50 Gorgeous Bob Braids Hairstyles That Look Totally Stunning

Bob braids hairstyles are now popular among all age groups. Why? Because it is easy to maintain. But remember to do one thing, choose the right variation that suits your face shape.

You can go for a wide range of varieties for the bob braids. But among them, finding the most suitable one could be a bit hard.

Well, we can feel how tough it is to choose one particular one from all the variations of bob braids. As everyone has distinct face shapes and hair types.

Considering all these factors, here we are going to share the top 50 bob braids that are currently trending. Go through the list and pick the right one for you.

Top 50 Bob Braids Hairstyles

We did a deep analysis before including the following hairstyles. So, you can be sure that there will be something for your hair type and personality.

1. Bob Box Braids

bob box braids
Source:@z_elite.beautique via Instagram

Do you have thick hairs with natural volume? Try out the braids style with shorter hair lengths like bob cut. Shoulder-length hair is good enough to adopt the style seamlessly.

This braid is best suited for heavy and rounded faces. While doing the braids, make sure to divide the small sections in the box style.

2. Shoulder Length Bob Braids

shoulder length bob braids
Source:@mathweny via Instagram

Young women can do this hairstyle regardless of the face shape. Unlike the traditional braids, here the braids need to be a bit thin and hairs in shorter length like bob. Either follow the box style or the regular one while side parting the hair.

3. Short Bob Braids

short bob braids
Source:@styleslaystudio via Instagram

Do you know you can even get braids with shorter hair? Just check out the image. What do you see? Yes, you can have the identical style with shorter hair in the bob cut so that it becomes easy to maintain. If there is a lack of natural volume, use extensions.

4. Cornrow Bob Braids

cornrow bob braids
Source:@plush_naturalhairtz via Instagram

Cornrow braids are popular because it is easy to maintain the hair. If you keep the hair length short in the bob style, that becomes easier to get the braids. Regardless of the style of daily life, go for it and look amazing. However, don’t try the style if the face has a kind of rounded shape.

5. Crochet Bob

crochet bob braids
Source:@haircitie via Instagram

Crochet braids with long hair are a bit difficult to maintain. But what about keeping the hair length like bob and getting the crochet braids? Yes, that is possible. Once the hair lengths are short enough, start the braids from very close to the scalp and give the shape while making small sections of hairs.

6. Knotless Bob Braids

knotless bob braids
Source:@southsidestylez_ via Instagram

Wearing a knot with braids is not a mandatory thing. Especially, when the hair is not so long. Yes, I am talking about the bob style with braids but without any knot. As there won’t be any knot, you are ready to go for an event instantly. Use hair color if you feel like it.

7. Braids With Twist

bob braids with twist
Source:@vickyhairstylist_ via Instagram

Want to bring some variation in the hairstyle? Well, that is absolutely possible, and there is no need for any particular type of hair. Just get the bob haircut by a professional, then get the braids. Let the hair endings remain unbraided. Now twist the hair endings using a hair iron.

8. Pixie Bob Braids

pixie bob braids
Source:@braidsbytasha via Instagram

Before you go to the details, check out the image. Does it look super cool? Well, it is not so hard to get the style. There is no need for long hair or knotting the braids.

Simply get neck height hair and then prepare tins of small braids with a good quality wax. Now get the pixie style in the front and rock anywhere.

9. Long Bob Braids

long bob braids
Source:@charitychristinesalons via Instagram

Love to keep the length of the hair while getting the braids? No problem! But get the haircut and make the hair length up to the chest height. Now do the braids in whatever style you like. As the hair length will be a bit long, longish faces look better with this haircut.

10. Bohemian Braids

bohemian braids bob

Does the name sound like something unique? If so, let’s try out the style. It best suits young women and college students. First of all, get a bob cut with a medium length of hair. Now start getting the braids while keeping some hairs free. Now take the freed hairs and twist them to bring uniqueness.

11. Jumbo Bob Braids

jumbo bob braids
Source:@latchitbysacha via Instagram

Women who are in their early 40s can get a perfect look with the jumbo bob braids. Here, the braids would be a bit thick. Because of the thickness of the braids, there will be fewer sections. This will save time. Once the braid is done, wear some unique jewelry to be more attractive.

12. Micro Bob Braids

micro bob braids
Source:@wigsbygaga via Instagram

Micro braids are the thing when you got a fatty face. This particular haircut makes it easy to sync with any outfit without looking odd. So, start with the haircut. Get a neck height bob haircut by a professional and then do the micro braids. Each braid should have the same thickness. Side part the braids and look cute.

13. Bob Braids With Beads

bob braids with beads
Source:@ma_coiffeuse_a_domicile via Instagram

Do you find the traditional braids are now outdated? Want to bring something new in the traditional braids? Then this style is for you. Instead of just getting a simple knot for each braid, get beads for each braid. Combine beads with distinct colors and match them with the outfit.

