30 Valiant Asian Undercut Hairstyle For Men

Asian Undercut is the modern world fashion trend for men. The charming Asian undercut hairstyle for men instantly becomes the first choice for most young lads. Clean implication of the hairdo has craze among every age group.

Asian men have distinct hair types in comparison to other zones. Their thick and straight hair becomes an advantage for undercut lovers. Besides, there are also many different options available for them. But undercut Asian trend has been on the moon for the last few decades.

Alongside the side faded section, the hairstyle opens the door to spike, Mohawk, fringe, and many other combinations. The pop culture of the Asian region has a significant influence on the Asian style undercut combination.    

Handsome men have always been associated with bold and clean looks. The undercut hairstyle combination is exactly that for a stylish man. We have collected some unique Asian undercut hairstyles for men to inspire you. Hover underneath and learn more about them.

Dashing Asian Undercut Concepts

Asian men’s undercuts are in trend for sleek poses. The various combination with undercut looks versatile enough to give a shot. You can adopt an undercut hairstyle from our presentation or style with your taste.

1. Asian Undercut Fade

Asian men’s undercut fade hairstyle keeps sides on a clean finish. The front spikes are also chopped in short edges. The light hairstyle ensures a fresh low-maintenance look.

Side of Asian undercut hairstyle for men achieves a total side clean finish. The short hairdo is combed backward and went flat at nape. You might need some gel to keep the hairdo in place. 

2. Disconnected Undercut Asian

Asian undercut forms a disconnected top fall in front and back. The ash-blonde covering process into a zero-trimmed side finish. The stylish hairstyle also leaves a front side fringe on view. 

Undercuts are meant to keep the side section clean. The same trend is followed as the top hairstyle on the back brush shows off. The discontinuation of the hairdo comes out on right section.

3. Long Hair Undercut Asian

Dark bold undercut Asian hairstyle tapered side into a low level. The top side brushes open up a fringe on the left corner. Men with glasses can note the hairdo for the next barber visit.

The sides are cleanly shaved and top tier length is extended. Layers rest on the upper zone of the nape with some light sprinkle of purple shade. The hairdo can be your choice for date night.     

4. Man Bun Undercut Asian

Fancy man bun hairstyle maintenance a round faded section. The peak hair brushed together into a knot at the back-top. Shape of the hairstyle puts forward a manly view.

Side faded sections are quick to change for a thicker option on nape. The top holds long hair and knots them together on a bun. The hairstyle has been the favorite option for bold men. 

5. Asian Comb Over Undercut

Spiky Asian hairstyle always looks for an undercut finish. The hairstyle rightfully comes over fade and creates a Mohawk-like spike. Dark pitch of the hairstyle suits well in most cases.

Side portion is done in a clean zero trimming. The top hike seems like a mountain and kept regular dark shade. The neat hairstyle does not require much maintenance work. 

6. Asian Short Undercut

Sharp undercut consistently achieves a better look with short-length hairstyles. The bowl cut of tip adds a short fringe at front. The hairstyle looks desirable for a handsome hunk.

Asian undercut shaved to no tidy hair look. The right swept top shows a clear separation line on the left. The hairstyle can turn you into a trendsetter within your community.

7. Slick Back Undercut Asian

Undercut Asian style transit to a full tapered cut selection. The slight back topping stays fluffy in the mid-section. Try to keep the side clean as time passes after the haircut.

Only the side portion will trade for a faded section. Nape stays on low-medium length trimming. The center of the hairdo takes on back brush keeping. The hairstyle seems to be a casual desire for men.    

8. Side Part Undercut Asian

Asian hairstyle for men emphasizes a sharp side partition. The faded bottom gradually moves to a slightly trimmed finish. The left side swept always has been the hottest trend among Asian men.

Larger-length haircut put the top on a fluffy side-swept. The side partition went straight as the edges took on a thinner option. Most men in their early 30s will look fabulous with this hairdo. 

9. Side Swept Undercut Asian

Side-swept hairstyle smartly reduces side length of the hairdo. Flying front of the hairstyle stays on a dark hue like the rest. The hairdo looks kinda perfect for a Sunday outing.

Partly side-swept hairdo joint with nape zone hairs and gradually went for a shorter length. The fade focus sides gradually move to a thicker option. Young college guys will look rebellious with the hairstyle.

10. Undercut Asian Pixie Cut

Thicker Asian hairstyle starts with side zero trimming. The peak went for pixie cut as some sharp edges opened up on side fall. The fashionable hairstyle will turn you into urban chic.

Thin Asian hair for men ranges well with pixie and undercut combinations. The top stays on the back brush and trades for fully trimmed side sections. The classic and neat hairdo has always been in demand among Asian men.  

11. 90s Asian Long Hair Undercut

Lots of Asian men still love to wear 90s popular undercut hairstyles. The haircut put an extended layer back with a small spike at the front. Upper section of the sideburn is trimmed and the rest hidden under the long hairstyle.

Side length of the Asian undercut is trimmed with zero clipping. Long-length hair extended beyond the nape zone with natural shade on view. The hairstyle has a bad-ass look of the 90s.  

12. Asian Dreads Undercut

Dreadlocks are parted in all directions with little highlights of brown hue. The undercut hairstyle always seems to combine well with the African culture hairstyle. Top rappers often seem to wear locs with undercut hairstyles combination.

The neat longer dreads with undercut Asian combo look fabulous. The hairstyles are knotted together into a bun at the back and hold dark hue. The hairstyle defines to be eye-catching at any event.

13. Cropped Undercut For Asian Men

Gradual drop faded section maintains a shortly cropped section at the top. The clean look allows some texture to come naturally on the peak. The hairstyle has the power to make you feel calm and relaxed.

Asian undercut hairstyle for men attain a short crop style and place a short fringe at the front. The side style traces a typical clean pose alongside the nape area. The hairdo seems to be low-maintenance, even for a messy guy.

14. Tapered Undercut

Tapered undercut style presents a thicker option on one end. The top hair stays on soft texture and a short fringe alike. The hairdo seems like a balance option for men with glasses.

Sides are tapered into almost nothing. The partition is visible on both sides and top spike connects with the back layer. Visualization of the hairstyle is a highly tidy one for Asian men.

15. Burst Fade Undercut

Side faded section cut a zigzag line into the hairdo combination. The top length stays fluffy and moves to the back end. The hairstyle has a long extension at back below the shoulder.

Perfect side hair variation takes a null cut like most other choices. Dark root of the hairstyle sees a burst of blonde highlights at the peak. The hairstyle presents an Asian man with a different look altogether.  

You already get a glimpse of some of the best Asian undercut hairstyles for men. The long hair top and side faded option is gaining popularity rapidly across the continent. The hairstyle is totally different from the bowl cut option and obviously more amazing.

The mess-free hairstyle option is originated from the west and yet adopted well in almost all cultures. Deep cut side and spikes seem sleek and neat at the same time. Get inspired by the Asian undercut ideas and maneuver the best one for you.