51 Newest Mushroom Haircuts For Girls (2022)

The bowl-type mushroom haircuts for girls represent the faded side and back section. The top stays in round shape as well as longer than usual. We have seen many top celebs wearing these fabulous mushroom haircuts.

You will also come around lots of top models posing with the cool haircut on Insta. The trend of mushroom cut was popular back in time but it was curved down in the early 2000s. But the creative style is back in the showbiz world and people love it. 

Mushroom styles can no more be called the hairdo of the past. Young generations are bringing back the old school look in an improved version. A girl can proudly wear them anywhere as they would love to.

We have 51 ideas of mushroom-style hairdos that you can take into consideration. We will also tell you exactly what it is meant to wear one of the styles. Don’t waste any more time, just hover underneath for more.

What is a Mushroom Haircut?

Mushroom haircuts were a popular trend back in the 70s. The hairstyle is also called the bowl cut because of the top shape. The style follows a tailored side and back while the tip reflects a round cut with fringe at the front.

The long-lost mushroom haircuts for girls are coming back into fashion. The young generation is getting curious about the short chopped hairstyles. The round mushroom shape truly looks jaw-drawing without much of a maintenance hassle.

Girls who are looking for an easy-going hairstyle should consider it as a candidate. You can also do a haircut at home with basic knowledge. Keep the mushroom shape right and adjust the height as you would prefer. Once signed in, no more complication of hairdresser visit every single week.

Majestic Mushroom Haircuts Inspiration

Mushroom women’s haircuts greatly mark for a short round shape style. The length doesn’t mean to leave the chin length and can be textured as you like. Broader your vision of the bowl-type haircuts by our ideas underneath.

1. Mushroom Haircut For Curly

mushroom haircut for curly
Source:@tigiprofessionals via Instagram

The messy mushroom haircuts for girls edge towards the curly texture. The faded section stays under the feathered layers. You will look effortlessly beautiful on the hairdo.

mushroom haircut for curly

The shaved resume is back on view with nice toping curly mushroom haircuts. The high twisted pattern leaves a short faded section on the side portion. Turn your confident mode on with the elegant cut.

2. Mushroom Top Haircut

mushroom top haircut
Source:@kriskraz_kapper via Instagram

Most of the mushroom cuts for thick hair take the bowl trend style. The ring on the ear with a clean side combination is seen on the bottom portion. The trendy hairstyle will shine up your overall facial features.  

mushroom top haircut
Source:@salonsinbarbers via Instagram

The golden pallet on the bowl cut looks sweet and punchy at the same time. The side clean shave increases the charm of the look. No additional pair of accessories is needed to shine with the hairstyle. 

3. Mushroom Haircut For Black Female

mushroom haircut black female
Source:@love.afrykah via Instagram

A black female can also call for the vintage mushroom-style haircuts. The swept-on short pattern hairdo stays in natural shade. The sleek style is suitable for all ages.

mushroom haircut black female
Source:@sleekbyshanek via Instagram

The top section of the mushroom haircuts for black girls wants the blonde hue. The side region takes out the black shade and stays stylish. Black all-time happy girls should consider the hairstyle for them.

4. Short Mushroom Haircut

short mushroom haircut
Source:@hannahpurcellll via Instagram

Very short hair rock on the ash tone mushroom bowl update. The clean look of the hairdo opens up with a blunt tone. You will look even better on the haircut with sunglasses.

short mushroom haircut
Source:@tigiprofessionals via Instagram

Mushroom put an incredible fringe at the front row. The feminine shape of the haircut keeps the dark pitch alive. Smooth style lovers should have a look at the hairdo.

5. Long Mushroom Cut

long mushroom haircut
Source:@arturodraper via Instagram

You will agree that long mushroom cuts look pleasant in the dark shade. The bangs and textured edge bring out a flattering look. The hairdo is good enough to bring back attention to your life.

long mushroom haircut
Source:@salon87brooklyn via Instagram

This mushroom haircut for girls is chopped in an angled fashion. The blunt edges keep the tresses in a straight pattern. The hairdo looks perfect for a sweet long forehead girl.

6. Mushroom Bob Haircut For Girls

mushroom bob haircut
Source:@helenloveshair via Instagram

Short bob style makes sure the angle of the cut stays above the ear. The light shade of the hairdo provides a casual pose. The mushroom style will calm down your inner beauty urge.

mushroom bob haircut
Source:@bnjhairnaillounge via Instagram

The fringe stays in touch with the eyebrow and the A-line gets bigger on the back portion. The dark shade put some extra brown hue on top. You can guarantee a better look with the new hairdo.

7. Mushroom Haircut 90s

mushroom haircut 90s
Source:@tall_and_tan via Instagram

The old days mushroom haircuts for girls stay in smooth A-line patterns. The black shade was a favorite choice for most top celebs of the 90s. Back long and short front are the trademark of the style.

mushroom haircut 90s
Source:@tropical_hiro via Instagram

The fringe has always inspired to be combined together with the mushroom haircuts. The voluminous layers at the back bring forward a new mix of styles. Aren’t you convinced to try the hairstyle?

