36 Stylish Curly Mullet Hairstyles For Men(2022)

Modern men are obsessed with unique curly mullet hairstyles. The iconic hairstyle represents a great combination of faded and curly sections. The trend was set back in the 80s and continues till date. None can ignore the stylish presentation of the curly mullet hairstyles for men.

Rock star vibe hairdo with voluminous fall expresses a unique hairstyle needed for modern times. You will easily look different from the rest in a crowd. The masculine and bold look has always been the first choice of real men and mullet makes a great sense to it.

The curly top comb backward and charm with twisted texture. Apply some gel and let the mullet rest well on your nape. Here we are going to show you some of the best curly mullet hairstyles for men that you can try on.       

Spirited Curly Mullet Hairstyles

Curly mullet was the best fashionable hairstyle for men back in the 80s. The eye-catching hairstyle shape is regaining its vibe among the young lads. Let’s introduce you to some of the flattering hairstyles.  

1. Short Curly Mullet

short curly mullet
Source:@hugodoeshair via Instagram

Curly ringlets head for a short messy black tone finish. The side style dresses on clean sideburns. This mullet haircut choice will shine gorgeously on a man. 

2. Curly Mullet With Fade

curly mullet with fade
Source:@acervo.hair via Instagram

Larger faded side holds the top curly mullet hairstyles for men. The pinned curl at the peak creates close ringlets and extends to the nape fall. The hairdo seems amazing for a low-maintenance person.

3. Modern Curly Mullet

modern curly mullet
Source:@xx_hairbykenz via Instagram

80s mullet make modern adjustments by taking on a lower twisted pattern. Nape zone grows a larger layer on the natural shade. Side growth places a trimmed finish just like others.  

4. Long Curly Mullet

long curly mullet
Source:@beautyandwellbeingbyemma via Instagram

Longer curly mullet hairstyles load the volume on the shoulder. The layers wear a messy pairing and no faded section on view. Allow some fringe to float freely at the frontline.

5. Mid Length

Mid Length Curly Mullet

Mid-length mullet end up in the neck length and create a straight side fall. Faded out short section visible above the ear line. The twisted and curly edges make you look slimmer. 

6. Blonde Curly Mullet Hairstyles

blonde curly mullet
Source:@nancybocock via Instagram

Longer mullet extension transform to a blonde hue. The spiral texture went off the shoulder and enhanced the masculine pose. Root of this hairstyle directly comes from true rock stars.

7. Brown Curly Mullet For Men

brown curly mullet for men
Source:@queer.shears via Instagram

Brown men’s curly mullet idealize a long fringe alongside the nape layers. Sideburn defines a sharp edge with messy coarse on the tip. The hairdo makes you ready to hit a party.

8. Curly Mullet With Temple Fade

Curly Mullet with Temple Fade

Temple fade seems the best way to wear the curly mullet hairstyle. The punk texture considers a curly twist only on the back zone. Choose the amazing hairdo for a clean rocky look.

9. With Taper Fade

Curly Mullet with Taper Fade
Source:@that_juan_barber_ via Instagram

Tapered sides fit a clean side length and gradually shift for the spiral shapes. The short round end with a longer layer extension. Teen and young guys are going to love the hairdo. 

10. 80s Curly Mullet For Men

80s curly mullet for men
Source:@zemserrano via Instagram

Men golden age curly mullet adopt with some messy bangs at the front. The rest pump for the crazy curly mullet style. The textured hairdo has its own charisma to charm.

11. Mexican Mullet

Mexican curly mullet

The curly mullet hairstyles laid back on an open twisted pattern. Two parallel lines are marked on the faded section. Add on a beard with the charming hairdo for perfection.

12. Mullet With Blends

Curly Mullet with Blends
Source:@yippyshair via Instagram

Your curly hair can be enhanced using the lovely blend of curly mullet. Design some attractive pull together with a faded sideburn portion. The hairstyle looks super satisfying for a young man. 

13. Curly Shag Mullet

curly shag mullet
Source:@tashdollars via Instagram

The shag cut combo put forward a classic curly mullet hairstyle for men. The creation maintains a fringe partition with falling curly hair. Be precise in your length choice.

14. Black Men’s Curly Mullet

black men’s curly mullet

Curly mullet has been a versatile option for black men. The small fluffy rings make way both in the front and back layers. This hairstyle is totally worth giving a chance. 

15. Messy Curly Mullet

Messy Curly Mullet
Source:@jvvsbeauty via Instagram

A messy short beard and straight-line curly mullet give you a professional rock start pose. The rebellious black shade adds on some ash highlights at the back. The hairstyle looks unique and interesting for the urban vibe. 

16. Burst Fade

burst fade mullet curly hair
Source:@choppyp via Instagram

Cool high fade tiger print extension extends on the side. The curly mullet section gets smaller along the nape. Men can choose to create their trend with their hairstyle.

17. Curly Mohawk Mullet For Men

curly mohawk mullet for men
Source:@haironpunto via Instagram

Clean sides take this hairdo into the next phase. The center low curl mullet style adapts with a narrow escape to the shoulder-length fall. Natural dye gives you a vibe of the old hairdo combination. 

18. French Crop Haircut

French Crop Curly Mullet
Source:@revolutionmenshair via Instagram

French crop certainly prefers the amazing short ringlets with the mullet hairdo. The flat curls do not obtain an extended layer and take the dark pitch hue. The hairstyle can be a good example for men with glasses.

