18 Exclusive Bun Hairstyles For Black Hair to Try Out In 2022

You can dress your black hair in different styles.  Black bun hairstyles are on top of them. You can try different variations for the style. Especially in black women, bun hairstyles are common.

But the fact is, which one will suit your face.  Well, that could be a long debate. To find out the top bun hairstyles of black women, we have gone through a long list. After considering all the friends, we finally picked the trending styles.  Check them out and choose the right one for you.

Before selecting the hairstyles, we have considered the trend, different age groups, and face shape. So, you will get something for yourself.

1. Braided Bun Black Hairstyles

braided bun black hairstyles
Source:@bombblackhair via Instagram

A braided bun hairstyle is something that you can try for any kind of event.  Although it takes a long time to dress the hair, the style is worth it. Remember that your hair length should be good enough to prepare multiple braids. Finally, tie a big bun on top of the scalp.

braided bun black hairstyles
Source:@dmvslayartist_ via Instagram

If you have short hair and you still want to have a bun, go for this one. So, this one is almost the same as the first one. The only difference is; the braids will be smaller. Also, there will be fewer braids.

2. High Bun Hairstyles For Black Hair With Weave

high bun hairstyles for black hair with weave
Source:@dopehairhoney via Instagram

With short hair, you can style your black hair in a high bun with a weave. It looks sharp and attractive. Before getting the style, apply some hair cream or hair oil and brush the hair straight back. Finally, tie them with a weave on the high scalp.

high bun hairstyles for black hair with weave
Source:@__beautyboss via Instagram

If you are brave enough and have a lot of time, you can have this style. keep the frontal hairs short and chopped in style.  you can also keep some here open in the side check.  Now take your hair and brush it straight. Finally, tie the bun.

3. Little Black Girl Bun Hairstyles

little black girl bun hairstyles
Source:@the_braidgarden via Instagram

The next style is for kids. your kid may want to try some different hairstyles. The bun could look great on her. Grab the hairdresser them like braids, and then finally tie them on top. Make sure the kid has long hair.

little black girl bun hairstyles
Source:@allstyles_quetta via Instagram

If your kid’s age is between 5 to 8 you can do this one for your kid. So, brush the hair tight. Keep a long small braid in the sides. This adds extra style to the look. Finally, tie the bun and use some hair clips.

4. High Bun Hairstyles For Black Women

high bun hairstyles for black women
Source:@odysshey.world via Instagram

Whether it is a party or any kind of event, a high Bun is always going to look attractive. It doesn’t take much effort to do a high bun. Simply brush your hair back and try them in the Bun style. Keep some here in the twisted style.

high bun hairstyles for black women
Source:@clarice.calysta_ via Instagram

If your face is in the longest shape and the eyes are small you can try this one. Instead of Keeping the side hair twisted, keep them open. When doing the bun on top, give it a long and high shape.

5. Low Bun Hairstyles For Black Hair

low bun hairstyles for black hair
Source:@beautyxunlimited_ via Instagram

If you don’t want to take much hassle of doing different kinds of hairstyles, try this out. Low bun hairstyles for black hair are always classy and stylish. The style best suits black women over 40. like a regular bun, browse the hairs straight and grab them and tie them in a bun.

low bun hairstyles for black hair
Source:@renefurtererusa via Instagram

You may not like the ordinary bun.  In that case, make some braids on your hair and pull them back. make a big bun with the braids. The specialty of this stylish bun looks great for all ages. you can go with a style for parties or any kind of casual meeting.

6. Two Buns Hairstyle Black Hair

two buns hairstyle black hair

What about doing two buns in your black hair? Yes, that is possible. If everything goes well this black bun hairstyle looks too cute. It is an ideal option for those who have a large forehead. To cover the forehead, keep the hair like a side bang and make a bun with the rest of the hair.

two buns hairstyle black hair
Source:@sunshine_kai via Instagram

If you can go a few extra steps, we recommend the braided double bun. It will surely take more time than other buns, but you are going to love it. So, make braids as much as you can and then tie them with a hairband. Now give the bun shape.

7. Wedding Bun Hairstyles For Black Hair

wedding bun hairstyles for black hair

Whether it is your own wedding or going to a friend’s wedding, you can have a special type of black bun hairstyle. It needs an expert to touch the hair. So, the whole hair needs to twist like braids but in a thicker shape. Then tie a big bun on the back.

wedding bun hairstyles for black hair
Source:@tea.styles via Instagram

It is not essential to keep the bun in a regular shape. When going to a wedding party, do something else. Add more volume to the hair with hair cream or gel and puff inside the hair. If there is natural volume, that will be an added advantage. Then go for a thick bun that looks like a flower.

8. Curly Bun Hairstyles For Black Hair

curly bun hairstyles for black hair
Source:@kristina.manners via Instagram

Curly black hair is a nightmare for some women. But let us give you a tip. You can have your dream look by giving a natural bun style to it. Just brush your hair and keep some hairs on both sides of the cheek. Now pull all your hair on top and tie them with a band.

curly bun hairstyles for black hair
Source:@olivia.ray_ via Instagram

If you have natural volume in the hair, make it two buns. Curly hair won’t be an issue. Also, keep some hair in the braided style on both sides. It looks best on teenagers.

9. Natural Bun Hairstyles For Black Hair

natural bun hairstyles for black hair
Source:@thedemarah via Instagram

Don’t want to rely too much on hair products? Then we suggest a natural bun hairstyle for black hair. It is simple and takes less time to do. Just brush your hair straight and then grab them to tie. Use a tight rubber band underneath and get it done.

natural bun hairstyles for black hair
Source:@hypehairmag via Instagram

Want to look stunning with a natural bun? Then keep the bun a bit high. As you are seeing in the image, you should get an expert touch on your eyes too. The combined look will make you unique.

