35 Best Mohawk Braids Hairstyle To Try In 2021

There’s nothing more elegant than these Mohawk braids hairstyles. They are quite easy to style with a variety of options. Options include making cornrows on both sides while leaving the middle as a pinnacle or a single, chunky braid down the center. You should definitely try any of these styles.

Amazing Braided Mohawk Hairstyle Ideas

Braids are really cool when made into a Mohawk. These beautiful braided hairstyles below are exciting variations you can try!

1. Mohawk Box Braids

Box braids are classy styles. And this is one of the basic models of Mohawk hairstyles. With the middle braids raised and the sides made into cornrows, this is a look to rock this season.

Source: summostyles

You can easily create a Mohawk by having low-cut sides. This naturally raises the remaining braids above the side hair, creating a faux-hawk appearance. Try out trendy partings on either side for a chic finish.

Shaven sides and colored braids are great for box braid hairstyles. This look is a simple way to pull off a Mohawk. Twist the braids into a giant one and finesse the sides with carvings.

2. Mohawk Cornrows Braids

Source: ayurvedakinks

Look at those stunning cornrows! This style is made in a deep jet-black hue and well decorated with gold ornaments and beads that make it unbelievably cute. It frames the face, highlighting your facial features.

Don’t be shy to make big braid hairstyles. These mohawk cornrow braids are made to create visual illusions in different directions. The entire style stylishly shapes into a trendy mohawk, smoothly demarcated from each other.

Source: silverhairgh

If you need to switch up your daily look, this is definitely for you! It features thick cornrows complemented with thin braids, and tied into a ponytail with extra braids. You can’t help loving this.

3. Mohawk Braids With Shaved Sides

Source: baeswithfades

You can add dynamism to your mohawk braids hairstyle by shaving the sides. This style boasts black and brown braids that are tied into a donut with a sleek parting adorning the length of the sides.

Source: crafterelena

This goth-themed mohawk style is classy for any occasion. The interwoven middle braids run from front to back, ending in a low bun tied with braids. Throw in low cut sides for a chic finish.

Source: vonnystyles12

What a massive donut braided bun! Here, the braids are woven at the top with clean-shaven sides that give it a dramatic edge. This accentuates your facial features and is perfect for oval faces.

4. Braided Mohawk Hairstyles With Weave

Source: gototinas

If you want to make your braided hairstyles appear fuller, go for weaves. The hair is made into cornrows at the sides, left after the ornaments as curly weaves from the front to the back.

Weaves are a simple way to make Mohawk. This style has cornrows on the sides with its weaves tousled and centered, to create this Mohawk. The colors and beads on the face give this sass.

Get more for less by deftly infusing weaves into your braided bang hairstyles. Displaying multiple weave colors, the style features short braids that smoothly transition into the weaves that make up this majestic and classy Mohawk.

5. Braided Mohawk With Curls

Source: bjshairflow

There’s no denying how irresistible these curls are! The cornrows end on both sides of the curly Mohawk, which is bulkier at the back. These springy curls frame above the eyes, drawing attention to them.

This stylish “faux hawk” type is a unique interpretation of Mohawk braids. Its cornrows are made in the direction of the pinnacle’s center while the ends of the braids are unraveled for beautifully outlined curls.

Colors would spice up any hairstyles. This is an attractive Mohawk with curls both in front and at the back, tinted to a sweet blonde hue. The cornrows on both sides complete the look.

6. Side Mohawk Braids

Source: novemberlov3

This Mohawk is undoubtedly about the braids. There are many different braids going on in this hairstyle that makes one dizzy. Each side has a unique design with the thicker braids, forming a Mohawk.

Source: novemberlov31

Make your braided hairstyle more exciting by beautifying it with a splash of color. The braids are made to run from one side, then around the head before they fall free on the other end.

Source: teetohbraids

This hairstyle is one for the ages. The braids run from the back of the head, upwards to create a pretty chic Mohawk with short curls. This alluring hairdo would be striking in any color.

7. Braided Mohawk Styles For Black Females

Source: 1755braids

This lovely style smoothly combines sew braids along the perimeters with a chunky braid down the middle. Each medium-sized sew braid is separated by thin cornrows and this is a perfect look for casual occasions.

This hairstyle features curved and thin cornrows on the perimeters, that become the sleek Mohawk in the center. The purple hue in the Mohawk and its fiscal pink tips give this look an electric appeal.

Black females love to try out daring hairdos like this wonderful Mohawk style. The thick, black braids are nicely twisted into a giant Mohawk, which is adorned by the shiny pearls on the forehead.

8. Crochet Mohawk Braids

Crochet braids take your hairstyles a notch higher. There are short cornrows on the sides, which transition into the full crochet braids that form the Mohawk in the center. This is suited for round-shaped faces.

Source: hairbyannies

With thick cornrows on the perimeters, this style boasts dual-colored crochet braids that run from front to back and curl down the middle of the pinnacle. This shapes the face, making your features prominent.

You simply can’t hate mohawk braids! Here, the golden-brown hair curls to the back while the hair along the perimeters of the pinnacle is braided into nice designs. Rock this to casual events in style.

Source: iambraidzbyja

This is an interesting variation of crochet braids hairstyle. The braids are woven from the back of the head to form an updo at the front. The thick cornrows on either side complement this style.

9. Mohawk Dreads Braided

Dreads are very much in vogue and this style is a great example on using them to create stunning Mohawks. The braids on the side are a beautiful black, sweetly contrasting the adjacent brown braids.

Talk of dreads with gorgeous purple elegance. This style would keep you wanting more! The purple dreads are swept to a side, creating an illusion of fullness around the center, hence the magnificent Mohawk.

Source: sweetnesskk

Now, this is a stroke of genius in styling dread hairstyles. It has black eccentric braids on the sides, then an audacious dirty blonde Mohawk made from creatively styled dreads running from front to back.

10. Mohawk Braids With Twist

Source: aswadhair

Don’t get it twisted, twists are back! Despite being an old trend, this style is sure to keep you looking vibrant. Twist your center braids into a gigantic Mohawk, then spice it with curvy cornrows.

Here’s one illusion you can’t resist! This simple braided hairstyle is packed in front to make it full, then thrown backwards to form a Mohawk. The side hair is cornrowed halfway, then left to fall.

Source: ohhh_she_cute

You can style braids in different ways to create a Mohawk. Whether side swept, made from the side or centered, twisted braids appear full and create moving lines from front to back to form Mohawks.

11. Braided Mohawk Updo

Source: glowhaircare_

It’s amazing how easily updos can shape out like Mohawks. This enigmatic style has a braided updo that runs from back to front. It has cornrows on the sides that perfectly blend into the Mohawk.

Source: jojo__braids

Updos are lit for every season and this is a special one. Side cornrows run along the head, then are switched to braids that are packed from back to front, building bulk around the center.

Source: undead_updos

This Mohawk is a given if you’re looking out for something new. The sides compose of one thick braid each that run backward. The central hair is thickly woven into an elegant Mohawk design.

You should try out at least one of these amazing Mohawk braids hairstyles to rejuvenate your daily look. They are easy to make, affordable and low maintenance styles that you won’t regret rocking. Don’t let anything stop you from stealing the spotlight at your next events. You’re a star, girl!