45 Best Updo with Bangs Hairstyles to Try In 2022

The updo hairstyle is getting more and more popular day by day because of its classy look. Whether going for work or casual meetings, the style perfectly suits. But what about combining bangs with an updo? Yes, it is possible to combine two hairstyles and look absolutely classy and stunning.

But after hearing the term updo hairstyles with bangs, you might be wondering if the style is going to suit you. Well, if you choose the style according to the face shape and the type of hair, it will look great.

Going through all the styles and finding the best one may take hours of research. The good thing is, we have already chosen the top 35 styles that are unique and easy to do.

Top 35 Updo Hairstyles With Bangs

After going through different versions of updos as well as bangs, we finally have found the most trendings. Check the styles here and pick the right one for you.

1. Easy Updo With Bangs

easy updo with bangs
Source:@inthegldnhour via Instagram

It is the easiest version of updo. Simply pull all the hair to the backside and secure them with a hair clip while the front hair will be in the bank style. Whether the hair length is short or medium, it looks great. Most women who have to use prescription glasses should do this style.

 easy updo with bangs
Source:@tearsheets via Instagram

Don’t have much time to get a fancy hairstyle when going to a party? Well, it is not a big issue as long as you have hair clips. Just brush all the hairs on the back and keep the forehead area in the bang style. Now secure the hair with clips and then wear around the hairband to look cute.

2. Wedding Updos With Bangs

wedding updos with bangs
Source:@amy_ward_hair via Instagram

Wondering why the bane is related to weddings? Well, when someone is going to a wedding party, she needs to look stylish. This side bang with an updo is such a hairstyle that suits all types of hair. However, curly hair is not suitable for this variation of updo.

wedding updos with bangs
Source:@hairbysherri via Instagram

This one is best for Asian faces. Long and a bit heavy face can look better with the updo style. Like the previous one, get a side bang and then back brush the hair. If possible, maintain a good length for the hair while doing it.

3. Half Updo With Bangs

half updo with bangs
Source:@rachellauren.hair via Instagram

Blondies can look too cute in this half updo hairstyle. It is a combination of three different hairstyles – bangs, updo, and braids. At first, make a small section with hairs to do the braid and then brush the rest of the hair to the back. Now half of the hair should go in the updo and use the rest of the hair to get a classic two-strand braid.

half updo with bangs
Source:@reneechristine4224 via Instagram

Before getting this hairstyle, straighten up the hair as much as possible. Make two sections with the entire hairs. Take half of them to get the updo style and create a big bun. Let the rest of the hair remain free and get the side bangs.

4. Loc Updo With Bangs

 loc updo with bangs
Source:@crowns_n_tingz via Instagram

Black women with curly hair used to try a wide range of hairstyles. This one could be the best to look unique and stand out from others. Before doing this style, get medium-length hair, brush them and get two buns on the scalp while doing box braids. Keep some braids on the forehead like the side bangs.

loc updo with bangs
Source:@islandskillslocsbyali via Instagram

Want to get dreads on your hair? Then do this style. Get dreads for the entire hair and then make two small sections. Tie half of the dreads on the backside in the updo style and let the rest of the hair remain on the forehead in the side bangs style.

5. Black Updo Hairstyles With Bangs

black updo hairstyles with bangs
Source:@_letstalkbeautyllc via Instagram

Have dark black and straight hair and try to style them uniquely? What about combining bangs and updo? It is simple to do. Just grab all the hair and pull them up to get the updo and then get side bangs as shown in the image.

black updo hairstyles with bangs
Source:@itskeahbaby via Instagram

This one best suits Asian women. Especially for women with heavy faces. The hair length should be good enough to get a big bun. Tell your hairdresser to cut the front hair in the bangs so that it covers the entire forehead. Now tie the rest of the hair like a high ponytail.

6. Updo With Bangs For Black Hair

updo with bangs for black hair
Source:@mzrevae_slayzzz via Instagram

Lack of natural volume in the hair and don’t know what to do? Go for this variation. Just brush all the hair and pull half of them tightly to the top and tie with a hairband. After doing the updo, style the front hair in the bangs style.

 updo with bangs for black hair
Source:@_styledbylisa via Instagram

For a heavy face with thick hair go for this style. It is not going to take too much time to style the hair. Pull half of the hair and secure them with a round hairband and keep the front area in the straight bangs hairstyle. The style is helpful to cover a big forehead.

7. Updo With Side Bangs

updo with side bangs
Source:@hairstylist_rene via Instagram

Did you get natural blonde hair and want to style in the bangs? There is no need to brush the hair straight. Just get the updo in the messy hair. Style the frontal area in the bangs to look cute.

updo with side bangs
Source:@me_lissa_mua via Instagram

Long faces with thin hairs can do this style and look attractive. Even with a big forehead, it is easy to look great. While doing the updo, tie the hairs on both sides like buns. Then side part the front hair and cover the big forehead.

