25 Must-Try Individual Braids That Are Trending( 2022)

It is needless to say that box braids are so popular among women. But some women struggle with box braids as it may cause extra shedding of hair. On the other hand, individual braids are easy to get and don’t cause too much shedding.

Though box braids and individual braids look almost the same, there are some significant differences between the hairstyles. Considering scalp health, individual rates are better than box braids.

In this article, we have shared the top 25 individual braids hairstyles. Choose the right one for you and start doing the style.

Difference Between Individual Braids and Box Braids

Box braids are the hairstyle where the woman usually needs to part the braids on the scalp in a way that causes square-like marks on the scalp. It looks good and stylish. Sometimes it is done with the hair extension, or if there is natural hair volume it can be done without any extension.

Individual braids don’t need hair extension or square shaping on the scalp. It is often also known as knotless braids. The benefit of the style is, it doesn’t cause too much traction from the scalp. The braids look like they are growing up from the scalp. Even if there is an extension, it looks natural. Women who started doing box braids at an early age can face shedding issues. Individual braids help to get rid of it.

Another point is, box braids may cause scalp sensitivity due to the hair extension. But individual braids seem comfortable and never cause any itching. 

How to Do Individual Braids?

It is easy to get an individual braid hairstyle at home. just follow the steps we shared here –

Step 1: Wash the Hair

No matter how good-looking the hair is; before a new hairstyle, it is essential to wash the hair. So use a good kind of shampoo to wash the hair. Once the hair wash is complete, dry out the hair with a blow dryer. Make sure to keep the dryer in the cool air setting To avoid hair damage.

Step 2: Start Creating Small Sections

Each of the braids needs to be the same size and thickness. So, before getting the braids ready, start making small sections all over the scalp. Later, each of the sections will be a braid. Keep the sections small if the hair volume is low. Otherwise, keep it as thick as you want.

Step 3: Start the Individual Braids

Depending on the variation you have chosen for individual braids, start doing it. However, in most cases, it will be two strands of braids and there are no complications at this point. Just try to be consistent while doing the braids. Once the braids are done, secure them properly for longevity.

Feeling like combining box styles? There is nothing wrong with it. Keep the sections in the box style and then dress them with braids. Also, for uniqueness, some women like to have hair colors. In that case, pick a high-quality hair color that doesn’t affect the hair negatively.

Step 4: Apply Hairspray to Set the Style

Going for an event after dressing the hair? Then must use a good kind of hair setting spray. It will help to keep the hair stable and to achieve the best look.

Top 25 Individual Braids Hairstyles to Try Out

After checking tons of individual braids’ variations, we finally picked the top 25. We have chosen them because they are trendy and suit most of the hair types. Check them out.

1. Long Individual Braids

long individual braids
Source:@yonndabraidslayer via Instagram

Long individual braids are very easy to get if the hair has a bit of extra length. Regardless of the face shape, the long version suits anyone. The style requires making so many e small braids starting from the hair root. Keep the braids hanging in the freestyle.

2. Short Individual Braids

short individual braids
Source:@prestigious_hair_ via Instagram

Women who have shorter hair can get this style. Unlike the longer version here the braids need to be thicker. As the hair length is short, thick hair braids look better. spread the braids on both Shoulders and look amazing. The style is suitable for any kind of event.

3. Medium Individual Ideas

medium individual braids

Medium hair length is the best type of hair to get an individual braided hairstyle. Especially for natural black hair, the style looks stunning. First of all, make thin and small braids with all the hairs. Now grab some of the braids from both sides and tie them like a ponytail in the lower scalp.

4. Small Braids

small individual braids
Source:@braidsbytwauny via Instagram

Small or thin hair is not a big issue to achieve your desired look with a braided hairstyle. We recommend trying some hair dye before starting the style. Choose any color you like. Keep the braids thin and start from the hair root. Cover all the areas of the scalp.

5. Individual Crochet Braids

individual crochet braids
Source:@braidsbycocoshanae via Instagram

Crochet braids are an ideal hairstyle for women under 30. The style helps to explore the natural beauty. Make two sections of hair from the mid-scalp and start making braids. Let the braids make a crochet shape on the scalp. Keep the birds either thin or thick and secure the hair ending with bands.

6. Individual Braids For Kids

individual braids for kids
Source:@bratzdollstudio_ via Instagram

Yes, kids can also get the individual braids hairstyle. Either go for the regular braids or apply some hair dye for some braids. Make some thick braids and grab all of them together to tie a high ponytail. The style suits both small and medium-length hair.

7. Box Braids

individual box braids

Young girls can look absolutely unique with the individual box braids hairstyle. Although it will take more time compared to regular braids, the style is worth it. Based on the number of braids, make small sections with all the hair. Secure the hair roots so that they don’t mix and get the box braids.

8. With Natural Hair

individual braids natural hair
Source:@braid_fection via Instagram

Don’t like to add an extension? No problem at all! Your natural hair is good enough to get a unique individual braid. Just prepare the braids in the regular style and spread them all over the scalp. Keep some hair in the frontal area and use a toothbrush to style them by dragging them.

9. Individual Tree Braids

individual tree braids
Source:@fastest_braider via Instagram

Wondering why the name is like that? The style named liked that because of its tree-like look. Unlike traditional braids, this style doesn’t need to be tight and secure. Keep the braids natural and free-falling and give the hair a look like a tree with tons of branches.