10. Twist Bun Hairstyles For Black Hair

twist bun hairstyles for black hair
Source:@naturallybeautiful.inc via Instagram

Look closely at the image. Isn’t the style too cute? Well, you can have the same style at home. Just need the right tools including hairspray. Part your hair from the center, and like a braid, twist the parts. Stop twisting on the top and give it a bun shape.

twist bun hairstyles for black hair

If you have long and thick hair, do something special. Twist hair in multiple parts and then give them a braid-like look. Finally, tie all the endings on top and get a high bun. Use a large rubber band to keep it stable.

11. Updo Hairstyles For Black Hair With Bun

updo bun hairstyles for black hair
Source:@imccleod via Instagram

This one’s for parties and similar events. You can’t just go to a party with an ordinary look, right? Get an updo bun hairstyle that looks pretty good in all conditions. Ask your hairdresser to get it done for you. Show the picture for reference.

updo bun hairstyles for black hair
Source:@nas_thestylist via Instagram

This one is a bit simple and doable at home. So, before you start, brush your hair and apply hair cream. Now make tons of braids in a thicker form. Finally, wrap all the braids on top and give it the bun shape.

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12. Ponytail Bun Hairstyles For Black Hair

ponytail bun hairstyles for black hair
Source:@pickmia_hairstyles via Instagram

Ponytail bun is my favorite. This is a classy hairstyle for black women, and it doesn’t take much effort. Regardless of the type of event, you can go with it. So, brush the hair tightly and then grab all the endings on top. Secure it with a tight rubber band.

ponytail bun hairstyles for black hair
Source:@loving_hair_care via Instagram

What do you see in the picture? A big bun, right? Well, if you have got longer hair with enough volume, this one will be easy to do. It must need expert help. To have a big bun like this, puffing in the hair is required.

13. Donut Bun Hairstyles For Black Hair

donut bun hairstyles for black hair
Source:@myhairinyaco via Instagram

Does it sound funny? But as the name suggests, it actually looks like a donut bun. But doing the style at home is not difficult. For this black bun style, get the bun on the back. Keep some hair to give it a donut shape. Now get the donut on top.

donut bun hairstyles for black hair
Source:@limitlessbloom via Instagram

This one is easier. Wrap your hair straight back on the top. Gradually give the hair a bun shape and then tie it with a hairband. The band should look like a donut.

14. Half Up Half Down Bun Black Hairstyles

half up half down bun black hairstyles
Source:@nicolenoirehair via Instagram

Half up half down black bun hairstyle requires longer hair. Also, voluminous hair looks better in this style. Grab half of your hair, apply a brush to straighten up, and get the bun. Now keep the rest of the hair down in a curly look.

half up half down bun black hairstyles
Source:@timelessvisionsalon via Instagram

If you don’t like the curly look, try it on straight hair. Though you are seeing a particular example in the picture, you can actually do some customizations. For instance, keep some hair on the forehead and give it an angled cut.

15. Black Women Side Bun Hairstyles

black women side bun hairstyles
Source:@hairbybube_ via Instagram

The side bun is the flirty hairstyle that no one ever regrets after doing. If you want to be that woman, go for a side bun. The process is pretty the same as the regular bun. But here, you need to tie the bun on a particular side.

black women side bun hairstyles
Source:@fredadesai_bridalart via Instagram

This one best suits parties. It is also a good one to try for prom nights. Brush the black straight hair tight and then grab them on the side. Secure the root of the hair with a band. Finally, get the side bun.

16. Three Bun Hairstyle Black Hair

three bun hairstyle black hair
Source:@shy_loe via Instagram

Three bun hairstyle is for shorter hair, though it sounds like more hair will be needed. After drying your hair, part the hair in three equal portions. Now each portion should get a bun. The first bun on the front, the second on top, and the last one in the back.

three bun hairstyle black hair
Source:@curlycrown_co via Instagram

Shorter hair with more volume can do this one. To have this, part the hair from the top. Once you have three parts, secure them with a band. Now tie the bun in three different positions – front, top, and low.

17. Bun Hairstyles For Black Toddlers

bun hairstyles for black toddlers
Source:@gianna121.04 via Instagram

Toddlers can look pretty cute in this style. Before going for a bun, make tons of braids on the hair. Use a ribbon to tie the top braids. Now grab all the braid ending and tie a bun. Do some customizations as per requirements.

bun hairstyles for black toddlers
Source:@the_ferreira_bros via Instagram

When a toddler has shorter hair, you don’t have many options. In that case, straight go for a regular bun hairstyle. Brush the hair straight and secure the hair roots. In the next step, give a classic bun shape on hair.

18. 90s Bun Hairstyles Black Woman

90s bun hairstyles black woman
Source:@curlyy_gurlss via Instagram

Different 90’s styles are coming back. If you are from the ’90s and getting nostalgic after seeing them, try it out. It’s the easiest bun you can try at home. Do the classic buns and go for two if there is enough hair volume.

90s bun hairstyles black woman

This one requires the help of a professional hairdresser. But the style is worth it. It was one of the common hairstyles of celebrities in 90’s movies. If your hair is short, add some weave to get it done.

Final Words

From tons of black bun hairstyles, we have shared the most exclusives. Try them out and find which one best suits you. Though some of the hairstyles from the list require a professional hair expert, you should go for it.

Don’t go for too much experiment on the first attempt. Once you get used to the bun hairstyle for black women, you can try something unique.

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