8. Updos With Bangs For Medium Length Hair

updos with bangs for medium length hair
Source:@lisciostylessalon via Instagram

Like to have minimal hair length? Then keep it medium and get the updos with bangs hairstyle. However, instead of the traditional updos, style them with a classic braid. Wrap one side of the scalp with the braid and then get side bangs.

updos with bangs for medium length hair

This one specially suits only the blondies. Whether the hair length is medium length or short length, the style is perfect. Instead of brushing the hair, get the style done with messy hair. Get a simple braid and secure it in a bun. The front should be in the side bangs style.

9. Braided Updo With Bangs

braided updo with bangs
Source:@sweetandstyling via Instagram

Thinking of applying hair dye? Then go for the brown color and then style the hair in the braids and updo combination. The benefit of the style is, it doesn’t take much effort for maintenance. Simply get a medium or short-length haircut and make a braid. Then secure it in updo and front in bangs.

braided updo with bangs
Source:@largosalon via Instagram

For blondies, there is no need to apply hair dye. Just separate the hair for braids. Get a thick and long braid and secure it on the back like a ponytail. The front should have the curtain bangs so that it covers the forehead.

10. Updos For Short Hair With Bangs

 updos for short hair with bangs
Source:@roxystotalimage via Instagram

Like to keep your hair length short and have a longish-shaped face? Then go for this updo that you can get at home. Brush the hair if you feel like it or get the updo in messy hair. Style the frontal hair like curtain bangs.

updos for short hair with bangs
Source:@i_am_kenya_parker via Instagram

Round and heavy faces with short hair are difficult to style in the right way. But the style shown in the image can bring the perfect look. All it takes is getting an updo with a big bun on top. Sweep the frontal hairs to give it the perfect look.

11. Messy Updo With Bangs

messy updo with bangs
Source:@corrine.loves via Instagram

 Women who are over 40 and seeking the best hairstyle to look younger, should try this variation of updos. It is very simple to do and doesn’t even need to be brushed. Keep the hair as it is and pull them all together and secure in the back. Choose the side bangs for the front.

12. Updo With Wispy Bangs

updo with wispy bangs
Source:@shaylatheshearlady via Instagram

For Asian women, wispy bangs could be the best choice. Especially if the hair is thinning and the forehead already looks bigger. While doing the updo, keep enough hair on the forehead area so that you can cover the large portion. Apply hair dye if you feel like it.

13. Updos For Prom With Bangs

 updos for prom with bangs
Source:@filizhair via Instagram

Prom night is coming and you don’t know how to look perfect with the right kind of hairstyle? If so, choose the updos with bangs that will bring a unique vibe. Regardless of the outfit, it is going to match. Just stylishly do the updo so that it looks sharp. For the forehead area, go for the side bangs.

14. Curly Hair Updos With Bangs

curly hair updos with bangs
Source:@vickyvogue via Instagram

What about getting updos with curly hair? Does it sound difficult? Well, check the image and you will have a clear idea of how you can also achieve the same look. Keep the hair long or short according to your preference and then get the updo. Side part the hair to get bangs.

15. Ponytail Updo With Bangs

ponytail updo with bangs
Source:@lilyslocks_hairdubai via Instagram

Have dark black hair? Is the natural hair volume good enough to make a thick ponytail? This style is the best for such hair. First of all, make a small section with all the hair and get a thick two-strand braid. Then secure it on the back and side part the rest of the hair for bangs.

16. African American Updo With Bangs

african american updo with bangs
Source:@christen_slaystylist via Instagram

Straight and black hair with a longish face can achieve this stylish look. Though it will take a few extra minutes to get it done, it is worth doing. While doing the updo, make sure to keep enough hair in the front line to get side bangs. Wear big glasses to look cute.

17. Bridal Updo Hairstyles With Bangs

bridal updo hairstyles with bangs
Source:@kayface_andhair via Instagram

If it is the wedding day of your friend and looking for gorgeous hairstyles, check it out. Unlike traditional updos, get a braid with a small portion of the hair. Now wrap it around and secure it with clips. Then get bangs in the front and a low ponytail in the back. That’s all it needs.

18. Updo Bangs with Two Buns

Source:@easyupdoextensions via Instagram

In young women, it is common to style their hair with buns. But what about getting buns like updo? Yes, you are seeing such a style in the image. Instead of traditional updos, side part hair from the mid. Then get two big buns and let the bangs remain free.

19. Low Ponytail Updo Bangs

Source:@aesta_makeup via Instagram

If going for a casual meeting and want to get a quick party look, choose this style. Though it is most common in Asian women, anyone can try it. After pulling the hairs on the back, secure them with a hair clip in the lower ponytail style. Dress the rest of the hair as you like.

20. Side Bang Updo with Bun

Source:@glambyvilda via Insatgram

Blonde hair has a big advantage, which is it looks great in all outfits. If there is less time to style the hair, simply side part them from mid-scalp and get the side bangs. Now get a big bun and secure it. Get a special makeover with smoky eyes and that’s it.

