27 Perfect Short Shag Haircuts To Switch Up Your Style

You have to rock short shag haircuts to be seen as chic these days. The reason is simple: these styles give you a younger outlook and suit every occasion. They can be styled as straight or curly while being quite easy to maintain. Little wonder, every woman loves a shag.

Must-Try Short Shag Ideas For Women

Shags are appreciated because of their choppy ends and amazing textures. Add volume to the style for a full effect.

1. Short Shag Haircuts For Women

Source: dauria

This shag haircut is a simple yet highly durable style. It comes in a nice black hue, with a wavy and tumble finish. The feather bangs rest gently on the forehead, framing your face beautifully.

Short shags are pleasing but side bangs add more finesse to this look. This is a style for women with straight hair. Each lock rests gently on the next to create a moving visual pattern.

Source: mimidook

Shags are perfect for creating boyish looks because of how easily they can tone down your feminity. Featuring bangs and large glasses frames, this style is urban and chic. You should look out for it.

2. Short Curly Shag Haircuts

Shaggy haircuts look adorable on women with curly hair. If you want to spice up your look, try this amazing cut with its golden locks and black undertones. This style gives you a year-round glow.

This style is a hybrid, comprising a curly pixie cut, with enough length to create a shaggy hairstyle. Its blunt ends and splendid curls give it a cute appeal. This is indeed a unique shag haircut.

Source: nunzio_nyc

The asymmetry of the hair in this cut is its biggest asset. Coupled with the curly locks, it makes this into something of a royal look. This style is perfect for an evening dinner date.

3. Shaggy Haircut Back View

Source: billysbb

The front view of your hairstyle is equally as important as its back view. This style is proof of this. It features sleek layered wavy hair with a full and shaggy finish at the back.

Source: hair_by_rae.m

This is a straight-out-of-bed hairstyle with tousled waves and blunt edges. It is styled at the back to move radially towards the curly tips. The style’s shaggy appearance makes it perfect for casual occasions.

Source: mimidook

Despite the front of this style having a subtly boyish finish, the back view explores a different look. The hair is layered and split at the ends into wavy locks. The sideburns are a plus.

4. Short Wavy Shag Haircuts

Source: cutcolorsteph

One of the best ways to rock a shag haircut is by making it short and wavy. The shorter length puts the curls on full display. It has a unique dynamism because of its varying angles.

Source: ninezeroone

This is a truly magnificent haircut. It is styled like a curtain, framing your face on both sides and finishing just below the neck. Nothing beats how this beautiful style looks simple and yet classy.

Source: skipdoeshair

If you’re in need of shorter options for your long hair, this style is for you. It boasts wavy and tousled locks with golden highlights, that border both sides of the face, accentuating your features.

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5. 1970s Short Shag Haircut

Here is a 70s style to keep you looking splendid, while growing your short hair. It has lots of layers for texture and jagged edges for a sassy finish. The waves complete this flawless look.

Source: hairbrained

There’s nothing like a retro look for your shaggy hairstyle. This style features feather bangs that frame your forehead and wavy tresses that fall elegantly on your shoulders. Its brown lowlights are a great addition.

This blonde shaggy hairstyle is a classic! It has bangs that slightly cover the eye and locks that curl inwards, drawing attention to your cute face. The tips are curled outwards for smooth contrast.

6. For Thin Hair

Source: crescent

You don’t have to worry about your thin hair anymore! This cut is tailor-made for you, with wispy thin, lock styled forwards to frame the forehead. This blonde beauty is chic in a tomboy way. 

Women are constantly searching for ways to add glam to their hair. For those with thin hair, this style is a great way to add gloss to your look. The sideburns are cute.

Orange is an eternal favorite for women who are daring enough to rock it. This eccentric style is asymmetrical, with bangs that frame the face. It’s a perfect way to style your short thin hair.

7. Layered Short Shag Haircut

Layers are perfect for your shag haircut. They add a lot of texture, giving your style a full and lush appearance. This style is blessed with waves, layers and side bangs that shape your face.

Source: matt.swinney

This is a platinum blonde wavy spectacle! The extra layers give a voluminous look while the bangs subtly cover the eyes, drawing attention to them. It is a great fit for women with oval-shaped faces.

Colors are the best way to make your look glamorous. This style has dark hair, spiced with purple highlights for a cool and unique finish. The tousled waves make it perfect for any casual events.

8. Messy Shaggy Haircut

Source: flower

Shaggy hairstyles are suited for making messy waves. This style comes in a brown hue with some locks forming a fringe, while the rest curl around both sides of the face for a framing effect.

Source: lauriectn

This is a rather neat messy shaggy hairstyle. It has beautiful and majestic side bangs that highlight your most prominent facial features. The shiny brown hue and sleek waves make this a really irresistible option.

Source: oneeyedraven

Here is a modern definition of shaggy bob haircuts, spiced with messy waves. It comes in an alluring black sheen with a high fringe and spiky edges. The added layers give it a cute bogus appearance.

9. Shag Haircut With Short Bangs

Source: bishwithbangs

Bangs are a perfect addition to any style. Shag hairstyles are sassy and spontaneous, but adding bangs give them a refreshing appeal. This cut is really chic and would be great for a movie date.

Source: mtbstyles

This short bob comes in a stunning platinum blonde color that will catch everyone’s attention. It has side bangs that cover the eyes for a peek-a-boo feel. The extra texture makes it a great pick.

Source: wowcoolwow

This is a simple pixie cut with bangs and shaggy ends. The short bangs come in a deep brown hue which contrasts the surrounding caramel hair. It is perfect for women with round-shaped faces.

Every woman deserves to be confident and free to express herself. Without any doubt, short shag haircuts ooze these qualities and more. Colors are a way to add dynamism to your style without ruining the look. Don’t miss out any of these beauties. They are all definitely worth a try!

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