29 Vintage Bardot Bangs Trend In 2022

The messy and effortless Bardot bangs pose was a popular desire during the time of 50s and 60s. The hairstyle is named after the famous French actress Brigitte Bardot. The modern fashion world has started to recognize back the timeless hairstyle option.

Brigitte’s style sense has always been associated to be ahead of time and sexy. The bangs style always trend on a center partition follow-up. You are going to see longer temples dressing to the chic or sideburn.

The Bardot bangs are known to be well-fitted for all types of faces. You are allowed to play with your ponytails as you desire. The urban hairdresser has done some adjustments to the classic hairstyle of the black and white ages.      

The bangs combination unleashes a charming view no matter what hairstyle combination you went for. We have structured some Brigitte-type bangs ideas for you. Get inspired and know what you can exactly get from the enduring bangs.       

How to do Bardot Bangs – Step By Step

The Bardot bangs haircut should be done by professional stylish. But you can also follow some basic guidelines and do some adjustments by yourself. You can take lead from the Bardot fringe steps underneath and be your own hairdresser.

Step – 1: Hair Sectioning

Sectioning the hair in the right fashion makes the haircut much simple for you. Part the hair from the mid-section. Create a small V-shape from the front and take out the fringe section. Pan back the rest of the hair and create a different section on each side. 

Step – 2: Angle Cut the Fringe

Take one part of the fringe and balance the length. Pull it to the other end and chop it with an angled length. After that, you need to follow the same procedure for the other end of the bangs and texturize the edges afterward. Repeat the process until you are satisfied with the Bardot bangs look.

Step – 3: Cross Checking the Two Bangs Length

Both the fringe need to finish on the same angle length. You can pull them together and look for a V-shaped structure. Do reshaping if needed. You can keep the edges thicker or thinner as per your choice of hairstyle.

Step – 4: Done but Not Done!

Bardot fringe can combine with lots of different layers at the back. You can create natural movement textures or knotted them into ponytails. The Bardot-inspired bangs cutting guide is only for the experienced hand otherwise it will be always a better choice to visit a hairdresser.  

How to do Bardot Bangs

Epic Bardot Inspired Bangs

The featured bangs are inspired by Brigitte Bardot’s hairstyle. Lots of top celebs are considering the hairstyle even for big events. You can also be one of them and wear an eye-watching hairstyle with fringe.

1. Brigitte Bardot Bangs

The iconic Brigitte-style bangs shape a long bun at the top. The blonde shade of the hairstyle takes the bangs right behind the ear line and leaves some open sideburns. The gorgeous hairstyle makes you relive the old days.

Bardot bangs move across to a lot smoother and flat pattern. The thick fringe layers take the golden blonde shade covering. The hairstyle point to an urban look of Brigitte’s style.

2. Bardot Curtain Bangs

The curtain bangs have the Bardot on a wavy texture fall. The blonde highlights are clearly visible in the brown hue. The slight center partition is the trademark of the hairstyle.

Next, the hairstyle allows the natural weave and texture to thrive in the dark shade. The center parted slightly and matches up together with the side fall. The appeal of the hairstyle seems to be more on young lasses.

3. Brigitte Bardot Curtain Bangs

Bardot bangs create a curtain-like finish and are swept with the blonde shade. The back layers create two ponytails and wrap with red ribbon. The hairstyle can be an ideal choice for teenagers.

The charming 60s fringe endures a textured celebration. The back covering places a red ribbon and falls to the shoulder on a blonde tone. Regardless of your face shape, the hairstyle will look fabulous.

4. Bardot Bangs Long Face

The timeless long extended Bardot center-parted bangs adapted well with off-the-shoulder textured fall. The dark shading fringe keeps the large fore in a hidden treat. The long V-shaped people often seem to recognize the beautiful style of the haircut.

The textured weave patterns start right from the bangs partition. The blonde highlights covering the dark hair seem tempting. The elegant appearance of the hairstyle is hard to ignore.

5. Bardot Bangs With Curly Hair

The Bardot fringe creates a smooth mid-parted fall on a warm tone. The side fall-inspired to be twisted till the tail. The hairstyle lifts you right on the trend.

The curly texture with the Bardot ageless bangs looks fascinating. The blend of blonde highlights with dark shade doubles the charm of the hairdo. You will look like a strong woman with a beautiful haircut.