21. Long Braids Updo with Bang

Source:@blonde.queens_ via Instagram

If there is a huge volume of hair, it is easy to style them in a wide range of ways. Getting braids is one of them. Just make a separate section of hairs while doing the updo and create a thick braid. Now place the braid on the shoulder and style front hair in bangs.

22. Updo Side Buns in Bangs

Source:@conaircanada via Instagram

For college students, maintaining long hair is a nightmare. But what about looking gorgeous in short hair? Yes, it is possible to style your hair with a shorter length. Side part the entire hair from the mid-scalp. Now, just get the updos hairstyle and create side buns.

23. Blonde Updo with Low Ponytail Bangs

Source:@weddingstylemaguk via Instagram

Blondies can style their hair in a unique style by getting updos. Especially old women who like to look younger can try it out. Start updo from the frontal mid and then let the rest of the hair remain free. Secure the hair on the back in the classic buns. Wear ornaments to bring uniqueness.

24. Updo with Bangs for Fatty Face

Source:@toyaslavishlooks via Instagram

There are no issues if the face got some extra fat. Get the perfect look that makes the face look smaller and cute. Before starting the style, side part the hair. Now make a small section of hairs and twist them and let them remain on one side. TIe two small buns with the rest of the hair and it is done.

24. Wavy Updo with Ponytail and Bangs

Source:@niki.snips via Instagram

Struggling to hide a big forehead and don’t know what to do? Well, it doesn’t require having longer hair or heavy volume. With the natural hair volume and medium length, just get the bangs on the front and cover the forehead. Do an updo hairstyle for the rest of the hair.

25. Side Bangs Updo

Source:@karlaivethbeauty via Instagram

If you have naturally grey hair and want to get a celebrity-like look, just check this image. As shown in the image, ask the hairdresser to dress your hair. While doing the style, you must keep a big portion for the side bangs. Brush the hairs tightly to look sharp in this style.

26. Braided Bangs in Updo

Source:@amyhair91 via Instagram

Want to get braids all over the scalp? Then the hair should have natural volume and extra length. Start from the front and iron the hair. Now prepare big braids to wrap around the scalp. Secure it and look stunning. Try different variations of bangs to experiment.

27. Side Bangs in Updo

Source:@europeanbeautysalon via Instagram

For women who are over 50 and want to look stunning, bangs are the best choice. While doing the regular updo, get side bangs in the front. Make sure to brush the hairs tightly to the back to have a sharp look. Also, apply hair dye if needed.

28. Side Bangs Long Ponytail Updo

Source:@prettyobsessedsalon_ via Instagram

Love to get ponytails while doing updo? Then combine it with bangs to bring uniqueness. First, prepare the braid and secure it on the mid-scalp. As shown in the image, the braid should be visible enough. It is a generous style that suits anyone regardless of age and face shape.

29. Bangs with Updo for Big Forehead

Want to look younger with dark black hair? Then ask your hairdresser to cut the hair in bangs and then go for the updo. While doing the updo, let some hair remain free for the side bangs. Now tie the updo hair with a hairband.

30. Casual Updo Bangs with Bun

Source:@newhairstore_omena via Instagram

This hairstyle can be done within no time. It is very simple to do. Just the haircut should have an accurate length. Start from the front and side part of the hair from the mid-scalp. Now pull the hairs tightly to the back and tie a small bun. However, the look is not good enough for a party.

31. Classic Updo with Side Bangs

Source:@yourbeautyadviser via Instagram

The classic updo is common in all ages and ethnic groups. Even among celebrities, it is a common hairstyle. Just see the image here. It is the very basic type of updo bangs hairstyle. Try a wide range of other styles as well, especially for the bangs.

32. Twisted Updo with Bangs

Source:@robyntornabenihair via Instagram

If you are a blonde and going to a party, dress in this style. It will take less time to get ready for the party. Just make small sections of hair on both sides after side parting. Now twist the hair and style the rest of the hair in an updo.

33. Big Bun Bangs and Updo Combo

Source:@makeupbyomarl via Instagram

If the hair has a silky and shiny look naturally, go for this style. Regardless of the face shape, it goes with all outfits. Either style the hair with curtain bangs or try the conventional one. Tie a big bun on the top to get a party-type hair look.

34. Party Look Updo Braid and Bangs

Source:@hairandmakeupbystacy via Instagram

Want to try a braid while styling the hairs with updo bangs? Then follow this image. Though it looks best on grey hair, you can also try for black and blonde. Prepare a classic two-strand braid and wrap around the scalp and secure it. Now get side bangs and look stunning.

35. Big Bun Updo with Bangs

Source:@hairandmakeup_lindsey.reed via Instagram

This style best suits summer. While there is hot summer out there, updo style helps to circulate air around the face. Especially for long hair, it is the best hairstyle. Undoing the hair makes it easy to maintain the hair.

Whichever updo with bangs hairstyle you choose, get it properly. If needed, take the help of a hair expert. Also, you must consider your age, face shape, and hair color before picking one of the above styles. 

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