Top 24 Man Bun Undercut Hairstyles to Try Out in 2022

Men can have some unique hairstyles in long hair and the bun is on top of them. But traditional bun is a bit out of style and man bun undercut is now trending. It is an upgraded version of a typical bun for a man.

The cut is not a difficult thing to get. All you need is the right cut for hair and then dress it appropriately. You can, however, try the style anytime if there is enough length on the hair.

What Is A Man Bun Undercut?

For some people, the man bun is familiar but the undercut is a bit confusing. Well, while getting the regular bun, you used to keep the hair length the same for all areas. But in an undercut, you will keep the hair small on the back and sides. Some people also prefer to keep the side shaved. The biggest benefit of the style is, it suits both thin and thick hair.

How to Dress the Hair in Man Bun with Undercut Style?

It is not a big deal to have the style. Just make sure you are getting the haircut from someone professional. That will ensure the proper alignment. If you already have the cut, grab the essential tools and follow the following steps. Things you need –

  • Blow dryer for hair
  • A hairbrush
  • Hair cream

Step 1: Wash Your Hair

You don’t want to have the style on really messy hair, right? So, give your hair a good wash with a hair-friendly shampoo. Make sure you are removing the dirt and the greasy thing from inside the hair.

Step 2: Apply Hair Conditioner

If you want to bring softness to your hair, apply a hair conditioner. Apply only to the hair and then rinse with water. However, if your hair is not too thick and has less volume, no need to use any conditioner.

Step 3: Blow Dry Your Hair

Once you have washed the hair, now it is time to dry out the hair. Use a blow dryer and set the cool air to dry your hair. Do it slowly to prevent hair damage.

Step 4: Apply Hair Cream

Want to add some volume to your hair? Or, maybe you want to bring a shiny look to the frizzy hair. In both cases, hair cream is the solution. Pick the best kind of cream that has fewer chemicals.

Step 5: Tie the Bun

Finally, you are ready to tie the bun. For that, brush the hair straight back. Now pull all your hair on top so that the undercut is visible. Finally, tie the bun with a band. Keep it tight to look sharp.

Top 24 Man Bun Undercut Hairstyles in 2021

After going through tons of variations for man bun haircuts, we finally have chosen the most trending styles. We have shared each of them. Check them out to find your desired bun style.

1. Man Bun Undercut Fade

man bun undercut fade
Source:@highrisenation via Instagram

If your hairline is thinning already and the forehead is getting bigger, this one’s for you. Keep the undercut hair shaved for the sides and back. Now pull all the hair on top and tie the bun. Long hair is mandatory for the style.

man bun undercut fade

Hair with better volume is suitable to get this one. Instead of shaving the sides fully, keep the undercut hair small. Keep it in a rounded alignment. After brushing your hair, grab and pull all the hairs on top. Now, get the bun.

2. Man Bun Low Undercut

man bun low undercut

The low undercut man bun is best suitable for thick and high-volume hair. Instead of undercutting hair all around the scalp, it actually remains strict to a certain part. The undercut is just to keep sharpness.

man bun low undercut

In medium-length hair, getting this style is easy. The undercut hair should have a clear line so that you can understand when pulling the hair. As you are seeing in the image, it seems like the hair is parted from this area.

3. Long Undercut Man Bun

long undercut man bun

The long undercut is currently trending in your men. The cut is absolutely attractive. Whether thin or thick, you can grab this hairstyle. The undercut area should be long and the hairs should be small. Keep a beard to look better.

Long undercut man bun

Too long hair and don’t want to keep them open? Then you are good to go for this particular hairstyle. Here, you need to cut a small portion of the lower scalp in the undercut. Then pull all your hair on top and tie the bun tightly with a hairband.

4. Asian Man Bun Undercut

asian man bun undercut

Asian men used to have a lower volume in their hair. In that case, a man bun undercut is the best choice. Give the sides and back an undercut like the buzz cut. Tapper the hair to blend it smoothly. Keep the top hair a bit longer to tie a small bun.

asian man bun undercut
Source:@cahayabarbershop via Instagram

If hair volume is good, pick this hairstyle. Instead of getting undercut like a buzz cut, keep the hair a bit large. But it should blend with the beard and the long hair on top. Must apply hair cream on black hair to keep it shiny.