8. Mushroom Haircut 80s

mushroom haircut 80s
Source:@thesnobette via Instagram

Go little back in time, the fringe used to sharply curve in at the edge. The real volume of the hairstyle makes up the back nape zone. The fresh and unique look of the hairstyle starts to inspire girls from the modern time.    

mushroom haircut 80s
Source:@mikaleeks via Instagram

The mesmerizing haircut of the 80s opts for the blunt-cut finish. The super-short sides stay below the layers. Stand out on any occasion with the hairdo.

9. Mushroom Haircut For Girl Child

mushroom haircut for girl child
Source:@alohi_hairlife via Instagram

Children with super short hair are very comfortable with the mushroom bowl option. The short top layers create a curve movement to the back. The hair creation will be a perfect choice for your toddlers.

mushroom haircut for girl child
Source:@gorgeousjean via Instagram

The mushroom-style haircuts crop a longer fringe at the front stand. The back section end on the neckline inward curl. Make your baby girl happy with a beautiful haircut.

10. Mushroom Haircut with Back View

mushroom haircut back view
Source:@thecutlife via Instagram

The back and front of the haircut stand for a little fluffy maneuver. Only the back faded section is on view and the top stays in a blue hue. The vibrant hairstyle will be great for black lasses.

mushroom haircut back view
Source:@thecutlife via Instagram

The cool bowl cut to leave a typical fringe looks at the front. The nape includes two line breaks alongside the faded section. The light shade hairstyle always speaks for the versatility option.

11. Korean Mushroom Haircut

mushroom haircut korean
Source:@tigiprofessionals via Instagram

Korean-style mushroom haircuts stay in thin short layers. The blunt bangs add up some color variation to the peak. The hair appearance looks desirable for BTS lovers.

12. Mushroom Pixie Haircut

mushroom pixie haircut
Source:@pierre_monet via Instagram

The pixie cut makes a fantastic bowl cut on white shade consideration. The textured cap leaves sharp edges on the short hair. The classic hairstyle is only meant for the real queens.

13. Blonde Mushroom Haircut

blonde mushroom haircut
Source:@khairlounge via Instagram

Mushroom haircuts for girls create straight locks on the ash blonde shade mix. The smooth waves end with faded sides and back. The stunning hairdo is perfect for a mess-free choice.

14. Layered Mushroom Haircut

 layered mushroom haircut

The appeal of the hairdo gets divided from center-left. The weave texture comes forward in the half-section. A layered mushroom hairstyle is exactly what a teenager would love to wear.

15. Shaggy Mushroom Hairstyle

Shaggy Mushroom Haircut
Source:@amber_biancohair via Instagram

The shaggy cut stack in well-textured long blunt bangs. The dark and light brown mixes together with a messy gradual finish. The hairstyle looks great with a smile on face. 

16. Mushroom Hair with Undercut

Mushroom Hair with Undercut
Source:@emiko_room via Instagram

Shaved side and back represents the undercut combo to the mushroom cut top. The hairpiece placed together with a masterpiece on the dark hue. The complication-free style seems an easy choice for busy ladies.

17. Rounded Bob

Rounded Bob
Source:@bb.official.asia via Instagram

The terrific round-style mushroom haircuts for girls happen to combine with see-through bangs. The reddish impression stays a little longer than usual bowl cuts. A wonderful hairstyle can impress anyone any day.   

18. Headband With Mushroom Cut

Headband with Mushroom Cut
Source:@themetalromantic via Instagram

The headband division dyes on the white pitch and leaves a fringe part at the front. The fluffy back area stays short and covers in the same shade. You can consider the hairstyle for a big event. 

19. Platinum Mushroom Haircut

Platinum mushroom haircut
Source:@ziga_velikonja_hairartist via Instagram

Platinum-style mushroom hairdo stays too short in length. But the front fringe stays longer in comparison to the back part hair. The hairdo is attractive and different from any other choice.

20. Cropped Cut


The hairstyle bowl top cropped sharply on the bottom portion. The peak state light shade while the bottom stays darker. The look of the hairstyle is priceless for any girl.

21. Coloring Mushroom Haircut

coloring mushroom haircut
Source:@newfie.screecher via Instagram

The two-color mushroom hairstyles keep a dull edge. The fluffy creation highlights the peak on purple while the bottom stays on light paste shade. Only colorful hairstyle lovers will wish for the cut.  

22. Clean Messy Mushroom Hairstyle

Source:@nicolee.hair via Instagram

The mushroom hairstyles for girls get slightly messy on the top portion. The blunt covering stays above the ear on length. The hairdo has a strong green shade effect.  

