50 Winsome Curly Hair Highlights On Trend For 2022

Curly hair is unique and versatile in fashion. Curly girls can go for the curly hair highlights and gently shine on a better texture. The best touch of highlights will always lighten up the overall look of a twisted pattern hairdo.

Don’t rush to choose your highlighted shade. Play with different curly highlights techniques and minimize the hair damage possibility. Marking for the wrong technique will always end up in a messy presentation.

Choose which highlights will work best for you. Get to know which techniques to use and how to prep your hair to minimize the damage. Here, we’ll tell you everything you need to know and inspire you with our favorite curly hairstyles with highlights.

But remember that the curly hairdo naturally suits well with the combination of vibrant highlights. Here, we will discuss some amazing naturally curly hair with highlights. You just quietly get underneath and picture a perfect hairdo for yourself.

How to Highlight Curly Hair?

Curly hair highlights highly impact the texture quality of the hair. You should not get involved in the curly highlights if you are not so confident in your skillset. I am going to share some steps underneath through which you can process curly hairstyle highlights.

Step-1: No Knots & Tangles

A tangled or knotted curly hair will be painful to work on. The chemical involved here will be harder to place in the right strands. You need to make sure that every harsh entanglement is removed from the tresses. In this fashion, achieving a sun-kiss curly highlights pose will be easier for you.

Step-2: Highlights Kits

This section is applicable only for home use. If you are at a salon then a hairdresser will take care of it. If you are planning to do curly versatile highlights at home, then you should have a good-quality hair highlight kit. You can rely on brands like L’Oreal as they are well-known around the globe for their services.

Step-3: Pick the Highlight Shade   

The highlighted shade naturally will determine the light on your twisted pattern. Blonde, honey, caramel, reddish, etc. are the most common choice for girls. You can go with any vibrant tone as you prefer.

Step-4: Start the bleaching

Highlighting curly hair is not that simple. You need to be extra careful when bleaching. Hand painting is the best option for each individual strand. The hard work will pay off with better highlights on your curly hairdo.   

Delightful Curly Highlights For Girls

Curly hair highlights give you astonishing confidence in style. The locks light up different twisted patterns swept and plenty of hues to choose from. Pick the best one that seems to make you look and feel like a real princess.

1. Blonde Highlights Curly Hair

blonde highlights curly hair
Source:@beautiful_by_natalie via Instagram

The curly hair highlights a gorgeous blonde gradient effect. The twisted patterns stay fluffy and end on the shoulder length. The authentic hairdo gives you a flawless finish.

blonde highlights curly hair
Source:@beautiful_by_natalie via Instagram

The deep twist alternated with a smooth stretched curl. The blonde highlights match well with the natural shade. The color contrast state for a truly beautiful look.

2. Balayage Highlights On Curly Hair

balayage highlights curly hair
Source:@marissa_lanae via Instagram

The subtle balayage curly highlights perfectly shape on a long-length finish. The tight back knotting on one side while the other end swept to the front. The hairdo is good enough to add a multi-dimensional look.

balayage highlights curly hair
Source:@lacewig_arisonhair via Instagram

The smooth curly waves take in adorable mid-partition and fall on the side mixes. The loose twist gets larger blonde blends on the tail. The funky style truly provides you with an urban pose.   

3. Brown Curly Hair With Highlights

brown curly hair with highlights
Source:@wellahair via Instagram

The messy curl kept the rich dark hue on the peak. The curly fall highlight blonde layers on the edges. The warm touch of the hairdo will draw more attention towards you.

brown curly hair with highlights
Source:@probablynotjane via Instagram

Small twisted patterns entirely transform your personality. The natural curly hair with highlights accepts side partition and is swept mostly to the left. The shine of the hairdo is never so old.  

4. Caramel Curly

caramel curly hair highlights
Source:@beautiful_by_natalie via Instagram

Caramel tone highlights underlay a defining finish. The thick hair and fluffy twist always look great together. Stands out on any group with the new hairdo.

caramel curly hair highlights
Source:@locksandlife via Instagram

The warm curly spirals take on the caramel style. The soft hue is packed together and brushed to the nape zone. The lightning hairdo is a perfect choice for slim girls.

5. Black Curly Hair With Highlights

 black curly hair with highlights
Source:@radicallycurly via Instagram

Natural hair always roots dark shade on view. The loosely twisted canvas has some blonde highlights here and there. The hair framing looks lovely for a date.

black curly hair with highlights
Source:@hannahsmaneeffect via Instagram

The curly movement began on the back portion. The front smooth pattern stays dark while the nape takes on the blonde transformation. The mesmerizing hairdo looks fun to wear on.

