45 Best Treated Short Faux Locs Styles For 2022

Locs protective styles are usually named together for long hair extension. But the short faux locs styles have started to get buzz in the fashion world. The stylish chopping style alongside the locs wraps out well for a low-maintenance hairstyle call.

In recent times, lots of top celebs are seen with short faux locs hairstyles. Everyone is getting back to the old trend and the hairdo is turning into a trendsetter. You can copy them for your desire or choose one of the best short-style faux locs from our presentation underneath.

We have tried some unique combinations of style and stand out strongly among the vast versatile option. You also have the freedom to customize the pattern and tone as you prefer. The style is going to save you a lot of time in the long run.

No more worries with short-length haircuts when you have an option like short faux locs styles at your disposal. All your misconceptions will vanish and charm you with a new cute and sexy haircut. Let’s have a look at our short faux locs hairstyles demonstration.   

How to Do Faux Locs on Short Hair – step by step

Faux locs on short hair can be achieved by following a few simple steps. We have extended our hand at your assistance and prepared a guideline for you. You can go through the steps one by one and address your desire for a short faux locs style.  

Step – 1: Choosing the hair extension

There are different textured hair extensions that you can find for your faux locs. Kinky options are kinda popular, but you will also find soft crochet extensions. Make sure to have a good quality hair extension for the short faux locs hairstyles.

Step – 2: Create Different Sections

Most often six sections seem to do the work but that will depend on your short faux locs styles. The process will also determine what your faux locs pattern will look like. Try to keep it as natural as possible.

Step – 3: Braiding the extension

Attach the extension hair with your natural hair using a hair crochet hook. The strands will place the locs together. The different color extensions will make it easier to remove at the end but that is totally up to you.

Step – 4: Size of the twist and overall look

The faux locs twist size will depend on your chosen extension and preparation. Wrapping the locs together will be time-consuming for beginners. The finishing touch will be to add some curly extension as you prefer and you are done!         

Sizzling Hot Short Faux Locs  

Short faux locs hold the ability to protect your tresses from damage. The cropped hair commits for an easy-to-maintain hairstyle. Get ready to pick the right trending short hair faux locs for your daily pose.  

1. Bob Short Faux Locs

bob short faux locs
Source:@adannamadueke via Instagram

Bob’s style put forward shoulder-length strands, which lead with some curly texture. The streamlined design of the short faux locs style took a real shape on the right side. The fantastic hairdo needs to be wrapped up with a smile.

2. Short Crochet Faux Locs

short crochet faux locs
Source:@babylonafrohair via Instagram

Short Crochet hair takes the blonde hue and wants loose with the faux locs. The hairstyle works well on the shoulder-length finish and keeps the root on a natural note. The hairdo is appealing enough for a stylish babe.  

3. Curly Short Faux Locs

curly short faux locs
Source:@quorae_designerhair via Instagram

Short faux locs set extra volume of curl as the extension gets stacked up at the back. The hair combination adds some twisted pattern to the fall. The piece of hairstyle remembers the golden age of Music.  

4. Faux Locs With Short Sides

faux locs with short sides

The right side of the hairdo gets a faded commitment as the rest takes the left direction. Faux locs twining affects the top on a brown shade that gradually gets lighter. The undercut blend fits perfectly with short-length faux locs.

5. Jumbo Short Faux Locs

 jumbo short faux locs
Source:@real_headlash via Instagram

Jumbo faux locs look to keep the black shade forward on the twisted pattern. The small section involvement in the hairstyle offers a perfect combo. The teenager can consider the haircut for special occasions.

6. Short Faux Locs With Curly Ends

 short faux locs with curly ends
Source:@hairitagebeautybar via Instagram

Curly end texture put a soft weave at the edge of the hairdo. The faux locs add on some golden accessories on the move. The short standard of the hairstyle ensures a complete look.  

7. Short Goddess Faux Locs

short goddess faux locs
Source:@locbaes_ via Instagaram

Goddess-style short faux locs tone the second half on golden bleaching. Dark top simply parted in disarray fashion. The hairdo has a trendy vibe on.

8. Short Faux Locs With Shaved Sides

short faux locs with shaved sides
Source:@dmv_illest_hairstylists via Instagram

The shaved side put on a show of short faux locs style on the other end. The twisted pieces loose forward on the dark pitch. You can achieve the hairstyle without much of a hassle.