14. Feed In Braids

feed in bob braids
Source:@ghanaianhairstyles via Instagram

Don’t be hopeless while trying to get braids even if the hair has less volume. Yes, you can get the same look like other women. The extra step to walk here is adding a feed-in extension. The extensions go seamlessly with the natural hair and bring a classic look.

15. Asymmetrical Bob Braids

asymmetrical bob braids
Source:@divulgacaooboxbraids via Instagram

Young women nowadays prefer to look aesthetic with the outfit. Getting a perfect haircut is the part of it and an asymmetrical bob braid would be a great choice. While making the small sections for braids, keep them small for small braids. Let some hairs remain free on the front and twist them with a brush and get the perfect aesthetic look.

16. African Bob Hairstyles

african bob hairstyles braids
Source:@justinestyles_ via Instagram

Though there are different versions of braids around the world, the origin of the style is in Africa. Getting the African-style braids on bob cut will feel authentic. There won’t be so many braids in the style. But while parting the hairs from mid, give it like the box braid shape.

17. Blonde Bob Braids

blonde bob braids

Love the blonde hairs? Go for it with some good quality hair color. Don’t worry much while getting the style. Just remember, you won’t regret it. After getting the hair color done, prepare tons of small sections for braids. Now get the classic two strands braids all over the scalp and look stunning.

18. Bob Braids With Curly Ends

bob braids with curly ends
Source:@sasheamari via Instagram

Don’t like to wear knots with braids? Then try out the style where the hair endings will be free but with twisted style. Basically, these bob braids require medium-length hair. Natural volume is good enough and no need for an extension. Make thin and small braids with the hairs. Keep some highlighted braids if needed.

19. Honey Blonde Braids

honey blonde bob braids

Looking young is a desire that is common in all. This haircut can fulfill the wish by giving a perfect look. Before starting the braids, apply a honey tone blonde color. Keep the hair length up to the shoulders like bob cut and then prepare small sections. Now get small braids all over the scalp and that’s all.

20. Purple Bob Braids

purple bob braids
Source:@abbys.hairsalon via Instagram

There is no golden rule that braids must do in black hair. If you are feeling like getting hair dye, go for it. Get the classic purple hair color before styling them. Now on the bob haircut, prepare medium thick two strands classic brads. The braids should spread all over the scalp.

21. Tribal Bob Braids

tribal bob braids
Source:@sadeslayedit via Instagram

In this haircut, the trick is on the side parting. While preparing the small sections for braids, try to give a crochet or box-like shape on the scalp. Now prepare thick and classic two strands braids. Finally, style the frontal hair by twisting with a brush. For the bob length, giver preference to your own choice.

22. Burgundy Braids With Bob

burgundy braids bob

So, getting hair-dyed braids can always be a perfect thing to do. Especially for Asian women, we highly recommend this hairstyle. Basically, everything for the bob haircut will be the same as regular braids except the hair dye. Keep the braids a bit thin and style them with unique knots.

23. Black Bob Wih Braids

black bob braids
Source:@estudioblessed via Instagram

Want to hide the thing that you are aging? No problem at all! Just start getting the braids with natural black hair. If the hair has lost the natural black color, apply some topnotch hair dye and then start braiding. Here, the braids will be in a regular way but with a shorter bob cut. Also, add rings for braids if you want.

24. Egyptian triangle

egyptian bob braids
Source:@styleslaystudio via Instagram

Though the name has an ‘Egyptian’ term in its name, one doesn’t need to be an Egyptian to adopt the style. This haircut is best suited for young women with longish and thin faces. Get the hair done with tons of thin and small braids. Add hair jewelry to look unique.

25. Fulani Braids With Bob

fulani bob braids
Source:@naturalhairloving via Instagram

The term Fulani came from the Fulani people of Africa. You might have seen the style in Rhianna. First of all, get medium hair length. Now start braids in cornrow style. While doing this, a few braids should go in the opposite direction toward the face. Wear stylish knots for the braids.

26. Classic Bob Braids for Fatty Faces

Classic Bob Braids for Fatty Faces
Source:@ghanaianhairstyles via Instagram

Does the face look a bit extra fatty? Then choose these classic braids on bob cut hair. Get a haircut in the bob style but with angled hair endings. Now make small sections for braids. Prepare the braids in the classic strands and spread them all over the scalp. Combine with eye shadow to look better.

27. Bob Braids for Little Girls

Bob Braids for Little Girls
Source:@braidsby_rosa via Instagram

Does your little girl want to dress the hair in the style of the braid? Then go for the style as shown in the image. Try to bring the box braids style as much as possible while doing this. There is no need for any strands for it. Simply apply hair wax and get the braids done.

28. Little Girl Orange Bob Braids

Source:@trenzas_africanas_vregion via Instagram

If the little one doesn’t like the previous one, go for this. Especially, when she just touched her teenager, this unique orange bob braid will make her happy. Everything in the styling process will be the same as regular braids except the hair dye in orange color.

29. Red Lemonade Braids

Source:@narahairbraiding via Instagram

Do you know you can even get the red lemonade with small bob cut like hairs? Yes, simply get medium length haircut and then start the process. Try to make the braids as thick as possible and go for large numbers. Add an extension if necessary. Finally, spread the braids properly on both shoulders.