6. Bardot Bangs Fine Hair

The fine hair pulls together a spiral edge line with Bardot bangs. The wave gives an impression of an awesome layered finish. The hairstyle is suggested for the white chicks.

The Bardot-style fringe takes on mid partition and swept the rest to the sideline. The textured fall defines an on-spot casual pose. The hairdo will not require much effort to acquire.

7. Bardot Fringe Bangs

The Bardot fringe keeps the front-mid partition view then waves to the side section. The golden shade texture clip below the shoulder in the blunt finish. The haircut seems to have a dramatic appearance.

The messy Bardot bangs define in two different layers and tones. The fringe keeps the dark pitch with blonde edges. The raw sharp edges rest above the shoulder and make you appear like a rock queen.

8. Long Bardot Bangs

The long Bardot variation plays with a silver and blonde mix. The side weave formation presents an edgy vibe.  The look of the hairstyle has been an urban desire.

The long and expended Bardot bangs beautifully adopt the blonde shade. The parted center represents the 50s hairstyle inspiration. The hairstyle will definitely look attractive and leave others speechless.  

9. Wispy Bardot Bangs

The Bardot wispy bangs present just a thin layer of fringe. The raw blonde element gives you a diva look as the fall gets extended.  The type of hairstyle is great for big events.

The wispy bangs Bardot combination end above the brew line. The extended layer element adjusts to brown shade and went below the shoulder line. The hairstyle idea can be your choice for the next cut.

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10. Bardot Bangs Lob

The lob layers take on shorter fringe extensions. The hair falls charm results in an exciting dark pitch. The bangs hairstyle is used to pair with the lob style from the 60s.

11. Bardot Bangs For Oval Face

Many people love the combination of Bardot fringe and short layered hairstyle. The bangs end up on an inward curly blonde tone finish. The hairstyle seems to be well suited for oval faces in general. 

12. Bardot Bangs For Round Face

The round-face hairstyle put an extra layer of blonde texture on the Bardot-inspired bangs. The iconic fringe mid partition allows some dark topping. The hairstyle will boost your fashion sense and make you move like a queen.

13. Bardot Bangs For Short Hair

The chin-length trimming goes well with the Bardot bangs combination. The beautiful haircut put a sleek weave on the mid-section. The hairstyle has the power to bring back balance in your life.

14. Bardot Bangs Square Face

The Bardot fringe complement well with the flat bottom faces. The blonde opening shares a textured layer addition. The hair dimension seems like a casual attractive option.

15. Bardot Bangs For Straight Hair

The straight hair cut has enhanced center-parted bangs on the dark shade. The shoulder touch fall makes an ideal inward twist. The face-framing of the hairstyle is well suited for modern girls.

16. Bardot Bangs for Thin Hair

The thin layer of Bardot bangs brings across blonde shade with dark highlights. The fluffy hairstyle falls on a textured twisted ending. The hairstyle presents you with a mesmerizing creation.

17. Bardot Bangs With Glasses

The Bardot bangs with glasses trigger an off the center partition. The shoulder-length bangs hairdo is put on textured edges. The brown shade tail and dark topping add extra charm to the hairstyle.

18. Bob With Bardot Bangs

The blunt bob cut compass a nice hairstyle with the combination of Bardot fringe. The partition reveals on the side and matches the side flow. The hairstyle will turn you into a sharp and mesmerizing lady.

19. Vibrant Bardot Feminine Bangs

The bangs are based on heavy layers of crown volume blend. The soft layers take on a vibrant shade just like the fringe. The hairstyle will work well for fashionable middle-aged women.

20. High Bun Bardot Bangs

The cool bangs announce a messy knotted wide bun fitting at the peak. The fringes open up and leave a weave appearance. The gorgeous hairstyle keeps you well-maintained even on a busy day.

The Bardot bangs take you back half a century in the fashion world. The Bardot-inspired fringe was an iconic desire during the 50s and 60s. The trend of the hairstyle is getting ways back to the modern fancy world.

Make the hairdo suggestion count and effortlessly turn your appearance classy. Layered bob or any other pairing of style can be shaped together with the bangs option. Bring out the best of your look and shape to a better hairstyle texture altogether.