9. Individual Crochet Faux Locs On Short Hair

individual crochet faux locs on short hair
Source:@spritzhairstudio via Instagram

Individual crochet styles manage an off-the-center partition on natural hair shade. The short length conserves a twisted pattern all over the board. It looks rebellious choice regarding lifestyle considerations.  

10. Short Faux Locs Blonde

short faux locs blonde
Source:@westindieray via Instagram

The short faux sharply put forward two sections of length on the hairstyle. The neat golden shade provides a stunning blend with the dark root. The sleek hairstyle gives a proper feminine pose.

11. Faux Locs For Short Natural Hair

faux locs for short natural hair
Source:@spiritlovesbeauty via Instagaram

Short natural hair faux locs get off the shoulder and head for some splash of warm tone. The side partition makes the hairdo easier to maintain. The fun hairstyle can be your consideration at any stage of life.  

12. Messy Faux Locs Short

messy faux locs short
Source:@iamthelocqueen via Instagarm

Short faux locs style needs a mid-diversion as the hair got fluffy at the tip. The protective locs shine on the black hue favor. You can experiment with the hairstyle for a special date.

13. Short Fat Faux Locs

short fat faux locs
Source:@tee__beautician via Instagram

Fat faux locs put a dense blunt cut at the show. The rubber band pairing increases the overall charming look of the style. You can take inspiration from the haircut.  

14. Short Faux Locs Crochet Braids

short faux locs crochet braids
Source:@slayerstyles_ via Instagram

Crochet braids often seem suitable with the short faux locs. The light and dark blonde combination takes control of the right swept fall. The bold hairdo will give a flattering look on a sunny day.

15. Short Jumbo Faux Locs

 short jumbo faux locs
Source:@_harrisjanae_ via Instagram

Jumbo faux locs take the reddish creation on the natural hair color. The fat elegance of the hairstyle put some golden ring on view. The shoulder-length finish keeps the hairdo into an amazing weekend choice.  

16. Short Ombre Faux Locs

short ombre faux locs
Source:@akshairshop via Instagram

The lightweight construction of the faux locs put forward a low-maintenance call. The weave on the fall highlight dark and brown shade visualization. The hairdo has a pretty dramatic pose on demand.  

17. Short Small Faux Locs

short small faux locs
Source:@kendrakenshay via Instagram

Short and small faux locs combine together with side partition follow-up. The hair creation does not need much attention for daily maintenance. The short length always curves together a good look for lasses.

18. Short Wavy Faux Locs Crochet

short wavy faux locs crochet
Source:@wynnejean via Instagram

The big extension of the short faux locs style takes place on the left side. The hanging locs put some silver accessories on edge. A beautiful hairstyle can be created for a kinky hairstyle lover.

19. Short Blonde Crochet Faux Locs

short blonde crochet faux locs

The crochet faux locs always glow well with the blonde shade mix. The sleek hairstyle gets an inward curve at the end section. The hairstyle seems to be a summer-ready choice.

20. Short Brown Faux Locs

short brown faux locs

Only the front faux locs take on the dark pitch while the rest flow with the brown covering. The twisted hairstyle generates a natural dense look. The hairstyle variation results in a luxurious vibe.

21. Short Faux Locs Updo Styles

short faux locs updo styles
Source:@1nonlycashvia Instagram

The updo wearing gets along well with the short faux locs style. Everywhere you will see dark flow while just a pinch of brown in one locs. The hairdo lifts up the overall look of short-length hair.

22. Red Faux Locs Short

 red faux locs short
Source:@classyhair_extensions via Instagram

Red faux locs get swept flawlessly on the left portion. The curly creation provides an amazing flexible hairstyle. You can turn to the hairdo for an easy-going fashionable choice.     

23. Very Short Faux Locs

very short faux locs
Source:@cresposecachospriscilaalmada via Instagram

The length of the short faux locs stays on the cheek length finish. The slightly off-the-center partition piece together a double-shade fluffy look. The hairdo will make you stand stylish in any group.  

24. Short Chunky Faux Locs

short chunky faux locs
Source:@crownhairkenya via Instagram

The chunky faux locs take on a colorful rubber band on the mix. The hairstyle defines a new way of short-length faux locs. The simply glamorous hairstyle is meant for the real babe.

