25 Exclusive Red Box Braids Hairstyle To Explore

Red box braids are incredibly beautiful and vibrant hairstyles that are a sure banker for any skin complexions or occasions. Colors pop and Red is a great one to stand you out from the rest. You can also find interesting variations in these surreal styles highlighted below. Dive right in!

Box braid hairstyles are irresistible and alluring when made in red. You can try any of the hot styles below.

1. Black And Red Box Braids

Source: itispatt_

Box braids are pretty but have you tried them in black and red? This style is a mix of cool red and black shades and is perfect for any occasion.

Here is a beautiful variation of the style with red braids and black roots. The braids transition to a purple hue as they taper out, making this an absolute favorite.

These lovely braids are big, bold and are made in deep red and black hues. There are different Red box braid hairstyles but these are tightly braided and styled for durability.

2. Long Red Braids

This style boasts beautiful and ravishing thick red box braids with a tinge of black. Try this hairstyle and it will make your dreams about having extra long hair come true.

Source: jamara.sadee

These waist-length braids are a great feature in any style magazine. They are parted centrally with black hair twisted into the wine-colored braids. You can never regret going for this.

3. Dark Red

Source: kyriahdee

The darker the shade, the lovelier the style! This dark red spectacle features slim braids with a side part and you can wear matching lipstick to complete an awesome look.

Source: sephora.95

You want to play with a bit of color but don’t want to commit to one hue? These red box braids beautifully frame both sides of the face enhancing your facial features.

4. Ombre Red Box Braids

Braids this dope do not need a bit of styling. These box braids start out black on top then fade into a deep red ombré from the neck to your mid-back.

Source: shistyledme

We love red box braids for reasons such as its versatility when styling. These braids are super cute with an ombre finish at the ends that gives this a carefree vibe.

5. Blonde And Red

Colors, colors and more colors! This red and blonde box braids hairstyle combines an energetic array of colors with predominantly blonde waist-length braids, giving you a chic look for any casual event.

Why try small braids when you can rock these amazing jumbo red braids? Each braid is infused with a variety of colors that add to the ultimate glam of this look.

6. Bright Red Braids

Source: getstitchedin

This bright red box braids are simply a work of art. The top braided bun sits pretty in a fiery red hue that complements the color of the flowing braids.

Just behold this yummy bright red goodness! This splendid braid hairstyle has thin strands and the undergrowth is also dyed red. It frames your face creating a cute finish.

7. On Dark Skin

Source: tajanaxsmith

Red hair suits any complexion perfectly but stands out with dark skin. These all-red braids are long and fall graciously on one side of your face for an urban appeal.

Source: tshanimarithe

Forget natural hair color for a second, and pick a fun color for your hairdo. This style has a centre-part with beautiful red braids framing the face on both sides.

8. Red Box Braids On Light Skin

Source: aga_gorczak

Red hair brings your lovely light skin to live! This simple, laid-back box braid style is a gem because of its cool, deep red hue and ease of maintenance.

Source: l.vyparinova

This colorful style is not to be worn solely at music festivals. It is perfect for any event. Simply pick this red braids and glasses to complete a nerdy look.

9. Small Red Box Braids

Small braids are in vogue and you can’t stop them! This style has cute small braids with a mix of black and deep red hair separating it from the rest.

Small red box braids provide versatility when creating different looks. This style combines thick and thin braids beautifully, making this the perfect option for women in need of a quick polished style.

10. Burgundy Red

Burgundy Red is the new cool! The braids fall to one side and you can elevate this classic style by infusing your box braids with red color, creating a sassy look.

Source: hairbynodia

Burgundy Red is a great color to consider for elegant box braid styles. As seen here, you can get some extra-long waist-length small box braids for a relaxed look.

11. With Curly Ends

Source: dreadzcore

For a fun look, add these audacious curly ends to your red box braids. This style is perfect for easy-going girls who love to stay in touch with their inner child.

Box braids make your dreams about extra long hair come true. Curling the colored braids is an eccentric variation to the usual style making this style, one for the ages.

12. Half Black Half Red Box Braids

Box braid hairstyles ooze simplicity. This is a super easy style with a classic red half updo and the other half being long, flowing braids with stunning red curly ends.

13. Red Box Braids Bob

While most women prefer longer styles for old school flair, short box braids deserve more credit. The bright red color takes the vibe of this classic red box braids bob style from chic to crazy cool.

Red box braids are a joy to behold no matter the season. They provide you with a good number of exciting styles to pick from. Whether long or short, dark or bright, they are perfect options for adding glam to your day-to-day look. You should try any of these today!

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