6. Dark Brown Curly Hair with Highlights

dark brown curly hair with highlights
Source:@slickback_buttahtoast via Instagram

The pretty dark brown curly highlights create some natural ringlets. The simple wavy touch ends off the shoulder. The hairstyle never goes in vain when it comes to fashion.

dark brown curly hair with highlights
Source:@thecurlgirl._ via Instagram

The dark brown curly hairdo highlights leave some bangs on the front. The curl is perfectly shaped in a messy combination. The hairdo makes the style fun to try on.  

7. Dark Curly Hair With Highlights

dark curly hair with highlights
Source:@sophiemariecurly via Instagram

The straight long twisted pattern stays dark on the root. The blonde dark highlights bounce on the back. The golden hairdo looks pretty amazing to play with.

dark curly hair with highlights
Source:@goldenoreoe via Instagram

The shoulder-touch hair appearance presents some bangs spiral shape. The fluffy side adds on some warm brown hue as highlights. The beautiful hairstyle looks natural on cute lasses.

8. Curly With Red Highlights

red highlights curly hair
Source:@curly.tiara via Instagram

The natural curly hair with highlights needs some extra-dimensional finish. The close curl dimension stays on loose maneuver. The messy curl will look jaw-drawing for black ladies. 

red highlights curly hair
Source:@curly.tiara via Instagram

The side spiral shape makes way on the back portion. The red highlight flashes a bright look. The hairdo is good enough to up your personality game.

9. Short Curly Hair With Highlights

short curly hair with highlights
Source:@jenea_colorncurls via Instagram

The short curl canvas takes in some ideal blonde highlights. The luscious waves stand above the shoulder. The stunning hair show-off can be created for any special occasion.

short curly hair with highlights
Source:@laredesnaturalspecialist via Instagram

The movement of the curl stays above the chin length. The perfect blend of blonde highlights with natural shade is truly amazing. The texture of the hairdo demanded a smile on go.

10. Chunky Highlights

chunky highlights curly hair
Source:@valsalon.uk via Instagram

The chunky highlights have a partition off the center. The swept style is a fluffy creation on curly twists. The smooth-looking hairdo shapes you into spring vibes.

chunky highlights curly hair
Source:@curlytwirlygirl_ via Instagram

The chunk of the curl stays flat on the tip. The blonde reflect some dark perfection above the ear length. The perfect hairstyle looks well suited for drama queens.

11. Curly Hair With Purple Highlights

 curly hair purple highlights
Source:@iriscurlsallout via Instagram

The curly highlights comb simply at the back and also leave some side out. The dark highlights gradually move to a reddish hue. The enlightening hairstyle can be a perfect desire for chubby faces.

12. Dark Brown Curly Hair Highlights

dark brown curly hair highlights
Source:@lynnkatee via Instagram

The natural curly hair with highlights makes a side open pairing. The mid partition stays flat as the complete light highlights cover the side potion. The V-shaped faces should definitely try the hairstyle.

13. Face Framing Highlights For Curly Hair

face framing highlights curly hair
Source:@curlygirlzoe via Instagram

Face framing highlights use some light wavy texture. The darker peak slowly falls on the blonde mention. No more dull faces with the new hairdo.

14. Copper Highlights

copper highlights curly hair
Source:@bigcurlslittlecurls via Instagram

The curly hair highlights give very short-cut edges. The copper tone defines well with the entanglement. You can hit any club with a hairstyle.

15. Caramel Highlights On Dark Curly Hair

caramel highlights on dark curly hair
Source:@bigcurlslittlecurls via Instagram

The dark curly hair went for the right side partition. The left flat fall obtains a fluffy caramel highlights finish at the other end. The hairdo is eye-popping for young ladies.

16. Curly Hair With Blue Highlights

curly hair with blue highlights
Source:@yumas_beauty22 via Instagram

Curly blue highlights produce a marvelous look with the natural shade. The very short finish mostly creates a twisted pattern on the back end. The amazing hairstyle can be tried at any age.

17. Long Curly Hair Highlights

long curly hair highlights
Source:@windybeautym_ via Instagram

Longer hair lengths take a cool darker shade highlights. The astonishing highlights blend doesn’t go extreme with the twist. The breathtaking hairstyle makes you look like a princess.

18. Silver Highlights On Curly Hair

silver highlights on curly hair
Source:@curlyloveclub via Instagram

The partial hairdo lavish on the silver shade. The new style addition offers an angled cut finish. The urban fashion of the hairdo is rightly the modern trend.

