28 Must-Try Asymmetrical Pixie Cut In 2022

Short hair for women is now trending and it feels comfortable in summer. Keeping the hair short means you will need less care for the hair. Among a wide range of short hairstyles, asymmetrical pixie is the best.

The specialty of the asymmetrical pixie cut is, it looks good regardless of the face shape, age, or anything else. It is possible to try a wide range of variations in this cut. The best part is, you are ready to rock any event anywhere at any time.

We have checked tons of ideas and finally have chosen the top 28. Check them out here and grab the right one for you.

1. Asymmetrical Undercut Pixie

Want to rock anywhere with a unique hairstyle? Then you are good to go for this cut. Don’t do only the undercut. You can give it a unique appearance by adding some shaved lines. Too short is fine for it.

If you have a long shaped face and want to look classy, try out this one. For this one, the hair length should be a bit extra-long. Side part the hair in a simple way. Try some ornaments if you want.

This one’s for women who are over 40. The cut can instantly give you a younger look. Just forget your age and get your desired look like a teenager. It is easy to maintain this asymmetrical undercut pixie.

2. Asymmetrical Curly Pixie Cut

Did you get curly hair and don’t know how to style it with short hair? Then the asymmetrical pixie is the answer. You will be shocked after seeing the result of this cut. It goes fine with all ages.

For young women, this one is perfect. Instead of keeping all the hairs curly, keep some hair straight. Then give a wavy look to the hair and look amazing. You can keep the hair super short for it.

Want to add some variation in the curly pixie style? Then we recommend keeping some hair on the forehead. Especially, keep some curly hair in this area and combine it with cute earrings. The cut is perfect for all events.

3. Asymmetrical Pixie Bob Haircut

Bob haircuts for women are always trendy. If you want to try a pixie with blonde hair, try the style as shown in the image. It can make anyone look younger. Best suits for round-shaped faces.

Black hair with an asymmetrical cut is the perfect combo for a longish face. For this particular one, keep your hair in the bib cut. It looks cute for all ages. Especially, women in mid-age should adopt this style to look younger.

If you have less volume in your hair, try this particular style. Short bob hair can make you more attractive. Make sure that you are keeping the hair straight. Never try the bob asymmetrical pixie on frizzy hair. It is a minimal and classic hairstyle that is suitable for all events.

4. Edgy Asymmetrical Pixie

If your face has an oval shape, it is difficult to match the right hairstyle. But the edgy asymmetrical pixie cut will give you relief from that issue. Simply cut the hair in a shorter length. Make sure you are giving a layer on top of the hair and then the side part of the hair.

Black hair with less volume can be styled in this way. It is so simple to get. Tell your hairdresser to keep the hair length up to the neck and an angled cut in the front. Side part of the hair and cover one side of the forehead.

Want to keep the hair too short? Well, you are not the only one. Women often like to keep the hair length too short so that it takes less hassle to dress them. Get this particular asymmetrical pixie cut with short hair and keep the angled hair a bit longer.

5. Short Asymmetrical Pixie

This is the absolute classy hairstyle you should adopt this year. Whether it is a hot summer day or winter, you can rock with this cut. So, keep the sides shaved and the hair from the top a bit longer. Apply some hair cream and brush the hair straight back.

Blonde hair can get a different type of short pixie cut. For this, you don’t need to back brush your hair. Instead, cover one of the sides of your forehead with emoji cut hairs. Regardless of your age and face shape, you can go for it.

In black hair, try this unique and classy pixie. It is the ideal option to cover a large forehead. So, you can keep one side shaved or small like an undercut. Now cover the forehead with hair from the top.

6. Stacked Pixie Cut

As the name suggests, this style is like stacking your hair but with an asymmetrical pixie cut. It gives a visual effect of more hair volume. If you want to keep your hair short, go for this style. Once you get the cut, you can use hair dye to highlight some areas.

This one’s for women with longish faces. However, you can try it for a round face too. Regardless of the age, go for this without worrying. Too much stack may look odd. So, try this simple one to look classy.

7. Asymmetrical Long Pixie

Asymmetrical long pixie looks great on young women. If you are a woman who needs to travel frequently, have this hairstyle to get rid of hair care. With minimal care, you can keep your hair nice and clean. You may try hair dye to bring uniqueness.

Want to look different than others in the same hairstyle? Then we recommend grabbing this cut. Here you need to keep the under hair small or shaved. Keep the hair in the top area longer so that it comes up to the shoulder.

8. Asymmetrical Pixie Bob With Bangs

This is the combination of pixie, bob, and bang. Sounds surprising? Well, it is not a new hairstyle. Just tell your hairdresser to get this one. Show the picture for reference. Having a side bang in an asymmetrical pixie enhances the beauty.

The hairline is thinking, and you are too worried? Then you can choose to get the asymmetrical pixie with a bang. While dressing the hair after the cut, keep the bang-styled hair on the forehead. It looks great for all ages.

9. Blonde Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

Do you want to look like a Barbie doll? Then try this out with your blonde hair. But be aware that hair length shouldn’t exceed the height of the ear. Side part the hair from any of the sides and then apply hair spray to keep it set.

This one is a bit different compared to a regular asymmetrical pixie cut. But it looks great if you can do it in the right way. So, keep the hair shorter in the back. Get long hair in the frontal area and spread it on the cheek.

10. Under shaved Asymmetrical Pixie

Under shaved asymmetrical pixie is something that everyone doesn’t try out. If you are brave, try this style, and you will look different than others. It best suits women with heavy faces. You can keep under shaved one side or both sides.

11. Side Bang Asymmetrical Pixie

After seeing the image, you might be thinking it is not a regular asymmetrical pixie cut. Well, it is not! Here, your hair length will be longer than a typical pixie. Get an angled cut on the hair ends. Now side part the hair and keep them straight.

12. Asian Asymmetrical Pixie

Asian women with black hair must try this out. Before you get the cut, decide which hair side you want to keep long. Then side part the hair from the mid-scalp and keep it simple. Must keep shorter hair on the backside.

13. Highlighted Asymmetrical Pixie

14. Classic Asymmetrical Pixie

The classic asymmetrical pixie cut suits women of all ages and all kinds of faces. This actually gives you an aesthetic look. If you are into something creative, definitely try this out. We recommend trying it mostly for black hair.

Final Words

From this long list of asymmetrical pixie cut hairstyles, find out what matches your personality. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Whichever style you try, you will be in trend. Each of the above styles is easy to maintain. For short hair, this is the best type of haircut for sure.

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