5. Black Man Bun Undercut

black man bun undercut
Source:@the_ultimate_barber via Instagram

Black men have the freedom to do any hairstyle and still look attractive. If you have never tried the man bun undercut, go for it. As it is going to be the first time, no need to keep the hair too long. Get a small bun on top of the scalp.

black man bun undercut
Source:@manbunmonday via Instagram

When you are a braid lover and like to keep the hair longer, this one’s for you. Before you grab this style, remember that it requires proper care. So, get the braids at first and keep the braids tight. Now tie the braids tight with a band. Must keep a short beard.

6. Disconnected Undercut Man Bun

disconnected undercut man bun
Source:@footballershairstyles via Instagram

You might have already guessed the style. This style is known as disconnected undercut man but because it looks like that. So, you will side part your hair from any side of the scalp. Now, keep the small portion free and blend with an undercut. Tie the bun with a longer portion.

disconnected undercut man bun
Source:@latinoheatcutz via Instagram

Do you like to keep the undercut hair shaved? Then go for this one. Tell your barber to use a razor to market the disconnected area. So, start pulling the hair from the line and get the bun.

7. Man Bun Undercut With Beard

man bun undercut with beard
Source:@bladesandfades_ via Instagram

Though almost all men like to keep a beard with the undercut man bun, for this hairstyle, it is mandatory. Keep the beard longer. Keep the undercut too small so that it looks shaved. Tie the bun like a ponytail.

man bun undercut with beard

Too long hair? No problem! You can tie a large bun on top. But before that, make sure your beard is also long enough to sync with hair length. Then get the bun as you wish.

8. Undercut Top Knot Man Bun

undercut top knot man bun
Source:@thebeardedbarber_864 via Instagram

If your hairline is thinning from the side, you can try this hairstyle. The undercut hair needs to be smaller. Tapper the hair to blend with the shaved area. Finally, tie the top knot in classic style. If you have a beard, keep that shaped.

undercut top knot man bun
Source:@manbunrepost via Instagram

Don’t want to get too small hair underneath? We suggest then a large knot on the top. It looks like a bun, but a bit smaller. No need to have longer hair for this. You may keep a long beard with this hairstyle.

9. Messy Man Bun Undercut

Messy Man Bun Undercut

Messy man bun undercut is for those who have less time to take care of hair. Before getting the style, just make sure that you are at least passing fingers inside your hair a few times. This will keep the hair oriented. Finally, get your hair bun on top.

Messy Man Bun Undercut
Source:@josiah_goering via Instagram

We recommend this undercut curly hairstyle only for men with thinning hairlines. The bigger forehead gets a better look with this style. Also, instead of keeping the bun on top, keep it a bit low. Shave the underneath hair and blend with the beard.

10. Man Bun Undercut With Spike

Man Bun Undercut with spike
Source:@fashiontab_ via Instagram

Got a longish face and want to look pretty handsome? Man bun undercut with the spike is the hairstyle you should try. So, while tying the hair like a bun, keep some hair open in the front areas. Sync underneath hair with beard for sharpness.

 Man Bun Undercut with spike
Source:@veecadistribuidora via Instagram

See the image. Does it look sharp and classic? You can have the same regardless of the hair type. However, we don’t recommend the style for men with round-shaped faces. Tie the knot of the bun and keep some hair like a spike on top.

11. Man Bun Cornrow Braids

Man Bun Cornrow Braids via Instagram

Cornrow braid is a common hairstyle in women. But the good thing is, men can also have the same hairstyle. Take expert help to get the braid as shown in the image. Then pull the braids straight back and tie the bun a bit low.

Man Bun Cornrow Braids
Source:@mellowstylesbymiren via Instagram

This is the classic and minimal Cornrow braids hairstyle for men. To have this one, make multiple braids on top. The braids will be thin but tight. Now grab all the braids’ endings and tie them with a rubber band in the bun style.

12. Classic Man Bun Undercut

Classic Man Bun Undercut
Source:@ruben_fpg via Instagram

From footballer Backham to popular actors, you will see the classic man bun undercut is common. If your hair is long enough, get this one. No need to have a higher volume. Just shave the sides for an undercut and then pull the top hair and tie them in the classic bun.

Classic Man Bun Undercut

It doesn’t look like a regular man bun undercut, right? It is because the undercut hairs are longer compared to other styles in the list. So, get the same for your hair. Back classically brush your hair and finally tie them with a rubber band. First, secure the hair with one band, and then use another to tie the bun.

Final Words

It is actually easy to get man bun hairstyles. If you are too choosy about hair, we suggest consulting your regular barber, or hairstylist. Listen to him/her and then choose the right kind. Other than that, each of these styles suits men.

However, the round-shaped face may not look very attractive in some of the above styles. Match the hairstyle with your face shape before choosing.

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