36 Trendy Braids With Shaved Sides For Women (2022)

Extraordinary braids with shaved sides get tapered down in a different pattern. The statement of fade margin on the braids can vary according to your fancy dream. Temple of interlaced strands will sign on the top of the hairstyle.

The leading look will seem edgy and bolder for any woman. We have a presentation of few braid styles with shaved sides. We worked on different terms of need and our hairstyle list has something to offer for everyone out there.  

Braids in shaved sides always indicate the endless collection of versatility on serve. The style can be long, colorful, and have unique features according to your choice of interest.

1. Side Shave Box Braids With Tapered Sides

First on the view affects the tampered sides to nil. The red pigment in few as black takes majority share of the braids. The stunning look ends on a longer bottom and appoints a better makeover on your adjustment.

Gorgeous black braids replace the sides in a shaved one. The position of the braids gets swept in one side and the bun increases the beauty promise. The hand-on look will be different from any other hairdo that you might have in mind.

The chunk of the braids poses in a top bun and open up in a brown tint. The razor sides have some crooked pattern on view. The shades look amazing for any stylish girl on their day.

2. Box Braids With Shaved Sides

Coverage of braids knotted on the top and admit a bun in a full below up to the shoulder. Few red hues on the shades made them look more pleasant. The faded sides make the hairdo perfect for the princess.

Face the box braids which have a bob cut and rent on a blue and blonde tone. Process of the shaved sides also gets some scratch from blue with a single braid sideburn. The hairstyle is a trendy choice for the hip-hop world.

The whole box braids scrap on to the right. The vibration of different shades on the braid and have only one shaved side is in view. The selection of the hairstyle seems to be a burning hot choice for New Year.    

3. Short Braids With Shaved Sides

Shorted braids get stretched from the middle and end in a swept to the side. A long portion of the braids make it to the back and look sharper in red touch. You can try the style to look amazing on any special occasion.

Small braids are always special at handling summertime. Curly bottom and trimmed sides complete the style to be more recreational. Your wish of the braid with shaved side hairdo can be fulfilled here.

Announcement of skin shaved sides see three small braids lays to the back. The mix of black and brown on the date seems to serve well the purpose. The hairdo is tremendously easy to wear on and yet fashionable.

4. Box Braids With Shaved Sides And Back

Some unique braids pattern resource curve in a band and administrate the bun to be fluffy. Orange pigment in blend with the black always seems amazing. The back and sides are shaved to deliver a better hairdo promise.

Side and back hair are fully swallowed to give a badass view in return. The braids rail in a line to end up in a bun. The blonde in black root offers a great sight of a modern hairstyle.

Series of long hair gets braided in a fly to the bottom. U shape formed on the edges and the braids hair gets adjusted according to your desire. The hairdo seems like a mettlesome hairstyle for the new generation.

5. Braids With Shaved Sides And Back

Draft of braid hairstyles with shaved sides and back present a new idea of a goddess updo. Black high-end style on the cornrows has some yellow and red tone. Try the hairstyle to state a better lookover.

Familiar sides and back on this one like the previous hairstyles. Feature of braids pattern gets along to the bottom source. The initial hairstyle looks unique and amazing with the splash of orange touch.

6. Goddess Braids + Shaved Sides

Big braids with shaved sides pin theory of a double ratio pattern. Small middle braids stand alongside the big braids and showcase a unique systematic figure. The style shows up a new way to charm with the braids.

Goddess braids cornrows get longer gradual decor. Promising style pattern to the back which ends of an open agent. The possible trend hairstyle looks great for your special occasion choice.

7. Lemonade Braids

Lemonade braids often get associated with Beyonce. Her shattering popularity has invested a lot to turn back the tide for the style. Crocked sides with a pleat on red-black shade make you shine every single day.

Small cornrows of lemonade effortlessly get swept to the left side. The different texture on view gets shaved to nothing. The style reports a significant jazz vibe on the go.

8. Cornrow Braids With Shaved Sides

Process of close scalp braids wears on the shaved sides. A strong golden knot gets underway on the bun. The curly hair that falls off the front shoulder will be a trendy promise for you.

Exclusive two cornrow braids on the action. One gets hard swept to the side starting from off the center and another close to the ear. The hairstyle has a smooth finish all around and seems glamourous for the time.

9. Crochet With Shaved Sides

Crochet hook braids create some orange hybrid traditional look on sight. Sides have lines of cut to enhance the hairdo. Moreover, the hairstyle suits anyone in a natural way.

Crochet braids clear swept to the sides and one fresh shaved side-on view. The hook style can also be wear with a bun. Red and yellow colors get together to feature an amazing bold look.     

10. Micro Braids With Shaved Sides

Popular micro braids get in flight with a blonde middle portion. The side brush glory of long hair gets smoother towards the end line. The hair trend seems to run well for the summer hairdo promise.

Next, micro braids ensure the style to be fallen on the sides. The twisting line and root box get wrapped in a black tone. No matter what the event is people are going to love the hairstyle.

11. Kinky Twist

Roots extension gets a kinky twist and orders the fall to the front. Shaved side cherished musical pattern and plaits end in a curly finish. The brown hue assists you to stand out among many.

Event of twisted hair strand in black and brown color. The sides are clean as others get combed on the left. The little curl on the finish makes a great style for a bold woman.

12. Shaved Sides With Braids On Top

Braids styles with shaved sides consult on the top hit. Black hair plaits create a monk bun and run on to the tip. The zigzag pattern and edges make it more elegant to wear on.

13. Twist Braids

Twist braids simply pressure less on the center and keep the style in a simple trend. The cyan mix adds on to the swept and gets contained on the sides. The hair idea creates dependable shorter shave insides.

14. Feed In Braids With Shaved Sides

Direct scalp fade in braids bases the wave in a yellow turn. The bun rope fitted in blue and get fluffy to hang back. The geometric pattern on the sides assures a glamorous lookover.   

15. Curly Micro Braids

Micro braids group up to round a single band. The plaits quest continues the flow and company to a curly end. The person with inner rock can try the hairdo to look amazing.

16. Braids With One Side Shaved

Blonde braids shot mess around the top. Regular shaved have acknowledged only on the sides. People will start to you notice you more after the cut. So, make sure to claim your compliments.

17. Blonde Braids With Shaved Sides

Blonde braids witness a gradual smooth finish on the long hair. As usual shaved sides are followed. Are you looking for a low-maintenance braid? Well, the hairstyle can be your spoken choice of interest.

18. Tree Braids With Shaved Sides

Tree braids overshadow the plaits in a curly pink tone. Control of installed braids operates on shaved sides and falls in one direction. The hairstyle has its own stylish box braid root promise.

19. Faux Locs + Shaved Sides

Faux Loc’s braids give an extension of dreadlocks looks. The curl unveils onto the bottom and handles all plaits fall on one side. Such a cool haircut can always be customized according to your desire.

20. Red Box Braid With Shaved Sides

Red box braids of two ponytail press in a neck-length height. Sides are trimmed in short in a string pattern to the back. Overall, the hairdo shows a super cute look for all.

21. Mohawk Braids With Shaved Sides

Mohawk mid crowns cooperate with braids in a rotating pattern. Little distribution of brown tone on the bottom curl. The classic braids With Shaved Sides hairstyle look stunning for any summer day.

Braids with shaved sides form a possible trendy choice over other hairdos. We hope you followed the styles and appear to find the right one on your wish.        

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