34 Trendy Burgundy Box Braids To Be Your Next Hairstyle in 2022

Burgundy Box braids are perfect for this summer – they are the fabulous mix of a baddie with beautiful. They’re square-shaped braids arranged in cascading rows of deep red and purple tones. Don’t worry; these braids blend well with your natural dark hair. Pay homage to your African roots with elaborate buns, side-swept pony, or embellished braids. The options are limitless! Plus, the deep burgundy color will perfectly complement your skin, making your melanin pop in sunshine or artificial light.

Check out our gorgeous collection of burgundy box braids to follow the latest trend for your next hair appointment.

Types of Burgundy Box Braids

Burgundy hairstyles are like a dream come true for girls and women, but how about box braids in burgundy style? Box braids are a root from African people, and they’re now setting their bars in American, African-American people. In that regard, we’re with a heap of collections for you if you desire to opt for a burgundy box braid.

1. Burgundy And Black Box Braids

This red to black transition is super sexy and edgy from each twist. You can try out a white ribbon to add more drama to this killer look. The style pulls off contrast perfectly on your pretty face and can match any attire you wear.

The dark touches of the red make this a totally badass look. Its blunt edges are created by cutting the ends after sealing with hot water and slightly burning off with a lighter flame. Always see a professional stylist be safe, or if you can craft this one by yourself, well, it’s golden.

2. Burgundy Medium Box Braids

These eye-catching braids are no thicker than a pencil-the standard size for braids. A puffy braid, high bun, or pigtails – you can go any route with these braids, and they’ll all come out beautiful.

If you want to find a happy medium between a true red and deep burgundy, go for this muted auburn shade and pair it with a stunning style inspired by Fulani braids. Modern garments are a plus for this style but don’t miss out on the old ones.

3. Burgundy And Blonde Box Braids

Blonde box braids combined with crimson burgundy can undoubtedly be your craze. Being a pretty woman with dark skin color, one must have a go with this jaw-dropping glam. It won’t agitate your style if you like to highlight these heavy knit burgundy box braids with platinum cords and threads.

A few lighter shades of braids can make your whole style pop. Strategically placed blonde highlights complement your base burgundy color, adding depth and contrast to your entire look. Any age can pull it off in the hands of an expert stylist or by oneself.

4. Burgundy Knotless Box Braids

Make knotless burgundy box braids by preparing your hair amidst equally squared sections. Pour them into hot water if you wish them to stay tightly in place before creating the braids. Translucent beads can be used to embellish the ends.

By using a knotless box braid, you can kiss goodbye to soreness and tension. The knotless braiding technique involves gradually weaving extensions for a natural and seamless look. It brings low maintenance as well.

5. Burgundy Red Box Braids

Wearing braids regularly may cause some hair damages. But this one can’t stop you from styling your hair, can it? Well, keep that in mind; this particular hair braid style will tail off hair breakage and allow the hair to swell up through a natural hair volume. In any way, you are gonna look gorgeous in this trendy hairdo.

Want to look dashing in this style? White or silver ribbons complement the red braids superbly at the curly end. The ribbons can be crisscrossed, spiraled, or threaded all around the braid for a highlighted accent piece. It is going to be the bomb no matter what!

6. Burgundy Box Braids On Dark Skin

These gorgeous long red braids on dark skin resemble the true example of how sophisticated and flawless burgundy braids can be. You can wear them as long as you want without worrying about your natural hair. It’s a goddess-kinda look indeed.

A giant red braid like this is sure to turn heads in any room you walk in. Grab your curly hairs to create this fantastic plus-sized braid. No matter what event is or your dress, you’ll look pompous in this side-swept look.

7. Burgundy Goddess Box Braids

Even though they do not have the same appearance, goddess box braids uphold the similar wonderful and ladylike feel as classic goddess braids. Individual sections of the long braids, medium-sized, are left curly and loose, giving them a casual yet flattering and sexy attractiveness. Some celebs call this a version of mermaid waves.

Who doesn’t want to feel like a goddess? If you do so, whirl your curly hair like this and become one. It’s a queenly combo of braided light pink and red – jazzy idea for those who want to spice up their hairstyle.

8. Burgundy With Ombre Box Braids

Red braids can intensify the bronze sun-kissed tan on your skin, especially when it’s a red ombre. These medium to long-length burgundy braids are proof of that idea. But the sky is the limit. You can opt for a purple to grey, black to red, red to green style.

Ombre is the perfect blended look for your burgundy braids. Adding darker red at the end gives these burgundy braids a unique look. It also adds a sun-kissed hue to the length of the braid. Don’t wait to give it a try.

