their breadth, thickness, and texture. This is undoubtedly a winsome look. So here’s how you do it.

How to Do a French Braid Ponytail: Step By Step Guide

Interested in bringing a ponytail look in your French braid? Well, we won’t leave you empty-handed. Here’s how you do it.

Step:1- Start with splitting a portion of your hair from the sides of your forehead to the crown.

Step:2- Reverse comb the portion to add a bit of volume.

Step:3- Separate the portion of your hair into three sections for the french braid.

Step:4- Cross the side hair locks over the middle, left side, and then the right side.

Step:5- Cross the left side over and take in a segment of your hair from the front, adding it in the braid.

Step:6- Cross the right side over and repeat the same process as step 5.

Step:7- Keep braiding until the braid gets to ear level.

Step:8- Now fetch the rest of your hair and tie it into a ponytail with a transparent elastic band.

Step:9- Use hairspray to smoothen any flyways.

Step:10- Grab a thin section of your ponytail and wrap it around the band to conceal it.

Step:11- Keep it in place by fastening the thin section, using a hairpin, pushing it upwards into the ponytail.

Stunning French Braidded Ponytail Ideas

Let your elegance and sophistication materialize with finesse by wearing a braided ponytail. Now comes the hard part. You need to look for the perfect ponytail for you. Don’t worry! We have put together some top-notch killer hairstyles for you.

1. French Braid Into High Ponytail

Make your french braid ponytail appear striking with this french braid into a high ponytail. Start your braiding process with a section from the center-front and tie it into a high ponytail. Keep braiding that section to its end. This will manifest a stunning look in your brunette hair

A french braid into a high half ponytail with platinum highlights in your black hair looks captivating and extraordinary. Add extra flair to it by doing a middle part, bringing two braids from two sides of the part, and binding it into a high ponytail.

2. Side French Braid Ponytail

Wearing a center braid always may look mundane. So, try out a side ponytail! Begin your braiding from both sides. Let one side of your braid look more inconspicuous by decorating it in a flower-shaped design and tie it into a low-side ponytail.

Allow your impressive blonde hair to stand out with a side french braid. Do a side part and bring your french braid to a side high ponytail. This look has a professional and chic feel to it.

3. Double Ponytail + Double Braid

Allow your hair to look unique with a double french braid. Do a middle part, fix two voluminous braids on both sides, and bind them in low ponytails. You can easily pull off this killer look with your beautiful chestnut hair.

Double the braids, double the beauty! Exhibit yourself in a blonde goddess by adoring your hair in double ponytails. It brings out the charm of your graceful hair. It is undoubtedly a stunner look.

4. Braided Ponytail For Black Hair

Create a bold all-black look by wearing a braided ponytail in your black hair. Do a zig-zag middle section pulling two small french braids into a high compact ponytail. Style your front baby hair and look like an enchantress. 

Let your beautiful dark hair shine with a french braid. Bring various braids from the front, the center braid being noticeable, and tie them into a tidy ponytail. This clever hairstyle will make you look sharp.

5. French Braid Back Into Ponytail

A french braid back into a ponytail will let you produce an elegant appearance. The attractive blonde ends with darker roots into this hairstyle is a bombshell look. The extra volume at the front center of your head serves as an edgy image. 

This hairstyle can create a funky look as well. Do a massive braid on the middle, take small braids from the sides, and bring it into a low back ponytail. The blonde highlights in maroon appear super trendy. 

6. Half French Braid

Your graceful light-toned hair needs precisely a half french braid to express its distinctiveness adequately. Take two braids from both sides and a middle section, bind it into a low ponytail, and you are done.

Do a voluminous center braid in your platinum hair and bring the other sides along with it to a ponytail. It flaunts your lovely dark roots. This hairstyle’s variability to fit into any occasion is why it is so incredible.

7. Ariana Grande French Braid Ponytail

Queen Ari has been known to popularize stylish ponytail trends with different twists. this french braid ponytail hairstyle is one of them. Her platinum blonde with dusky roots in a french braid with a high ponytail is a knockout.

Express your innate Ariana with her signature dark hair with light brown ends. Take small french braids and tie them into a very high ponytail. It looks amazing if it is styled in long hair.

8. French Braid Ponytail Hairstyles With Weave

Take your iconic weaves to another level with a french braid ponytail. Make a zig-zag pattern in your middle section and take your braids in weaves into a ponytail. Let two distinct braids flow at the front to add a bit of style to it.

This hairstyle looks stunning in charming curls too. Create a middle section. Bring two french braids from the front alongside styled baby hair into two ponytails. Allow the rest of your appealing curls to hang freely.

9. Fishtail French Braid

The fishtail braid is a classic look having many variations. Appear breathtaking in a fishtail ponytail that compliments your silvery blonde. Fetch a fishtail braid from the front, tie it into a high ponytail while letting some front hair loose.

Turn your edgy short brown hair into something magnificent by adorning it with a fishtail french braid ponytail. Bring two side messy french braids into a short ponytail for the look. It has a unique classiness and charisma to it.

10. Side French Braid Into High Ponytail

If you want to serve a captivating look, adorn your hair in a side french braid into a high ponytail. Do two side french braids and take it into a high ponytail. Add a chaotic puff on the front center to create extra volume and look staggering.

A side ponytail makes you appear astonishing and discerning. This distinctive look is spectacular in any hair, especially in brunettes. The blonde hues in the french braids only add glamour and magnetism to your hair.

11. Upside Down French Ponytail

Upside Down Ponytail has an eccentric vibe that is truly exceptional. Turn your french braid upside down and tie the braid into a high ponytail. But this smart and sleek hairstyle is worth the time and effort it takes.

12. French Braid Headband Ponytail

Wanna try something fun and different? Wear your french braid like a headband! It’s super easy. Bind your french braid in a low ponytail. Then, accessorize your french braid with a thin black headscarf to highlight your fabulous french braid.

13. French Twist Braid Into Ponytail

Exhibit your hair in a unique and sophisticated way with a french twist braid into a ponytail. The French braids from both sides hold your loose wavy pearly ponytail. It’s a perfect look for distinguished occasions.

14. African American French Braid with Ponytail

French braid ponytails in African American hair are unbeaten in terms of looks. The thin multiple braids coming together with a high ponytail appear sensational. The platinum blonde hair only flaunts the suave of your hair.

15. French Braid Bangs Into Ponytail

Shake your appealing bangs with style in a french braid ponytail. Take your loose french braid into a ponytail in the back and let your flowing bangs down. The bangs certainly complement your beachy shining waves.

It’s every lady’s innate desire to look breathtaking, be the center of attention, and win sincere smiles. A french braid ponytail allows that desire to emerge with poise, elegance, and grace. That’s exactly why we have looked for the best ideas and made a list of the 25 most phenomenal and fashionable hairstyles for you.

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