10. Big Individual Braids

 big individual braids
Source:@lovejstylez via Instagram

Does it seem difficult to make towns of braids with the hair? In such cases big individual braids, which takes less time to do. Prepare small sections with the year to make like 10 to 15 braids. Naturally, the braids will be thicker. Style them like the box braids.

11. Individual Braids With Beads

individual braids with beads
Source:@_rtorrens via Instagram

The style is also known as bo braids. With the hair make medium tighten braids that are close to the scalp and keep the natural hair length. It suits both thin and thick hair. Regardless of the hair volume, it is easy to get.

12. Individual Twist Braids

individual twist braids
Source:@gabrielabraids via Instagram

Just see the image and the hairstyle name and you will know what you have to do. Yes, it requires making twisted braids like twisting two ropes. First of all, make sections with the hair to get the twisted braids in a thicker form. Keep them in a natural look and secure with hair rings.

13. Jumbo Braids

jumbo individual braids
Source:@narahairbraiding via Instagram

In the African region, Jumbo individual braids are so common. It used to come with thicker braids and the number of braids will be limited. Before getting the braids, prepare small boxes with hair to keep the thickness even. The style best suits long and medium hair length.

14. Individual Braids With Curls

individual braids with curls
Source:@justbraidsinfo via Instagram

Struggling to style curly hair with braids? it is not a big issue! All it takes is more time to dress the hair. Like box braids, come up with small sections with all the hairs. Now take the sections one by one and get thick braids. For the frontal side, get thin braids and let them fall on the cheeks.

15. Individual Braids With Curly Ends

 individual braids with curly ends
Source:@styledbyshanah via Instagram

It is a simple version of the regular individual braids, just the hair ending will be curly. Like any other braided hairstyles, start by sectioning the hairs and then get the braids done in a bit thicker form. But let the hair ending remain curly. If there is no natural curly look, get it manually.

16. Knotless Braids

 knotless individual braids
Source:@braid_obsessionxkeema via Instagram

This version is helpful to stop shedding from the tightness of the braids. There is no need for any hair extension. In natural hair, make the small braids close to the scalp and then spread them all over. Choose either the box style or the regular one.

17. Large Individual Braids

large individual braids
Source:@justbraidsinfo via Instagram

Got a higher volume on the hair? Then you are good to go for this hairstyle. However, the hair length should be longer to look better. Make thick two strands of classic braids and keep a few hairs on the forehead to style them. Rub a brush on the front hair to style them.

18. Feed In Braids

feed in individual braids
Source:@braiddbarbiee via Instagram

Don’t know how to get the right kind of braids for thin hair? Then this style is for you. Make small and thin braids and add hair extensions as feed in. Keep them close to the scalp and tie the braids on the back but dress them in a style so that one crosses another.

19. Blonde Individual Braids

blonde individual braids
Source:@braidsbysandrax via Instagram

Have a long-shaped face and long blonde hair? Then you have the opportunity to look unique and stunning with this hairstyle. Start by parting the hair from the mid-scalp and then create equal braids on both sides in thin and small sizes. Either spread the braids on both shoulders or let them remain on the back.

20. Cornrows With Individual Braids

cornrows with individual braids
Source:@justbraidsinfo via Instagram

Young women shouldn’t go with conventional braids. Instead, try the cornrows and combine them with individual braids. It doesn’t require thick braids. Go with regular thickness and secure the cornrows with hair clips. Once it is done, there will be a few hairs on the front. Style them by applying a bit of hair cream.

21. Braids With Color

individual braids with color
Source:@missesgiftedhands via Instagram

Do you consider yourself a fashion icon in your gang? Then why don’t you try some unique hair colors and get individual braids? Yes, apply unique hair colors and match them with the outfit. Prepare braids in medium thickness and tie some of them on the back. It looks stunning if everything goes well.

22. Red Individual Braids

red individual braids
Source:@nursekortney via Instagram

Red lemonade is already a popular hairstyle and there are different variations of it. Red individual braids could be the best one for long and heavy faces. With the natural hair, try some extension as feed-in and then tie small buns on the top.

23. Scalp Braids With Individuals In The Back

 scalp braids with individuals in the back
Source:@hairstylesby.mani via Instagram

Have a big forehead and like to give it asymmetrical look with the face shape? Try the braids too close to the scalp and keep them thin. Secure the braids on mid-scalp like cornrowing and then let them go straight to the back. Now style the hairs on the forehead to look better.

24. Black Individual Braids

black individual braids

Got a round-shaped and fatty face? Well, it is not a burden to get the hairstyle done. There is no need for any hair dye or color. Prepare the hairs in the box sections. Now, get the braids in regular size with classic two strands.

25. Little Girl Braids

little girl individual braids
Source:@creative_handz_meka via Instagram

Little girls look cute in almost any kind of hairstyle. If you are trying to dress your little princess’s hair in a unique style, try individual braids. The hair length should be good enough so that it comes up to the shoulder. Wrap two of the braids with colorful hair ribbon and that’s it.

Each of the individual braids hairstyles in the above list is currently trending. It doesn’t matter which one you are following, just do it as shown in the image. We highly recommend choosing a hairstyle from the list that actually matches your face shape. 

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