34 Best Undercut Fade Haircut For Men (2021)

Fashion has gone through plenty of changes, but one hairstyle, namely the undercut fade, has persisted through the recent years. As an introduction, let’s go through what an undercut and a fade are. An undercut refers to a hairstyle in which the hair is heavyset on the top with most of the bottom shaved off. The transition from thick hair to a completely shaved style is called a fade.

Faded Undercuts to Ask for at the Barbers

In this article, we’ll explore how different hair lengths, textures and styles can affect the final look of your undercut with a fade. So, if you’re curious about how you might look with this hairstyle, just keep scrolling! Now, let us start!

1. Low Fade Undercut

Source: cleancutdave

This hairstyle features both curls on the top and an undercut fade! You might notice the neat trim near the temple and also around the ears. A neat cut is essential for this hairstyle to look good!

Source: jenpeters32

If you’re going for a formal but stylish style, you can get this hairstyle with a sideswept front fringe. Be sure to comb the rest of your long hair on top in the same direction too!

Why limit yourself to a typical fade when you can style up your fade with some extra patterns?

2. Long Hair Undercut Fade

In case you’re not sure how to style your long hair with this type of undercut, here’s an idea! With a neat undercut, your long hair will have a neat parting as well.

Source: menshair.it

Curly hair will be no hindrance to achieving this hipster hairstyle either. In fact, you might find that curls can enhance its appearance!

Source: morgans_cuts

A man bun is the most straightforward and easy way to style the long hair that comes with your faded undercut. All you need is a hair band!

3. High Fade Undercut

With long hair and a poppadom, a high fade would be the best match for an undercut. Definitely matches the light beard too!

Even if you have short hair, a high faded undercut can still look great too! However, you may want to avoid this hairstyle if you already have a long or oval-ish face.

Source: versus_kosa

For medium-length hair that you can’t just leave as is or tie up, you can opt to comb it backwards to recreate this look.

4. Mid Fade Undercut

Prefer a more subtle fade? A medium fade would be the answer! This fade can be tailored to where your hair length ends at the back.

When in doubt, some slicked back hair and hair gel will do the trick. This style also complements your fade and undercut well!

While you’re getting your fade, why not consider getting your beard and moustache styled to fit too?

5. Short Undercut Fade

Source: anthonyblendz

Wondering if your short hair would be a good fit for an undercut fade? Well, this photo here proves that a thick head of short hair would still look perfect with this look.

Even with short hair, you can still style your fade with some patterns to make this hairdo stick out. Promising, right?

Source: uncle_veek

Even if your hair is a buzz cut, you can still get a fade just fine! The only difference is that the undercut element will not be very obvious.

6. Skin Fade Undercut

Source: ajthebarber21

The reason for this style to be called a skin fade is probable obvious – it transitions into bare skin very cleanly!

Who doesn’t love the stark contrast between a high top and a skin fade? The pattern in the fade definitely adds to the neat charm too!

7. Slick Back Undercut Fade

This is just another proof that a slicked back look is always perfect for an undercut fade. The unique texture will make any typical slick back hairdo look better as well.

Source: the.bogan

With thick hair, you can have your slicked hairstyle look more stylish and puffed up, a bit like a pompadour.

8. Undercut Taper Fade

Source: richthebarber

Not too much into a slicked back look? That’s fine too! A tapered undercut could be your next choice. Think of it as a slick hairdo with a bit more texture!

A tapered style will jazz up the rest of your hairstyle real quick, especially if you think that a plain ol’ undercut just won’t cut it.

9. Drop Fade Undercut

It takes some boldness to get a drop fade! While neat, this hairstyle can be seen as something too hipster-ish for many.

Give your fade a literal edge with a drop cut if this is something you’re keen to try. It would definitely make your style look fresh!

10. Undercut Curly Hair Fade

Source: coolmenshair

The beauty of undercuts is that you can trim them off in so many ways. This mohawk-resembling undercut also features curly hair – an amazing combo!

Source: syndbarber

A neat buzz cut with a fade can also be a simple and good look for men too! The natural curls will be the perfect touch to style up this look.

11. Man Bun Undercut Fade

Source: ellebann

Don’t like hair tickling the back of your neck? Well, this hairstyle should do the job. Some highlighted strands will make your man bun look more unique!

Source: fade-sin

Colors matter very little when it comes to hairstyles. An undercut with fade will always be the perfect stylish cut for any longer hair.

12. Asian Undercut Fade

Look how the fade cut complements the sharp trim for the beard! Clearly, any ethnicity can take on this hairstyle.

Thick hair, medium undercut, skin fade AND sharp beard trim? That’s got to be a ‘wow, right?

13. Top Knot Undercut Fade

If your hairstylist knows how to part and trim an undercut properly, then you can expect this cleanly parted look. Definitely a good look to go for!

Source: dazedupz

Why go for a boring top knot when you can tie some braids as well? Remember, braids aren’t only for women!

14. Disconnected Undercut Fade

Source: abcutzzz

Any undercut fade can look disconnected as long as there’s a neat parting. You can do this by having long hair styled up the top or other similar techniques!

When it’s clear that your hair up top is of even length, you can also give out the illusion of a diconnected fade.

So, that’s it for our 14 different styles featuring an undercut fade! What do you think? Be sure to style yours in a way that is suitable for easy maintenance or at least, something that is suited for your hair length!