25. Short Faux Locs Dreads

 short faux locs dreads
Source:@aj_dreadlocks_tz via Instagram

The faux locs dreads look simple yet glamorous on a very short-cut hairstyle. Not much of a curl is seen on the haircut. The loose fall can end your natural look hairstyle search.  

26. Layered Short Faux Locs

layered short faux locs
Source:@curleeme via Instagram

The layered combination of the short faux locs styles gets an iconic twist and turn. The cute accessory onboard keeps the hair decoration alive. Your date can never go wrong with the hairstyle.  

27. Short Faux Locs For Thick Hair

 short faux locs for thick hair
Source:@tanlly_hair_stylist via Instagram

Thick hair short faux locs do not keep much of a weave on the volume. The flat-top stays smooth and directs a few locs at the back knotting. Girls with glasses can consider the haircut for any given day.  

28. Faux Locs Buns

faux locs buns
Source:@karidahairstyle via Instagram

Dynamic faux locs put forward a desirable two buns show. One faux locs make it to the front and stay in a natural shade. Girls with high fashion sense will surely love the hairstyle.

29. Asymmetrical Short Faux Locs

Asymmetrical short faux locs
Source:@getmanetamed via Instagram

Box asymmetrical patterns take place in the style. The faux locs section wants the angled cut blonde finish. You will look like a beautiful model with the hairstyle.   

30. Blue Short Faux Locs

Blue short faux locs
Source:@hair_bykaylarae via Instagram

Things spice up when you add blue with dark shade together. The short-style faux locs do exactly that and put forward a unique hairstyle. The fashionable hairstyle also takes some simple accessories on the strands.    

31. Gorgeous Short And Dark Faux Locs

Gorgeous Short And Dark Faux Locs

The short faux locs charm you with an off-the-shoulder length finish. The thin twist supports some box patterns on the front section. You can want the classic hairstyle for your chubby face.

32. Short Butterfly Faux Locs

Short Butterfly Faux Locs
Source:@goldynaps via Instagram

The bold butterfly locs are mainly on the left section. The curly effect takes the ash-blonde coloring. The hairdo always turns out well for sweet ladies.

33. High Bun Short Fancy Faux Locs

High Bun Short Fancy Faux Locs

One section of the faux locs wears a bun knotting at the peak. The blunt edge also leaves free falling end in the bun creation. Black girls will be proud of the hairstyle look.     

34. Connecting Short Style Faux Locs

Connecting Short Style Faux Locs
Source:@lolatoney via Instagram

The short faux locs styles connect here the nature and cultural roots together. The brown and dark shade doubles the hype of the hairstyle. Black girls will be proud of the hairstyle look.      

35. Short Colorful Faux Locs With Bun

Source:@guria_das_trancas via Instagram

the strands of the hairstyle assess with the blue and white color combination. The high bun is also shaped in the same shade as some dark rubber band attached at the front. The hairdo looks like a perfect hairstyle blend for big events.   

36. Short Back Knotting Faux Locs

Short Back Knotting Faux Locs
Source:@locsndreds via Instagram

37. Short Natural Hair Faux Locs

Short Natural Hair Faux Locs
Source:@locd_bylilollc via Instagram

38. Green Short High Bun Faux Locs

39. Shoulder Length Micro Faux Locs

Shoulder Length Micro Faux Locs
Source:@cheek_ via Instagram

40. Faux Locs Shortly Chopped Vibrant Hairstyle

Faux Locs Shortly Chopped Vibrant Hairstyle
Source:@lockedinwithkg via Instagram

41. Short Bob Soft Faux Locs

Short Bob Soft Faux Locs
Source:@ovmkhair via Instagram

42. Angled Cut Short Protective Faux Locs

Angled Cut Short Protective Faux Locs
Source:@telistyles via Instagram

43. Two-Tone Short Style Faux Locs

Two-Tone Short Style Faux Locs
Source:@mocha.natural via Instagram

44. Short Turquoise-Green Faux Locs

Short Turquoise-Green Faux Locs
Source:@hairescapades via Instagram

45. Vibrant Short Multi-Color Faux Locs   

Vibrant Short Multi-Color Faux Locs  
Source:@catchtheswitchup via Instagram

Short faux locs styles always look good to wear in natural shade. We have also tried some different blends for our hairstyle exhibition. The twisted base often mixes bun and rubber band in combination.

Our short faux locs examples are just to inspire you. Get involved with a hairstylist and show them your favorite one. You can mimic one of them or customize them into your own revealing style.