23. Mushroom Bleach Color Hairstyle

Source:@anarchyinthejp via Instagram

The cap of the style is created on the bleach color print. The long bangs at the front row keep the sideburns on clean shaves. Stay creative when you choose your hairstyle for summer.

24. Rush Mushroom Style Haircuts

Source:@tigiprofessionals via Instagram

Mushroom hairstyle patch together a messy rush look on the tip. The various textured fall gets even on the tail. The light shade of the hairdo matches well with most face types.

25. Good Vibe Mushroom Cut

Source:@alipike_investment_manager via Instagram

The mushroom cap stay on the regular shade with a little pinch of ash covering. The unique faded side portion leaves the sideburn untouched. Spike up your life into new imagination with the style.

26. Lovely Bowl Mushroom Style

Source:@inma_tropikal via Instagram

The mushroom haircut is brushed neatly in the fall with little hassle at the center. The shaved sides look outstanding with the sharp sideburn line. Women can stand out among the crowd with the hairstyle.  

27. Total Messy Mushroom Hairstyles

Source:@leticiayez via Instagram

The hairstyle wants the total messy look with a classic light pink hue. The wild style also stays uneven on the edge line. The long face people will appreciate the hairstyle look.

28. Side and Back Shaved Mushroom Hairdo

Source:@helenloveshair via Instagram

The mushroom bowl style experiment with ash gradient shade. The shaved sides and backs highlighted the mushroom style more. The impressive hairstyle has a modern vibe on.

29. Aquarium Mushroom Hairstyle

Source:@slimefairy via Instagram

The mushroom style turns to two length finish. The short fringe gets larger on the back style choice. The hairdo also states for little pink hue on the bangs.  

30. 90s Vibe Hairstyle

Source:@theaddictivebeauty via Instagram

Above ear-length mushroom haircuts for girls simply put forward a Mohawk-style bowl finish. The short-length faded section completes the futuristic look. You should experiment with the hairstyle next time.

31. Level Zero Mushroom Hairstyle

Girls with very short hair can turn for the level zero cap style. The strands are darker in shade compared to others. The hairdo is appealing enough for hip hop babe.

32. Blonde Longer Mushroom

Source:@halas.formula via Instagram

The mushroom haircuts for girls choose to stay longer in length. The side-swept on the blonde impression is truly charming. Bombshell should not miss the amazing hairstyle.

33. Cute Glitter Haircut

Source:@joyfff via Instagram

The blend of the glitter style shade is visible on the short-cut bowl style. The blunt finish shape on a rounded pattern in a simple manner. The hairdo looks special enough for date nights.

34. Clean Shaved Ash Mushroom Haircut

Source:@hairbymichalmaria via Instagram

This mushroom haircut reminds back of the clean shaved styles. The ash shade did a good job on the overall look of the hairdo. The hairstyle will do an unbelievable change to your personality.

35. Mushroom Cut With Red Hair

Source:@yuka_arche via Instagram

The bowl cut defines here with short fringe and longer side fall. The red shade strike mesmerizing for the viewers. The hairdo seems like from another dimension altogether.

36. Pink Hair Mushroom Hairstyles

Source:@syl_prudhomme via Instagram

The undercuts cooperate with the mushroom bowl finish. The pinkish hue merges with some other tone too. The low-maintenance hairdo is suitable for a stylish office girl.  

37. Redhead Mushroom With Side-Swept Bangs

Source:@unicorn.barbie_ via Instagram

The red-dyed hair gets swept in the right direction. The round pattern end above the ear line. Black girls must try the fresh-look hairstyle.  

38. Pearl Angled Mushroom Hairstyles

Source:@kiyahwright1 via Instagram

The traditional mushroom cuts got a pearl view on the effortless fall. The angled blunt edges add more length to the back portion. The hairdo A-line movement looks elegant enough for a vacation look.   

39. Sweet Black Mushroom Hairdo

Source:@artistrybyjodine via Instagram

The phenomenal haircut results in a longer layer at the nape area. The short fringe blends with the shiny dark hue. The hairdo enhances your regular short hair pose.

40. Sharp Line Haircut

Source:@clementinehairstudio via Instagram

The bangs leave a sharp edge line at the side portion. A slight splash of pink also gets along with the sharp line as the rest take the blonde covering. The hair technique looks simple and stylish to acquire for any given day.  

41. Pixie Cropped Mushroom Haircut

The short pixie classic mushroom sleek design settle with the ash tone. The faded pairing keeps the usual blunt edges. The hairdo utter classic turnover on the loud announcement.  

Ravishing mushroom haircuts for girls are super close to getting back into old glory time. Everyone is loving the bowl-type style and easy-going promise. The simple cropped finish with versatile color options turns the hairstyle into suitable attire.

The absolute stunner mushroom haircuts paired well with all face types and age-group. You can also maintain the hairstyle with minimal effort. Now, you have the opportunity to try something new which has roots back in the 60s.