22 Classy Blonde Pixie Cut Ideas For Any Occasion

Have you ever been tempted to get a bold, brand-new haircut like a blonde pixie cut? Even when we say blonde, there are various shades that you can dye your hair in, including platinum blonde, ombre blonde and many more.

Top Blonde Pixie Styles to Switch Things Up

Many people may think that having a pixie cut means that you have short hair that you can’t do anything with, but that’s not true! Blonde is a good color to go with this haircut because the bright color brings attention to your hairstyle immediately. Without further ado, let us take a look at these visually attractive pixie cuts!

1. Short Blonde Pixie Cut

With the help of some hair gel, you’ll be able to get your blonde pixie cut looking a little more stylized. The natural colored roots help to enhance this contrast too!

Source: miss.ivette

Prefer your pixie cut to be full blonde instead? That’s fine too! Blonde hair has a way of looking like it’s made of fairytale shimmery gold. Who wouldn’t want that?

Keep your short hair looking simple, neat and business-like with this proper pixie cut. The blonde hues mixed with just a hint of the roots are beautiful!

2. Edgy Blonde Pixie Cut

Source: kassiabarbo

Hairstyles do not discriminate by age. Even at the age of 50, you can still rock a sporty pixie cut to look young!

If you’ve ever wondered about how the back of your pixie cut can look like, this is one of the options. Ladies who want to look edgier will usually have some neat, shaved ends!

Another popular element of an edgy haircut is the asymmetrical fringe. It’s almost essential for any edgy haircuts, regardless of whether or not you pair it with a pixie cut!

3. Pixie Cut On Black Girl

If you’ve ever thought that black women will not look good with a blond pixie cut, you’re dead wrong! Blonde shades can complement even darker skin tones perfectly.

Worried about blonde shades not fitting your skin tone well anyway? In that case, go for a duller shade, which should eliminate some of your main worries.

4. Long Blonde

Not all pixie cuts need to be short and curt. You can also cut yours to a slightly longer length that reaches your neck and no lower. It’s still easy to maintain!

Need a little more style in your haircut? Streaky hair with mixed colors is usually a good move. The mixed colors would also make the blonde look slightly more faded.

5. Blonde Highlights Pixie Cut

Source: eileenybeen

Highlights are good too! Highlights are perfect for ladies who love their natural hair color but want to try something new at the same time.

Some hair highlights are not as obvious as others. If you choose a color just a shade or two lighter than your current tones, you could end up with a look just like this one.

6. Honey Blonde Pixie Cut

Here’s a shade that not as many people may know about – honey blonde. The hue is a little more orangey, and would still be suitable with various hair tones.

Source: itsabreezeway

Have you ever imagined this color with a curly pixie cut? Curls are a natural way to enhance the textures in your hair, and a great one too!

7. Ash Blonde

Source: irinagamess

Instantly look classy with an ash blonde color in your pixie cut. This color is popular among women of all ages!

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If you dye your hair with focus on the topmost section, you may get results that look like this. The darker colors at the bottom are a good way for the new color to blend in naturally!

8. Grey Pixie Cut

Why not mix and match your grey blonde pixie cut with some layered cuts at the back? This hairstyle is suitable even for older women.

Just because you have a pixie cut, it doesn’t mean that you can’t mix in some spikes to make this hairstyle look more sporty with your round face.

9. Pixie Cut Blonde Ombre

Source: hairxariana

Ombre colors are the easiest way to upgrade any hairstyles at all! With a duo-color tone and a smooth transition, you’re bound to have ahead of colorful glory.

Source: self.salon

Even if you’re not a big fan of bright, vivid colors, you can still get an ombre look with your natural hair color and another normal, slightly brighter tone on top.

10. Blonde Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

Source: jas

Asymmetrical cuts are one of the holy grails in stylish haircuts. Whatever the other elements are that you want to have on your head, an asymmetrical part will always enhance it.

Consider getting your asymmetrical pixie bob with the fringe longer and the back shorter! This arrangement is sure to make any dull hairstyle look more interesting.

So, here are the top 22 pixie cut hairstyles that you can choose to adopt today. Which one would you go for and why? While you’re at it, consider trying out a mix of colors in your hairstyle too!

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