17 Exclusive Mohawk Braids With Shaved Sides(2021)

Mohawk braids with shaved sides are beautiful hairstyles that balance the femininity of braids, giving them a punk-inspired edge. They are perfect for any skin complexions or occasions. So, if you need a new look, check out these styles on how to combine the modern side shave with any plait.

Side Shaved Mohawk Braids

Mohawk braids are incredibly stunning when made with side shaves. Try out any of these creative braided styles below.

Source: babaz_braidz

This is an extremely eccentric braided hairstyle made with golden brown hair and blonde weave attachments. The Mohawk gives the style height, while the shaved sides are low to create angles for a dramatic finish.

This is nothing short of a blonde beauty! The hairstyle is made with amazing curly hair, featuring flowing blonde braids that are tied into a low ponytail and run a little below the chest length.

Braided hairstyles are known to ooze a lot of feminine appeal. However, shaved sides can help balance this by adding a masculine twist to them. The result is this flexible and eye-catching statement style.

Thin braids are easier to style compared to larger ones. This is a colorful style infused with wine-colored braids. Twist your braids when slicking the hair backwards to keep it in place without a band.

Source: crafterelena

Braiding short hair is a great, feminine detail to add to a masculine haircut like this slicked back undercut. This style creates a Goth-themed look with the nose-ring giving it extra sass. Try this today!

Source: curlcentric

What a magnificent French braid! This bold hairstyle features a giant French braid spiced with golden brown weaves, that transitions into a single braided ponytail. The undercut sides add depth and dimension to your look.

Why not opt for some blue magic?  This is a splendid hairstyle with thick cornrows infused with weave extensions, braided into a unique Mohawk with a touch of blue. It is perfect for casual events.

Purple is an amazing color for any hairstyle and it sure makes this stand out from the rest. It has a giant Dutch braid that forms a Mohawk with the sides shaved for a chic finish.

Source: hairmaculate

This style is peculiar because of the different color of the braids. The braids are made into twist to hold them in place and the low cut sides add a playful edge to your look.

Replicating men’s cuts for women is a trend that has been on the rise. A Mohawk braid with shaved sides is a delicate style that can soften the manly feel and maintain your feminine glow.

Source: kjw2116

Here is one audacious ponytail! This style has thick cornrows with micro-braids detailing and a fantastic ponytail made up of thick braids and weave extensions, all woven together. The low-cut sides are a welcome addition.

Source: salongbarock

Nothing is impressive than this cute hairstyle with a curly Mohawk and creatively shaved sides spiced with zigzag partings. It comes in a sexy black hue and accentuates your facial features for a sassy look.

Source: sparklefloof

No style beats this Mohawk braid with its stunning pink hair color. This is an eye-catching style with a voluminous braid that ends as a ponytail. Add some pretty flowers to achieve a bridal vibe.

Source: stylecraze

Smoothly shaved sides are simply perfect especially when done with side-swept styles. The wavy tresses frame the face on one side and are mixed with braids as they flow backwards to form a subtle Mohawk.

You cannot help but love this Mohawk hairstyle! It has low cut sides and a deep brown French braid that runs from the back forward to become a lighter, beautiful updo, giving off chic vibes.

This is a Mohawk hairstyle with a uniquely braided top and the sides of the hair cut low. It subtly frames the face and highlights your facial features for a super smart and boyish look.

You can show off those shaved sides with a nicely braided Mohawk made of box braids. Box braids are very flexible to style and easy to maintain. This style is well suited for casual settings.

Mohawk braids with side shaved have been trending in recent times because of how relatively easy they are to make and maintain. You can style anyone you choose to reflect your personality and taste. The braided variations are common among African American black women although, they are loved by women generally.