9. Gigantic Bohemian Box Braids

The bohemian box braids in burgundy look yell for satisfaction. If you can put in the time to braid this look, you’ll be able to pull it off. This style instantly draws attention even in an enormous crowd with its length and mix of fuzzy curls.

Make a unique style statement that will set you apart from the crowd and give you a beauty queen look. This hairstyle is intended for modern women of any age who want to appear stylish while also having the convenience of a well-managed and long-lasting hairstyle.

10. Small Burgundy Box Braids

This style can reach an intense and gallant look for the fearless girls who can show complete confidence to prove the modern beauty standards. Small square boxes hop into the middle section, which is extended with hair extensions.

Do you like simple hairstyles? If so, take a look at this. This is truly simple yet extremely fashionable. It’s flattering for everyone and can be recreated in a variety of lengths. This look is appropriate for any program because you can dress it up or down depending on your makeup and dress.

11. Burgundy Jumbo Box Braids

Wanna add a bit of zing to your puffy braids? You can have a handful of accessories to give your braids a jazzy and exceptional look. These super cool jumbo box braids can mix up with cords, cuffs, and dangling charms. It will make you dressed to kill. However, If you like better making your own accessories for the look, go for it.

Red braids are the cream of the crop among youngsters. Having said that, we wanna bring forward this snazzy red look – the red jumbo box braids. In this style, the hair is separated into swanky sections and highlights a tangled shape. Each of the braids can pair up with classy accessories like cords, rings, and cuffs.

12. Triangle Box Braids With Burgundy

A triangle parting can instantly uplift your box braids. Be aware that this shape requires a lot of force and tugging to lay the hair flat. If you feel like a knot in your hair is almost too much to handle, you shouldn’t go for this.  But it’s pretty whimsical to add to your regular, occasional styles.

If you wish to refurbish your braided teases, then this Triangle box braids might be your cup of tea. An ace in the hole part is box braids allow you to pick your desired hair color. In other words, you can choose any hair dye for your style without squandering money over harmful chemical hair dyes.

13. Burgundy And Brown

This classic laid-back look takes the brown and burgundy combination to step up the hairstyle game. It’s a matte look, layered in small box braids, but with a breeze and polished finish – the best of both worlds.

Whenever you’re off to showing your clean scalp in maximum volume, go for this one. It puts together a nice and tidy look. And sure, you can test bright colors – they are so elegant and sophisticated. But don’t forget to loose the braids.

14. With Curly Ends

It makes no odds; if you own black tresses, the super fun burgundy box braids with curly ends are going to stroke you anyhow. Primarily those who have blond skin and green eyes, this amazing style is an all-time thumbs up for them. However, to notch up your style, you can add pearls and hair rings at the end.

The curly box braids’ tiny squared-off part is the primary showcase that makes it a sleek and tidy hairstyle. Its curly texture on the whole volume adds a bottle of joy and fun. String wraps are used to highlight several of the pretty, small braids.

15. Burgundy Box Braids Bob

A change from the regular long braids, short bob with burgundy box braids is a game-changer in fashion. Glow up those sexy red braids with thread or beads, and rock your new hairdo!

The next we’ve for you is a sleek and elegant medium-long bob than the earlier one. Medium-long bobs are a trendsetter nowadays that is making rounds on everyone. This bob cut features a side part joint with gold hair cuffs and sleek braids. You can try to recreate the style using braids in a contrasting shade. Experimenting with new accessories will give you new ideas too.

16. Honey Blonde And Burgundy

Box braids aren’t new around the block – but trendy colors and patterns in honey blonde refresh them for young people. Check out this breathtaking combover for your next hair chop-chop. It’s outstanding.

Most girls have dark brown box braids. But how about adding a splash of blonde color to this look? This honey blonde has a very pleasing appearance. Simply adding a bead ornament to your big box braids will add a fashionable touch. It’s straightforward, understated, and sophisticated. Who knew it was so simple to look good?

17. Burgundy Box Braids On Light Skin

A bright Fuschia of burgundy on your light skin is what you need.  The deep color is attention-grabbing while remaining surprisingly subtle. Embellishments, if desired, are a nice way to enhance your braided hairstyle. You can wear it with bright and natural outfits.

Being basic can be overrated at times. For highlighting your hairdo, combine two colors in each braid or go with the one that mimics your natural hair. The color combination nicely covers your face with all the braids, giving them endless depth and dimension, bouncing off your light skin.

Once you get the hang of trailing multiple burgundy box braids hairstyles for your hair, we are sure you will find one for yourself. But we believe you’ve already got one from the above.

You might want to note that these hairstyles are tedious and will eat up all your time. But be patient to eat the sweetest fruit in the end. You’ll be one to have a killer beauty among all other girls in the room.

Cheers! Break a leg!

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