19. Silver Blend Highlights

silver highlights curly hair
Source:@coheastudio via Instagram

Get ready with the noodle curls. The side partition places the tip on a darker shade and gradually to a silver blend highlights. You can obtain a charming hairstyle on any given day. 

20. Brunette Curly Hair

brunette curly hair with highlights
Source:@beautiful_by_natalie via Instagram

The straight curl leaves a shorter weave than the others. The stylish flow ends on brunette highlights. Don’t forget to attach a smile to the haircut.

21. Curly Hair With Honey Highlights

curly hair honey highlights
Source:@jazminexchanel via Instagram

The curly highlights leave one-row fringe at the fore. The fall twist shines on the honey curly highlights. The hairdo will transform your overall pose.

22. Shoulder Length Curls With Caramel Highlights

Shoulder Length Curls with Caramel Highlights
Source:@contourkissed via Instagram

The hairstyle partition leaves for the side section and stays on the dark root. The hair length ends on the shoulder edge and craves caramel highlights. You will definitely look impressive with the haircut. 

23. Curly Pixie With Blonde Highlights

Curly Pixie with Blonde Highlights
Source:@jessica_infinitesalonpdx via Instagram

The clean side finishes stand out with a longer length on one side. The curly hair highlights take on the warmer blonde shade. The lavish girl can cover for the hairstyle.

24. Curly Bangs

Curly bangs with highlights
Source:@therealmelholli_ via Instagram

Curly hair highlights pop in bangs below the brow. The fluffy blonde highlights the admiration end on the neck. The hairdo can be the best option for teenagers.

25. Auburn Highlights For Curly Hair

Auburn Highlights for Curly Hair
Source:@happyinthehead via Instagram

The peak of the hairdo is complimented with a plain finish. The curl gets in with auburn highlights in the second end. You will feel like a Rock-Star on the hairdo.

26. Faded Highlights

Faded Highlights for Curly Hair
Source:@hairbyannriordan via Instagram

The faded section partly matches well with the natural curly hair with highlights. The final fall takes on warmer highlights and spread in all directions. The hairstyle presents an option for ladies in their 40s.

27. Highlights On Tight Curly Hair

Highlights on Tight Curly Hair
Source:@jemilah_ali via Instagram

The tight curls are always the favorite of black girls. The light curl on the natural shade looks authentic. You will truly look like a model in the style.

28. Lavender Highlights On Curly Hair

Lavender Highlights on curly hair

The curly creation trend on the side partition finish. The cute lavender highlights add wonder to the hair look. The hairstyle is extremely trendy for modern times.

29. Natural Curls With Caramel Highlights

 Natural Curls with Caramel Highlights
Source:@jhoodwins via Instagram

The close curls take on a deep mid partition. The caramel highlights come to an end on the chin-length. The hairstyle looks interesting and charming.

30. Dimensional Curly Highlights

Dimensional Curly Highlights
Source:@urbanbloomcurls via Instagram

The trendy curly natural highlights use some mark of blonde at one end. The mid-partition leaves for the dimensional finish on both sides. The accent of the hairstyle is especially marked for young age choices.

31. Long Fringe + Curly Red Highlights

Long Fringe + Curly Red Highlights
Source:@radicallycurly via Instagram

32. Sun-Kiss Blonde

Source:@heromosohair via Instagram

33. Curly Copper Highlights With Bangs

Curly Copper Highlights With Bangs
Source:@theruloshairstylist via Instagram

34. Red Curly Vibrant

Source:@ashleynisheecurls via Instagram

35. Very Short Curly Highlights

Very Short Curly Highlights
Source:@michelle.lo29 via Instagram

36. Round Curly Blonde Highlights

Round Curly Blonde Highlights

37. Curly Pinkish Bob with Highlights

Source:@ashleynisheecurls via Instagram

38. Natural Hair Curly Highlights

Natural Hair Curly Highlights
Source:@themaneartist via Instagram

39. Spiral Shape Curly Highlight

Spiral Shape Curly Highlight
Source:@jemilah_ali via Instagram

40. Long Curly Warm Tone Highlights

Long Curly Warm Tone Highlights
Source:@itsamandaguido via Instagram

Curly hair highlights present your personality in a new light. The unique texture finish is versatile enough for all types of hair and faces. But the hairdo needs to be done with an expert hand for minimal damage during the creation of curly highlights.

You can choose from different natural curly hair with highlights as you prefer. Get inspired from our presentation and play with your imagination. The rich textured hairstyle will make you shine with minimal effort.