30. Half Black Half Red Bob Braids

Half Black Half Red Bob Braids

After seeing the name, you might already have realized how the style would be. So, here half of the hairs will be in natural black and half should be in the orange tone red color. Also, the red part should have a bit extra length. Now get braids with both parts and match with classy outfits.

31. Bold and Classic Black Bob Braids

Bold and Classic Black Bob Braids

Want to go bold with the bob braids hairstyles? Then instead of just getting simple braids, try to make it unique by adding some twisted hairs. Basically, while separating the hairs into small sections, let some hairs remain free. After doing the braids, style the free hairs in twisted style.

32. Feed-in Bob Braids for Thinning Hairs

Source:@juicycherrytiki via Instagram

While hair is thinning, it feels so bad. But before getting the worst look, start this braids hairstyle. Go for the feed-in way as there will be less natural volume. After getting it done, pull all the braids on a particular side and get a better look.

33. Thick Braids for Longish Chubby Faces

Thick Braids for Longish Chubby Faces
Source:@ennaezaa via Instagram

Chubby faces are not bad if the hair matches the face shape. The style here we have shown requires a natural volume of hair. Prepare big sections with the hairs and prepare the braids. Each braid should have almost the same shape. Add some jewelry with the braids if needed.

34. Blonde Twisted Bob Braids Hairstyle

Blonde Twisted Bob Braids Hairstyle
Source:@thebraidwiggang via Instagram

Blonde hairs can look great in the bob braids hairstyle. But it needs to be done carefully. If you can’t take help from professionals, do it at home. At first, prepare some very small sections of hair and give it the braided look. Now prepare the rest of the hairs in the twisted style. Combine all the sections and look great.

35. Twisted Bob Braids with Black Hair

Bob Braids with Black Hair
Source:@worldofbraiding via Instagram

We highly recommend this bob braid for young women. The style can instantly give a cute look to anyone. It requires the natural regular hair volume. While doing the braids with hair wax, make small twists in between the braids. Now secure the braids and spread them all over the scalp.

36. Classic Balayage

Source:@honey.baby.chile via Instagram

Adding a brown hair dye before getting the bob braids will give a glamorous look to the hair. Apply the hair dye in the balayage style. Get the bob cut with medium hair and angled endings. Now prepare the same shaped braids and spread them all over the scalp.

37. Smoky Bob Braids for Young Girls

Smoky Bob Braids for Young Girls
Source:@justbraidsinfo via Instagram

While going for a party, the regular classic bob braids look outdated. Alternatively, you can do this smoky braids that will grab anyone’s attention. Simply get thick braids with black hairs. Now combine the eye makeup with the hairstyle and get the smoky look.

38. Bob Braids with Wavy Hairs

Bob Braids with Wavy Hairs
Source:@braidsgang via Instagram

This is the simplest braids hairstyle one can try with bob cut hairs at home. There is no need for any fancy hair tools while doing the style. just apply hair wax and get small thin braids with a few small sections of the hair. Style the rest of the hairs in a wavy style with a hair iron.

39. White Girls With Bob Braids

White Girls With Bob Braids
Source:@laurayabraidsdealer via Instagram

Nowadays, so many white girls tend to style their hair with bob braids. To express your own uniqueness, try brown hair dye for a few braids. Let the rest of the braids remain in the black. Dress the hair and wear the proper outfit that goes with the hairstyle.

40. Feed-in Thick Bob

Source:@prestigious_hair_ via Instagram

Want to give thicker look to the braids? Then feed in braids is the best way. For this hairstyle, shoulder-length bob hair would be enough. Apply brown hair color if you want to. Now add the extension with braids properly and secure them. Side part the braids and get ready to rock.

41. Messy Bob Braids for Heavy Faces

Messy Bob Braids for Heavy Faces
Source:@charitychristinesalons via Instagram

42. Highlighted Bob Braids Hairstyle

Highlighted Bob Braids Hairstyle
Source:@happyhairhappysoul via Instagram

43. Purple Bob Braids for Women with Glasses

Source:@quilamuatelie via Instagram

44. Classic Long Bob Braids

Classic Long Bob Braids
Source:@vickyhairstylist_ via Instagram

45. Queen Bob Braids

Source:@finesthairs via Instagram

46. Bob Braids for Small Faces

Bob Braids for Small Faces
Source:@estudioblessed via Instagram

47. As Mother as Daughter Bob Braids

Source:@retrobraidsnyc via Instagram

48. Angled Bob Braids for Young Women

Angled Bob Braids for Young Women

49. Braids for Moms

Source:@_braidscentral_ via Instagram

50. Medium Bob Braids for Small Faces

Medium Bob Braids for Small Faces
Source:@nohobraids via Instagram

Final Words

From the top 50 bob braids hairstyles we have shared, you can simply go for any. But as the look sometimes depends on the face shape and outfits, consider these facts while choosing one. If any of the above styles look difficult to do, take help from an expert hairdresser.