19. Short Curly Mullet With Blends

Short Curly Mullet with Blends
Source:@ansambl.studio via Instagram

Excess length softens from the peak and matches the side fade. The curly keeping has lightweight and changes ringlet shape on the way. 80s-inspired mullet cut has been a show-off for many top celebs.

20. Curly Mullet With Fringe For Men

curly mullet with fringe for men
Source:@twyllajane via Instagram

Fringe curly mullet hairstyles seem dreamy. The clean side head for a side-swept fringe call and shift for a nape shag. Leave the natural hairdo and you will look authentic. 

21. With Beard

Curly Mullet With Beard
Source:@jamescanal36 via Instagram

Curly mullet maintained here fully shaved sides. Mullet ringlets stay disconnected and rally for a twisted layer texture. The fashionable hairstyle put forward modern touch to the old look.

22. High Fade For Men

High fade for men
Source:@tommyd_barber via Instagram

High fade leave for a thick mullet combination. The hairstyle nails a light curl crown. Get ready for your next trip to a pub.  

23. Curly Mullet For Fine Hair

Curly Mullet for Fine Hair
Source:@samesamebutsage via Instagram

Fine hair past through all over the head and make sure about a rush comb. Intact tip curly texture bravely makes its way to the nape. The hairstyle defines to be special for a true leader.  

24. Mullet With Disconnected Fade

Mullet with Disconnected Fade
Source:@azarobarberia via Instagram

Curly mullet hairstyles for men wear in a quite short form. The long detachment line on the side disconnected the two hair sections. The hairdo statement will suit well for any cool person.  

25. Mullet With Bald Fade

Mullet with Bald Fade
Source:@lokalanihair via Instagram

Bald side faded section corporate with mullet curly texture. The classical hairdo adds on some blonde highlights alongside the dark brown shade. The hairstyle expresses long back locks.

26. Men’s Curly Mullet With Undercut

Mens Curly Mullet With Undercut
Source:@mothebarberhobart via Instagram

Undercut mullet ask for a small intruder line at the mullet joint. The Mohawk style template is shaped in a good geometrical shape. The presented hairstyle is nothing less than a piece of art. 

27. 70s Curly Mullet For Men

70s Curly Mullet for men
Source:@toru_0919 via Instagram

The mullet hairstyle started to inspire men back in the 70s. Bangs and twisted back section lose with blonde highlights at the edges. The look is all about high-fashion hairdo contrast from the golden time.  

28. 90s Curly Mullet

90s Curly Mullet
Source:@gingershopgals via Instagram

90s curly mullet hairstyles for men get a little more skeptical and add on beard combination. The instant curly texture creates an illusion of a clean look. The hairstyle has the power to change your mood instantly.  

29. Multicolor Mullet

Multicolor mullet
Source:@hairbyjenmoore via Instagram

Short mullet impress with fringe fall with some pink touch. The top flat curl crowns some splash of blonde shades. Simple but stylish hairdo for you.

30. Voluminous Curly Mullet Hairstyles For Men

voluminous curly Mullet for men
Source:@dutchbarbersconnect via Instagram

The side section drops to a small portion of fade covering. In this haircut, top stayed voluminous and went through the back. Hair formation looks cool for a date night.

31. Red Curly Mullet

red curly mullet
Source:@taydoefades via Instagram

Longer nape curly mullet hairstyles extension. The red drop out of the side faded section. The hairdo is meant for the brave guy of the town.

32. Loose Mullet

loose curly mullet
Source:@moodytwooshoes via Instagram

A loose curl keeps things short and fluffy. The bouncy fall gathers around the nape and rocks on solid black. The hairdo seems like a ready-to-rock pose.   

33. Celebrity Curly Mullet

Celebrity curly mullet
Source:@history.dramma via Instagram

The curly top keeps the short chopping with a side shaved finish. Nape layers got voluminous and went off the shoulder. Matt Demon fan is going to love the hairdo.

34. Mario Lopez

Source:@todayshow via Instagram

Mario Lopez-style curly mullet shine with short patterns. It stayed light and went for noticeable nape layers. The locks show of flattering look in a controlled manner.

35. Stylish Sylvester Stallone

Source:@sylvesterstalloneofflcial via Instagram

Sylvester Stallone tries out the messy curly mullet back at his young age. The shoulder length finishes transit for extended curl with a slight twist from every corner. Natural thick and wavy hairdo seems a perfect choice for the cut.  

36. Michael Bolton

Source:@michaelbolton via Instagram

Celebs in the 80s and 90s love curly mullet choices. Michael Bolton dress on a flat top long layer curly mullet combination. The highlight of the blonde hue is visible on the dark pitch covering.


Is A Mullet Good For Curly Hair?

Curly and wavy hair of men blends well with the mullet choice. The hairdo combination takes back layers cutting and softening the hard curl. Besides, it is also low-maintenance and easy to wear for any given event. The bounce and natural volume have always been recommended together in a match. So, mullet is good for curly hair.

How Do You Know If A Mullet Will Suit You?

Mullet seems to suit well with all types of face shapes. Round faces, diamond faces, oval shape faces, and others can call for the mullet hairstyles. This can be an excellent choice for curly hair with a growing layer at the back. The sides will be trimmed and twisted at the top. Your desire to meet 70s hairstyle fashion will be fulfilled by mullet.  

The classic mullet hairstyles for men are becoming a common choice for modern men. Slight changes in the style are visible with high fade and bald side section combination. The sharp, twisted angle and long layers make you stand out as a man in any group.

Improve your hairstyle pose by taking inspiration from our presented curly mullet hairdo. Identify the best match curly mullet hairstyles for your taste and try them on. Men are always meant to be bold and stylish at the same time.      

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