23 Cute Ponytail Hairstyles For Little Black Girls

Little black girl ponytail hairstyles are perfect because they help girls keep their hair out of the way when playing. She can look neat while preventing her hair from becoming tangled. Although plain colored hair elastics are nice, little girls prefer brightly colored ones or accessories with beads and bows.

Don’t let excuses stop you from rocking these fantastic styles today! If you can imagine it, you can create it.

1. Braided Ponytail Hairstyles For Black Hair Little Girl

Source: hair_bydiva

Young black girls deserve pretty hairstyles like this. The braids are well crafted, spaced, and tied into a ponytail with a pink band. The ponytail is infused with shades of pink for a cute finish.

What’s braids without some dynamism? This style has thick cornrows that are accompanied by thin ones in between. The ponytail is an exciting feature created using colored elastic bands, which add flair to the look.

2. Rubber Band Little Black Girl Ponytail Hairstyles

Source: lovely

Rubber bands are essential in making ponytail hairstyles. The girl’s hair is tied into two buns with rubber bands and braids are in front. Style the buns with colored clips and braids, with golden beads.

Source: weakendzoff

There are fewer styles that are more creative than this. Here’s a hairstyle that uses rubber bands to make the little girl’s hair into small crisscrossed sections. Then, the rest is bonded to form a black ponytail.

3. Short Hair For Little Girl

If you want to jazz up your baby girl’s cornrows, beads are absolutely perfect. This look can be achieved by adding the beads to the braids’ tips. Using more colors makes the look more playful.

This is a beautiful little princess rocking a stunning yet simple black ponytail hairstyle. Every girl has a fun side and you can show this off with two high ponytails. Add an elegant bow between both buns.

4. High Ponytail

Here, few curved cornrows adorn the gelled black hair, leading up into a high ponytail with full and curly locks. Instead of an elastic band, the ponytail’s base is wrapped in a section of hair.

Source: touch_by_toy

Although ponytails often make girls look more mature, you should brush the baby hairs around her face to keep her looking like your cute baby. They look adorable with a straight ponytail wrapped in hair.

5. Side Ponytail For Little Black Girl

This style features a ponytail that moves sideways before being secured into a ponytail on one side using braids. This is a pretty look and she’ll love how the ponytail’s braids drape over her shoulder.

Source: stylesbyshaks

Curved cornrows sweetly run from the front to the side, where the full-bodied and wavy ponytail starts. Work in some hair gel to smoothen the hair around the cornrows and the baby hairs in front.

6. Slicked Back Ponytail For Black Little Girl

This is a style that’s easy to make. All the hair in front is smoothened using hair gel, with a ponytail wrapped with other locks sitting high. The hair comes with a glamorous black sheen.

This slicked back ponytail is low maintenance and perfect for her picture day. The hair is first secured in a ponytail before the sections are created using black hair ties. Spice it with pink hair.

7. Little Girl Crochet Ponytail Styles

Use sleek cornrows to beautify the little girl’s scalp, before creating a crochet ponytail. These rows track back to where the ponytail starts. Adorn the tips of the crochet ponytail with colorful beads for finesse.

Even little girls can have regal hairstyles. This cute black hairstyle boasts big crochet braids with a high ponytail. Style the look with colorful accessories such as clips and beads and she’ll glow like a star.

8. Sleek High Ponytail Little Black Girls

You can tie a girl’s hair into a high ponytail with elastic bands for special occasions too. This simple style is perfect for formal events especially when the hair is smoothened down with hair gel.

High ponytails complement any hairstyle and are just perfect for this. Her sleek black hair is smoothened with gel, then crafted into a ponytail with some other locks. This style is suited for casual events.

9. Weave Ponytail For Little Black Girl

Source: braidsby_kdc

Big braids are a gem and here’s why. This hairstyle features a thick side braid that widens as it runs from front to back. It transitions into a low ponytail that’s exclusively made from weaves.

10. Curly Ponytail Little Black Girl

If your little girl’s hair is shorter than she likes, add weaves to create a thick, full curly ponytail hairstyle. Decorate the hair with gold beads and it’ll surely make her feel like a princess!

Source: livyrosepose

Accessories are an integral part of hairstyles for little girls. Therefore, this hair is made into a wide and full curly ponytail using a beautiful pink bow. It’s perfect for her first day at school.

11. Two Ponytails Little Black Girl

Source: babyharmony

Why have one ponytail when you can try two? This is a really cute look, with her hair smoothened and packed into two high ponytails. Adorn both ponytails with sunflowers for a cute, girly finish.

This little black girl ponytail hairstyle is simply a class apart from the rest. It has two cute, curly ponytails tied with colored bands. Two braids start from the front and fall on each side of her face.

12. Messy Ponytail Little Black Girl

Source: danny_styles

Here’s an exciting ponytail variation with a really eccentric vibe. It has thick cornrows, adorned with gold beads and accompanied by thin ones. This tails into a messy ponytail created with a gold hair band.

The playfulness of this cute black ponytail hairstyle is its main attraction. It boasts simple brushed back hair with a full and messy ponytail. The ease of making and maintaining this style is a great advantage.

Whether you are a mother checking for a daughter or a cute little girl looking for a new style, there’s always an amazing ponytail for you. There’s no reason to not love at least one of these little black girl ponytail hairstyles. They are perfect for jazzing up your look.